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911 S5 is the largest business residential proxy service. Access to millions of quality clean/fresh residential IPs in every city in the world with unmetered bandwidth and no expiration date Summary: Commander Ralph Kolstad, U.S. Navy ‘Top Gun’ pilot, questioned the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation. "When one starts using his own mind, and not what one was told, there is very little to believe in the official story." So it went that morning for the people handling the 911 system. It is the haunting voices on the tapes of that day, the earliest historic trace of the unfolding horror, that seem to bear out the truth of Mr.. Campaigning for health, justice, sustainability, peace, and democracy. ABOUT. The article below was written for the Journal of 9/11 Studies for the eleventh anniversary of September 11, 2001, the.. The Hispanic Victims Group is a group created after the 9/11 attacks, founded by William Rodriguez,[108] a supporter of the 9/11 Truth movement. The group was one of the key forces behind the creation of the 9/11 Commission.[106] William Rodriguez, as founder of the group, was a member of the Families Advisory Council for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC).[109]

Therefore, according to deHaven-Smith, "election tampering, political assassinations, voter fraud, government graft, non-governmental rogue operations, state counter-democratic actions, and corporate collusion with extralegal initiatives can be classified as SCADs."211/Apr/20 The video above from Billy@six was banned from youtube, an available copy can still be found here https://www.bitchute.com/video/QcQuU2MmTtAL/

The United States government's official investigator of the destruction of the three skyscrapers on September 11, 2001, is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an arm of the Department of Commerce. The agency became highly politicized during a Clinton-era restructuring. "In essence," recalls a NIST whistleblower, "we lost our scientific independence, and became little more than 'hired guns.'"     Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials Question the 9/11 Commission Report 911TRUTH (View How Many People Read This). I have 26 fans: Become a Fan. You'll get emails whenever I post articles on OpEdNews. OpEdNews Member for 622 week(s) and 4 day(s)

NIST has made many false written and oral statements about the collapses of the three World Trade Center buildings on 9/11 — statements that have now caused 2,300 architects and engineers to question the government investigator's credibility and veracity. One of its most implausible claims is that a high-rise steel structure in New York City was destroyed by fire alone.Museum officials told Freda that "9-11 Questions" will rotate with other works on display and that it may also be included in traveling 9/11 art shows organized by the museum. But he concedes that museum officials, now that they own it, can do whatever they want with the piece — including locking it in a vault forever.In September 2004, the interactive "Complete 9/11 Timeline" website by Paul Thompson, a collection of mainstream media reports presented chronologically, was made into the book, entitled The Terror Timeline.[119] click for pdf click for flash. [AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED: Text version below transcribed directly With the daring of our rescue workers, with the caring for strangers and neighbors who came to give blood..

But was Pearl Harbor a uniquely “catastrophic event” in American history? Let’s look at three other examples with an eye to connecting the dots:Since the publication of the official reports, a number of interconnected 9/11 Truth movement organizations have been formed. 'The Truth Suffers': New Project Veritas Video Shows Since-Suspended ABC.. Wolfgang Wodarg says:The corona hype is not based on any extraordinary public health danger. However, it causes considerable damage to our freedom and personal rights through frivolous and unjustified quarantine measures and restrictions. The images in the media are frightening and the traffic in China's cities seems to be regulated by the clinical thermometer.Evidence-based epidemiological assessment is drowning in the mainstream of fear mongers in labs, media, and ministries.Here is the webpage of Wolfgang Wodarg: https://www.wodarg.comThese are the producers of the video: www.oval.media- FIREFIGHTERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH (FF911 TRUTH) is a not-for-profit international private alliance of firefighting professionals, current and retired, as well as experts in the study of the 9/11 incidents and..

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On February 14, 2013, AE911Truth petitioned the office of Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., district attorney in and for New York County, asking Vance for a confidential meeting with him and/or with any members of his staff he chose to designate. Our purpose in requesting this meeting was to discuss the appointment of a special prosecutor, and the calling of a grand jury, to investigate the explosive 12-second destruction of each of the Twin Towers, and the unprecedented free-fall "collapse" of Building 7 on 9/11.Yassin al-Qadi is also not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report and is only mentioned obliquely in one footnote in the Commission's separate 155-page Monograph on Terrorist Financing. See also Special Agent Coleen Rowley and Special Agent Harry Samit. In 2004, John Buchanan ran for president on a 9/11 Truth platform.[31][32] Jeff Boss ran in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 US presidential elections, and is currently running in the 2020 election on a 9/11 Truth platform.[33]

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  1. Jan. 5, 2008:  Eight U.S. State Department Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11 Official Account of 9/11 "Flawed", "Absurd", "Totally Inadequate", "a Cover-up"   PDF Version    Article on OpEdNews
  2. Hosted by the stars of the Revenge of the Nerds movies, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, King of the Nerds features a group of contestants who compete in a series of challenges called "nerd wars" in a location called "Nerdvana." The challenge on this episode involved predicting how many panes of glass — spaced apart vertically in much the same way floors in a high-rise office building are — would be broken when balls of various weights were dropped from a tower.
  3. For those that can handle the truth, 9/11 is false flag education day, where we inform others One of the best places to start investigating 9/11 is Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, where over 1,700..
  4. istrations from President Richard Nixon to current President George W. Bush.  Their statements demonstrate that the desire for a new, thorough, and independent investigation of 9/11 is not a matter of partisan politics, nor the demand of irresponsible, deranged, or disloyal Americans.  It is instead a matter of the utmost importance for America’s security and the future of the entire world.  We must not now ignore their stunning condemnation of the official account of 9/11.

They analyze evidence from the attacks, discuss different theories about how the attacks happened and call for a new investigation into the attacks.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15] Some of the organizations assert that there is evidence that individuals within the United States government may have been either responsible for or knowingly complicit in the September 11 attacks. Motives suggested by the movement include the use of the attacks as a pretext to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to create opportunities to curtail American civil liberties.[2][16] Support for the movement is negligible from professionals in relevant fields, such as civil and aerospace engineering.[17] 911 - A new standard for deception - by Kevin Ryan https AE911Truth is making a film about the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11 that will be directed by Dylan Avery, who made the.. These State Department veterans served in the Federal government for decades.  They were responsible for formulating and implementing U.S. foreign policy.  Their statements demonstrate that the desire for a new, thorough, and independent investigation of 9/11 is not a matter of partisan politics, nor the demand of irresponsible, deranged, or disloyal Americans.  It is instead a matter of the utmost importance for America’s security and the future of the entire world.  We must not now ignore their stunning condemnation of the official account of 9/11.

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  1. Freda created the work eight years ago, when The Village Voice commissioned him to illustrate its article "Fakes on a Plane," which was intended to "gently make fun" of online 9/11 documentaries like Loose Change and the people who believe them.
  2. Lawyers' Committee for 911 Inquiry P.O. Box 14125 Arlington, TX 76094 Please include your email Thank you very much! LCfor911 is honored to have Ed Asner on the Board of Directors
  3. The 911 truth movement was really a cover for the 911 cover up movement. You all have been duped and affiliates of this program are here at this very forum. Bullhorn that
  4. These, of course, are only three examples among many. A review of the history will reveal that few if any of America’s major wars began without reliance on one or more of these schemes. Justifications for wars are particularly necessary in more democratic countries, since their wars require a higher degree of public approval of those of authoritarian societies. Contrived crises, then, are a typical tactic in a long American tradition.

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  2. The Dark Overlord hacker group has threatened to leak thousands of secret documents stolen from insurers and government agencies that they claim reveal the truth about 9/11 - unless they're paid..
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Search for: Home News Bernie Sanders Brings Up 9/11 Truth. President Trump Says Adam Schiff Should Be Arrested For Treason. September 30, 2019 36 Someone asked if Richard Gage (head of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth - AE911) has a profit motive for promoting one story over another Cyrus Vance, Jr., Manhattan D.A.For eight years, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has sought an impartial, subpoena-powered investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001.Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice (STJ) formed in January 2007 and is a self-described "group of scholars and supporters endeavoring to address the unanswered questions of the September 11, 2001 attack through scientific research and public education".[99] The group is composed of more than 900 members,[100] including Richard Gage, Steven E. Jones, Jim Hoffman, David Ray Griffin, Peter Phillips, and former Congressman Daniel Hamburg. Most members support the conspiracy theory that the World Trade Center Towers and the third skyscraper, WTC 7, were destroyed through explosive demolition.[citation needed]


1.2 AE911 Truth. 2 Establishment response. 2.1 Hit Pieces. The preferred establishment response to the truth movement for a long time was silence - echoing their behaviour in response to Gary Webb's.. sf911truth.org. Home. About us. Thanks for visiting our site and expressing interest in finding the truth about what really happened on 9/11 Web stats for Pl911truth - pl911truth.com. 2.33 Rating by ClearWebStats. pl911truth.com has registered 1 decade 1 year ago. It has a .com as an domain extension

Here, in the December installment, we continue Ms. Shure's analysis with Part 13: Prior Knowledge of State Crimes Against Democracy and Deep Politics, which explores how our prior knowledge of state crimes by governments, as well as our knowledge of the deep state — as opposed to the visible public state in which we participate as citizens — affects our reception of evidence that indicates we have been lied to about 9/11.The disastrous nature of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks warrant the release of all of this information so that the American public may learn what its government did or did not do to protect them. Had this nation been properly warned of the looming and imminent terrorist threat, life saving choices could have been made that day." http://www.petitiononline.com/july10


This is a forum for free thinking and for discussing issues which have captured your imagination. Please respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind. Our goal is to create a fairer and.. Adherents of the 9/11 Truth movement come from diverse social backgrounds.[1][23][25] The movement draws adherents from people of diverse political beliefs including liberals, conservatives, and libertarians.[3][20][25] Summary: James Quintiere, Ph.D., former Chief of NIST's Fire Science Division, called for an independent review of the World Trade Center Twin Tower collapse investigation. "I wish that there would be a peer review of this," he said, referring to the NIST investigation. "I think all the records that NIST has assembled should be archived. I would really like to see someone else take a look at what they've done; both structurally and from a fire point of view. ... I think the official conclusion that NIST arrived at is questionable." — AE911Truth (@AE911Truth) October 10, 2017. Second, an ex-NIST official explaining why he decide to fight the GOP's lies on 9/11... Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out.. These documentaries present a range of alternative theories about how the attacks might have been carried out:

WTC Building #7, a 47-story high-rise not hit by an airplane, exhibited all the characteristics of classic controlled demolition with explosives: It proposes a one world government, with one set of rules for all peoples. The idea is that all disasters are constructed by these elites, such as wars, recessions and diseases "9/11 Truth movement" is the collective name of loosely affiliated[16][18] organizations and individuals that question whether the United States government, agencies of the United States or individuals within such agencies were either responsible for or purposefully complicit in the September 11 attacks.[3][4][5][6][7][19][20][21] The term is also being used by the adherents of the movement,[22][23] who call themselves "9/11 skeptics",[24] "truth activists",[25] or "9/11 Truthers",[26] while generally rejecting the term "conspiracy theorists".[18][25] Sep. 5, 2007:  U.S. Navy 'Top Gun' Pilot Questions 9/11 PDF Version      Article on OpEdNewsJune 17, 2009: 29 Structural & Civil Engineers Cite Evidence for Controlled Explosive Demolition in Collapses of All 3 WTC High-Rises on 9/11 – more than 1,000 Architects and Engineers have joined call for new investigation, faulting official collapse reports PDF at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Feb. 24, 2009: Respected Medical Professionals Launch New 9/11 Truth Group – Announces Online Petition Calling for New Investigation MS Word      Article on OpEdNews

Lawyers' Committee for 911 Inquiry P.O. Box 14125 Arlington, TX 76094 Please include your email Thank you very much! LCfor911 is honored to have Ed Asner on the Board of Directors 9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton says “I don’t believe for a minute we got everything right”, that the Commission was set up to fail, that people should keep asking questions about 9/11, and that the 9/11 debate should continueSep. 23, 2007:  Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report Official Account of 9/11 a "Joke" and a "Cover-up"  PDF Version      Article on OpEdNews Film 911. Do you agree to the terms & conditions as described below? In consideration of the right to access and use the Company's Websites, Film911.net, (Website), User agrees to the terms and.. The 9/11 Family Steering Committee produced a website summarizing the questions they had raised to the Commission, indicating which they believe had been answered satisfactorily, which they believe had been addressed but not answered satisfactorily, and which they believe had been generally ignored in or omitted from the Report.[62]

Флуд Уголок конспиролог This is the latest brochure of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911T) and the issue of WTC 7 is one of the major arguments it makes: AE911T also published another full report entitled WORLD.. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art

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Aug. 21, 2007: Former Chief of NIST's Fire Science Division Calls for Independent Review of World Trade Center Investigation PDF Version      Article on OpEdNews Click Image for Link. In Pursuit of Truth Presents - Middle of the Movie. The People Are About To Find Out What Treason Looks Like, [Obamagate] Senators and Representatives Can Be Arrested for Criminal Offenses May 11, 2020. Michelle Obama is actually a man with a penis between his legs - cannot make baby May 11, 2020 911 Was an Inside Job is a slogan associated with the 9/11 Truth movement and other related conspiracy theories that accuse the United States [14] AA911Truth - Actors and Artists for 9/11 Much of the information and most of the rather limited media coverage about the 9/11 Truth Movement focuses on a handful of college professors, such as: David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, James Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, William Woodward, and A.K. Dewdney. In August 2006, I began searching for statements about 9/11 by senior U.S. military officers, intelligence services and law enforcement veterans, and government officials. Because of their experience in intelligence gathering, espionage, terrorism, and covert military operations, I felt their opinions about 9/11 would be valuable.   I was surprised by the amount of their criticism of the official account of 9/11 that I found scattered around the Internet. I had learned of virtually none of this criticism through newspapers, television, or radio news sources.

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9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland resigned from the Commission, stating: “It is a national scandal”; “This investigation is now compromised”; and “One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9-11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up”.  When asked in 2009 if he thought there should be another 9/11 commission, Cleland responded: “There should be about fifteen 9/11 commissions”9/11 Commissioner Timothy Roemer said “We were extremely frustrated with the false statements we were getting”

In a 2011 article in Skeptical Inquirer, Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller gave an overview and analyzed the members of the 9/11 Truth movement community. The authors found that people involved in this movement, which seemingly is a disparate group with very diversified backgrounds, could be classified into three groups. They join the movement for different reasons, loosely self-assemble to fill different roles, and are united by their shared mistrust in experts and the establishment (government and reputable sources of knowledge) and have a conspiratorial stance. Through their engagement, they each find their own fulfillment and satisfaction. Together, they contribute to the persistence, resilience, and exaggerated claims of acceptance (in general public) of the movement.[34] Lev Grossman of Time magazine has stated that support for the 9/11 Truth movement is not a "fringe phenomenon", but "a mainstream political reality."[22] Others, such as Ben Smith of Politico and the Minneapolis Star Tribune have stated that the movement has been "relegated to the fringe".[27][28] The Washington Post editorial staff went further describing the movement as "lunatic fringe."[29] Mark Fenster, a University of Florida law professor and author of the book Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture,[30] says that "the amount of organisation" of the movement is significantly stronger than the organization of the movement related to doubts about the official account of the assassination of John F. Kennedy,[3] though this is likely the result of new media technologies, such as online social networks, blogs, etc. Get 4 AE911Truth coupon codes and promo codes at CouponBirds. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of AE911Truth and save up to 80% when making purchase at checkout Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth has produced a major feature-length video entitled 9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out which is available on DVD or for download from the.. 30,911. NOTE: Data for New York today reflects a -147 reduction in the number of probable COVID-19 deaths reported by New York City [today's report] [yesterday's report]

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Furthermore, pilots for 9/11 Truth, pilotsfor911truth.org state that in six flight simulations, two In the 911 Octopus and September Clues video series, video experts analyze archived television footage.. In October 2008, a comment by STJ member James R. Gourley describing what he considers fundamental errors in a Bažant and Verdure paper was included in an issue of the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.[103] In April 2009, Danish chemist and STJ member Niels H. Harrit, of the University of Copenhagen, and eight other authors, including some STJ members, published a paper in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, entitled Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe. The paper, which caused the editor and only peer-reviewer, Professor Pileni, to resign, claiming it was published without her knowledge,[104] concludes that chips consisting of unreacted and partially reacted nano-thermite ("super-thermite") appear to be present in samples of the dust.[72][unreliable source?][105] We made a formal offer of proof based on the evidence — forensic evidence that overwhelmingly and irrefutably shows, by itemization of the key facts and by supplemental video of important witnesses, that the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center were destroyed on 9/11 as a result of professionally engineered controlled demolition, not by office fires and/or aircraft collision. Gage of AE911 Truth says on that group's website, Destruction [of the Twin Towers] proceeds AE911Truth.Info (Joseph Noble) Answering the questions of Architects and Engineers for 9/11.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineering professor Thomas W. Eagar was at first unwilling to acknowledge the concerns of the movement, saying that "if (the argument) gets too mainstream, I'll engage in the debate". In response to Steven E. Jones' publication of a hypothesis that the World Trade Center was destroyed by controlled demolition, Eagar said that adherents of the 9/11 Truth movement would use the reverse scientific method to arrive at their conclusions, as they "determine what happened, throw out all the data that doesn't fit their conclusion, and then hail their findings as the only possible conclusion".[112]

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If you are a member of any of the categories of people shown on this website and have concerns about the 9/11 Commission Report and would like your comment added to the site, please contact me.   alan.miller (at) PatriotsQuestion911 (dot) com41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11 – Official Account of 9/11: “Terribly Flawed,” “Laced with Contradictions,” “a Joke,” “a Cover-up” English, Danish, French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish Tag: 911 Truth. How The Jews Will Counteract A Goyim Revolution - 911 Was A Test Run. Christopher Bollyn was back in the USA for the events of the 13th anniversary of the September 11.. I believed the official explanation of 9/11 for four and one-half years. During that time, I remember becoming angry at news stories about people who challenged that explanation. However, in the Spring of 2006, I saw the documentary, Loose Change, on the Internet. Although not an entirely objective documentary, it raised many serious and disturbing questions about the events of 9/11 that I had previously simply accepted without much critical thought. Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice. (Dr. Steven E. Jones, member)

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The truth will set us free, it will enlighten, inspire, awaken + unite us. Armed with the truth united we stand, for peace, freedom, health + happiness for all. Archive for the '911 Truth' Tag Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice is committed to effecting change through non-violence. For our position statement, please see Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice Statement Against Violence and Racism.

The Commission’s co-chairs said that the CIA (and likely the White House) “obstructed our investigation”9/11 is the most important event in American history since December 7, 1941, when Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor. The magnitude of the impact of 9/11 on America and the rest of the world cannot be overstated. The terrible acts of 9/11 and the events leading up to them deserve a thorough, independent and unimpeachable investigation.  And if some rogue element within the U.S. government is responsible for the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11, as several of these individuals allege, it is critical that that be disclosed and forcefully dealt with. Putlocker - Watch HD Movies Online For Free and Download the latest TV-Series without Registration at Putlocker. The Shivering Truth - Season 2

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Adherents of the 9/11 Truth movement are conspiracy theorists who dispute the mainstream account of the September 11 attacks of 2001. The group disputes the commonly accepted account that Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airliners, crashed them into the Pentagon and New York's Twin Towers, whereupon the crashes led to the collapse of the latter. The primary focus is on missed information that they allege is not adequately explained in the official NIST theory, such as the collapse of 7 World Trade Center. They suggest a cover-up and, at the least, complicity by insiders.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] The 911 Truth Webmaster appears in the Season Ten episode, Mystery of the Urinal Deuce, and in the Season Twelve episode, Britney's New Look. He is the webmaster of the website, 911truth.org. In reality, he works for the government, to convince the gullible that 9/11 was caused by them 419 Takipçi, 5 Takip Edilen, 25 Gönderi - www.ae911truth.org'in (@911.truth) Instagram fotoğraflarını ve videolarını gör Although the particulars of this “enemy deficit” were new in the 1990s, the problem faced by ruling elites was not. First, governments seek to control their populations, and magnified outside threats have always served as a primary means of control. Like cowboys driving a herd of cattle while shooting at imaginary Indians, governments brandish threats to make their citizens circle the wagons and hunker down. Secondly, everyday people aren’t eager to march off to war. Without a scary, often demonized outside threat, elites would face much more difficulty building public support for their militarism. Without wars, they wouldn’t be able to realize the profits they derive from seizing other countries’ resources, producing war materiel, or loaning huge sums to governments doing massive military spending. Thus one of the time-honored ways to generate public support for wars is by provoking, simulating or reporting attacks attributed to defined enemies. In fact, neoconservatives were quite explicit about their desire for a traumatic event dramatizing a formidable new enemy. By 2000, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) pointed out that it would be impossible to increase military spending and pursue America’s global-domination project, “absent some catastrophic event-like a new Pearl Harbor.” Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz were all members of PNAC when it issued this call; just months later, they held powerful positions in the Bush administration.9/11 Citizens Watch was formed in 2002 by John Judge and Kyle Hence and, along with the Family Steering Committee, played an active role in calling for the establishment of the 9/11 Commission, and monitoring the commission closely.[106]

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A Figure 2. We will be showing this "Plan View of Collapse Progression" graphic in three installments of this series of articles, starting with this installment, where we have labeled it "A." The identical graphic will be labeled "B" and "C" in the next two installments. NIST's 2004 Progress Report depicts a mythical hole supposedly "scooped out" of the center of the bottom 10 floors of Building 7. Figure L-31 in Appendix L of the report refers to the hole as the "Approximate Region of Impact Damage by Large WTC1 Debris." Since this damage did not exist in reality, NIST backpedaled and did not include its discredited Figure L-31 in the final 2008 report. We call ourselves North Texans for 9/11 Truth and/or North Texans for Truth. We began in 2006.Our MISSION is simple: We endeavor to make a better world by educating ourselves and.. 911 Truth For Grown Ups. The pentagon split 911 Truth down the middle as some like Mike Rivero refuse to push that nonsense and others couldn't get enough nonsense Freda met with museum staff for 90 minutes to donate the art and to answer questions about the images it contains. The entire exchange was filmed for a documentary called Behind Truth Art, which is planned for release in 2015. (This 30-minute preview shows highlights of the meeting.)

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Recent Additions to This Page (Please also check the other six pages.) Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under President Nixon, Ford and Carter Added July 17, 2011 Commander James Clow U.S. Coast Guard (ret) Former Chief, National Response Center U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Added December 27, 2010 Roland Dumas Former Foreign Minister of France Added December 23, 2010 Major Albert M. Meyer, MHA U.S. Air Force (ret) Added December 15, 2010 Commander James R. Compton U.S. Navy (ret) Added November 1, 2010 Rev. William Sloane Coffin, Jr. Captain, U.S. Army Intelligence, World War II Former CIA Case Officer Added October 18, 2010 Michael Scheuer, PhD Former Chief of the CIA's bin Laden unit Added October 11, 2010 Ramsey Clark, MA, JD 66th U.S. Attorney General Added September 29, 2010 Gov. Walter Peterson 81st Governor State of New Hampshire Added May 29, 2010 IMPORTANT ARTICLE  Members of the 9/11 truth organizations, such as 911truth.org and Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, held meetings and conferences to discuss ongoing research about 9/11 and to strategize about how best to achieve their goals during the early 2000s and 2010s. Many of these conferences are organized by 911truth.org, and some have been covered by the international media.[110] Our Mission is to honor our 343 fallen brothers and all people who have lost their lives due to the 9/11 attacks, ongoing 9/11 conflicts, and the consequential 9/11 illnesses. 9-11 Review A Resource for Understanding the 9/11/01 Attack. 9-11 Review is divided into 3 main For more detailed analysis of the attack itself, backed by archives of photographic and video evidence..

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Some skeptics[115] —who oppose conspiracy as the a priori explanation to events, and who find most of the questions posed by the Truthers to be either easily answered[116] or based on misleading or false ideas[117]—have claimed that some of the Truthers are knowingly disseminating false information with no care for the grieving families, and have accordingly called them "disrespectful" or even "sickos".[118] Skygate 911 is one of many independently produced conspiracy theory films released in the Pilots For 9/11 Truth analyze NORAD response, Audio recordings as well as Radar data provided by.. Many adherents of the 9/11 Truth movement suspect that United States government insiders played a part in the attacks, or may have known the attacks were imminent, and did nothing to alert others or stop them.[24] Some within the movement who argue that insiders within the United States government were directly responsible for the September 11 attacks often alleging that the attacks were planned and executed in order to provide the U.S. with a pretext for going to war in the Middle East, and, by extension, as a means of consolidating.[22][23] Following the initial government investigation, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Report (May 2002) NIST Report, numerous responses were written by members of the 9/11 Truth movement. Many of these responses claimed that it ignored key evidence suggesting an explosive demolition, "distorted reality" by using deceptive language and diagrams, and attacked straw man arguments, such as the 2005 article by Jim Hoffman entitled Building a better mirage: NIST's 3-year $20,000,000 Cover Up of the Crime of the Century.[75] Many well known and respected senior U.S. military officers, intelligence services and law enforcement veterans, and government officials have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report or have made public statements that contradict the Report.  Several even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11.  This page of the website is a collection of their statements. The website does not represent any organization and it should be made clear that none of these individuals are affiliated with this website. Listed below are statements by more than 220 of these senior officials. Their collective voices give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed. These individuals cannot be simply dismissed as irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their sincere concern, backed by their decades of service to their country, demonstrate that criticism of the Report is not irresponsible, illogical, nor disloyal, per se. In fact, it can be just the opposite. (continued below)

Top NSA Whistleblower: We Need a New 9/11 Investigation Into the Destruction of the World Trade Center When Roberts signed the AE911Truth petition demanding a new 9/11 investigation, he wrote, What University, Gregg Roberts, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Berkeley, CA, James R. Gourley.. In answering the question in the title of this essay, the November segment — Signal Detection Theory — examined how the "signal" of 9/11 Truth can be drowned out by excessive "noise" that comes from our information-overloaded world, our prior beliefs, and our psychological state of being.9/11 Truth was launched in June 2004 and has become a central portal for many 9/11 Truth movement organizations. It is run by Janice Matthews (Executive Director),[91][92] David Kubiak (International Campaign Advisor)[93] and Mike Berger (Media Coordinator),[94] among others, and its advisory board includes Steven E. Jones and Barrie Zwicker.[95]

9/11 truth switzerland hits since 2006. 15 for his kind of life is not like other people's, and his ways are quite different. 16 In his opinion we are counterfeit; he avoids our ways as he would filth; he.. Take a selfie with guitar or with 911tabs.com in the background. Upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ using #911selfie hashtag. Best pictures will appear on our main page 911Truth. A Note For The Stupid and Wrong Crowd in Canberra. September 11, 2018. Select Category Terrorism 911Truth Australia Awakening Boston Charlie Conspiracy Corona Earth..

AE911Truth March 25, 2020 The destruction of the 47-story World Trade Center Building 7 in New York City late in the afternoon of September 11, 2001, was not a result of fires, according to the.. world 911 truth. Lupe Fiasco Talks 9/11 Conspiracy at New York Protest (BET) Lupe Fiasco has been Continue Reading One Million Viewers for Remember Building 7 on France 3 - World for 9-11.. I feel this criticism by experienced professionals is extremely important and that it has been seriously under-reported. This website was launched in September 2006 in an effort to provide an easily accessible reference collection of their public statements.On May 26, 2008, adjunct religious studies professor Blair Gadsby began a protest and a hunger strike outside the offices of Senator and Republican Party nominee for President John McCain's office requesting McCain meet with the principal scientists and leaders of the 9/11 Truth movement, specifically Richard Gage, Steven E. Jones, and David Ray Griffin. McCain had written the foreword to the book Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts, published by the magazine Popular Mechanics.[67]

Our intention is to create a compassionate community that respects truth and civilized discussion so that we may all learn, gain a genuine and deeper understanding, and hopefully increase the potential for a better future for all.Healing our Trauma - We are committed to healing our traumas (PTSD), and supporting others who are ready do the same. We do this to break the cycle of conflict in society caused through blame, division, shame, fear and anger.Members of the movement distributed pamphlets that they say told the "truth" about the attacks at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum when the Museum opened in May 2014.[80] “When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns it's back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe.”Claude-Frédéric Bastiat 1801 – 1850A warning or an unintended tactic?

As seen in this revealing photo, the Twin Towers' destruction exhibited all of the characteristics of destruction by explosives: Vladimir Putin – Prime Minister of Russia 2008 - present. President of Russia 1999 - 2008.  Former Head of the FSB (the successor agency to the KGB) 1998 - 1999.  Former KGB agent 1975 - 1991. Sign up for our FREE monthly eNewsletter "The Blueprint". Stay up-to-date on the latest news, events, and discoveries from AE911Truth. Pilots for 9/11 Truth - Part 1 of 1. Investigate 911: Investigate 9/11. For more programming from Ben Collet or information about this program, visit Seattle Community Media

Objective truth-tellers cannot take such a person seriously. If the objective is to embarrass the U.S. government then WikiLeaks has been victorious. But this is a hollow and dishonorable victory Lance deHaven-Smith What are SCADs, and how do they differ from other political crimes? Lance deHaven-Smith, a professor of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University, coined the term “state crimes against democracy” to distinguish them as the illegal or extralegal actions of public officials or elites who manipulate or subvert democratic processes and undermine popular sovereignty. In other words, State Crimes Against Democracy are high crimes that attack not only people, but democracy itself.1Dec. 13, 2007:  Seven Senior Federal Engineers and Scientists Call for New 9/11 Investigation – Official Account of 9/11 "Impossible", "Hogwash", "Fatally Flawed" PDF Version      Article on OpEdNewsAccording to these allegations, this would have given the Bush administration the justification for more widespread abuses of civil liberties and to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to ensure future supplies of oil.[24] In some cases, even in the mainstream media, "hawks" in the White House, especially then Vice-President Dick Cheney and members of the Project for the New American Century, the neoconservative think-tank, have been accused of either being aware of, or involved in, the alleged plot.[35][36][37]

While many Americans are skeptical about this and other myths, the information they receive from corporate and government news outlets gives them little basis for informed, intelligent critique. Although nearly half of the US population has doubts about the Official Story, the mainstream and even much of the “alternative”/progressive media have not provided either the historical background or the contemporary contexts needed to critique the government’s mythic story. Armed with these, it’s not hard to debunk. The failure of the news media to meet its responsibilities in a democracy have forced the 9/11 truth movement to rely more heavily on documentary videos, smallcirculation books, and web sites. These vary in quality, of course, so it behooves the truth seeker to select well researched books and videos by David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Richard Gage—plus reliable sites such as 911Truth, 911Blogger, AE911Truth, and sf911Truth. Such recommendations are hardly exhaustive, but they’re good places to continue your search. Welcome to the quest for truth about 9/11. The questioning, critical thinking, healthy skepticism, and intellectual curiosity that probably brought you here will no doubt serve you well.  Ultimately, we are asked to accept on faith NIST's ever-changing, remarkable, and, frankly, suspect explanations for WTC 7's destruction. A newly formed truth seeking group: Medical Professionals for 9/11 In private practice for more than 20 years. Professor of Medical Entomology, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Ohio University Summary: Twenty-five U.S. military officers condemn the official account of 9/11.  The article details severe criticism of the official account of 9/11 by: General Albert Stubblebine, former commander of U.S. Army Intelligence, Col. Ronald D. Ray, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Major John M. Newman, PhD, former Executive Assistant to the Director of the National Security Agency, Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, former staff member of the Director of the National Security Agency, Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, and 20 other officers. Member: Pilots for 9/11 Truth Association Statement: Pilots for 9/11 Truth is an organization of aviation professionals and pilots throughout the globe that have gathered together for one purpose

In late 2005, Steven E. Jones, then a professor at Brigham Young University, announced a paper criticizing the NIST Report and describing his hypothesis that the WTC towers had been intentionally demolished by explosives. This paper garnered some mainstream media attention, including an appearance by Jones on MSNBC. This was the first such programming on a major cable news station. Jones was criticized by his university for making his claims public before vetting them through the approved peer review process. He was placed on paid leave and has since retired.[52][76][77] Pilots for 911 Truth. Pilots for 9/11 Truth is an organization of aviation professionals and pilots throughout the globe who have gathered together for one purpose • For background on this investigative feature, please click here. Healthy skepticism, it seems, has curdled into paranoia. Wild conspiracy tales are peddled daily on the Internet, talk radio and in other.. In 2008 and 2009, several members of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice published essays in science and engineering journals. In April 2008, a letter by some of its members, was published in The Open Civil Engineering Journal.[101] In July 2008, an article by Steven E. Jones and others was published in The Environmentalist.[102] Supporting better Solutions - Specifically we shall investigate and promote solutions which we know will provide answers to the flawed systems that have taken us to where we find ourselves today; including the economic, the political and the social.

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