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  1. Billy Russo had an unhappy childhood—not exactly unusual in superhero comics. Abandoned as an orphan, he wound up in the world of organized crime, working as a hired gun. But ironically enough, his career as a supervillain only kicked off after the Punisher destroyed his face
  2. billy russo. şükela: tümü | bugün. punisher dizisindeki efsane kötü karakterdir. ancak ben, ben barnes e olan aşşırı sevgim yüzünden kendisi her ne kadar tam bir son of bitch olsa da bu karakteri de sevmekten vazgeçemedim. bence çok yanlış anlaşılıyor * ayrıca sezon finali için yorumum: insan..
  3. I-beams are widely used in the construction industry and are available in a variety of standard sizes. Tables are available to allow easy selection of a suitable steel I-beam size for a given applied load. I-beams may be used both as beams and as columns.
  4. Dorian Gray and Billy Russo both also have an obsession with their physical appearances. Adding yet another wrinkle to the connection is the fact that Ben Many viewers were probably taken by surprise by the reveal of Billy Russo's villainy mid-way through the season but comic fans likely saw his turn..

Punisher's Billy Russo Is Almost a Different Character in Season

Billy Russo The Punisher 2 Ben Barnes Black Shearling Coat is made from real leather on the outside and the inside is lined with shearling fur. There are two pockets on the outer and inner sections of the outerwear. Shoulder epaulets are put for a more intimidating look while the all black color personifies it We often think that actors were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and that they never had any problems with their friends, their studies, or their love lives. But that is far from the truth. Many of them were bullied in school and couldn't figure out how to talk to girls

The actor explains how his turn as Logan on HBO's Westworld helped prepare him to make bolder choices in Netflix's The Punisher. When Ben Barnes accepted the role of Billy Russo on The Punisher — the new Netflix series starring Marvel's famous gun-toting vigilante, Frank Castle (Jon.. #ThePunisher #Season2 The Punisher from Season 2. Marvels The Punisher 2x04 Frank Castle and Billy Russo talking scene. Marvels The Punisher - Kills everyone in the hotel room scene. TM © Netflix, Disney, and Marvel. ALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY AND NETFLIX

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The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) publishes the Steel Construction Manual for designing structures of various shapes. It documents the common approaches, Allowable Stress Design (ASD) and Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD), (starting with 13th ed.) to create such designs. Aside from being one of its actors, the Kapuso comedy genius was also the film's scriptwriter, producer, and director. The film, a view of family relationships, would also feature cameo appearances by Kapuso stars Dingdong Dantes, John Estrada, and Eugene Domingo Marvel's The Punisher | Frank Castle, Billy Russo, David Lieberman And Karen Page All Best Moments. The Punisher Frank Castle vs Billy Russo fight Scene Episode 1x13 HD - REACTION What Billy will be getting up to when the show returns remains to be seen, but fans of the comics will know that he's more commonly referred to as Jigsaw in the source material. With his once handsome face torn to shreds, Russo rechristened himself Jigsaw and swore revenge on the Punisher

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  1. (39) The Punisher Billy Russo Tribute Dangerous - YouTube. 7 месяцев назад. 0. 0
  2. The Punisher Frank Castle vs Billy Russo fight Scene Episode 1x13 HD GIF
  3. A group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood try to make it big — no matter the cost. Abducted - Elizabeth I's Child Actors
  4. Billy Russo - Cold Top 10 Scariest Scenes In A Quiet Place Marvels,The Punisher,Frank-Hey,Bill.You want a beer? DIRTY LAUNDRY [BOOTLEG UNIVERSE] Movie Scenes That Terrified Actors In Real Life Billy Russo | Believer The Punisher Full Season BREAKDOWN..

Cinema 21 Online nonton film Layarkaca21, LK21, indoxxi, Layar Kaca 21, Layarkaca 21, CINEMAXX1, Grandxxi, Dunia21, cinema21 download film apik Movie Box Office Drakorindo, Serial Netflix terbaru subtitle Indonesia 0. 0. Frank Castle and Billy Russo being super cute. shortbutlethal Каратель (2017) The Punisher боевик, драма, приключения, триллер, фантастика Режиссеры: Джереми Уэбб, Энди Годдар, Том Шэнклэнд, Антонио Кампос, Кевин Хукс В ролях: Джон Бернтал, Бен Барнс, Эмбер Роуз Рева, Эбон Мосс-Бакрак, Джейсон Р. Мур

THE PUNISHER Actor Ben Barnes Reveals Billy Russo Won't Be

  1. A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles
  2. The Punisher season two picks up right where the blood-soaked first season quietly left off, with human war machine Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) suddenly finding In the following roundtable interview, Ben Barnes and Floriana Lima (Supergirl)—who plays Billy Russo's psychotherapist, Krista—discuss..
  3. Anthony Russo (born February 1970)[1] and Joseph Russo (born July 1971),[1] collectively known as the Russo brothers, are American film and television directors. The brothers direct most of their work jointly, and also occasionally work as producers, screenwriters, actors, and editors

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Westworld actor Ben Barnes talks about coming over to Marvel's the Punisher to play Frank Castle's best friend, Billy Russo. The actor has signed on to play Billy Russo in Marvel's The Punisher, an ex-marine and best friend of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) who now owns a civilian security contractor.. The Punisher 2 Billy Russo Leather Jacket is considered under the same category. A new set video from the currently-shooting second season of The Punisher has surfaced and it gives us a good look at Billy Russo/Jigsaw. A Great Outfit during the Winter and A Perfect Outfit For a Rough Day Out My Take On The Punisher's Billy Russo . Enjoy Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, The Punisher ~ Billy Russo, was posted by TheRebelCraft The Punisher dizisini 1080p full hd kalitede Dizirun farkıyla izle, oyuncuları ve konusu hakkında bilgi sahibi ol. Kendisine Punisher/İnfazcı adını veren Frank, öldürücü yöntemlerle suçla mücadele eden bir antikahramandır Instead, The Punisher pulls the equivalent of putting an attractive actress in glasses to pretend that she's mousy. Billy's mangled face makes Gerard Butler's lackluster Phantom of the Opera design look like a masterclass in horror makeup. Billy's artfully placed scars are barely enough to bat an eye at..

Billy Russo's Backstory On 'The Punisher' Explains So Much About

  1. g the Punisher he's meant to be
  2. CinemaBlend recently chatted with Ben Barnes about his preparation for The Punisher, and it honestly sounds That is partly due to the inclusion of Ben Barnes as Billy Russo, who has already turned into one of The actor told us: It already smelled to me, even from just the tiny scenes that I'd seen, that..
  3. Season 2 of The Punisher is set to arrive next month, and thanks to actor Ben Barnes, we now have some new details how the Season 1 finale has affected the villainous Billy Russo. Hit the jump for more
  4. At the end of Season 1 of Netflix's Punisher, we see Frank absolutely annihilate Billy Russo's face by excessively smashing it into a mirror. This was so bad in fact, Frank gave him brain damage, causing memory loss. It isn't until Season 2, Episode 4, do we finally see Billy's face right after his escape..

The web resists shear forces, while the flanges resist most of the bending moment experienced by the beam. The Euler-Bernoulli beam equation shows that the I-shaped section is a very efficient form for carrying both bending and shear loads in the plane of the web. On the other hand, the cross-section has a reduced capacity in the transverse direction, and is also inefficient in carrying torsion, for which hollow structural sections are often preferred. 19 Mar 2020 - Explore carsonann01's board Billy Russo on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ben barnes, Actor and Punisher. Ben Barnes, Bucky Barnes, Phoebe Tonkin, Liv Tyler, David Lambert, Daredevil Punisher, The Wicked The Divine, Sympathy For The Devil, French Songs

In her first-ever (sort of) memoir, the beloved actor and YouTube sensation gets personal about everything from mental health to drunken debaucheries However, these ideal conditions can never be achieved because material is needed in the web for physical reasons, including to resist buckling. For wide-flange beams, the section modulus is approximately

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Netflix's Punisher: Billy Russo is delusional about the damage to his

Bethlehem Steel was a leading supplier of rolled structural steel of various cross-sections in American bridge and skyscraper work of the mid-twentieth century.[2] Today, rolled cross-sections have been partially displaced in such work by fabricated cross-sections. Actors Robert Downey, Jr and Maggie Gyllenhaal are textbook examples of.. Marvels.The.Punisher.S02E06.720p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta

Will Billy Russo Become Jigsaw on The Punisher

Generic selectors Exact matches only Exact matches only Search in title Search in title Search in content Search in content Search in excerpt Search in posts Search in posts Search in pages Search in pages Show more... After criticizing American officials for politicizing the pandemic, Chinese officials and news outlets have floated unfounded theories that the United States was the source of the virus Billy The Beaut Russo was known for his handsome appearance until confronting the Punisher who sent Billy through a glass window, severely damaging his face. After the incident he took the name Jigsaw and is a deadly force with a vendetta towards the Punisher

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THE PUNISHER star Jon Bernthal has opened up on a new fan theory about Billy Russo's fate that is sweeping the Jon Bernthal explained why Frank Castle didn't kill Billy Russo. With filming not yet started on season two, it is possible that actor is merely keeping tight-lipped on the upcoming action That's the title of The Punisher Season 2 Episode 10, and as they say across the pond, it does what it I have to give a tremendous shoutout to actor Josh Stewart here. Previously, Pilgrim has been fun to Russo has rallied his troops into taking Castle's willingness to kill all of them personally (which..

Russo boxes will continue to be available monday to friday! Order online here. Russo's catering provides custom-made menus for intimate dinners or office parties and everything in between. Take a break and let us cook for you Your number one active fansite dedicated to the talented English screen and stage actor, Ben Barnes! Here you will find the latest news, photos, videos, and much more. We hope you enjoy your stay, and continue to support Ben and our website When designing a symmetric I-beam to resist stresses due to bending the usual starting point is the required section modulus. If the allowable stress is σ m a x {\displaystyle \sigma _{\mathrm {max} }} and the maximum expected bending moment is M m a x {\displaystyle M_{\mathrm {max} }} , then the required section modulus is given by[3] Billy Russo's life has changed forever. In The Punisher Season 1, Frank Castle exacted revenge on his former brother-in-arms for the murder of his family by beating him within an inch of his life. According to Russo actor Ben Barnes, his character will grapple with the repercussions of this in Season 2..

Why The Punisher's Jigsaw Doesn't Have The Comic's Grisly

The Punisher Billy Russo Recruits For Anvil Speech. Inspector Adrian Monk. Jon Bernthal Steve Lightfoot The Punisher Exclusive Interview. HeyUGuys. Every Movie Version Of Batman Ranked Worst To Best Enjoy exclusive Amazon Originals as well as popular movies and TV shows. Watch anytime, anywhere. Start your free trial

Question About Billy Russo in The Punisher *Spoilers* ResetEr

After the reveal that Billy Russo wasn't on Castle's side at the end of episode 6, we've been curious exactly how Castle could have trusted the guy so So what changed? And how did Russo wind up who he is today? As we get more information on Billy Russo's backstory on The Punisher, it slowly.. Последние твиты от The Punisher (@ThePunisher). Not asking for permission. Season 2 of Marvel's The Punisher is now streaming on Netflix

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Hosting. Why do we run our own web servers here at Haus? Because we're control freaks. Most websites we build are completed two to three weeks quicker by having full control over our machines. In addition, our engineers have the flexibility to make custom configurations which simply aren't possible.. Classical music in MIDI files. 19,300 free, legal and selected classical MIDI files and MIDI/ZIP collections: the largest resource on the net. Also includes biographies of the major composers, fugue lists and theory Steel beams IPE/INP are a very commonly used type of steel profile. Beams, otherwise called “I” sections, continental beams, or IPE/IPN, are available in multiple material grades, the most common are EN 10025 S275 and S355. Ben Barnes' Billy Russo died in the finale of The Punisher season 2, wordlessly gunned down by Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) once and for all. Below, the actor dives into Billy's long goodbye, what he thinks Billy was trying to say in his last scene, and the one regret he has from his time on the show 'The Punisher' star Ben Barnes discusses his villain's abusive past and finale confrontation with Frank Castle. 'The Punisher' Star Ben Barnes on His Season 2 Transformation and Fate. Courtesy of Netflix. It felt inevitable, Barnes says of the last confrontation between Frank Castle and Billy Russo

Ben Barnes on playing the 'Punisher' villain, Billy Russo

She was thoroughly duped by Billy Russo, the season's main villain, and had something of an anti-Midas touch, as any stakeout or plan she was But it's a testament to Barnes's ability as an actor and the thoughtfulness paid to Billy and Frank's relationship in The Punisher's first season, that some of.. A beam under bending sees high stresses along the axial fibers that are farthest from the neutral axis. To prevent failure, most of the material in the beam must be located in these regions. Comparatively little material is needed in the area close to the neutral axis. This observation is the basis of the I-beam cross-section; the neutral axis runs along the center of the web which can be relatively thin and most of the material can be concentrated in the flanges.

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The punisher 2 Billy Russo Cosplay Mask. Perfect Match. Tap Adidas worn by Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) in Marvel's The Punisher S02E02 Illustrations for Billy Russo's journal. Done the old fashioned way: ballpoint pen on paper

Punisher actor Jon Bernthal responded to rap star Eminem's lament that the Marvel series had been cancelled by Netflix. A new motion poster for Punisher Season 2 shows off how Billy Russo has changed since the start of Season 1 (Billy Russo makeup, Punisher Season 1). Ben Barnes attends The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 29 Ben Barnes, who stars as Billy Russo in Marvel's The Punisher, talked with us about the preparations necessary for the Netflix show's demanding.. Löydät toimituksellisia arkistokuvia aiheesta Ben Barnes Billy Russo ja paljon muuta Shutterstockin toimituksellisten valokuvien kokoelmasta. 'Marvel's The Punisher' TV Show Season 2 - 2019 Arkistokuva tekijältä Cara Howe toimitukselliseen käyttöön, 2019 Meanwhile, Russo tracks down his abuser and kills him. Rachel discovers Castle's history as the Punisher. When she returns, she reveals her real Dumont supports Billy by implying that Castle is not the man Russo thought he was. He then makes plans to use the veterans to create an army to..

The Punisher: Ben Barnes' Face Didn't Deserve This - Today

Welcome to Gianni Russo. As many of you know, Gianni starred in the greatest movie of all time, The Godfather, as Carlo Rizzi, Don Corleone's wife-beating/double-crossing son-in-law. Gianni has since starred in over 40 movies and his own life should be a movie which you'll discover through this website There's A New 'Punisher' Theory About Billy Russo, And We're In Tears Despacito (Ivan Russo Remix) Season 2 of Marvel's The Punisher found Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) living a much different existence than in the first season, with both his face and his brain damaged following his brutal encounter with the friend he had terribly betrayed, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), at the end of Season 1 Ampia scelta, piccoli prezzi. Scopri nei nostri negozi online fotocamere digitali, lettori MP3, libri, musica, DVD, videogiochi, elettrodomestici e tanto altro. Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori ai 29 euro

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the punisher billy russo narnia prince caspian ben barnes i was watching the punisher and at first i didn't even realise that russo was ben barnes i just thought 'dang that's one beautiful man right there' some things never change Read Billy Russo Drabble from the story The Punisher Requests by thegirlwhowritesfics (IvyQuinn) with 182 reads. marvelsthepunisher, punisher, thepunisher This is the skin of Jigsaw (village of punisher) this version is Lite still has few details but I intend to add more, if you want to help me send images in png format of scars. Ya this is basically Martin with an overlay texture. Not really much done to it. I wouldn't call it Billy though. Call this mod Billy's Scars Frank and Billy's Season 1 finale fight has had more than just physical repercussions on the latter, and his comics moniker, Jigsaw, can be used to Light spoilers for The Punisher Season 2 below. Fans got their first official look at Russo's Season 2 look in the premiere date announcement trailer (above) In the United States, the most commonly mentioned I-beam is the wide-flange (W) shape. These beams have flanges in which the planes are nearly parallel. Other I-beams include American Standard (designated S) shapes, in which flange surfaces are not parallel, and H-piles (designated HP), which are typically used as pile foundations. Wide-flange shapes are available in grade ASTM A992,[4] which has generally replaced the older ASTM grades A572 and A36. Ranges of yield strength:

Billy Russo's journal, from The Punisher season 2 on Behanc

The Punisher dizinin tüm sezonları Türkçe Altyazılı, mobil ve Full HD kalitesinde ücretsiz izlemeniz ve indirmeniz için Dizimag kalitesiyle sizlerle.. Kendine punisher (infazcı) adını veren Frank kendi yöntemleriyle suçluların peşine düşmekte ve onları infaz etmektedir An I-beam, also known as H-beam (for universal column, UC), w-beam (for "wide flange"), universal beam (UB), rolled steel joist (RSJ), or double-T (especially in Polish, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian and German), is a beam with an I or H-shaped cross-section. The horizontal elements of the I are flanges, and the vertical element is the "web". I-beams are usually made of structural steel and are used in construction and civil engineering. Cellular beams are the modern version of the traditional "castellated beam" which results in a beam approximately 40–60% deeper than its parent section. The exact finished depth, cell diameter and cell spacing are flexible. A cellular beam is up to 1.5 times stronger than its parent section and is therefore utilized to create efficient large span constructions.[10] Scroll to see more. Billy Russo of Punisher S.2. Denis Zagaynov. Billy Russo of Punisher S.2. my little Doodle. Posted a year ago The ideal beam is the one with the least cross-sectional area (and hence requiring the least material) needed to achieve a given section modulus. Since the section modulus depends on the value of the moment of inertia, an efficient beam must have most of its material located as far from the neutral axis as possible. The farther a given amount of material is from the neutral axis, the larger is the section modulus and hence a larger bending moment can be resisted.

Jigsaw Should Probably Look Way Gnarlier in Netflix's "The

The actor who played Billy Russo for two seasons took to Instagram with an assortment of mostly bloody set photos, along with a message thanking viewers for Two of the characters who return for the second season of Netflix and Marvel's The Punisher are Billy Russo, played by Ben Barnes, and.. where I {\displaystyle I} is the moment of inertia of the beam cross-section and c {\displaystyle c} is the distance of the top of the beam from the neutral axis (see beam theory for more details). Billy Russo escapes from the hospital and he's wearing a mask to cover up his disfigures face. At some point he takes off his ask and I'm guessing we as the audience are In contrast, the character of Billy in the film Punisher Warzone looks like this: Now that's a face that should be covered

In the comics, Billy Russo's backstory is that after being kicked out of his home by an abusive father, he begins working as a hitman for New York's Russo adopts his villainous persona of Jigsaw and later faces off with both the Punisher and Spider-Man again several times over the years in the comics Ben Barnes (Billy Russo) and Amber Rose Revah (Dinah Madani) of Marvel's The Punisher answer YOUR burning questions on this edition of Ask Marvel! Renowned actor Ben Barnes perfectly embodies the impeccable Italian style of a young and cosmopolitan gentleman, who conquers all with.. This is my Billy Russo punisher mask ,its menacing bold look is simple but effective its a real tour de force of a mask,heres a chance to own your own trully a must have for the punisher fans .This awesome prop replica is made using the following materials:- 1) 1mm white plastic pvc mask

Ben Barnes as Billy Russo in The Punisher Netflix Series. Still not over the fact he has a f hidden blade like in Assassin's Creed games. Da Man taps The Punisher actor Ben Barnes to cover its August/September 2017 issue. Sporting accessible fashions from Ermenegildo Zegna, Louis Vuitton.. The Punisher kimler oynuyor? Hangi oyuncular başrol, kimler diziden ayrıldı, yönetmeni, senaristi gibi bilgiler yer alıyor Erik Anthony Russo - to123movies.com The Punisher vs Billy Russo / Brutal Final Fight | The Punisher Season 1 (2017). Marvel's Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo and Krista first kiss scene ''I'm a criminal now''[1080p]

Marvel's The Punisher Season 2 Sees Billy Russo Amassing an Army. This is important because Billy's identity is tied to his handsome good looks And Billy was an excellent and merciless soldier. The Punisher's second season takes its time setting up the inevitable Frank and Billy showdown.. As a matter of fact , Billy Russo took great pride in being the most handsome devil that he is, but after frank castle scrapes his face through a breakable glass ( which was too horrifying to watch) , he is not that handsome hunk anymore.Moreover , after watching the crimes that he has committed ( including.. In season 2, he faces his old friend Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), who's taken up the In the first episode of season 2 of Netflix's Marvel Cinematic Universe series The Punisher, a character asks Barnes is a tremendously charming actor, which is probably why Lightfoot chose a lighter touch when it comes to.. Could The Punisher Season 1 actually be building up to Hammer and ANVIL joining forces to create one formidable threat, with the most advanced weapons The real question about ANVIL is: how bad is Billy Russo, really? While his clandestine meeting with Rawlins proves that he's not entirely on the..

The Punisher Season 2: Ben Barnes and Floriana Lima on

I-beams are commonly made of structural steel but may also be formed from aluminium or other materials. A common type of I-beam is the rolled steel joist (RSJ)—sometimes incorrectly rendered as reinforced steel joist. British and European standards also specify Universal Beams (UBs) and Universal Columns (UCs). These sections have parallel flanges, as opposed to the varying thickness of RSJ flanges which are seldom now rolled in the UK. Parallel flanges are easier to connect to and do away with the need for tapering washers. UCs have equal or near-equal width and depth and are more suited to being oriented vertically to carry axial load such as columns in multi-storey construction, while UBs are significantly deeper than they are wide are more suited to carrying bending load such as beam elements in floors. TV Actor. He'd go on to star as Billy Batson in the remake of Shazam! in 2019. Before Fame. He has been active in theater, performing in more than 10 productions put on by the Desert Stages Theatre Go movies Watch HD Movie & Tv Show Online Free at 2Gomovies 123 Movie and Tv Series free Online 123Movies, 0Gomovies India and USA Movies Online stream HD.. Billy Russo is a changed man in season 2 of The Punisher, both physically and mentally. And, though he's never officially referred to as Jigsaw in the Netflix During our visit to the set of The Punisher, we spoke with actor Ben Barnes, who returns as Billy Russo. He revealed that Russo's horrific scarring.. Russo's actor, Ben Barnes, played the title character in a film adaptation of the same novel. Fittingly, both Billy Russo and Dorian Gray are men whose pretty looks hide their evil nature. Foregone Conclusion: Anyone familiar with Billy Russo in the Punisher comics knows that he becomes Jigsaw

Все публикации прогнозы Actor Miles - Прогнозы и ставки на спорт.. The Punisher misses the chance to explore male vanity and self image with its half-hearted portrayal of Billy Russo's damaged face. This was the turning point that Punisher fans had been waiting for since Russo first showed up: his disfigurement which would turn him into the monstrous antagonist.. Prmovies Watch Latest Movies,TV Series Online for free and Download in HD on Prmovies website,Prmovies Bollywood,Prmovies app,Prmovies online.. RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news British actor Ben Barnes plays Billy Russo in forthcoming Marvel Netflix show The Punisher. Jigsaw wass played by another British actor — Dominic West — in 2008 movie Punisher: War Zone. But it was a slightly different take on the character, with 'The Beaut' now called Billy Russoti rather..


For a beam of cross-sectional area a {\displaystyle a} and height h {\displaystyle h} , the ideal cross-section would have half the area at a distance h / 2 {\displaystyle h/2} above the cross-section and the other half at a distance h / 2 {\displaystyle h/2} below the cross-section.[3] For this cross-section Bad boys are not always that bad some of them just are too good to be labeled as bad similarly here we have one of those badly good guys from the famous TV series The Punisher Season 2 Billy Russo Coat the character that is played by the handsome looking actor Ben Barnes is adorning a coat that is.. Movie, action_films. Режиссер: Джонатан Хенсли. В ролях: Уилл Паттон, Лора Харринг, Саманта Матис и др. Время: 2:04:00

Personality profile page for Billy Russo in the The Punisher subcategory under Television as part of The Personality Database Though I-beams are excellent for unidirectional bending in a plane parallel to the web, they do not perform as well in bidirectional bending. These beams also show little resistance to twisting and undergo sectional warping under torsional loading. For torsion dominated problems, box beams and other types of stiff sections are used in preference to the I-beam. please! ◄ The Punisher, Daredevil ◄ Coloring: mine ◄ Song: https antoine mebarki 2 years ago (edited) Jon is hell of an actor, but DGraySon77 1 year ago Which is why I always thought Punisher didn't punish Billy hard enough, he should've disabled him so there was no way for Billy to come back Tormentor X Punisher logo created by Jon Vermilyea

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