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Aah Turku, it is really a beautiful city in Finland and the oldest too since it was founded around 1200. It feels like a central European city thanks to the aura river that flows.. TPS Turku. Name in original language: Turun Palloseura. Year of foundation: 1922. Colours: black, white. Club status: active. Address: Artukaistentie 8 20210 Turku For getting out of the city, bikes can be loaded on the local buses (including regional buses in the Föli cooperation) for €6 at the driver's discretion, i.e. probably when there are not too many passengers. Cost on coaches varies by company, often about the price of a children's ticket for longer voyages, sometimes likewise a flat €6.

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Before the deregulation quick 1–3 km trips would cost in the €8–15 vicinity, and you should not have to pay much more. Taxis generally accept major international credit cards. At the railway station and similar places there may also be a "Kimppataxi" offering rides together with strangers (cf minivans in some countries), which in some cases is considerably cheaper. Visit Turku, Turku, Finland. 59K likes. Official tourist page of Turku, Finland, by Visit Turku. For expert information visit us at Aurakatu 2, send us.. Tickets are harmonized with some of the surrounding municipalities: Raisio, Naantali, Kaarina, Rusko and Lieto, as the "Föli" cooperation. Tickets are handled as if all buses serving the area were local. Visit Turku - What to See & Do in Turku, Finland. Turku, Finland is the former capital of Finland and makes for a great relaxing stop for travelers

Bus line 1 departs from the airport every 20 minutes and goes via the centre to the Port of Turku. Several hotels happen to be along the route. Tickets are available on board for €3/1.50 (free transfers for two hours, see Get around for details). The line operates from 05:20 to 00:45. The day's last bus waits as long as 15 minutes if necessary, to allow passengers to catch it. The last buses operate only to Kauppatori, not to the harbour. Check out for example Mami, Tintå, Kaskis, Pinella or Kakolan Ruusu. If you want to have a little break while exploring the centre head for coffee at Cafe Art, Tiirikkala or Gaggui.

Vanhat vitsit. Toimitusmaksu vain 4,00 euroa. Tutustu valikoimaamme verkkokaupassa ja Helsingin myymälässä. Kaikki tilaukset lähetetään yleensä jo seuraavana arkipäivänä Situated by the Baltic Sea and sheltered by the islands of the Archipelago Sea, Turku has a humid continental climate (Köppen Dfb). Like much of southern Finland, the city experiences warm summers, with temperatures ranging up to 30 °C (86 °F), and relatively cold winters with frequent snowfall. The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 17.5 °C (64 °F), whereas the coldest month is February. The average year-round temperature is 5.5 °C (42 °F). Winter usually starts in early December, and spring in late March. If you intend to take the bus more than twice a day (read: in more than two 2-hours periods), it becomes economical to ask the bus driver for a 24-hour ticket, priced €7.50. The bus office at Kauppatori and the tourist office sell cards for one day and more, costing €7 for the first day, €3 for each additional day up to a week, €30 for two weeks and €5 + €52 per thirty days (€20 for ten additional days). On 25 November 2019 the price rises with €1 for the 1–7-day tickets and €2 for the 14 day ticket. Visiting Lecturers and Experts. Study in Turku. - City of 40,000 students offers a variety of hobbies, student culture, art and sports Parking lots by the street are sparse at rush hours, but otherwise you should be able to park your car for a while quite near the place where you are going. Parking halls, such as the underground 60.454922.260616 P Louhi near the Market square (€1–2/h), usually have plenty of free space. Q-Park also operates several parking halls in central Turku. Most of the largest hotels have their own parking halls as well. When parking in the street in winter and spring, note times reserved for maintenance. The roads around Kauppatori are now (2018–2021) mostly closed for through traffic.

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Rail traffic to and from Turku is handled by the Finnish national carrier, VR. The number of services has fallen and only the railways towards Tampere and Helsinki are now in use. The railway stations currently used for passenger traffic are the Turku Central railway station in Pohjola, and two smaller stations in Kupittaa and the Port of Turku. Those staying more than a few days or travelling as a group may want to check other options also, e.g. "value cards", with which trips (including transfers) cost €2.20/1.20, plus €1 in the night. For groups, ask for a group card (ordinary children's cards are personal, adults' cards valid for three persons). Show the card to the machine once for each person the first time, once for all the group at "transfers". Value (and days) can be added on the Internet, in the Föli bureau, in R kiosks and at some other locations.

For timetables, for the above mentioned or other connections, see the Finnish Transport Agency service or Matkahuolto. Guided tours to the MEYER TURKU shipyard in Turku are organised by the Visit Turku

Turku is still a gateway to Sweden. The competition between cruise ferry companies led to ferries ever increasing in size and features, which let the Turku shipyard develop into a world leader of building large cruise ships, with customers such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival and TUI Cruises. Turku shipyard employs directly and indirectly 8000 people. In addition to this, follows employment effect to foreign companies. Turku ja satama jakavat yhteisen historian, nykypäivän ja tulevaisuuden. On vaikea ajatella Turkua ilman satamaa, joka yhä edelleen toimii Suomen porttina länteen sekä kauppaa.. Turku and other parts of Finland Proper are home to the more western influenced Finnish cuisine, which has features especially from Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The long traditions of farming and fishing in the area have contributed to the local food culture. Fish, especially herring – the regional fish of Finland Proper – has been at the heart of the regions culinary traditions for centuries. It is eaten all year round salted, fried, grilled and smoked. In addition, perch, whitefish and pike are often used. You must also remember to try the famous raisin sausage, a regional speciality which you can buy for example from the Turku Market Hall. Sausages lovers will also enjoy the wide selection of sausages at Turun Mestaripalvi Oy. On the side you can have a slice of another regional speciality, the Archipelago sweet malt bread. As a dessert enjoy a good cup of coffee together with pulla (cinnamon roll) or Piispanmunkki ("Bishops Doughnut"), as people here call the traditional North German pastry Berliner. Visit Turku - What to See & Do in Turku, Finland. I spent a weekend visiting Turku in January, walking around the city, visiting the Turku Market Hall, Old Great Square.. The Finnish University of Turku is the second largest university in Finland (18,000 students), as measured by student enrollment, and one of the oldest as well, having been founded in 1920. Åbo Akademi, founded 1918 as the second university of Finland, is Finland's only Swedish-language university. Turku School of Economics merged with The University of Turku in 2010, and Åbo handelshögskola, its Swedish counterpart, with Åbo Akademi 1980. The central hospital of Turku, Turku University Hospital, is affiliated with the University and it is used as a teaching hospital.

At the end of 2004, the Turku region (including the economic districts of Turku and Åboland) had a population of 319,632, out of which 174,824 people lived in the city of Turku. The city's population density is 718 inhabitants per square kilometre.[26] Turku is the only city in Finland to have three long-distance railway stations: Turku Central, Port of Turku, and Kupittaa.

Officially, Turku has been on the map by the Aurajoki river since 1229, and the buzz hasn’t stopped since. In the summer the city overflows with events and festivals: tango, middle age, music, theatre, art, design and much more. kalenteri.turku.fi. Liikuntapaikkojen ollessa suljettuja voit lähteä tutustumaan... Sytytä Turku - Keskustan kehittämiskilpailu - tavoitteet, kilpailumalli ja toteutustapa hyväksyttiin

Turku, city, southwestern Finland, at the mouth of the Aura River, west-northwest of Helsinki. Finland's oldest city, it was originally a trading centre a few miles north of its.. The Archipelago Sea boat traffic is handled by, among others, SS Ukkopekka, an old steamship that cruises on the route Turku-Naantali-Turku. Live ship position map, port arrivals, company register and local weather forecast for the port of Turku in Finland KADA - Kuntien avoin digialusta. Contribute to City-of-Turku/kada development by creating an account on GitHub

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Links between Turku and the rest of the country are frequent and excellent, although not hourly any more. There are connections from Helsinki and Tampere, travel time approximately 2 hours, Jyväskylä (3.5 hr), Kuopio (5.5 hr) and Oulu (7 hr).. There is also an overnight car and sleeper train connection to Rovaniemi in Lapland (10–15 hr). The most scenic way to get to Turku is by taking a passenger ferry across the Baltic Sea, from Stockholm or from Kapellskär, Norrtälje, in Sweden. The 60.4348222.219665 Port of Turku is next to Turku Castle and is easily accessible on bus line 1, which travels between the port and the airport via the centre. The port also has its own railway and bus station (by the Viking terminal), and some trains and buses depart at the port. With light luggage, grabbing a fölläri bike or strolling along the river to the centre can be a nice option (3 km to Kauppatori, buses within reach all the time). Considered to be the most important religious building in Finland, the cathedral has witnessed many important events in the nation’s history and has become one of the city’s most recognizable symbols. The cathedral is situated in the heart of Turku next to the Old Great Square, by the river Aura. It is also central to Finland’s annual Christmas celebrations.

The vast majority of the city's sights are within a kilometre or two from Kauppatori. Two sights in the city are considered above others (by Finnish visitors): the medieval castle, which is the symbol of Turku, and Turku cathedral, the national shrine of Finland, but there are several more modest pearls to find. Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova invites visitors to explore the medieval history and culture of Turku and to reflect upon thought-provoking contemporary art. Luostarinmäki is the only larger part of the city that survived the great fire of Turku in 1827. Nowadays it houses an open air living handicrafts museum, with local artisans working in traditional ways. The biological museum has dioramas showing Finnish fauna of different biotops. The museum of art has a collection from the time of national awakening in the 19th century, besides more modern works. The Museokortti card gives free entrance to most museums. There are a number of cruises in and tour boat connections to the archipelago, e.g. to the island Vepsä, a recreational area of the city (1–2 hours), to Utö in the very outskirts of the Archipelago Sea (5 hours; twice a week, overnight stay at the island necessary due to the distance) or to Naantali with the Moomin world, Kultaranta (the summer residence of the President of Finland) and a nice wooden old town. Most ferries taking passengers to the archipelago can be found between Martinsilta bridge and Föri. Some of the tours are available only in summertime, others continue as long as ice conditions permit. HC TPS of Turku is one of the most successful teams in Finnish ice hockey history. It plays in the Finnish top league, SM-liiga. HC TPS has won the national championship 11 times, the latest being from season 2009–2010. Gatorade Center, formerly named HK Arena, located in the Artukainen district, is used as the venue for HC TPS games. Visit Turku TV on kanava jossa näet mielenkiintoisia videoklippejä Turusta. Tapahtumia, ihmisiä, tai matkailukohteita, herkullista ruokaa ja merellistä tunnelmaa

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Mitä tapahtuu, kun itäsuomalainen pariskunta repäisee ja suuntaa eksoottiselle minilomalle länteen? Ainakin tyynyt, aikamatkailu ja James Bond -tunnelmat liittyvät tapaukseen. Kā ir visit Turku? Ienāc, iemācies vārdu tulkojumu visit un pievienojiet tos savām flashcards. Fiszkoteka, jūsu pierādīts vārdnīca angļu - turku Ilouutisia Turku-faneille! Suomen vanhimman kaupungin fiilistely onnistuu myös kotisohvalla röhnöttäen. Esittelyssä kymmenen kotimaista elokuvaa, jotka vievät sinut hetkeksi Turkuun.Turku ja Tukholma lupaavat mukavaa puuhaa ympäri vuoden, oli perheessä minkä ikäisiä lapsia tahansa. Rapakon molemmille puolille pääsee mukavasti Viking Linen laivalla – ja laivalla vasta on hauskaa!

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The lights on the Christmas tree of the cathedral are turned on the Saturday a week before Advent begins (programme usually begins at 17:00). The two biggest ferry lines are the Finnish Viking Line and the now Estonian TallinkSilja. Both operate two departures each day from Stockholm via Åland: one in the morning, arriving in the evening, and one in the evening, arriving in the morning. For a scenic view, and less expensive prices, a morning departure is advisable. Going in the night, you avoid one night at a hotel, but the effective sleeping time is short, as you are probably waked up for cleaning of the cabin well before arrival (generous, although not cheap, breakfast available). Evening departures provide adequate night club activities on board if you want to cut loose before arriving. All ferries between Turku and Stockholm make a brief stop in Åland, in either Mariehamn or Långnäs. Due to this stop, plus a Finnish-demanded exception to European Union rules, passengers can make purchases on the ferries tax-freely. Turku Artukainen Turku lentoasema Turku Rajakari Kaarina Yltöinen Kemiönsaari Kemiö Salo Kärkkä Parainen Fagerholm Pöytyä Yläne Muutama miljoona vuotta sitten ihmiset nukkuivat puissa. Siitä oli vähän kaikenlaista hyötyä. Nyt sinne on menty takaisin. Miksi? Turku. Kaupungin keskustaa halkova Aurajoki, arvokkaat kulttuurihistorialliset miljööt ja rakennukset, kuten Turun linna ja Tuomiokirkko muodostavat Turun tunnusomaisen ilmeen

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Turku (Swedish: Åbo) is a city in the Southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of Aura River. It is within the region of Finland Proper in the Province of Western Finland. It is believed that Turku came into existence during the end of 13th century which makes it.. Turku Guest Harbour is on the Aura river halfway between the port and Kauppatori, while Turku Yacht Club's Guest Harbour, Ruissalo Marina and Ruissalon Telakka are on the scenic island of Ruissalo, with buses (line 8) to the city centre once an hour or half an hour in daytime. Except Telakka, they have fuel stations and septic tank emptying. There is also a free mooring site above the Aura bridge (in the absolute centre), but only for short visits without mast (perhaps a nice tour if you have a suitable dinghy). Timetable booklets give starting times at the ends of the route and at Kauppatori, and an estimated duration of the trip to or from Kauppatori. Some lines are (only or additionally) listed in groups, with information for common (possibly intermediate) destinations. Sometimes a line being in the booklet twice is not evident, check carefully. The timetables at major stops instead give the estimated passing time of the bus (and line number, as lines are grouped together). A timetable booklet can be bought from the bus office at Kauppatori (€1). A map is for sale separately (€2; not including the neighbouring towns, nor the extreme points of Turku). School buses, night lines, rush hour lines and lines serving the elderly, and the quirks of these, are partly handled in their own maps, chapters and booklets, although tickets are valid as usual. Tervetuloa Turkuun! Visit Finland Looking for special offers may save a lot of money on the ferry passage. In summer, book early if you have a car, especially if it exceeds standard dimensions.

Bike theft is common and vandalism happens. A lock gives some protection. If leaving the bike close to the river it should be locked to something. With a population of approximately 300,000[citation needed], the Turku Region (LAU 1) is the third largest urban region in Finland, after Greater Helsinki and the area around Tampere. The region includes, in addition to the city itself the following municipalities: Askainen, Kaarina, Lemu, Lieto, Masku, Merimasku, Mynämäki, Naantali, Nousiainen, Paimio, Piikkiö, Raisio, Rusko, Rymättylä, Sauvo, Vahto, and Velkua.

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In Finnish, the genitive of Turku is Turun, meaning "of Turku". The Finnish names of organizations and institutes of Turku often begin with this word, as in Turun yliopisto for the University of Turku. Miksi lähteä maata edemmäs syömään? Me kysyisimme enemminkin MIKSI EI, sillä tänä päivänä Siljalla saa nauttia harvinaisen hyvästä ruoasta ja laadukkaista lähiraaka-aineista.It is unknown when Turku gained city rights. The Pope first mentioned the town Aboa in his Bulla in 1229 and the year is now used as the foundation year of the city. The city tourist office can suggest cycling routes (there is a bike route map of the city and surrounding towns on the net). They also rent bikes (€23/day). For non-emergency medical care, the City of Turku’s Welfare Division provides medical advice over the phone at ☏ +358 2 100 23. Lines are open weekdays from 08:00 to 15:00. The hearing-impaired have their own service for the evaluation of medical care, counselling and making an appointment at a health centre. This can be contacted during office hours by sending a SMS message to ☏ +358 44-907-3824.

Tierankatu 5 FI-20520 TURKU Y-tunnus: 0799824-8. info@stera.com +358 207 885 000. Henkilöstön sähköpostiosoitteet: etunimi.sukunimi@stera.com How do you recognise a medieval European town? Some say it is the riverfront, the market square, the castle and the cathedral. That sounds familiar – in fact, that sounds like Turku! Turku is not only the one city in Finland to meet all of the above criteria, but also a vibrant modern city of many events and a European Capital of Culture in 2011.

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SUOSITUIMMAT REITIT. Helsinki - Turku Being both a regional and provincial capital, Turku is an important administrative centre, hosting the seat of the Archbishop of Finland and a Court of Appeal. Aleksi Randell has been the mayor of Turku since 2010. Visit Turku Toastmasters meeting on every other Wednesday, at 18:00 Who are we? In Turku you can find more information here: https.. Once upon the time modifier letters (as in 12A and 12B) got removed and numbers changed (in this case to 32 and 42). The lines are ordered according to these associations: 1, 2, 2A, 3, 30, 4, ... Often the associated lines behave the same most of the route, but have different destinations in one end. In a few cases the destination varies without any change in line number (e.g. 13 going to Impivaara, "uimahalli", half of the time), usually with a sign in the front window of the bus. The corresponding notes in the timetable are often incomprehensible without some understanding of the individual lines, but usually you know when you need to understand them and can ignore them otherwise. The worst trap is some extra rush hour buses on long lines stopping prematurely: check that you get the one going all the way to your stop.

Vitsit ovat kuitenkin rasistisia, eikä niitä voi rinnastaa naapurihuumoriin, jossa suomalainen, ruotsalainen ja venäläinen menevät saunaan Cultural venues in Turku include several theatres, cinemas, and art galleries, and a city philharmonic orchestra. The city's cultural centre organises a number of regular events, most notably the Medieval Market in July each year. Turku is also the official Christmas city of Finland, and 'Christmas Peace' in Finland is declared on every 24 December from the Brinkkala Hall balcony. The Turku music festival and the rock festival Ruisrock (held on the island of Ruissalo) are among the oldest of its kind in Scandinavia. The city also hosts another rock festival, Down by the Laituri, and one of the largest electronic music festivals in Northern Europe, UMF[31] (Uuden Musiikin Festivaali, "New Music Festival"), in addition to a vibrant nightlife, centred on the Market Square. nominatiivi. vitsi. vitsit. genetiivi. vitsi; vitsin. vitsit. sisäpaikallissijat. inessiivi

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Turku is a city on the southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of the Aura River, in the Turku, as a town, was settled during the 13th century and founded most likely at the end Turku is Finland’s oldest city and one of the oldest in the entire Nordic region. The city came into existence at Koroinen on the banks of river Aura, a few kilometres north from the Turku market square. Trading took place on this historic site as early as in the 1150s, and in 1229, the bishopric was transferred there as well. The Aura River Valley had already been a prosperous and relatively densely populated area since the Iron Age. The Finnish name, Turku, is an archaic Russian word for 'marketplace' (turgu). The name of the Italian city, Trieste, comes from the same Indo-European origin. Turku Market Square has long been one of the largest and finest on the south coast. The etymology of the Swedish name Åbo is unclear. One possible explanation is that the city was named Åbo by Swedish settlers because it was a settlement (bo) on the Aura River (å). As of 30 September 2018, the population of Turku was 191,499[13] making it the sixth largest city in Finland.[4] There were 330,192[14] inhabitants living in the Turku sub-region, ranking it as the third largest urban area in Finland after the Greater Helsinki area and Tampere sub-region. The city is officially bilingual as 5.2 percent of its population identify Swedish as a mother-tongue.[5]

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  1. Turku tourism guide - Turku tourism & travel guide with must see places, best hangout places in Turku Western finland .Turku tourism guide with hotels, reviews, maps, budget..
  2. Along the Aura River – the Plough River – you can walk through medieval cobblestone streets. The river is the heart of the city. During the summer, the riverbanks come to life when people gather here to eat, drink and listen to music. There are old sailing ships moored in the river, and you can take cruises out into the archipelago or to nearby Naantali. Cruise ships sail daily from Turku Harbor across the Baltic to Sweden.
  3. Turku has a long academic history: Queen Christina of Sweden founded the first university of Finland in Turku in 1640. At that point it was only Sweden's third university following Uppsala University and the Academia Gustaviana in Tartu. Nowadays Turku is still a major academic town in Finland and because of this the city is bustling with students. Almost 20 per cent of Turku residents are students and many of them are exchange students or otherwise from abroad. The universities have many courses in English and some study programs targeted at exchange students, often in cooperation between the universities. Both universities are legal deposit repositories, which means they have everything of value printed in Finland since the 1920s, usually available at least for reading in both or either, if requested a day or a few in advance.
  4. ride from Kauppatori (one way).
  5. For fast food, you will generally need to pay under €10 any time, Burger meals are around €5–9 (including drink and fries). Lower end restaurant meals with some simple pasta or soup with water or a soft drink is usually around €10–20. For proper restaurant meals with a high-grade steak and good wine, expect to pay at least €30–60. Generally, proper restaurants are open until 22:00–23:00, on weekends maybe an hour longer. Fast food chains, pizzerias and other such places are open later at night, some as late as 03:00–05:00. In some establishments, the bar may remain open for drinks even though the kitchen has closed and no food is available.
  6. The city has two football teams playing at the top national level, the Veikkausliiga: FC Inter and TPS. TPS is one of the oldest football clubs in Finland. Both teams play their home matches at Veritas Stadion in the district of Kupittaa.
  7. SparkNet is the largest WiFi network in Finland. It is free to students of the schools and universities in the city and city personnel. Others can purchase the connection from SparkNet's website.

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  1. A very nice building located in the middle of what I consider a park, it's something you should visit if you are in the city. I can't speak of it's interiors, because unfortunately I visited on times it was closed, but the building itself, specially at night when the lights are on is simply beautiful.
  2. Most every choir gives some kind of Christmas concert in or immediately before Advent. The church arranges sing-alongs with collect to their development aid.
  3. Gezimanya'da Turku hakkında bilgi bulabilir, Turku gezi notlarına, fotoğraflarına, turlarına ve videolarına ulaşabilirsiniz. Dilerseniz kendi Turku yazılarınızı sitemizde..
  4. g in the river is forbidden for good reason: the river banks provide very little access to the shore; what was intended as a quick refreshing dip will result in an expensive rescue operation or worse.
  5. Shaped by the Ice Age, the Turku archipelago consists of over 20,000 islands and islets.
  6. Turku, Finland is the former capital of Finland and makes for a great relaxing stop for travelers. The Cathedral and Castle are traditional stops of tourists..
  7. Independence Day, December 6th, is celebrated by the philharmonic orchestra by two free day concerts (tickets are distributed a few weeks in advance). The latter, starting 15:00, can be seen on screens at the Old Great Square. There are services in the churches (mostly at 10:00). Charity bazaars. The students have a torch parade to the war graves (start 18:00). People light candles in their windows (originally a silent protest against Russian oppression), which makes for a nice evening stroll. A few associations arrange balls, the one of Turku folk dancers (Rytky) is open for the public, with a dance course in the preceding weeks.

Turku retains its enchanting old town feel while increasingly becoming a culinary hub. For both budget-dining and fine-dining Turku offers excellent eateries that will flick your taste buds and make visitors go back for seconds. When hungry, along Aura River there’s plenty of places to choose from. Besides the restaurants in dry land, one can satisfy their appetite on the boats floating in the river. Search and compare 100 hotels in Turku for the best hotel deals at momondo. Find the cheapest prices for luxury, boutique, or budget hotels in Turku ..in Turku Property Prices in Turku Quality of Life in Turku Taxi Fares in Turku Traffic in Prices in Turku. These data are based on 503 entries in the past 18 months from 70.. Most buses go through the centre, with the area around Kauppatori serving as hub – but distance between some stops is long, as the roads around Kauppatori are closed during construction works (2018–2021?). Now most "hub" stops have been moved one block down toward the river, to Linnankatu or its surroundings, some to Puutori square two blocks toward the bus station. Most regional buses now start from the bus station. Most lines now use the Aurasilta bridge instead of the Tuomiokirkko bridge. There are also other fundamental changes in the routes in the centre.

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Located at the mouth of the Aura river in the southwestern corner of Finland, Turku covers an area of 245 square kilometres (95 sq mi) of land, spread over both banks of the river. The eastern side, where the Turku Cathedral is located, is popularly referred to as täl pual jokke ("this side of the river"), while the western side is referred to as tois pual jokke ("the other side of the river"). The city center is located close to the river mouth, on both sides of the river, though development has recently been expanding westward.[citation needed] Turku has a long history as Finland's largest city and occasionally as the administrative center of the country, but for the last two hundred years has been surpassed by Helsinki. The city's identity stems from its status as the oldest city in Finland[18] and the country's first capital. Originally, the word "Finland" referred only to the area around Turku (hence the title, "Finland Proper" for the region). Turku is one of only two cities in Finland to have an established international school (the other city being Helsinki). Turku International School, located in the eastern district of Varissuo, has been operating since 2003. By an agreement signed between the city of Turku and the University of Turku, Turun normaalikoulu takes care of the teaching in the international school.[39]

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Huomio! Visit Turku ei halua kenenkään lähtevän matkalle vastoin viranomaisten rajoituksia ja suosituksia. Seikkaile silti sivustolla ja uneksi Turusta vapaasti In May 2018, the City of Turku started renting 300 citybikes called Föli-fillari ("Föli-bike") or fölläri in 34 different “bicycle stations”. Most are along the river, from the harbour to the ÅA campus, some elsewhere in the centre, from the central railway station in the west to the hospital and Kupittaa station in the east and from Martti in the south to Ikituuri in the Student village in the north, two in Ruissalo (in summer only?) and one in the Skanssi suburban shopping area.

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Check out photos, videos and stories anonymously from Visit Turku | Official Account @visitturku Instagram profile. 23768 Followers, 941 Following, 1525 Posts.. SYÖ Turku! Syksy 2019 -kampanja on päättynyt tältä erää. Kahden viikon ajan kampanjassa Tykkää Syö Turku! -sivusta Facebookissa, ja tiedät ensimmäisenä, milloin pääset jälleen syömään hyvin ja.. 180 water bus Martinsilta – Pikisaari and Ruissalo (uses Föli tickets, bikes free; 2019: 20.5–1.9, 7–8.9 and 14–15.9). See below.

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  1. Turku (Q38511). From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Also known as. English. Turku. city in the region of Finland Proper, Finland
  2. Worth a quick visit for some, others will linger. The nature of the structural works are interesting.
  3. The vast majority of the city's sights are within a kilometre or two from Kauppatori. The river Aura passes through the centre, and its banks are very popular, allowing for a pleasant stroll from, say, the national shrine of Finland, the Turku Cathedral, to the Turku Castle, which used to house Swedish Kings – or upstream to experience some countryside.
  4. imum age required to enter bars/pubs/nightclubs differs; legally, one must be at least 18 to enter places that serve alcohol, but many clubs and bars have higher age limits (20–24 yrs).
  5. There is a Fölläri station at the bus station; if you have registered and paid for the day, week or year you can borrow a bike for free to get onward (see below for details).
  6. Foxtrot, waltz, jive, cha cha, what have you ... The dance pavilions are an essential part of Finish summer for many, although not any more for a majority. The ones below are probably the most popular ones in the Turku region:
  7. You don’t have to be an avid sailor with experience of sailing the Seven Seas to fully enjoy the uniqueness of the Turku Archipelago. Among the world’s largest – and to some among its most beautiful – the archipelago is accessible by foot, bike, connecting vessels, ferries, car or waterbus.

In the 20th century, Turku was called "Finland's gateway to the West" by historians such as Jarmo Virmavirta. The city enjoyed good connections with other Western European countries and cities, especially since the 1940s with Stockholm across the Gulf of Bothnia. In the 1960s, Turku became the first Western city to sign a twinning agreement with Leningrad in the Soviet Union, leading to greater inter-cultural exchange and providing a new meaning to the city's 'gateway' function. After the fall of Communism in Russia, many prominent Soviets came to Turku to study Western business practices, among them Vladimir Putin, then Leningrad's deputy mayor.[22] Visit Turku Art Museum in Finland and tour many such Museums at Inspirock. Get the Ratings & Reviews, maps of nearby attractions & contact details Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova combines history, archaeology and contemporary art with hands-on activities and…The Christmas season starts more or less with the turning on of Christmas lights in the pedestrian part of Yliopistonkatu a week before Advent. The market at the Old Great Square opens. Department stores and many shops have nice Christmas displays in their windows. Christmas music is played. Charity bazaars in many schools, parish halls, etc. Usually the first snow has come and melt away, and there will probably again be snow several times during Advent. With good luck the snow will stay. White Christmases are quite common, but there is no guarantee. Medisiina | University of Turku, Turku. Optics & Photonics Days is curated to deliver the latest findings and research results performed within the Academy and Industry and the..

Visit Turku Art Museum on your trip to Turku or Finland

Türkü sitesi, türkü sözleri, türkü notası, turkish folk music, söz, nota, ozanlar, aşık veysel, neşet ertaş, arif sağ, muzaffer sarısözen, nida tüfekçi.. Many people also from other regions, including Helsinki, spend their summer vacation yachting around the Archipelago Sea surrounding Turku. The Sea of Åland and the Gulf of Finland, coming from Sweden and Estonia respectively, can easily be crossed in a day, while a voyage directly from Gotland requires overnight sailing. There is an abundance of minor guest harbours on the remaining distance through the archipelago. You can recognize most free taxis in dark, since the taxi sign on the top will have its light on. Hailing taxis on the street is rare, however, and may not even work; calling the central dispatch is the common method. Bookings can be made in advance for an extra charge, though more than one day in advance is unnecessary. Outside the worst rush hours, a taxi usually takes no more than 5 minutes to arrive, but the deregulation has probably lessened supply at times with little demand. If you are out late at night, plan ahead. During weekend bar closing hours, wait times in excess of an hour are not unheard of. There's a great number of expos and fairs held in Turku annually. Most of the fairs take place outside the summer season in autumn and spring. Large part of these fairs take place in the 60.45422.184513 Turku Fair and Congress Center, which is a diverse setting for fairs, meetings, congresses and grand public events. For skippered yacht cruises or yacht chartering, see Archipelago Sea. Here are options for smaller vessels and quick trips:

Smör offers delicately prepared food by professional chefs in the kitchen as well as skilled…The most widely read newspaper of Turku, and the area around it, is the daily regional morning newspaper Turun Sanomat, with a readership of over 70% of the population every day. Åbo Underrättelser, a Swedish language newspaper published in Turku, is the oldest newspaper in Finland, having been published since 1824. The free-of-charge Turkulainen newspaper is also among the most popular newspapers, together with the local edition of Metro International and the national evening tabloid Ilta-Sanomat.[40] There are also a number of local newspapers such as Kulmakunta (for the eastern suburbs of Turku, including Varissuo and Lauste), and Rannikkoseutu (for the area around the neighbouring cities of Raisio and Naantali). Crime/violence: Low Drunk people on weekend nights, bouncers in clubs, pickpockets Authorities/corruption: Low Transportation: Low Traffic culture may be sometimes aggressive Health: Low Infectious tick bites in the archipelago Nature: Low

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Also Onnibus has connections to Turku. Tickets to these buses vary in price, cheapest well in advance on the Internet, €15–20 from Helsinki if bought when boarding (with busy services often sold out). Timetables and tickets at their own web site. Turku Airport is located 8 kilometres (5 miles) to the north of the city centre, partly in the neighbouring municipality of Rusko. The airport is served by six passenger airlines, including airBaltic and SAS Scandinavian, and one cargo airline. 83.1% of Turku's population speak Finnish as their native language, while 5.4% speak Swedish. The next most widely spoken languages are Russian (1.6%), Arabic (1.4%), Kurdish (1%), Albanian (0.8%), Estonian (0.8%) and Somali (0.8%). 93.3% of the population are Finnish citizens, and the most sizeable minorities are from Russia, Estonia, Iraq, Iran, Albania, Sweden, Somalia, China, and Denmark. Like all other Finnish cities, Turku does not collect information about the ethnic and religious makeup of its population.[27]

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  1. 10 vuorokauden sää Turku. Katso päivän ylin ja alin lämpötila, tuulet, sääsymboli ja paljon muuta säätietoa Suomeen ja koko maailmaan
  2. ginkatu 5, 20100 Turku, Finland - Great location - show map. After booking, all of the property's details, including telephone and address, are provided in your booking..
  3. There are also numerous museums, such as the Turku Art Museum and the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art. The Åbo Akademi University maintains the Sibelius Museum, which is the only museum in Finland specialising in the field of music. Apart from these, there are also several historical museums that display the city's medieval period, such as the Turku Castle, which has been a functional historical museum since 1881, and the Aboa Vetus museum, built in the late 1990s over the 14th century archaeological site. The Luostarinmäki handicrafts museum, converted from residential buildings that survived the Great Fire of Turku in 1827, was the first Scandinavian venue to receive the "Golden Apple" tourism award.

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  1. Turku University Hospital's T-Hospital is the region’s accident and emergency hospital. It provides specialized medical care and treatment around the clock to those who have fallen suddenly ill or sustained injury. The T-Hospital is on the other side of the railway and highway 1 near Kupittaa railway station, at Savitehtaankatu 1.
  2. Pääkirjoitus. Tampere. Turku
  3. Huomio! Visit Turku ei halua kenenkään lähtevän matkalle vastoin viranomaisten rajoituksia ja suosituksia. Seikkaile silti sivustolla ja uneksi Turusta vapaasti! Ja kun sopiva hetki koittaa, lähde vastuullisesti liikkeelle tukemaan paikallista matkailualaa. Pus!
  4. g at Impivaara and Petrelius.
  5. The city council of Turku has 67 seats. Following the 2017 municipal election, the council seats are allocated in the following way: National Coalition Party 17 seats, Green League 14, Social Democrats 12, Left Alliance 12, True Finns 5, Centre Party 3, Swedish People's Party 3 and Christian Democrats 1.[34] The current chair of the city board is Minna Arve from National Coalition Party.

Best Cafés in Turku, Southwest Finland: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of Turku Cafés and search by price, location, and more On your way out from the city you can see the old ships by Forum Marinum, Turku castle, the harbour and Pikisaari and Ruissalo with their old charming villas, before you reach the open Airisto.

There are ten bridges over the Aura river in Turku. The oldest of the current bridges is Auransilta, which was constructed in 1904. The newest bridge is Kirjastosilta ('library bridge'), a pedestrian-only bridge built in 2013.[23] The Föri, a small ferry that transports pedestrians and bicycles across the river without payment, is a well known feature of the city. Destinations are mentioned in Finnish on some stops and on most buses, but you should note the numbers of the lines you intend to use. If going towards Kauppatori it is mostly enough to know on what side of the street to stand.

The Turku Bus Station and the Turku Central railway station are currently located in different places. The City of Turku is planning to combine these two in a new greater station complex in the near future. This new travel center will consist of a hotel and several shopping estates. This center will connect all public transportation from commuter trains to long-distance buses. During the Middle Ages, Turku was the seat of the Bishop of Turku (a title later upgraded to Archbishop of Turku), covering the then eastern half of the Kingdom of Sweden (most of the present-day Finland) until the 17th century. Even if Turku had no official capital status, both the short-lived institutions of Dukes and Governors-General of Finland usually had their Finnish residences there. In the aftermath of the War against Sigismund, the town was the site of the Åbo Bloodbath. In 1640, the first university in Finland, the Royal Academy of Turku, was founded in Turku. Turku was also the meeting place for the States of Finland in 1676. Turku Tourism: Tripadvisor has 24,601 reviews of Turku Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Turku resource. 14 Best Places In Finland To Visit Buses passing the municipality border mostly have 3-digit numbers (notable exceptions lines 6 and 7). Buses not reaching Turku (often minibuses with sparse schedules) have their number prefixed with a letter, such as L for Lieto – but "P" means Turku lines meant primary for seniors. There are some quirks, e.g. some regional buses use stops for city buses, others those for coaches. Buses with destinations outside the Föli area may be part of the cooperation inside it, but not otherwise (notably 7xx, 8xx and 9xx via Kaarina). Some of the regional buses have stops like local buses in the Kauppatori area (fewer during the construction works), some at Puutori, and some depart from the bus station. The arrangements changed in September 2018, make sure you have the new information. Travel guide resource for your visit to Turku. Discover the best of Turku so you can plan your trip right. Visit Turku. Overview Where to stay Hotels Things to do Reviews

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On a sunny day, the cathedral looks so good, the inside is marvelous and it is just stunning in general. Turku Energia / Turku Energia Sähköverkot Oy P.O. Box 105 FIN-20101 Turku, Finland. Come visit our customer service center on Linnankatu 65 Bisecting Turku city center, the River Aura is the heart and soul of the city: this is where Turku was born, and a large part of city life – museums, sights, restaurants and cafés – is still concentrated on the riverside. The river banks form a national urban park allowing for a pleasant stroll from the Turku Cathedral to the Turku Castle. Close to the river mouth is the island of Ruissalo, with oak forests and 19th-century villas. Turku is at its best in summertime, when it hosts many festivals, including rock festivals, chamber music festivals and a medieval fair. But do not forget the winter atmosphere, if you are lucky you may be able to have a thrilling walk on the ice cover of River Aura.

Issuu. This cookie is used to determine when the visitor last visited the different subpages on the website - the cookie also sets a timestamp for when the session started 21, 23 Centre – Paattinen – Tortinmäki Long countryside route which you can ride at no more cost than the ordinary city bus ticket. Tortinmäki is a 6-km walk (or bike ride) from Kurjenrahka National Park, in season some of the services go all the way to the park.

Salaatti nro 3 - Turku Karting lounas - Suu salaatille!Feissarimokat: Ilmaista kamaa - korvausta vastaan haetaanIda Grönlund - W&T Comedy

There are plenty of opportunities to part with your cash in Turku. The city centre is full of major retail and independent shops. Shopping in Turku is generally more affordable than in Helsinki, but, as with the rest of Finland, it is by no means cheap by international standards. The numerous second-hand and antique stores represent a unique shopping alternative. The K-supermarket in Kupittaa, just outside the centre, is open around the clock. Turku, Southwest Finland Resim: provided by Visit Turku - Tripadvisor üyelerinin 4.332 gerçek Turku fotoğrafına ve videosuna bakın So what are the most beautiful winter destinations to visit in Turkey? Once you have gone, you will be amazed and never want to go back. Here are the 5 popular places to go in our..

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