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I am trying to set up forwarding with my gmail account.  However when I put in my domain name i keep getting the error:  2- In Gmail settings, “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)” I wrote my email name.

I’m trying to connect my company email.. But upon doing this steps all my company emails are forwarded to my gmail email account..Newbie Forum | FAQs is a great resource for new SAMSUNG GALAXY and XIAOMI phone users to find answers to questions they have about their Android devices. No question is too small or too “newbie" to answer. The Question Form is just at the bottom of this page.

How to Configure Gmail POP Setting

  1. Close Necessary Always Enabled
  2. Thank you for your question. Typically, an “Authentication failed” error means your username, or password is incorrect. In which case, I recommend checking your settings for typos, or misspellings. Usually, your username will be your full email address.
  3. Gmail 的 IMAP/SMTP/POP3地址Gmail 的 IMAP/SMTP/POP3 协议默认都是开启,它的详细地址如下:服务器名称服务器 Gmail邮件客户端pop3和smtp服务器配置
  4. e what you’re trying to accomplish. If you are creating a new email account, then please see this article.
  5. I am delete the pop3 account from gmail, and retun to use my webmail, but there are no items in my webmail inbox. How to move back my webmail inbox items from pop3 added gmail. My gmail accout still have my inbox emails of my webmail, please help me
  6. GMail adapts the polling period on your POP3 account based on how often you receive emails. The best solution I've found is to subscribe to a high traffic volume mailing using your POP3 account

Video tells about, how to enable PoP/ IMAP Settings in gmail Please subscribe my channel The Process to setup gmail in Thunderbird using POP3 & IMAP is same. Covered in the Video:- 1. Settings for Using Gmail in Thunderbird. 2. How to Enable POP/IMAP in Gmail Now i moved to new hosting from older, & my question is how i can edit/change POP details in Gmail. now am getting mails only in cpanel.NOTE: If you previously created an email forwarder to your Gmail account, you will need to remove it. You can’t receive emails if there’s a forwarder in place.

Use an Advanced Trick  to Import Gmail Mailbox to Thunderbird

Introduction – Do you want to set up Gmail in Thunderbird to read and manage data in one place? If so, your search ends here. You can do this easily via IMAP and POP3 settings. In this guide, we will discuss how to manually configure Gmail to Thunderbird without any compromise.works fine with other account just not this one…checked on webmail and im not seeing any new messages Gmail supports access via IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols. Below you can find the configuration settings for all protocols

Configure Gmail POP3 Email Settings for Outlook, Androi

Sorry for the problem that you’re seeing with your email service. We would need to know more about how you have your email services configured in order to determine how your emails should work. For example, if you are configured to use Google Mail, then InMotion’s email server would not be used. Please provide us a little more information on how you’re configured and we would be glad to help you understand or configure how your email services will work. VAT: PL 5213195875 Regon: 145938780 Pulawska 115/18 02-707, Warsaw Poland I am trying to update my clients pop3 account with gmail. It currently has the old bluehost pop displayed. What is the pop3 for inmtion hosting? Gmail's Mail Fetcher feature imports all your old domain emails (that you haven't deleted from the In the Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) section, click Add a POP3 mail account you own

Add your POP3 account to Gmail, thus allowing it to regularly check your POP3 messages. Authorize as instructed. Ensure you set the option to leave messages on the server -- this means that your email.. Google may block (by default) third-party (less secure) mail clients like e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, MailList Controller or Inbox2DB.

Gmail Mail POP3 E-posta Ayarları, Bursa / İnterbi

Configure Gmail to Thunderbird with POP3 & IMAP Settings - How t

Setup POP3 and SMTP for Gmail Step 1 - Log in to Gmail and go to Settings Step 4 - Confirm you want to import with PO NOTE: We recommend using the secure (SSL) settings. Using SSL email settings is more secure as it encrypts the data while in transit. Account Type: POP3 Gmail server settings Incoming Mail Server: pop.gmail.com Outgoing Mail Server I created the video below on how to setup your Gmail account as POP3 in Outlook 2013 But, when I look at your mail server (smtp.lbpearson.qc.ca), it does not point to a server yet, such as Gmail. This may still be propagating due to the DNS change, or may not be setup correctly.

Setting up Gmail for POP3 and SMTP InMotion Hosting Support Cente

Gmail: IMAP, POP3, and SMTP settings Blog Limilab

If you are getting an error about username or password being incorrect, be sure to check those. It may be that the two services are not syncing right, but more often it is a syntactical error when entering the data. Be sure they are correct and then test again. office365.com  /  firstname lastname“Oops, we weren’t able to finish. Please verify that you’ve entered the exact settings provided by your other email service. Contact your other email administrator for further details.”‘Based on your error, it could be due to an incorrect server listed. If you are hosted with us, your mail server would be something like mail.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.co.uk whereas you appear to be entering smtp.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.co.uk.’ Gmail邮箱的POP服务默认是关闭,它需要手动打开。 登录到你的Gmail,点击右上角的齿轮图标,然后选择设置 ▼. 第 2 步:启用 POP / IMAP

Setup POP3 and SMTP for Gmail - Support One

How to enable IMAP/POP3/SMTP for Gmail Accoun

  1. g Mail Server Gmail iPhone It has been serving since 1984. POP2 and POP3 have also been released. It allows its users to download emails from any remote..
  2.  With the help of this blog, users can easily configure Gmail to Thunderbird with all information. All the necessary steps are described with proper screenshots. At last a third-party application is also recommended to perform transfer of Gmail account. Free Download & try its demo version which proves to be helpful for you to directly add Gmail in Thunderbird account.
  3. Are you attempting to send mail via Gmail as this article states, or are you using another mail client?
  4. Secondly if I configure my pop account on gmail then how can I configure this gmail account in outlook 2013 to reply to emails from my organization account.

Gmail POP3 Configuration - gHacks Tech New

  1. I’m using an Email Only service from TransIP hosting provider. I’ve imported this third party email account into my Gmail, but the emails I’m getting, and IF I’m getting them, are all delayed. Sometimes even with 3 hours or they don’t even come in my inbox. The sender doesn’t get an error message and it just disappear. It looks like my Gmail doesn’t retrieve all messages. Is there anything I can do? I had to change my DNS settings because I’m using SquareSpace.
  2. istrator for further details.”
  3. How to use use Gmail as a POP3 e-mail client. How to access your Gmail account using Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013 via POP3 protocol and keep local copies of all your email on your PC
  4. $pop3 = eden('mail')->pop3( 'pop.gmail.com', 'your_email@gmail.com', '[YOUR PASSWORD]', 995, true); Very simply, there are four requirements that's needed and all requirements are dependent on..
  5. g from search engines than regular ones.
Gmail Outlook Settings - Configure Gmail for Outlook 2003

Video: What are the Gmail POP3, IMAP and SMTP settings for - WEBcazin

Gmail PoP3/ IMAP Settings - YouTub

c# - Pop3 and gmail email deleted after download - Stack Overflo

When setting up the account in your email program, you can set up the account using either IMAP or POP I have set up a host email to go through the above gmail account and someone with a very similar gmail (just one letter difference) is getting all emails I send from this account. How can this be?IMAP setups duplicate the server and you can have the Sent folder mirror the server by subscribing to it like any other folder. This is not recommended if you use more than one device to send mails as it gets tricky.

You can configure your Gmail account easily with the auto-configure method of Microsoft Outlook. But you need to set up Gmail to allow you to download mail as POP or to map folders and emails using.. Önemli : Bu ayarları kullanabilmeniz için Gmail web arayüzünden "Mail" → "Ayarlar" → "Yönlendirme ve POP/IMAP" menüsünden "POP İndirme" başlığındaki "POP'u etkinleştir" seçeneklerinden birinin işaretlenmesi gerekmektedir.

As a test, try alternating your settings. For example, if you are using the Secure SSL settings, try using the non-secure settings, and vice-versa.Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.[Server response: DNS Error: Address resolution of smtp.sbalawindia.com. failed: Domain name not found code(0) ]I am not quite sure what you are asking for the second part of your question. Will gmail be the address that people are sending to, or is it the account that is POPing the email from the Outlook?

Any idea when Accounts/Import will be available to everyone? I would like to import my Yahoo mail account to Gmail. Couldn't open stream {pop.gmail.com:995/pop3}INBOX. Gmail (imyapolzovatelya@gmail.com) Пароль: ваш пароль в Gmail. Click to expand..

Gmail POP3 with fetchmail » Axllent

Server: smtp.gmail.com SSL: true-implicit / true-explicit Port: 465 (default) / 587 (default) User: pat@gmail.com or pat@your-domain.com Gmail POP server: pop.gmail.com - You should set this as the pop server in your email client program. Gmail POP user name: For user name, specify your full Gmail handle (including.. Step 1: Enable IMAP and/or POP3. You need to enable IMAP and/or POP3 access in the Gmail account settings before you can access email using IMAP/POP3

Gmail POP IMAP SMTP Settings - Better Host Revie

  1. The Gmail account should be unique as long as everything is typed correctly the emails should only come to your account. Please try using the steps again in the article to see if it resolves your issue.
  2. a question: I understand what you‘re saying, but I assumed it was for when you download the mails from the server. I assumed that, using SMTP, when I send an email from Gmail with my hosting inmotion account, would using inmotion hosting servers, as does Thunderbird, for example…
  3. I keep having problems when it comes to the SMTP password. This is an email that was set up through my office, these emails are bing forwarded to my gmail currently but I need to be able to send out emails from that address as well.  When I ask the person who set up my email for the password she has no idea wha to do or how to find that info.  HELP I can figure most things out but i’m not extremely computer savy
  4. e why emails are not being delivered or being delayed. Emails are being processed by that service, not Google. You can tell by your email server settings. If they’re Google’s servers, then you’d have to work with Google to deter
  5. g (IMAP or POP) and outgoing (SMTP)..
  6. Thank you for responding to my question.  We followed your directions but there still seems to be trouble with our email.  We are not recieving email and when we send email it says “temporary local problem”. 
  7. Looking for the Gmail IMAP, POP3 and SMTP server settings ? Here’s what you need to know when it comes to setting up the Android Email app manually for Gmail.

So every mail I send from WinLiveMail, I get a copy delivered to my WinLiveMail inbox. Please help – how can I stop this? Recently, I have configured the same GMAIL account in Outlook 2016 in five (5) different PC's, in a To avoid loosing emails, I have configured the GMAIL account as a POP3, with the options to leave a.. The MX record will need to be changed to point to mail.example.com (replacing example.com with your domain name). You can do that by following our instructions on modifying MX records.

Ultimately we’d like to send email via gmail, but we haven’t been able to configure that yet. I have configured gmail Pop3 on my Windows Live mail, to send mail I’m using smtp.gmail.com. The problem is everytime I send an email from my client, gmail places a copy of this mail in my gmail sent folder. And my windows live mail subsequetly downloads the sent items into my inbox.company-co-uk.mail.protection.outlook.com  /  firstname lastname“Oops, we weren’t able to finish. Please verify that you’ve entered the exact settings provided by your other email service. Contact your other email administrator for further details “


  1. Çalışma saatlerimiz hafta içi 09:00 - 18:00 saatleri arasıdır. Destek talepleri bu saatler içinde iletisim@interbim.com adresine gönderilir. Gönderilen talepler en geç 5 iş günü içinde sonuçlandırılır ve sonuçlar e-posta ile bildirilir. Bu saatler dışında gönderilen talepler, bir sonraki iş gününde işleme konulur. 0850 226 16 00 numaralı telefonumuz ile sadece bilgilendirme hizmeti verilmektedir. Tüm destek talepleri sadece iletisim@interbim.com üzerinden alınmaktadır.
  2. You will need to check the settings to ensure they are all correct. You may need to talk with our Live Support for that as we cannot verify specific settings in the public forums.
  3. This error is stating that your username or password is incorrect. Please check your credentials and try again.
  4. NOTE: If you do not want to send emails for your domain through Gmail, click the No radio button. You don’t need to follow the next steps.
  5. Using Lightning with Google Calendar: For the users who want to sync your Calendars between Thunderbird Lightning & Google Calendars.

Video: Gmail POP3 Settings — Techblissonline

Is Gmail a POP or an IMAP? Chron

All of this is working fine, I can send and receive emails from and as my inmotion email account, but when I send and email, this is stored in my gmail folder “Sent”, but not in the same folder in the inmotion server.Not with Pop3. IMAP would allow you to download the message on multiple devices. POP3 removes it from the server. Have you confirmed the username and password are correct for the connection? That seems to be what it thinks is wrong. For the username, try using the full email address. Serveur POP3 : pop.gmail.com (SSL, port 995) Serveur IMAP : imap.gmail.com (SSL, port 993) Notez que vous devez, avant de pouvoir relever vos messages avec le protocole POP ou IMAP..

email - Gmail POP3 not getting all messages in Java - Stack Overflo

I guess so but I read somewhere that they were actually transitting but not stored. If so what is the process involved when you click on a mail to read it ? Set the GMail account POP3 properties. $mailman->put_MailHost('pop.gmail.com'); $mailman->put_PopUsername('myLogin'); $mailman->put_PopPassword('myPassword'..

How to Check POP3 Email with Gmail | Liquid Web Knowledge Base

How To Setup Gmail in Mozilla Thunderbird Configure Gmail in

Molto Bello! IncrediMail Rebrands As Molto As It Goes

How to Enable POP3 or IMAP form Gmail Server. After configuring Gmail with outlook sometimes it is not working and asking for password.Or sometimes email don't sync. Its showing connection error I,ve configured the Gmail client for send and recieve emais from my inmotiong hosting email account (with my domain). I,ve made it as following:Thanks for your reply. Soon after I posted I realized that the “domain administrator” I should contact might be the one for my Google mail account.

Gmail POP3 Settings: Configuring POP Settings for Gmail Account

  1. This guide will show you how to set up Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013 to access your Gmail account via POP3 so you can keep local copies of all your folders and emails
  2. < IMAP options >[   ] Send event invitations in iCalender format[   ] Don’t Don’t send receipts for messages that have been read
  3. Then, we want to change the way mail.example.com is pointing so that it points to our servers. To do that you will first need to know the IP address of your account on our servers.
  4. ating the need to set up another email client. However, if you want to host your email on Gmail servers (instead of InMotion’s), follow our guide on How to Use Google Apps to Host Your Email.
  5. This Gmail to Thunderbird Converter software comes up with various advantages in comparison with free or manual ways. Let’s explore some of them below:
  6. I’m confused whether we’re supposed to use secure178.inmotionhosting.com or mail.mydomain.com. I set it up with mail.mydomain.com and it works fine, but from what I understand that’s not using a secure connection. Should I reconnect using the secure one?

Flat Folder Tree: This extension is useful to show all the sub-folders of the Gmail IMAP’s folder at the same level than your other folders. Ghacks Newsletter Sign Up Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: Ghacks Newsletter Sign upThank you for contacting us. You can view your email settings in cPanel at anytime. It lists your SSL, and non-SSL settings.The POP3 configuration of Gmail is fortunately not that difficult: The major problem that most users run into is that POP3 has to be enabled on the Gmail web interface before they can actually configure their clients to connect to the service using the protocol.

company-co-uk.mail.protection.outlook.com  /  employee_id@xxx.company.com“Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information” However, I have been unable to successfully configure my Gmail account for POP3 access. However, for a number of reasons I want to have it as a POP3 account in Outlook With POP, the objective is to keep the server clear and download the emails (incoming) to the connecting device. Sending emails and having them store on the server is just not default behavior for POP setups.Here is a link to similar question in the official Google forums where they provide a possible solution to the Functionality not enabled issue. 360 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 1055 El Segundo, CA 90245 888.321.HOST(4678) 2020 © All Rights Reserved

Sounds like you may have a local DNS issue. Here’s a Google forum post about it: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/9GvPqzoS0vc;context-place=topicsearchin/gmail/authorid$3AAPn2wQcUSp0v21zTGnEMwvoBzZd92KvKSEiN4cMjuBa1ogoePNlhMOFGjFE-YDysOKsvlNMDbnLB%7Csort:date%7Cspell:falseYour settings here look fine, so make sure your password is correct as this is the only possible reasoning that I am seeing that would prevent the connection. You can confirm the correct password by entering it into webmail.company-co-uk.mail.protection.outlook.com  /  firstname.lastname@company.co.uk“Couldn’t reach server. Please double-check the server and port number”(Not a current customer? Our Managed VPS Hosting is perfect for those people who want to be more hands-off without sacrificing performance.)Here’s the answer from Google’s forums. It sounds as if there’s a DNS issue. Has it ever worked?

Then, I tried deleting that POP3 account from gmail and re-entering it, only to receive the same issue. Specifically, it says “Server returned error: SSL protocol error. Please try disabling SSL, or contact your other provider to verify the correct port settings.” What can I do to fix this?SMTP Server = company-co-uk.mail.protection.outlook.comPort = 587Username = firstname.lastnameSecured connection using TLS = Box tickedThank you for contacting us. When using POP, the emails are downloaded from the server by default, and stored in your client(gmail).

Setup POP3 and SMTP for Gmail Step 1 - Log in to Gmail and go to Settings Step 4 - Confirm you want to import with PO Gmail POP Server: pop.gmail.com Gmail POP user: [email protected] (Your Gmail Address) Gmail POP password: Your Gmail password / App Password Gmail POP port: 995 TLS/SSL Required: yes You must send through domain-name.com SMTP servers when you send as username@domain-name.com. However, this functionality is not available for your account. Please contact your domain administrator for more information Gmail POP3 server address is pop.gmail.com. It requires SSL connection on 995 port, and you To retrieve email from Gmail account, you need to enable POP3 or IMAP4 access in your gmail account..

Gmail POP özelleğini kafasına göre veya bir bilinmez düzene göre vermiyor. Her Gmail Hesabının POP3 özelliği vardır. Yukarıda New Features ya da Yeni Özellikler yazması Eskiden olmayan bir.. POP3 is only recommended if you use a single device to check your email. It pulls the email from the server, thus deleting it off the server when it does so. IMAP is another way to connect. It simply shows what is on the server, so you can check the email with multiple devices without fear of removing email off the server.Once you know that, you will need to make a change to your mail.example.com record using the Advanced DNS Editor. Simply ‘edit’ the record and change the Type from CNAME to A. Then the field under it will change from ‘cname’ to ‘address’. In that field, enter the IP address and then click ‘Edit the Record’. Sorry, I’m not too familiar with how everything is set up. Is that something on Google’s end or InMotion?To be more clear, my “Gmail” account is a Google Apps for Education email account. I’m guessing the administrator has not allowed that feature for some reason. (It only shows “Accounts” and not “Accounts and Import” like yours.) I also checked my personal Gmail account and it shows what you indicated and what the steps describe above. I might just end up using that account.

smtp.office365.com  /  employee_id@xxx.company.com“Authentication failed. Please check your username/password. Server returned an error: “”Missed upload deadline (10.00s) (state SENT_SECOND_EHLO) code(0) “Please excuse me if I’m not using the exact correct terms. I had previously set up gmail using another host site and recently switched hosting. I just learned my email can send but cannot receive incoming mail. I figured out it was through the host site so I created the email there (same name@samecompany.com). I cannot add another POP3 account you own since it is the same name, however I sent a test email and it didn’t go to the gmail account or the main account through the host site. Any help in getting the gmail platform to work again as my main email would be incredibly helpful! Thank you! By default, GMail's POP3 and IMAP server does not behave like standard POP3 or IMAP servers and hides messages from clients using those protocols (as well as having other non-standard behavior)

              I am getting an error as, even if I use correct password.I have tried send 1 email from darw2510@gmail.com to md@edsgroup.com.my but it didn’t went through.All our servers have IMAP/SMTP enabled by default. You will need to use standard email settings. If you are certain that those are set and still not working, you may want to contact your carrier to check the software.The POP3 format downloads the emails from your server, so if they come into your company server, gmail removed them when it checks the mail. You would need an IMAP in order to keep the emails on your sever. Unfortunately, Gmail does not support IMAP importing. The closest you could get would be to remove the POP3 setup for Gmail and set up a forwarder from your company email to Gmail. Though with that setup, you would not be able to send email from Gmail as your company. You would have to log into the company email to send them.I am currently downoading all emails from inmotion hosting server via khizer@hrpakistan.com to my laptop using outlook 2013. What I wanted to achieve is instant download of my pop3 emails on either gmail or outlook.com as I don’t wnat to use outlook 2013 any more.

Hi. I set up my Yahoo inbox on my Gmail account. My question is: if I manage my emails from my Yahoo inbox using Gmail.com (for example, deleting an email or putting it in a label), will the changes made also appear on Yahoo.com? If not, how do I make the changes reflect on Yahoo.com? Also, at the moment, my Gmail has the same content as my Yahoo account. How do I see the content of the original Gmail account? I hope this is clear. Thanks.Ive imported one of my work accounts into gmail via the pop 3 account…the emaill address been set up and I can receive emails on this…however I cant set this as my default email or send emails from this address…I have tried several time via the edit function and get different error’s….

POP AND IMAP SETTINGS – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –I did all the steps to setup my gmail account to the Outlook-2010,  but when i tried to connection testing after all process done, it says enter the user name and password for the following server (Some times server Pop, and some time smtp) what is going over there like problem. even i couldnot setup till now, any one can help me to setup SMTP SERVER / USERNAME COMBINATIONS AND ERRORS – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Thank you for your article. I followed step by step and it worked great. But now i changed my password on my mail server and I have no idea where to edit the password i put in in step 6

I’m pretty sure everything i’m putting in is acurate according to these instructions.  What should I do?https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/9GvPqzoS0vc;context-place=topicsearchin/gmail/authorid$3AAPn2wQcUSp0v21zTGnEMwvoBzZd92KvKSEiN4cMjuBa1ogoePNlhMOFGjFE-YDysOKsvlNMDbnLB%7Csort:date%7Cspell:falseTo send mail as one of your imported accounts, you can select the account when composing a message. Or, you can select that email as default under Accounts and Import. Do any of those work? // C# using (Imap client = new Imap()) { client.ConnectSSL("imap.gmail.com"); client.UseBestLogin("pat@gmail.com", "password"); ... } using (Pop3 client = new Pop3()) { client.ConnectSSL("pop.gmail.com"); client.UseBestLogin("pat@gmail.com", "password"); ... } using (Smtp client = new Smtp ()) { client.ConnectSSL("smtp.gmail.com"); client.UseBestLogin("pat@gmail.com", "password"); ... } ' VB.NET Using client As New Imap() client.ConnectSSL("imap.gmail.com") client.UseBestLogin("pat@gmail.com", "password") ... End Using Using client As New Pop3() client.ConnectSSL("pop.gmail.com") client.UseBestLogin("pat@gmail.com", "password") ... End Using Using client As New Smtp() client.ConnectSSL("smtp.gmail.com") client.UseBestLogin("pat@gmail.com", "password") ... End Using How to download emails from Gmail.

By setting up your domain's email address as a POP3 and SMTP account in your Gmail account, you can use Gmail as an email client (much like you would use Outlook, Mac Mail, or Thunderbird) We currently do not have any documentation for the last, but the support at Outlook.com may have that answer since it is configuration for their product.Just found out that we cannot use SSL connections when using GMAIL to send email because servers here are using self signed certificates.  This forces customers who use the GMAIL interface to manage their emails to use insecure methods to send email.   Gmail has already been offering Pop3 access to its GMail account while Hotmail just stopped doing Update: To find how to configure POP3 with GMail, you need to to Gmail and go through GMail.. You can check out the help pages over at Gmail that contain configuration assistance for various popular email clients.

Name = Firstname LastnameEmail address = firstname.fastname@company.co.ukTreat as an alias = Box tickedMy work just our email server to google from microsoft outlook. I seem to occasionally get an error message of “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:” sending emails to confirmed email addresses. What would be causing this issue?

Now you will see your domain’s email address in the Send mail as and the Check mail from other accounts sections. Setting Up Outlook (POP3). Retrieve your e-mail from your mail.com mailbox with Outlook. Your e-mail will be sent to your application through POP3 whenever you want Firstly, thanks to James for this information and everyone else’s valuable input. I’m hoping someone can help.Thanks for the question and sorry for the problems with the setup. Generally, if this interface is giving an error, it’s a result of some setting errors. I tested it with my own gmail account. You can see it here:Apologies for no audio, but it’s a quick video to show you the settings I used. If you need to find your own email settings, please see How to find my email settings. Make sure you’re using the right user and email server settings and the option should work. Note that I was able to change the server settings AND the user settings.

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