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Bruno Mars - I Was Only Dancing Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are Bruno Mars - Liquor Store Blues Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars - All She Knows. Последние комментарии In 2013, Mars told Rolling Stone that record executives "had trouble categorizing him", as they were clueless which radio stations would play his songs, and which people (black or white) were going to buy his albums.[4] In the same month, he confessed that "Nothin' on You" was rejected by a "music industry decision-maker" because of his race. That experience made him feel like a "mutant", and he says that was his lowest point. "Even with that song in my back pocket to seal the deal, things like that are coming out of people's mouths. It made me feel like I wasn't even in the room."[238] In 2018, Mars was accused during The Grapevine, a series that explores African-American issues, of cultural appropriation on social media for using his racial ambiguity to profit from black music, and was criticized for mimicking the sound of past artists. Various black celebrities, including Stevie Wonder, Charlie Wilson, 9th Wonder, Marjua Estevez, and Stereo Williams dismissed the accusations.[239][240][241] Mars has spoken often about his influences and has given credit to several black artists, such as Babyface, Teddy Riley, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.[239][242]

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а/с №2, м. Київ, 03028 тел. +380 44 205 4480 факс +380 44 205 4482 After Mars was dropped by the label less than a year after being signed, he stayed in Los Angeles and landed a music publishing deal in 2005 with American record producer Steve Lindsey and Cameron Strang at Westside Independent.[23][17] Второй альбом Марса, Unorthodox Jukebox (2012), занял первое место в американском Billboard 200, в Австралии, Канаде, Швейцарии и в Великобритании, получив премию «Грэмми» за лучший вокальный поп-альбом . Его синглы «Locked Out of Heaven» и «When I Was Your Man» заняли первое место в американском чарте Billboard Hot 100. В 2014 году Марс сотрудничал с Марком Ронсоном в «Uptown Funk », который возглавлял многие музыкальные чарты по всему миру, включая чарты в США, Австралии, Канаде, Новой Зеландии и Великобритании. Песня выиграла два «Грэмми»: запись года и лучшее поп-исполнение дуэтом или группой. Дозвіл на використання творів отримано в ДО УААСП: www.uacrr.org

After Mars' sister in Los Angeles, California played his demo for Mike Lynn, (the head of A&R at Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment record label), Lynn summoned Mars to Los Angeles.[17] In 2003, shortly after graduating from high school at the age of 17, Mars moved to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career.[6][18] At that time, he lived on Mansfield and remembers trying to park his car and finding the parking space with a homeless guy, "taking a shit", with "no toilet paper, nothing! It was just foul, and no one cleaned it up."[4] He adopted his stage name from the childhood nickname his father gave him, adding "Mars" at the end because: "I felt like I didn't have [any] pizzazz, and a lot of girls say I’m out of this world, so I was like I guess I'm from Mars."[19] Moreover, the adoption of his stage name was also an effort to "avoid being stereotyped", as the music industry tried to pigeonhole him as another Latin artist. They even tried to convince Mars to sing in Spanish.[20] Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in no doubt Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes will thrive linking up in Manchester United's midfield, believing good players can always play together

Интересно, что рост звезды составляет 165 см. Он также получил награду «Самая маленькая звезда» MTV Movie Awards 2009. 19 сентября 2010 года Бруно Марс был арестован в Лас-Вегасе за хранение кокаина[41]. В разговоре с полицейскими он утверждал, что произошедшее является его «глупостью», и что он раньше «никогда не употреблял наркотики»[42][43]. Слушание суда состоялось 4 февраля 2011 года, и Марс мог бы получить срок в 4 года и штраф в 50000 долларов за хранение 2,6 граммов кокаина[44][45]. Тем не менее, в итоге, Бруно приговорен к 200 часам общественных работ, он должен был выплатить штраф в размере 2000$ и посетить занятия, посвященные теме вреда наркотиков. Если у него не будет никаких других проблем с законом в течение года, то обвинение будет снято и это никак не отразится на его биографии[46] . Bruno Mars в соцемережах. Youtube. У листопаді артист з'явився в ефірі каналу CBS з годинним живим виступом — Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Live at the Apollo Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are. Madcon - Freaky Like Me. Tony Igy - Astronomia. Bruno Mars - Grenade

Mars worked on Chic's studio album It’s About Time (2018), but the song is expected to be featured on Chic's next studio album, according to musician Nile Rodgers.[134][135] "Wake Up in the Sky" is a collaborative single, issued in September 2018, between American rappers Gucci Mane and Kodak Black, along with Mars.[136] It peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.[35] On February 15, 2019, Cardi B and Mars released a single together called "Please Me".[137] It peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100.[35] The single also reached the top 20 of Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.[45][36][37] Five months later, British pop singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, American country singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton, and Mars released a single titled "Blow" for the former's fourth album, No.6 Collaborations Project (2019).[138] On October 16, 2019, Mars posted a picture, on his Twitter, of himself in a recording studio, possibly indicating new solo music.[139] On February, 2020, it was announced a partnership between Mars and Disney for a "music-themed theatrical narrative", in which the singer will both star in and produce the movie.[140] On March 26, 2020, a representative of Mars stated the latter was "in the creative process of working on his next album."[141] Mars possesses a three octave tenor vocal range.[159] Jon Caramanica of The New York Times commented that he is one of the most "versatile and accessible singers in pop, with a light, soul-influenced voice that's an easy fit in a range of styles, a universal donor",[157] while Tim Sendra from AllMusic described Mars' vocals on Doo-Wops & Hooligans as "the kind of smooth instrument that slips into your ear like honey."[169] Jody Rosen from Rolling Stone called Mars a "nimble, soulful vocalist" on Unorthodox Jukebox. Jim Farber of the New York Daily News praised Mars' voice due to "the purity, cream and range of mid-period Michael Jackson" in a review of a concert promoting Unorthodox Jukebox.[170] On 24K Magic, Consequence of Sound's Karen Gwen afirmed that Mars showed his "pips" and pushed his vocals to the limit. She described his voice as a "clear, unapologetic tenor" being a "blessing" nowadays.[171] Jon Caramanica of The New York Times found 24K Magic to show Mars' vocal ability from tenderness to "the more forceful side of his voice".[172] Mars is also able to play drums,[173][174] guitar,[174][175] keyboard,[175] bass,[174] and piano.[80][175] Mars usually plays the instrumentation or part of it, on his albums and on the songs he composes for other artists.[174][176] Время, которое Марс провёл, подражая Пресли, оказало большое влияние на его музыкальную эволюцию и технику исполнения. Позже он начал играть на гитаре после того, как его вдохновил американский рок-гитарист Джими Хендрикс[16]. В 2010 году он назвал свои гавайские корни и музыкальную семью как факторы, оказавшие большое влияние, объяснив: «Взросление на Гавайях сделало меня тем, кем я являюсь. Я имел обыкновение делать много шоу на Гавайях с группой моего отца. Все в моей семье поют, все играют на музыкальных инструментах... я просто был окружён этим.»[17] Когда он посещал President Theodore Roosevelt High School в Гонолулу, он выступал в группе под названием The School Boys[18].

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Питер Джин Эрнандес родился 8 октября 1985 года в Гонолулу, Гавайи, в семье Питера Эрнандеса и Бернадетт Сан-Педро-Байо и вырос в районе Вайкики. Mars is known for his retro showmanship which is widely acclaimed by tour critics and reviewers.[177][178][179] Deanna Ramsay of The Jakarta Post described Mars as a "truly global star".[180] Boston Herald's Jim Sullivan compared Mars' shownmaship to Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.[177] Kevin Johnson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called Mars a "consummate performer."[181] The Boston Globe's Sarah Rodman said that Mars shows an "indefatigable ecstatic approach to performing" and "classic showmanship."[178] In the same vein, Jim Farber of the Daily News stated of the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVIII that Mars "brings old-school showmanship to dynamic performance."[179] The singer took its inspiration by playing videotapes of Elvis, James Brown and Michael Jackson when he was younger. Nowadays, before the shows, he watches Brown's T.A.M.I. Show, James Hendrix's Live at Woodstock or Prince performing "Purple Rain" (1984).[4] Due to the ticket reselling which occurred during the week after Mars' performance at the Super Bowl, and in order to limit that kind of profiteering, Hawaii Senate President Donna Mercado Kim introduced Senate Resolution 12, also known as the Bruno Mars Act. It limits all ticket purchases within 48 hours of the on-sale date to the physical box office. This ensures that anyone who comes to the box office to buy tickets for a show should almost certainly be guaranteed a ticket and discourages ticket scalping.[230] The State Senate in Hawaii passed the law.[231] However, the bill died at the conference committee.[232] В 1990 году Марс появился в MidWeek в роли «Маленького Элвиса» и в эпизодической роли в фильме Медовый месяц в Лас-Вегасе в 1992.[22][23]. На 56-й церемонии «Грэмми», которая состоялась 26 января 2014 года, Марс победил в номинации «Лучший поп-альбом» (Unorthodox Jukebox ).

Lullaby Renditions of Bruno Mars. Lullaby Baby Trio. Детская музыка • 2016 Bruno has been selected in a team dominated by Liverpool players. He manages a place in midfield alongside Jordan Henderson and Kevin de Bruyne At the 2014 Grammy Awards, Mars won the award for Best Pop Vocal Album for Unorthodox Jukebox. "Locked Out of Heaven" was nominated for Record and Song of the Year, while "When I Was Your Man" earned a nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance.[93] In the same year, the album was recognized with the Juno Award for International Album of the Year.[94] Aside from his music career, Mars played the role of a singing Spix's macaw named Roberto in the film Rio 2, which was released in theaters on March 20, 2014.[95] He also contributed to the film's soundtrack with the song "Welcome Back".[96] In October 2014, British musician Mark Ronson announced his new single, "Uptown Funk", released on November 10, 2014, featurig Mars' vocals.[97] The song was a major commercial success, reaching number one in several countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.[45][37] "Uptown Funk" spent a total of fourteen and seven weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart, respectively.[35][36] Its success led it to become a worldwide phenomenon with major impact on pop culture.[98] In 2013, Mars was named Artist of the Year by Billboard and ranked number one on Forbes magazine's '30 Under 30' list, a tally of the brightest stars in 15 different fields under the age of 30 in the US.[99][100] 7. Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven (9). 9. Bruno Mars - Money Make Her Smile (2) Концертний тур Бруно Марса 24K Magic World Tour розпочався у березні 2017-го. У листопаді артист з'явився в ефірі каналу CBS з годинним живим виступом — Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Live at the Apollo.

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  1. Lullaby Renditions of Bruno Mars. Lullaby Baby Trio. Жанр: Детская музыка
  2. Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has impressed since joining the club in January but there may be a conflict with Paul Pogba on the horizon
  3. Song Title: The Lazy Song Artist: Bruno Mars Album: Doo-Wops and Hooligans / Tab: B: 799877 F#: x9111111x (eleven) E: x7999x D#: x68886 D#m: x68876 C#m: x46654 G#m: 466444 / [Chorus] / B F#
  4. Bruno Mars - Grenade. 30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie. AC/DC - Black Ice. Adam Lambert - Ghost Town
  5. or, one of his more obscure songs (in my opinion), but one of my deep favourites nonetheless, which took me a total of 6-7+ hours..
  6. Третий альбом, в 2016 году, продюсирующий личным лейблом Бруно, Shampoo Press & Curl заменил The Smeezingtons в период написания третьего студийного альбома Марса 24K Magic, ориентированного на R&B. Пластинка дебютировала на второй строчке в Соединённых Штатах, Канаде, Франции и Новой Зеландии и получила семь «Грэмми», выиграв главные категории «Альбом года», «Запись года» и «Песня года» . Альбом дал успешные синглы «24K Magic» (2016), «That's What I Like» (2017) и «Finesse» (2018).
  7. g techniques.[13] He later began playing guitar after being inspired by American rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix.[14] In 2010, he also acknowledged his Hawaiian roots and musical family as an influence, explaining: "Growing up in Hawaii made me the man I am. I used to do a lot of shows in Hawaii with my father's band. Everybody in my family sings, everyone plays instruments... I've just been surrounded by it."[15][2] When he attended President Theodore Roosevelt High School in Honolulu he sung in a group called The School Boys, who did several shows including opening for Mars' father new band. The singer, while in high school, passed for the big time of Hawaiian entertainment, beco

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"Treasure" was re-registered with new writing credits, which included Thibaut Berland and Christopher Khan, due to the similarities with Breakbot's "Baby I'm Yours".[251] Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Mars signed a record contract with Motown Records in 2004, but the deal "went nowhere", leading him to have a conversation with will.i.am's management, which also turned out to be fruitless.[22][20] However, the singer's experience with Motown proved to be beneficial to his career. Songwriter Philip Lawrence was also signed to the label.[22] Bruno Mars, 8 Ekim 1985 ABD doğumlu şarkıcı, söz yazarı ve yapımcıdır. Sahne adı olarak Bruno Mars ismini kullanmaktadır. Sanatçı Flo Rida gibi ünlü isimlere şarkılar yazarak adını duyurmuştur When Philip Lawrence was first told he should meet Mars he was reluctant to do so since he did not even have money for bus fare. Keith Harris, drummer for the American musical group The Black Eyed Peas, told Lawrence: "Whatever it costs you to get out here, I'll reimburse you." Lawrence responded: "Just give me five dollars back for the bus."[27] The pair began collaborating, writing songs for Mars, but they received many rejections from record labels. On the verge of giving up, they received a call from Brandon Creed, who was looking for songs for a reunited Menudo. He liked their song "Lost", which was written for Mars. The duo did not want to give the song away, but when they were offered $20,000 for it, they agreed. The sale of this song allowed them to continue working,[27] and Mars and Lawrence decided that they would write and produce songs together for other artists.[17] Eventually, Creed became Mars' manager for nine years.[27][28] Bruno Mars erhält die Top-Drei Grammys. Der US-Musiker wurde für Album, Platte und Song des Jahres ausgezeichnet. Auch die deutsche Band Kraftwerk wurde geehrt

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Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby, Talking To The Moon, Locked out of Heaven, Grenade, Just The Way You Are, That's What I Like, Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black - Wake Up in the Sky.. YouTube was created in 2005, with the first video - Me at the Zoo - being uploaded on 23 April 2005. YouTube Video #5. UpTown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars When you’re talking about gold, “24 karat” means it’s the purest kind of gold and it hasn’t been mixed with anything else. So essentially, Bruno is calling his album “pure magic.” Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985), known professionally as Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer Browse and download Minecraft Mars Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. 535 41 2. x 3. Bruno Mars- Grenade NoteBlocks Now with video

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Реліз пісні «That's What I Like» відбувся 30 січня 2017 року. Композиція дісталася вершини Billboard Hot 100. «Versace on the Floor» стала третім синглом альбому «24K Magic». Foto menyandingkan Bruno Mars dengan Didi Kempot tersebut merupakan unggahan kreatif netizen. Sejumlah foto yang ditayangkan, sepintas keduanya mirip. Bahkan untuk mempertegas kemiripan.. Mars's brother, Eric, has continuously served as the drummer for his backup band, The Hooligans. Their sisters, Tiara, Tahiti, and Presley, as well as their cousin Jaime, make up the all-girl music group The Lylas. When she was young, Jamie moved in with the siblings due to parental issues.[233] Mars began dating model Jessica Caban in 2011.[234] The two remain a couple as of 2019[update], residing together in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills with a Rottweiler named "Geronimo".[145]

The Recording Academy: YouTube. Play On Fest To Feature Cardi B, Coldplay & More warner-music's-play-fest-will-livestream-past-performances-coldplay-cardi-b-bruno-mars On January 28, 2014, Demetrius Orlandus Proctor filed a lawsuit, claiming he holds the copyright for the Travie McCoy and Mars' track "Billionaire". Proctor claimed he owned the copyright to the music and lyrics of the track since March 31, 2011, though the song was released a year before. As evidence, Proctor has submitted a United States Copyright Office registration certificate for "Frisky Vol. 1 to 30 (Tapes)", issued in 2000. Proctor accused McCoy and Mars of "willful and intentional" infringement of copyright, seeking the destruction of all copies of the recording. Proctor claims he has exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the song.[243] Doo-Wops & Hooligans дебютировал на 2 месте альбомного хит-парада Billboard 200[39]. Альбом получил положительные рецензии музыкальных критиков[40] Самые новые твиты от Bruno Mars (@BrunoMars): We all won tonight witnessing @KennyEdmonds and @TeddyRiley1 go back and forth with pure greatness

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I'm a big fan of 1950s Elvis when he would go on stage and scare people because he was a force and girls would go nuts! You can say the same thing for Prince or The Police. It's just guys who know that people are here to see a show, so I watch those guys and I love studying them because I’m a fan.[13]Sitemizden en iyi şekilde faydalanabilmeniz için çerezler kullanılmaktadır. Detaylı bilgi için Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Hakkında Aydınlatma Metni ile Çerez Politikası'nı inceleyebilirsiniz. Bruno Mars

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According to the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI), "Just the Way You Are" and "Grenade" are two of the most successful digital singles of all time, with sales of 12.5 million and 10.2 million, respectively. This contributed to Mars becoming the biggest selling artist of 2012.[226] His songs "Just The Way You Are", "Grenade", "Locked Out Of Heaven", and "When I Was Your Man" have each sold over 4 million digital copies, making him the first male artist to do so as a lead singer.[227] Six of his singles are counted among the best-selling singles of all time.[228] Worldwide, Mars has sold 26 million albums as of 2016,[145] and a total of 200 million singles as of 2020.[229] Mars claims that his work with other artists has influenced his musical style: "Nothin' on You had a Motown vibe, Billionaire was a reggae acoustic guitar-driven song, though one of my favourites is the CeeLo Green song. I don't think anyone else could've sung that song. And there's Just the Way You Are. If you know my story, you know I love all different genres of music."[168] Mars states that growing up in Hawaii influenced his style, giving the songs a reggae sound. He explains: "In Hawaii some of the biggest radio stations are reggae. That music brings people together. It's not urban music or pop music. It's just songs. That's what makes it cross over so well. The song comes first."[147] Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby. Runaway Baby. Bruno Mars. 02:27 Bruno Mars is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 2012, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there..

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Mars' second album, Unorthodox Jukebox (2012), became his first number one album on the US Billboard 200 and won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album. Its singles "Locked Out of Heaven" and "When I Was Your Man", reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 2014, Mars collaborated with Mark Ronson on "Uptown Funk", which topped many music charts worldwide and won Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards. In 2016, Mars co-founded the production team Shampoo Press & Curl, who replaced The Smeezingtons on the composition of his third studio album, the R&B-focused, 24K Magic. The record received seven Grammy Awards, winning the major categories of Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year. The album also yielded the successful singles "24K Magic", "That's What I Like", and "Finesse". As a child, Mars spent time impersonating Elvis Presley. This playact had a major impact on his musical evolution; he later reflected: During The Doo-Wops & Hooligans Tour, Ara Jansan from The West Australian called the performance "one of the most creative and exciting displays of musical artistry" she had witnessed in a long time and noticed the concert attracted a wide-ranging audience of all age groups.[182] The Oregonian's Robert Ham explained that the singer not only grabbed the spectators' attention throughout the entire concert, but he also sang every note by himself with noticeable guitar skills.[183] On the Moonshine Jungle Tour, Jason Lipshutz of Billboard described Mars' performance as "entertaining ... keeping smiles plastered on the faces of his onlookers, and he does a better job at it than almost anyone working in music right now".[184] Rolling Stone magazine placed Mars at number 35 on its list of 50 Best Live Acts Right Now in 2013; "Anyone from the age of 5 to 95 can walk out of a Bruno Mars concert feeling like the show was designed just for them. Mars walks the old-school walk and talks the sexy talk, but he also nails the hits, leads a super-energetic nine-piece soul band, and rips a mean drum solo".[185] NFL executives Sarah Moll and Tracy Perlman stated that: "If you go to his concerts, it's 11-year-old girls to 65-year-old women—it's everyone", after seeing The Moonshine Jungle tour several times during the summer of 2013.[99] [Intro] Tonight I just want to take you higher Throw your hands up in the sky Let's set this party off right [Chorus] Players, put yo' pinky rings up to the moon Girls, what y'all trying to do? 24 karat magic in the air Head to toe so player Uh, look out! [Verse 1] Pop pop, it's show time (Show time) Show time (Show time) Guess who's back again? Oh they don't know? (Go on tell 'em) Oh they don't know? (Go on tell 'em) I bet they know soon as we walk in (Showin' up) Wearing Cuban links (ya) Designer minks (ya) Inglewood's finest shoes (Whoop, whoop) Don't look too hard Might hurt ya'self Known to give the color red the blues [Pre-Chorus] Ooh shit, I'm a dangerous man with some money in my pocket (Keep up) So many pretty girls around me and they waking up the rocket (Keep up) Why you mad? Fix ya face Ain't my fault y'all be jocking (Keep up) [Chorus] Players only, come on Put your pinky rings up to the moon Girls, what y'all trying to do? 24 karat magic in the air Head to toe so player Uh, look out! [Verse 2] Second verse for the hustlas (hustlas) Gangstas (gangstas) Bad bitches and ya ugly ass friends (Haha) Can I preach? (Uh oh) Can I preach? (Uh oh) I gotta show 'em how a pimp get it in First, take your sip (sip), do your dip (dip) Spend your money like money ain't shit (Whoop, whoop) We too fresh Got to blame it on Jesus Hashtag blessed They ain't ready for me [Pre-Chorus] I'm a dangerous man with some money in my pocket (Keep up) So many pretty girls around me and they waking up the rocket (Keep up) Why you mad? Fix ya face Ain't my fault y'all be jocking (Keep up) [Chorus] Players only, come on Put your pinky rings up to the moon Hey girls What y'all trying to do? 24 karat magic in the air Head to toe so player Uh, look out! [Bridge] (Wooh) Everywhere I go they be like Ooh, so player ooh Everywhere I go they be like Ooh, so player ooh Everywhere I go they be like Ooh, so player ooh Now, now, now Watch me break it down like (Uh) 24 karat, 24 karat magic What's that sound? 24 karat, 24 karat magic Come on now 24 karat, 24 karat magic Don't fight the feeling Invite the feeling [Chorus] Just put your pinky rings up to the moon Girls, what y'all trying to do? 24 karat magic in the air Head to toe so player Put your pinky rings up to the moon Girls, what y'all trying to do? (Do) 24 karat magic in the air Head to toe so player (24 karat) Uh, look out [Outro] (24 karat magic, magic, magic) « 6 mars : Voir si on arrive rapidement, parce que c'est ce que les Chinois ont dit, à faire Bruno49. De mon point de vue ces deux personnes pensent, ouvertement ou à demi-mots, que la chloroquine..

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Mars returned from an overseas gig in May 2013 when he learned in the Los Angeles airport that his mother was gravely ill. He immediately got on a plane to Hawaii. His mother died the next day.[145] On June 2, 2013, a publicist for Atlantic Records confirmed to the Associated Press that Mars' mother had suffered a brain aneurysm. She had died on Saturday, June 1, 2013, at age 55, at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.[235][236] Later, on June 7, 2013, the singer wrote about the loss of his mother on Twitter: "So thankful for all the love during the most difficult time in my life. I'll be back on my feet again soon. That's what mom wants, she told me."[237] On May 12, 2013, Mars tweeted a picture of himself using an electronic cigarette. On May 30, 2013, a press release was published reporting Mars' investment in the NJOY Electronic Cigarette Company, "in order to quit smoking for his mother", since the singer "believes in the product and the company's mission."[195] Skizzy Mars. Cam Meekins, Skizzy Mars bruno mars. şükela: tümü | bugün

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  1. Other artists Mars has said inspired his work include: Janet Jackson,[149] Jimi Hendrix,[144][148] Amy Winehouse,[150] Sly Stone, Carlos Santana, George Clinton, and Usher.[148][151] Mars has also stated that he is a fan of: Alicia Keys, Jessie J, Jack White, The Saturdays, and Kings of Leon.[152]
  2. Mark Ronson and Mars' "Uptown Funk" has received various accusations and lawsuits over copyright infringement. In 2015, similarities with "Oops Up Side Your Head" (1979) by The Gap Band led them, along with keyboardist Rudolph Taylor, and producer Lonnie Simmons to be added as co-writers of "Uptown Funk" and receive publishing royalties.[244] In the same year, Serbian artist Viktorija argued that "Uptown Funk" infringed on one of her tracks. She decided not to sue Mars and Ronson.[245] In 2016, electro-funk band Collage sued Ronson and Mars for copying their single, "Young Girls" (1983), while The Sequence, a rap group, claimed it infringed their single "Funk You Up" (1979) and sued a year later.[246][247] In 2017, Lastrada Entertainment filed a lawsuit due to similarities with "More Bounce to the Ounce" (1980) by Zapp. The company seeks damage, a jury trial and prevent Ronson from profiting with "Uptown Funk".[248] In 2018, the Collage and Zapp lawsuit were dropped, it was not revealed if there was any financial settlement.[249][250]
  3. Батьки хлопчика — музиканти, тому він зростав під впливом різноманітних музичних стилів — реггі, рок, хіп-хоп і R&B. Пітер любив творчість Майкла Джексона, Елвіса Преслі, The Isley Brothers і The Temptations.

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  1. Yang menarik, Didi disebut-sebut mirip Bruno Mars, penyanyi asal Amerika Serikat. Keduanya juga memiliki gaya dan paras yang hampir mirip. Untuk mengenang sang maestro favorit ini, berikut 5..
  2. Марс продал более 130 миллионов пластинок по всему миру, что делает его одним из самых продаваемых артистов всех времён. Он выпустил семь синглов номер один на Billboard Hot 100 с момента его карьеры, начатой ​​в 2010 году, достигнув первой пятёрки быстрее, чем любой мужчина-исполнитель после Элвиса Пресли. Как автор песен он был включен в журналы Music Week и Billboard как один из лучших авторов песен 2011 и 2013 годов, соответственно. Марс получил несколько наград и номинаций, в том числе 11 премий «Грэмми», три «Brit Awards», девять «American Music Awards», 10 «Soul Train Music Awards» и имеет три рекорда Гиннеса. Упоминался в Forbes Celebrity 100 (2018).
  3. ations, including 11 Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, nine American Music Awards, 10 Soul Train Awards and holds three Guinness World Records. He has appeared in Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2011 and Forbes magazine's lists of '30 under 30' in 2013, and Celebrity 100 in 2014, 2018 and 2019.
  4. Mars said of these successful singles: "I think those songs weren't meant to be full-sung songs. If I'd sung all of "Nothin' on You", it might've sounded like some '90s R&B."[38] Then, on May 11, 2010, Mars released his debut extended play (EP), titled It's Better If You Don't Understand.[39] The EP peaked at number 99 on the Billboard 200 US albums chart and a music video was released for the song "The Other Side" featuring CeeLo Green and B.o.B.[40][41] Mars, under The Smeezingtons, composed Green's single "Fuck You" (2010).[42]

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  1. “24K Magic” is a braggadocious party anthem described by Bruno Mars as an “invitation to the party” of his third album of the same name. It combines modern-referencing lyrics (like “#blessed”) with 80s-style production helmed by Shampoo Press & Curl and The Stereotypes.
  2. Lindsey showed Mars and fellow songwriters Brody Brown and Jeff Bhasker (who Mars met through Mike Lynn) the ins and outs of writing pop music and acted as a mentor, helping them to hone their craft.[17][24][25] Bhasker explained that Lindsey would "mentor us, and kind of give us lectures as to what a hit pop song is, because you can have talent and music ability, but understanding what makes a hit pop song is a whole other discipline."[25][23] In a different interview Brown corroborated this story.[24] During this time, Mars played cover songs around Los Angeles in a band called Sex Panther with Bhasker and Eric Hernandez (Mars' brother), who eventually became the drummer of Mars' main band, The Hooligans.[17][26]
  3. [Bruno Mars] I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad Buy all of the things I never had Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen
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Пи́тер Джин Эрна́ндес (англ. Peter Gene Hernandez), известный под псевдонимом Бру́но Марс (англ. Bruno Mars, [ˈbrunoʊ̯ ˈmɑɹz]; род. 8 октября 1985, Гонолулу, Гавайи, США) — американский певец, автор песен, музыкальный продюсер, мультиинструменталист и танцор. Известен своими сценическими выступлениями, ретро артистизмом и выступлениями в широком спектре музыкальных стилей, включая R&B, фанк, поп, соул, регги, хип-хоп и рок. Марса сопровождает его группа The Hooligans, которая играет на различных инструментах, таких как электрогитара, бас, пианино, клавишные, барабаны и духовые, а также выступает в качестве бэк-вокалистов и танцоров. Bruno Mars has earned numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including eleven Grammy Awards,[207] three Brit Awards,[208] four Guinness World Record[115][209][210] nine American and 10 Soul Train Music Awards.[211][212] In 2011, Mars made Time magazine's 100 list, while his former songwriting and record producing team, The Smeezingtons, earned several accolades.[213][214][215] At the 2018 Grammys, Mars became the second artist to win Record and Song of the Year with two different songs from the same album.[216] In 2019, Billboard placed him on number 41 of its list of Greatest of All Time Artists and was number 14 on the list of Top Touring Artists of the 2010s decade.[217][218] In the same year, iHeartRadio Canada placed Mars on theirs "Icons of the Decade" of the 2010s, while Insider gave him an honorable mention as he didn't made the cut for the artists that defined the 2010s list.[219][220] Bruno Mars, 8 Ekim 1985 ABD doğumlu şarkıcı, söz yazarı ve yapımcıdır. Sahne adı olarak Bruno Mars ismini kullanmaktadır. Sanatçı Flo Rida gibi ünlü isimlere şarkılar yazarak adını duyurmuştur


In 2011, Mars appears in two commercials for Bench as part of their clothing line "Bench On Mars" and "Bruno Mars Gets Khaki in Bench".[194] After ending the Moonshine Jungle Tour, Mars began working on his third studio album, 24K Magic. He wrote on his Facebook page: "Now it's time to start writing chapter 3". The artist had not come up with a date for the release, stating: "Until it's done ... It's gotta be just as good if not better".[101] In March 2015, the artist provided some details of the new album on the Chinese magazine that's Shanghai. Mars stated he wanted to improve his songwriting, shows, music videos, and make a better album than the previous two.[102] In the same year, Mars (as part of The Smeezingtons) composed "All I Ask", a track from Adele's album 25.[103] Their work with Adele brought Mars a Grammy Award for Album of the Year at the 2017 Grammy Awards.[104] On December 2, 2015, it was announced that British rock band Coldplay would be headlining the Super Bowl 50 halftime show on February 7, 2016.[105] Mars and Beyoncé were guest acts, marking their second time appearing on the Super Bowl halftime.[106] The halftime show became one of the most watched in Super Bowl history.[107] Родившийся и выросший в Гонолулу, Гавайи, Марс переехал в Лос-Анджелес в 2003 году, чтобы сделать музыкальную карьеру. После прекращения работы с Motown Records, подписал контракт на запись с Atlantic Records в 2009 году. В том же году он стал одним из основателей продюсерской команды The Smeezingtons, ответственной за различные успешные синглы для самого Марса и других артистов. Марс прославился в 2010 году выпуском успешных синглов «Nothin' on You» для B.o.B и «Billionaire» для Трэви Маккоя, оба из которых использовали его вокал на хуках. Его дебютный студийный альбом Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010) занял третье место в чарте Billboard 200 в Соединённых Штатах и ​​достиг вершины чартов альбомов в Канаде, Германии, Нидерландах и Великобритании. Это породило международные хиты «Just the Way You Are», «Grenade» и «The Lazy Song». Первый получил премию «Грэмми» за лучшее мужское вокальное поп-исполнение. В 2011 году Марс записал сингл «It Will Rain» для фильма «Сумерки. Сага. Рассвет — Часть 1». Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton — Blow (2019) Bruno Mars and Cardi B — Please Me (2019) Bruno Mars — Best of #FinesseFridays (2018 Mars ran his second headlining concert tour, the Moonshine Jungle Tour, from June 2013 to October 2014. He also announced a concert residency titled Bruno Mars at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Paradise, Nevada.[84][85] The tour grossed $156.4 million.[86][87] On September 8, 2013, Mars was disclosed as the headline performer at the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show, which took place on February 2, 2014, with American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers as special guests.[88][89] It was the first Super Bowl halftime headlined by a performer under 30 in a decade.[90] It was the most watched halftime show in the history of the Super Bowl at that time, drawing a rating of 115.3 million viewers. The viewership for the halftime show was higher than that for the game.[91][92]

Peter Gene Hernandez was born on October 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Peter Hernandez and Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, and was raised in the Waikiki neighborhood of Honolulu.[1][2] His father is of half Puerto Rican and half Ashkenazi Jewish descent (from Ukraine and Hungary), and is originally from Brooklyn, New York.[2][3][4] His mother emigrated from the Philippines to Hawaii as a child, and was of Filipino, and some Spanish, ancestry.[2][3] His parents met while performing in a show in which his mother was a hula dancer and his father played percussion.[4] At the age of two, he was nicknamed "Bruno" by his father because of his resemblance to professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino.[5][6] Just The Way You Lick It 2010. 20 Fingers vs Bruno Mars vs Afrika Bambaataa vs Bruno Benassi vs Far East Movement Дебютный альбом Бруно Марса Doo-Wops & Hooligans вышел 4 октября 2010 года[33][34]. Первым синглом стала песня «Just the Way You Are», изданная 19 июля 2010 года[35] и возглавившая Billboard Hot 100[36][37]. Следующими двумя синглами стали «Liquor Store Blues» и «Grenade»[38]. С октября 2010 года Бруно Марс выступал на разогреве концертов тура Maroon 5 в поддержку их альбома Hands All Over. (3) Bruno Canard, «Coronavirus : la science ne marche pas dans l'urgence!», Université ouverte, 4 mars 2020. У этого мужика в 2016 году яйца из адамантия www.youtube.com/watch?v..

Писатели: Mark Ronson, Jeff Bhasker, Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Devon Gallaspy, Nicholaus Williams, Lonnie Simmons, Ronnie Wilson, Charles Wilson, Rudolph Taylor, Robert Wilson 11 травня 2010 року артист презентував EP «It's Better If You Don't Understand», що згодом опинився на 99 місці в Billboard 200. У серпні того ж року Бруно Марс став співавтором синглу Cee Lo Green «Fuck You!», а через місяць він виступив на церемонії MTV Video Music Awards разом з B.o.B і Хейлі Вільямс. Bruno Mars — Uptown Funk 03:55. Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars) 02:46. The Funky Groove Connection — Uptown Funk 04:30 После того, как сестра Марса в Лос-Анджелесе проиграла его демо Майку Линну (глава A&R на лейбле Dr. Dre Aftermath Entertainment), Линн вызвал Марса в Лос-Анджелес[19]. В 2003 году, вскоре после окончания средней школы в возрасте 17 лет, Марс переехал в Лос-Анджелес, чтобы начать музыкальную карьеру[13][7]. Он принял псевдоним от детского прозвища, которое дал ему отец, добавив в конце «Марс», потому что: «Я чувствовал, что у меня не было [никакого] стиля, и многие девушки говорят, что я не из этого мира, так что я, кажется, я с Марса.»[20] Более того, принятие его сценического псевдонима было также попыткой «избежать стереотипов», так как музыкальная индустрия пыталась поставить его в качестве очередного латинского артиста. Они даже пытались убедить Марса петь на испанском[21].

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Bruno Mars' Fans Get Anxious As Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma Mourn Their Dog Bruno's Death Bruno Mars fans become anxious when Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma mourn the death of their dog.. Mars' musical style gravitated initially towards R&B since he was influenced by artists such as Keith Sweat, Jodeci, and R. Kelly.[144] As a child he also took notice of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men, Teddy Riley and Babyface.[145] At the same time, he also listened to 1950s rock 'n' roll, doo-wop music, and Motown.[144] In high school, he listened to classic rock groups such as Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles, whose influences can be heard in Mars' work,[144] as well as singers with high voices, like Stevie Wonder and Freddie Mercury.[146] Bob Marley, and local bands in Hawaii, were a major influence and account for his reggae roots.[147] Hip-hop acts like Jay-Z, The Roots, and Cody Chesnutt were among some of Mars' favourites, and have influenced his composition skills.[144] Each of these musical genres has influenced Mars' musical style; he observed that: "It's not easy to [create] songs with that mixture of rock and soul and hip-hop, and there's only a handful of them."[144] Mars also admires classical music.[148]

The official video for the track dropped October 7, 2016. It’s the perfect complement to the party anthem, an opulent dance-fest, with Mars joined by an incredible looking squad living it up in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.Оба родителя мальчика занимались музыкой, и он рос под влиянием различных музыкальных веяний, таких как регги, рок, хип-хоп и R&B[9][10]. Его мать была и певицей, и танцовщицей, а отец исполнял рок-н-ролльную музыку Литл Ричарда[11]. Дядя Марса был подражателем Элвиса и также поощрял трёхлетнего Марса выступать на сцене. Марс исполнял песни таких артистов, как Майкл Джексон, The Isley Brothers и The Temptations[7]. В возрасте четырёх лет Марс начал выступать пять дней в неделю с группой его семьи The Love Notes, и стал известен на Гавайях своим подражанием Элвису Пресли[12]. В 1990 году Марс был упомянут в гавайском издании MidWeek как «Маленький Элвис», а позже появился в эпизодической роли в фильме «Медовый месяц в Лас-Вегасе» (1992)[13][7], и выступил в перерыве между матчами 1990 Aloha Bowl[14]. Когда Марсу было 12 лет, его родители развелись, что положило конец The Love Notes, и, следовательно, постоянному источнику дохода. Он переехал из дома их родителей вместе со своим братом и отцом. Они жили в задней части машины, на крышах домов и в заброшенном птичьем зоопарке «Paradise Park», где отец Марса работал до его закрытия[15]. ..subtitle rss torrent magnet prema kavali full movie watch online free dreadout full version apk4free youtube nesstool for android oporadhi mp3 song download adobe illustrator social media icons daimoku chanting fast download cold case download bruno mars instrumental download oxford dictionary english to urdu pdf..

Окрім музичної діяльності, Бруно займається також і акторською. Він озвучив роль Роберто у мультфільмі «Ріо-2», що вийшов на екрани 20 березні 2014 року. Спеціально до стрічки він записав саундтрек «Welcome Back». Стрічка була комерційно успішною. "24K Magic" was released as the lead single from 24K Magic on October 7, 2016.[116] The single peaked at number four in the United States, reached the top spot in Belgium (Flanders), France and New Zealand.[35][37] In November, CBS broadcast an interview segment on 60 Minutes, in which Mars talked about his new album and humble roots. This was his first television appearance in four years.[117] 24K Magic, released on November 18, 2016, debuted at number two on the album charts of the United States, Canada, France and New Zealand.[118][51][37] It received positive reviews from music critics and was composed mainly by Shampoo Press & Curl, a production team consisting of Mars, Philip Lawrence and Brody Brown, which replaced The Smeezingtons.[119][120] "That's What I Like" was released as the album's second single on January 30, 2017 and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100.[121][35] However, it had less success in international markets.[37] In June, the original version and a remix with French DJ David Guetta of "Versace on the Floor" were issued as the album's third single.[122][123] It reached the top 35 of the Hot 100.[35] In November, "Chunky" was announced as the album's fourth single only in Australia.[124] "Finesse", remixed to feature American rapper Cardi B, was released as the final single, on January 4, 2018.[125] It reached the top-three on the Hot 100 and Canada and peaked at number two in New Zealand.[35][45][37] At the 2016 Grammy Awards, Ronson and Mars' featured single, "Uptown Funk", won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Record of the Year.[108] In the same year, it was reported that Mars was working with bass player Jamareo Artis, engineer Charles Moniz, musician Brody Brown, singer-songwriter Andrew Wyatt and EDM producer Skrillex.[24][109][110] Moniz and Artis confirmed the album was set to be released in 2016.[111][112] The album was to be issued in March, but Mars' appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show led the release to be postponed several months. At that time, seven songs for the album had already been recorded.[113] In May 2016, the singer split with his manager, Brandon Creed, as the latter sold half his management company. Mars took his business affairs under his own management company, Gorilla Management, operated by Aaron Elharar.[28][114] In 2017, the corresponding edition of the Guinness Book of World Records recognized Mars as the "First Male Artist to achieve three 10-million-selling-singles".[115]

Bruno had the vision and we always wanted to work together musically. To have a No. 1 song in May with As Wilson notes, Valentine also marks a special day for Bruno Mars, one of the single's.. Bruno Mars - 24k Magic. Download or Stream Восени того року Марк Ронсон випустив сингл "Uptown Funk" за участю Бруно Марса. Пісня стала переможцем хіт-парадів США, Австралії, Канади, Нової Зеландії, Великій Британії та деяких інших країн. У грудні 2013-го Марс став «Артистом року» на думку Billboard та посів перше місце в рейтингу журналу Forbes: його було визнано артистом, котрий досяг успіху в 15-ти різних сферах до 30 років. Крім того, у 2014-му він був тринадцятим у списку світових знаменитостей із прибутком 60 мільйонів доларів.

Bruno Mars Treasure: Baby squirrel, you's a sexy motherfucker Give me your, give me your, give me your Bruno Mars said that this song was inspired by French producer Breakbot's Baby I'm Yours Before becoming a successful solo artist, Mars was an acknowledged music producer, writing songs for the likes of Alexandra Burke, Travie McCoy, Adam Levine, Brandy, Sean Kingston, and Flo Rida.[7][21] He also co-wrote the Sugababes' hit song "Get Sexy" (2009) and provided backing vocals on their album Sweet 7 (2010).[30] His first recorded appearance as a singer was on Far East Movement's second studio album, Animal, on the track "3D" (2009).[31] He was also featured on American pastor and hip hop artist Jaeson Ma's debut single "Love" in August 2009 and on Travie McCoy's "One At a Time" (2009), a charity single for MTV's Staying Alive foundation.[32][33][34] He reached prominence as a solo artist after being featured on, and composing (as part of the production group The Smeezingtons) B.o.B's "Nothin' on You" (2009) and Travie McCoy's "Billionaire" (2010); both songs peaked within the top ten of many music charts worldwide, with the former charting at number one on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.[35][36][37] Unorthodox Jukebox, produced mainly by The Smeezingtons, was released on December 11, 2012, in the United States. It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, but eventually peaked at number one on the chart.[76][77] It also charted at number one in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and in the United Kingdom, where it became the third fastest-selling album by a solo artist in 2012.[51][37][78] The album has since sold six million copies worldwide.[79] "When I Was Your Man" was released as the second single from Unorthodox Jukebox and also peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100;[35] with the feat, aside from Elvis Presley, no other male artist had achieved five number-one singles on the Hot 100 more quickly than Mars.[80] It reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and was top ten in several countries worldwide.[36][37] The album's third single, "Treasure", peaked at number five in the United States, but had less commercial success worldwide than the previous two singles.[35][37] On May 24, 2013, Major Lazer issued a remix of "Bubble Butt" as the fourth single from their album Free the Universe, featuring Tyga, 2 Chainz, Mystic, and Mars on vocals.[81] In late 2013, "Gorilla"[82] and "Young Girls"[83] followed as the fourth and fifth singles from Unorthodox Jukebox, and reached the top 35 on the Hot 100.[35]

LT → Английский → Bruno Mars → Just The Way You Are. Bruno Mars: Топ 3. 1. Grenade До того как стать успешным соло-исполнителем, Бруно Марс стал автором песен Александры Бёрк, Тревиса Маккоя, Адама Левина, Брэнди, Шона Кингстона, Флоу Райды и Sugababes[24][25][26][27]. Его первым появлением в качестве музыкального исполнителя стало участие в записи альбома Animal группы Far East Movement[28]. Популярность пришла после песен B.o.B «Nothin' on You» и «Billionaire» Трэвиса Маккоя, где Бруно Марс был и исполнителем, и соавтором. 11 мая 2010 года Бруно Марс выпустил EP It's Better If You Don't Understand[29], занявший 99 место в Billboard 200[30][31]. В августе 2010 стал соавтором сингла Cee Lo Green «Fuck You!». 12 сентября он выступил на церемонии MTV Video Music Awards 2010 с B.o.B и Хейли Уильямс[32]. Известный американский певец Бруно Марс создал свой YouTube канал "Bruno Mars"[49] 18 сентября 2006 года. На март 2018 года, канал имеет более 20 млн подписчиков. Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985), known professionally as Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer

#### **And here are your eleven categories:** **Weird and Wonderful** *What's the first thing you notice when Youtube recommends you a song? No, not the thumbnail, the title He also impersonated Michael Jackson who is a major inspiration of his.[6] Mars was raised on his father's doo-wop collection — "simple four-chord songs that got straight to the point" and on Ventures, Chuck Berry, Carlos Santana, Frankie Lymon, Little Anthony, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. The hip-hop productions by The Neptunes and Timbaland, that were played on the radio, also influenced him.[4][142][143] Here are Roblox music code for Bruno Mars (Uptown Funk) Roblox ID. You can easily copy the code or add it to your favorite list

Пи́тер Джин Эрна́ндес (англ. Peter Gene Hernandez), известный под псевдонимом Бру́но Марс (англ. Bruno Mars, [ˈbrunoʊ̯ ˈmɑɹz]; род. 8 октября 1985, Гонолулу, Гавайи, США).. At the 2011 Grammy Awards, Mars won his first Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "Just the Way You Are" and received other six nominations for his work: Best Rap Song, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Record of the Year for "Nothin' on You"; the latter category along with Song of the Year for "Fuck You" by CeeLo Green, and Producer of the Year, Non-Classical as part of The Smeezingtons.[70][71] At the 2012 Grammy Awards, Mars lost all the six categories in which he was nominated to British singer Adele. This included Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album for Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Best Pop Solo Performance, Record and Song of the Year for "Grenade", while Producer of the Year, Non-Classical as The Smeezingtons was lost to Paul Epworth.[72] During this time, Mars also won his first American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, International Male Solo Artist at the Brit Awards and the Echo Award for Best International Male.[73][74] In 2017, Mars donated 1 million dollars from the show at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan to help the victims of the Flint water crisis.[204] The singer participated in the "Somos Una Voz" relief initiative, created by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, in order to help survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Mexico's 7.1 earthquake.[205] In November 2018, Mars donated 24,000 meals in aid to the Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division's 48th annual Thanksgiving Dinner.[206] In 2019, the singer donated $1 million to the MGM Resorts Foundation, in order to assist MGM employees with financial dificulties due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.[141] Дебютна збірка пісень Бруно Марса вийшла під назвою «Doo-Wops & Hooligans» 4 жовтня 2010 року. Альбом «Doo-Wops & Hooligans» опинився на 3 місці хіт-параду Billboard 200 та отримав схвальні відгуки музичних критиків. Перший сингл платівки — «Just the Way You Are» — побачив світ незадовго до того — 19 липня 2010 року. Трек став переможцем Billboard Hot 100. Наступними двома синглами стали «Liquor Store Blues» та «Grenade». З жовтня співак виступав на розігріві концертного туру гурту Maroon 5 в підтримку їхнього диску «Hands All Over». In 1992, he appeared in a cameo role in the film Honeymoon in Vegas and was interviewed by Pauly Shore on MTV. When Mars was six years-old, he was featured on The Arsenio Hall Show and throughout grade school, he performed with his family's band, two shows a night, covering Frankie Lymon and Little Anthony, as well. When he was a child he had a small version of a drum set, guitar, piano and some percussion and learned to play the instruments. By age 12, his parents divorced, thus ending The Love Notes act. His father's various businesses, that ranged from temporary-tattoo parlor to memorabilia shops, failed. Consequently, there was no longer a steady source of income. He moved out of his parents' house along with his brother and father. They lived in the "slums of Hawaii", on the back of a car, on rooftops, and in an abandoned bird zoo, Paradise Park, where Mars' father worked before it closed.[4][12] The singer had to move to a new schools and initially he was bullied, but he became popular in his last school days.[4]

Billboard estimated Mars' earnings around $18,839,681, making him the twelfth highest paid musician of 2013.[252] Forbes magazine began reporting on Bruno Mars' earnings in 2014, calculating that the $60 million earned between June 2013 to June 2014, for his music and tour, which made him thirteenth on the list of the Celebrity 100 list.[253] In June 2017, Mars ranked at sixth on the Forbes World's Highest Paid Celebrities, earning an estimated $39 million throughout June 2016 – June 2017.[254] In July 2018, Forbes announced that Mars was America's highest-paid musician of 2017, with an estimated total of $100 million. This, in turn, placed him at number 11 on the Celebrity 100 list as well as being his highest yearly earnings to date.[114] In 2019, he was placed at number 54 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, with estimated earnings of $51.5 million throughout June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019.[255] Bruno Mars. 55,636,993 likes · 40,107 talking about this. See more of Bruno Mars on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account Peter Gene Hernandez ya da sahne adıyla Bruno Mars (d. 8 Ekim 1985, Honolulu), Amerikalı şarkıcı-şarkı yazarı ve Youtube Kaynakları. Mark Ronson Uptown Funk Official Video ft Bruno Mars

—Mars, speaking about his experiences of moving to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career.[21] Youtube. Instagram. Одноклассники

Follow Cardi B cardibofficial.com Twitter.com/IAmCardiB Facebook.com/IAmCardiB Instagram.com/IAmCardiB YouTube.com/IAmCardiB. Exclusive Bardi Gang merchandise available.. Billionaire by Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars. If I Had a Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies. Material Girl by Madonna In 2006, Lawrence introduced Mars to his future A&R manager at Atlantic Records, Aaron Bay-Schuck.[29] After hearing him play a couple of songs on the guitar, Bay-Schuck wanted to sign him immediately, but it took roughly five years for Atlantic records to finally sign Mars to the label, because they felt it was too early and that he still needed to develop as an artist.[23][29] В декабре 2012 года он выпустил свой второй альбом Unorthodox Jukebox на лейбле Atlantic Records, занявший 2-е место в Billboard 200. Альбом получил в основном положительные и умеренные отзывы музыкальных критиков и изданий. Альбом стал лидером американского чарта Billboard 200 7 марта 2013 года, то есть спустя почти три месяца после дебюта.[47] Два сингла с него возглавили американский хит-парад Billboard Hot 100: «Locked Out of Heaven» (пробыл 6 недель на № 1) и «When I Was Your Man»[48] (в Великобритании оба хита достигли второго места). Певец заработал первые пять хитов № 1 быстрее, чем какой-либо мужской артист со времен Элвиса Пресли согласно Billboard.[47] 2003 року Ернандес переїхав до Лос-Анджелеса, аби будувати там музичну кар'єру. Тоді ж він взяв собі сценічне ім'я. У 2006-му Бруно Марс підписав контракт зі студією звукозапису Atlantic Records. Спочатку він займався написанням пісень для інших виконавців, а також пробував себе в ролі продюсера. Музикант став автором пісень Александри Берк, Тревіса Маккоя, Адама Левайна, Бренді Норвуд, Шона Кінгстона, Флоу Райда і гурту Sugababes. Після цього Бруно вирішив постати перед глядачами в ролі співака. Вперше Бруно зарекомендував себе як виконавець, коли брав участь у процесі записування альбому «Animal» гурту Far East Movement. Популярність музикант отримав після виходу пісень B.o.B «Nothin' on You» та «Billionaire» Тревіса Маккоя, де Марс був і виконавцем, і співавтором.

Because Bruno is lowkey paying tribute to a funk sound perfected by some of the coolest artists from the early 80’s like Midnight Star, Cameo, One Way, and Zapp & Roger. “24K Magic” didn’t have any choice but to come out cool.Mars' concerts feature The Hooligans, a band that includes: a guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, and a horn section. They also serve as dancers and background singers.[181][186] Critics noted the difference the backup band and the arrangements made to the sound of the live versions of the songs compared to those on the album.[182][187] Mars' shows feature all-band choreographed dancing arrangements, which include footwork that is inspired by James Brown and the splits.[185][188][189] His shows are heavily influenced by the disco era with a soul revue-inspired set.[181][179] In addition, long, mellow, and soft interludes that echo the smooth contemporary R&B style which was popular during the 1990s are also part of the show.[181][186] His set list blends several genres of music such as: pop, doo-wop, funk, R&B, soul and reggae.[181][178] His first two headlining concert tours included various covers.[184][187] Mars' shows usually feature pyrotechnics, strobe and laser lighting,[178][181] and he typically plays the drums and guitar.[178][181] Bruno Mars: You can call it my first single, but I call it the invitation to the party. What does Bruno mars mean by 24 karat? When you're talking about gold, 24 karat means it's the purest kind of gold..

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