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Yulin, whose lush subtropical surroundings are said to be the birthplace of the legendary imperial beauty Yang Guifei, has become the target of a fast-growing animal rights campaign, which has made its residents feel increasingly under siege and at times defensive.Yulin's climate is subtropical and monsoonal. Average annual temperatures is 21.6 °C. Yearly precipitation is 1,475 mm. It is this last dish for which Yulin has become notorious, thanks to an annual dog meat festival that ended Monday, and the locals have heard enough, thank you.

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© 2017-2019 Гоголь-Моголь | По все вопросам писать на info@ogogolmogol.ru Полное или частичное копирование материалов сайта без согласования с редакцией запрещено. 12+While the festival has been a focus of international outcry in previous years, opposition is growing in China, with a number of celebrities including actor Fan Bingbing adding their voices to an online campaign. Fan features in a video with a number of other celebrities holding signs saying: “Dogs are our friends, please don’t hurt them.”

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Dog meat is considered a delicacy in some parts of China but there is increasing opposition to the practice as dogs have become popular pets among China’s growing middle class, particularly in affluent cities.Guangxi Yulin High School[7] is a high-level key middle school in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and an advanced unit of national spiritual civilization construction. It is also the first demonstration ordinary high school in Guangxi. Le festival de Yulin a lieu chaque année dans cette ville chinoise afin d'y massacrer chiens et chats Tandis qu'en France la saison des festivals de musique va bientôt commencer, en Chine c'est un.. Festival Yulin 2019 | Le petizioni contro il Festival della carne di cane di Yulin. Crediamo che un evento del genere non abbia posto nel 21° secolo, si legge in una petizione di Change.org The annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China is an ancient tradition for local residents to celebrate An estimated 10,000 dogs were killed for the festival, despite efforts of animal activists to buy as..

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Si beaucoup sont friands de ce festival, d'autres habitants de la ville se sont précipités pour acheter des chiens avant qu'ils -- Vidéo terrifiantes : Des milliers de chiens massacrés au festival de Yulin The Salzbug Festival celebrates 100 years in 2020! The Salzburg Festival wants to take responsibility and do everything it can to prevent the corona virus from spreading furthe Saturday + Sunday MARCH 7 + 8 - Waterfront Park, San Diego - 21+ - Tickets on sale December 10th at 11 AM PST На фестивале собак убивали с беспрецедентной жестокостью. Жертвами становились и кошки. Yulin (Chinese: 玉林; pinyin: Yùlín; lit.: 'Jade Forest', 鬱林), alternately romanized as Watlam, is one of the fourteen prefecture-level cities of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region..

China's notorious Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is underway despite earlier claims that the controversial event, which celebrates eating dog meat, would be banned this year There are so many reasons to end this horrific festival -- warning, the following information may be upsetting. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is also a dangerous food safety issue

Yulin. Jahr für Jahr echauffieren sich unzählige Menschen über das Hundefleisch-Festival in China. PETA Deutschland und andere Organisationen bekommen verzweifelte E-Mails oder Anrufe und die.. Despite government promises of a ban, Yulin's grotesque dog meat festival continues. Disgusting, sick and vile individuals!!! This so called 'festival' should have been banned years ago! Activists surround a truck in a Yulin dog meat market on June 20, bargaining for the lives of animals on their way to slaughter. At the city's notorious dog meat festival, an event they had managed to shrink..

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Traders launched the Yulin Dog Meat Festival for the summer solstice, and it begins on June 21 every year. Prior to this, the Chinese public had chosen to ignore the country's dog meat industry Locals say the moral hypocrisy over the eating of animals is a bottomless grab bag. What about the consumption of beef when cows are considered sacred in India, they say, or guinea pigs in Latin America, or dogs in Korea or turkeys in the United States? What makes eating dog meat any different from eating the flesh of chickens or pigs, they ask? http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-40337327 Tom Where's CathHarmony when we need a bump? To Not far away, a commotion erupted at the outdoor animal market. Yang Xiaoyun, a 65-year-old animal rights activist, had arrived, bracing herself for yet another day of dealing with dog traders looking to capitalize on her willingness to pay above-market prices to rescue dogs and cats. Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Unnamed Agustus. Yulin annual Dog and Cat meat eating festival - be aware and please put a stop on this cruelty

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  1. “I understand the other point of view,” Mr. Tang said. “Many people feel a special bond with dogs. But we grew up around dog meat. For us, it’s normal.”
  2. Yulin is accessible via High Speed Train rides. Typical trains take approximately 2 hours to reach Nanning, Guangxi, and 3–4 hours to Guilin, Guangxi. Services onboard regular-speed trains are also available.
  3. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese social media users have also been vocal in their opposition of the festival. One user on the social networking site Weibo, Yu Yun Qiang Wei, said: “If there is no one willing to eat dog meat, then the industry would not exist. When the buying stops, the killing can too.” Another said dogs “need a warm home. If you don’t love dogs, please don’t hurt them. If you love them, please treat them well.”
  4. ister of agriculture had gathered more than four million signatures by Tuesday.

At its height the Yulin dog meat festival was said to be responsible for 10,000 to 15,000 slaughtered dogs. In 2014 that figure was reported as dropping to 2,000 to 3,000 [BIFF Press Release] 24th Busan International Film Festival Awards Ann... 2019-10

The Yulin government distanced itself from the festival and announced new restrictions, but eateries still did good business during the event held to mark the summer solstice Am 21. Juni beginnt wieder das umstrittene Hundefleisch-Festival in der südchinesischen Stadt Yulin. Auf der ganzen Welt gibt es Proteste gegen die Veranstaltung, bei der tausende Hunde eingepfercht.. In the back alley behind the slaughterhouse, five men, some shirtless, worked with boiling vats of water and blowtorches to prepare the carcasses for Yulin’s specialty, crispy skin dog meat.

Yulin Kuang was born in Guangzhou, China and grew up in Kansas, New Jersey, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she.. About. Learning. Marketplace. Prints. Jobs. Challenges. Magazine. Blogs. Cart. Sign up. Sign in Food festival in China celebrates canine culinary culture - with 15,000 dogs on the menu. Slaughtered: A trader in Yulin transports several dog carcasses on his motorbike Согласно новому закону, собачье мясо запрещается готовить и продавать в ресторанах, магазинах, на рынках и уличных лотках. De la viande chien sur les étals du marché de Yulin, dans le sud de la Chine, le 17 juin. C'est sur cette foi que le 22 juin se tient dans la ville de Yulin un festival au cours duquel se déguste de la..

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  1. Watch festival productions on line for free. During the current period of virus containment in France and many other countries, the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence and its partners..
  2. Як це було. Неймовірна атмосфера, драйв, найкращі спогади! Немає значення, які в тебе музичні вподобання. У нас знайдеться музика для кожного! Сцени, що працюють одночасно і незалежно..
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  4. Through an open door, a man in a white T-shirt could be seen working silently in dim fluorescent light. With a small club he bludgeoned dog after dog, pausing periodically to move the dazed animals with tongs clamped around their necks.
  5. The Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat festival began Wednesday, despite reports earlier this year that Dog meat is served at a restaurant in Yulin, in China's southern Guangxi region on June 21, 2017
  6. The notorious Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival even celebrates the eating of dog meat. Businesses started the Yulin Festival in 2010 to increase business traffic in the region
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Festival de Yulin. Quite the same Wikipedia. En el solsticio de verano en Yulin marca el inicio de los días más calurosos en la ciudad china y el 21 de junio de cada año se inicia con el festival de Yulin.. Browse our collection of yulin dog meat festival information for news stories, slideshows, opinion pieces and related videos posted on AOL.com Reading Festival 2021 will take place on August 27-29. RECENT NEWS. Reading Festival will no longer be going ahead According to US campaigners, the Yulin dog-eating festival in China, notorious for its animal cruelty, will this year be banned from selling dog meat

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  1. Незадолго до печально знаменитого фестиваля собачьего мяса, который уже семь лет ежегодно проходит в китайском городе Юлин, в Китае введен полный и окончательный запрет на употребление в пищу собачатины. Собачье мясо запрещено продавать, готовить, предлагать в ресторанах и уличных забегаловках. За нарушение закона преступнику грозит огромный штраф примерно в $15 тысяч или тюремное заключение.
  2. 1 China's Yulin Dog Meat Festival Is Back. 0 Yulin Dog Meat Festival - story on Tucker C.. Interview with activists working to end the horrific dog meat trade in.
  3. Over the last few weeks, millions of messages condemning the culinary tradition have flooded Chinese social media. Protests and vigils organized by animal rights advocates were held across the country over the three-day holiday weekend, while more than 40 activists from around the world traveled to Yulin last week to champion the cause, many for the second or third year in a row.
  4. «Этот запрет — еще одно доказательство того, что фестиваль в Юлине, как и вся наша страна, меняется к лучшему», — добавляет Андреа.
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Glyndebourne is an opera house in East Sussex, just one hour from London, which has been the venue for the annual Glyndebourne Festival since 1934 At its height the Yulin festival saw between 10,000-15,000 pups and other creatures slaughtered and eaten over 10 days. A caged dog ahead of last year's Yulin festival It is famous for its many mineral hot springs and one of China's oldest towers, Shiyi Tower (石嶷文塔). Also noteworthy is the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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  1. YULIN, China — It was the night before the summer solstice, and the tables at a streetside food stall here were set for the annual feast: steamed pumpkin, sautéed morning glory, smashed cucumbers and cold-skin rice flour noodles. At the center of each table were the two traditional dishes most essential to the celebration here: fresh lychees and heaping bowls of stewed dog, pungent with ginger, garlic, dried orange peels, bay leaves and fennel.
  2. The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, otherwise known as the Yulin Dog Festival, kicked off in southern China this week, amid a fevered pitch of demands from the international community for the city to halt..
  3. The annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China involves up to 100,000 dogs being butchered for their meat. The SCMP's Luisa Tam says the Chinese government should give dogs full protection b
  4. Un festival mettant à l'honneur de la viande de chiens. L'année dernière, Chapter Animals s'est intéressé de plus prêt à Nous demandons l'arrêt total du festival de Yulin, pour 2019 et qu'un plan..
  5. Yulin (Chinese: 玉林; pinyin: Yùlín; lit.: 'Jade Forest', 鬱林), alternately romanized as Watlam, is one of the fourteen prefecture-level cities of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region..
  6. Intents Festival is een driedaags allround festival met vooral focus op de hardere stijlen. Tijdens deze mega weekender kunnen bezoekers ook overnachten op de IntentsCity festivalcamping
  7. The Festival of Lights is under the patronage of the governing mayor: Michael Müller. The Berlin Festival of Lights thus connects cultures and people all over the world and easily crosses borders and..

Un festival plus que dérangeant. Chaque année à Yulin en Chine, plus de 10.000 chiens sont abattus dans la petite bourgade du Guangxi. Ces canidés font le bonheur des gastronomes locaux qui.. Yulin también es conocida por su festival anual de carne de perro que tiene lugar el 21 de junio. Más de 10.000 perros mueren en este festival para el consumo humano Sha-Yulin. 20 часов назад A Yulin, en Chine, le solstice d'été du 21 juin est célébré par des festivités d'un genre particulier. Mais les organismes de protection des animaux qui militent contre le festival, comme Humane.. Un festival dangereux. Le festival de Yulin n'est pas seulement cruel pour les animaux. Il met aussi en jeu la vie de milliers de consommateurs chinois qui vont se nourrir de chiens maltraités et malades qui..

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  1. Фестиваль собачьего мяса в Юлине проводится с 2010 года и уже отнял жизни тысяч и тысяч несчастных собак. Многие из них были попросту украдены у хозяев.
  2. Animal-rights groups across the world are calling on Chinese officials to put a stop to a solstice celebration in which thousands of dogs and cats are supposedly killed for their meat and eaten
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I think they need to refocus their message to, stop cruelty to animals - and then single out not ONLY the Yulin Dog Meat Festival Le festival le plus détesté au monde continue d'exister même après la lutte acharnée des militants pour le droit des animaux. On recense officiellement 10 000 chiens et 4 000 chats tués chaque année..

Yulin residents claim that the festival and the practice of eating dog meat is a local tradition and that the dogs are not killed in an inhumane way. However, activists say the dogs are transported to Yulin from all over China and are often domestic animals that have been stolen. Photos circulating online showed hundreds of dogs squeezed into tiny cages and dead animals being butchered on the pavement.Yulin are where the G59 Hohhot–Beihai Expressway and G80 Guangzhou–Kunming Expressway intersect, and there are also provincial highways and "not tolled" roads available. Le «festival de la viande de chien» débutera le 21 juin à Yulin, en Chine. Des militants de l'association de défense animale DxE partent enquêter sur cette tradition décriée en Occident Sorry, your search returned zero results for against yulin festival. Try these tips to expand your search: Check for spelling errors or typos A festival celebrating the finest motion from the finest studio's, designers, upcoming talents and art academies from all around the world. Design in motion festival. menu

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  1. How: Tomatina Festival begins at 12am with a bang. Trucks loaded of tomatoes proceed to drive through the fight area La Tomatina Festival 2020 Premium Packages including Official Entry Tickets
  2. World Sacred Music Festival
  3. Vor allem ein Festival in der südostchinesischen Stadt Yulin, wo Hundefleisch angeboten wird, steht immer wieder in Kritik. Doch jetzt hat die Stadt angekündigt, in diesem Jahr beim Stadtfest auf den..
  4. Ce 21 et 22 juin, c'est le Yulin festival. Il s'agit de l'abattage de plus de 10 000 chiens et de 4000 chats dans les rues de Yulin, une grande ville du sud de la Chine, avant que soit dégustée leur viande
  5. Отличная новость для всех любителей собак! Накануне печально известного фестиваля собачьего мяса в китайском городе Юлин власти Китая ввели полный запрет на употребление собачьего мяса.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, the Yulin festival is not a traditional event but one invented in 2010 by dog meat traders to boost flagging sales. At its height an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 dogs were killed at..
  7. «Этот запрет пока временный, но это только начало, — говорит исполнительный директор зоозащитной организации Андреа Ганг. — Мы надеемся, что он будет иметь эффект домино, и, в конце концов, торговля собачьим мясом полностью уйдет в прошлое».

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The Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat festival is an annual 10 day event where over 10,000 dogs The first festival took place in 2009 to mark the summer solstice. Dog eating is traditional in China, and.. YULIN Festival. 371 likes · 6 talking about this. Dog meat refers to the flesh and other edible parts derived from dogs. Human consumption of dog meat.. A rusty metal cage was tossed from the shop, clanging to a halt near a pile of cages that had been unloaded from a large truck. In one of the cages, four golden-haired dogs were crammed in like Tetris blocks. The dogs crouched silently as they waited to be emptied into a holding pen inside the shop. The Yulin dog meat festival, which officially launched in 2009 as a way to mark the summer solstice in China's Guangxi province, has been a target of animal rights activists since its inauguration Yulin, home of an annual dog meat festival, has become the target of a In Yulin, It's Dog Lovers vs. Dog Eaters. As part of the summer solstice celebrations in Yulin, China, thousands of canines are..

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#yulin #stop yulin #yulin dog meat festival #yulin festival #stop yulin 2015 #personal #vegan Yulin is a festival in China where they kill innocent dogs on the most cruel way possible.They cook.. The campaigners notched a big win last year when the Yulin city government, in the face of mounting criticism, distanced itself from the festival by declaring that it was not a sponsor and that it would strictly enforce food safety regulations. Отмена. Месяц бесплатно. Yulin Dog Meat Festival CONTINUES!!! | China Uncensored. Despite government promises of a ban, Yulin's grotesque dog meat festival continues. Contribute The annual festival, which began in 2010 in the city of Yulin, is a boon to the dog meat industry and eateries have reported strong sales, despite new restrictions placed by the local government..

Once a year in mid-June, devils run wild in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. A blend of Catholic and pagan rituals meant to represent the triumph of good over evil.. “Dear Morons: Stopping the #YulinDogMeatFestival is less to do with them being dogs & more to do with them being tortured and skinned alive,” Mr. Gervais wrote on Twitter last week.Yulin (Chinese: 玉林; pinyin: Yùlín; lit.: 'Jade Forest', 鬱林), alternately romanized as Watlam, is one of the fourteen prefecture-level cities of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China. Its Chinese name was changed in 1956 from the historical name "鬱林" (pinyin: Yùlín; lit.: 'Dense Forest'), which is homophonous in Standard Mandarin, but different in the local dialect of Yue Chinese; "鬱" is [uat˥] while "玉" is [ȵok˨].[1] The former romanization follows the pronunciation of the historical name in Yue Chinese. Its built-up area is made of two urban districts, and Beiliu City was home to 2,309,600 inhabitants as of 2016 census. Your support makes the International Festival possible. Find out more about how you can contribute towards our plans for the Sign up to our mailing list to receive updates from the International Festival WOO HAH! festival 2021. Evenemententerrein Beekse Bergen. Hilvarenbeek (Tilburg region)

“Why do people always pick on Yulin?” asked Tang Chengfei, 24, a recent university graduate who was sitting at one of the tables. “Haven’t you seen how the Japanese eat live bullfrog sashimi?” There are so many reasons to end this horrific festival -- warning, the following information may be upsetting. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is also a dangerous food safety issue “Yulin government itself or any social organisations have never held a summer solstice lychee and dog meat festival in any form,” read the announcement, carried in state media. “I feel like the activists would be making better use of their time addressing issues like the global water shortage or kidnapped children instead of making things more chaotic here,” said Yu Ping, 48, a Yulin resident and a preschool teacher. Ms. Yu, like many residents, insisted that the dogs eaten in Yulin were specially farmed, while animal rights groups say that a large percentage of the dog meat comes from stolen pets or strays. 53rd WORLDFEST The festival has been postponed due to the CoronaVirus! We will announce new dates when possible! Our juries are still hard at work, and Remi Winners are being informed daily

Yulin is also known for its annual dog meat festival which takes place on 21 June. Over 10,000 dogs are killed at this festival for human consumption. Reports of inhumane treatment, including torture, caused celebrities and others to protest against the Festival.[3] Du Yufeng has been to Yulin Dog Meat Festival every year since 2012. Another woman named Yang Xiaoyun went as far as to pay 150,000 yuan to save 360 dogs and dozens of cats from the festival in 2014 and 7,000 yuan to save 100 dogs in 2015.[4] Some Chinese celebrities such as Ai Weiwei, Chen Kun and Yang Mi, as well as international celebrities like Ken Todd, Lisa Vanderpump, Ricky Gervais, Ian Somerhalder, Leona Lewis, Lori Alan, and Tom Kenny, have also publicly expressed a distaste for the festival.[5][6] The Yulin government has declared the 'festival' will not happen, but this is mere semantics and thousands of dogs will still die for their meat whether it's called a festival or not Mezinárodní festival klasické hudby v Praze. Program pro rok 2020 zveřejněn a k dispozici. Získejte exluzivní vstupenky a staňte se podporovatelem pražského jara. Více na.. This is one horrific meat-eating festival that is gaining its popularity for all the unwanted reasons. Though there are numerous petitions that have been taken out to stop this disgusting.. *Yulin festival in Tianjin, China is a 24 hour period to mark the summer solstice. The day is also known as the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere

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Car, en effet, Yulin est, chaque année, le théâtre d'atrocités commises sur les chiens et chats lors de son Festival qui marque l'arrivée de l'été au solstice du 21 juin. La nouvelle vient de sortir, pour cette.. Многие собаки, попавшие на фестиваль в Юлине, были украдены у хозяев, их привозили прямо в ошейниках...of the Yulin Dog Festival, a yearly tradition in Yulin, one of the 14 cities of the Guangxi Zhuang In defense, Yulin officials claim that dogs are raised humanely by farmers before being consumed Fest Festival to aż osiem scen, dwa dni muzyki i niesamowita atmosfera! FEST to muzyczne wydarzenie, które obywa się na terenie Parku Śląskiego

In China, where the issue of animal rights is given more space for debate relative to most grass-roots causes, opposition to the festival has become increasingly vocal. Последние твиты от End Yulin Festival (@EndYulinFestNow). End Yulin Festival Now! https @eileen_davidson This is Yulin Dog Meat Festival...you should be ashamed...YOU.. Artifacts suggest that the area was settled before the Qin Dynasty but a commandery by the name of Yulin was not established until early Han Dynasty. The urban centre of Yulin became a zhou in 996 AD. Since ancient times, Yulin has been important for trade and communications between central China and the south, especially along the coast of the Tonkin Gulf. At the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival thousands of dogs are killed and eaten - but cats are In fact, it's estimated around 10,000 to 15,000 cats and dogs are killed across the 10-day festival, which..

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v-kitae-otmenili-prazdnik-poedaniya-sobak-yulin/ Despite the rapid growth of the movement, however, animal rights advocates say they are encountering increasing difficulties communicating their message to the people who matter most: the residents of Yulin. Back to the top. Loveland Festival | 25YRS Lessons From Yulin: What this year's efforts to end the Yulin dog meat festival taught us. Here are some reflections on where the battle to end Yulin and the global dog meat trade stands — It's.. Stop Yulin Festival. people signed. Let's get to 50,000! We have to stop this so that next year this festival will not be celebrated again! There is still time to stop this atrocity for next year and forever

Each year in Yulin, China over 10 thousand dogs and cats are being beaten and burned to death and served as food in the Yulin Festival. Some of these dogs still have their collars which indicate that.. There is an airport named Yulin Fumian Airport serving the area under construction. It's estimated that the construction will finish by the end of this year, and the airport has a 2600m-long-runway capable for 4C standard operations. Yulin residents claim that the festival and the practice of eating dog meat is a local tradition and that the dogs are not killed in an inhumane way. However, activists say the dogs are transported to Yulin.. Yulin Dog Meat Festival brings mixed Chinese opinions. Currently scheduled to start on June 21, we hit the streets of Beijing to ask the Chinese public what they think about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Indeed, it is the perceived hypocrisy of the critics that seems to most annoy residents of this bustling city of seven million in the southern region of Guangxi, which borders Vietnam. The Yulin dog meat festival is held to mark the beginning of the summer solstice. Dog meat traders falsely claim it is a time-honored traditional festival - in fact, they created it in 2009-2010 to boost.. By afternoon, Dongkou Market was open, and the scene was transformed. The range of food offerings on display was impressive, from everyday vegetables to ram heads, about $8 each, and live civets, which were selling for as much as $580 an animal. Farther down the market, across from the now-silent slaughterhouse, butchers lined across three aisles hacked away at gold-skinned dog carcasses on thick wooden blocks, as customers, some still sitting on their motorbikes, placed orders for dog meat at $3.50 a pound.

02 May 06:00pm (CET) FINAL RESULTS OF THE 1st ONLINE CIRCUS FESTIVAL. Facebook. Instagram Im südchinesischen Yulin findet trotz wachsender Proteste das alljährliche Hundefleisch-Festival statt. Geschätzt 10.000 Vierbeiner sollen auf dem Schlachtfest verzehrt werden. Bevor sie auf dem.. EJEKT Festival cannot take place this summer, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both days of EJEKT Festival 2020, scheduled for June 5th and July 13th, are happening as planned

Yulin is located in southeastern Guangxi province along the border with Guangdong. It is a hilly basin with a total area of 12,838 km2 (4,957 sq mi). On Saturday, Ms. Yang, a widow who runs an animal shelter in Tianjin, had spent more than $1,600 to rescue about 30 dogs and 60 cats. Her actions have drawn criticism from other activists, who say that it only encourages dog traders to set aside surplus stock for Ms. Yang to buy. Arts festivals in 45 countries are invited to register on the FestivalFinder.eu. It aims to be Europe's up-to-date, insightful, and complete searchable database that brings the arts to the attention of audiences..

The festival. Pre-registration. About cercle. Design an immersive piece of art around space for the festival. As part of its second festival, Cercle wishes to showcase young artists.. An annual dog meat festival in south-west China has begun, amid uproar on the Some residents of Yulin have the habit of coming together to eat lychees and dog meat during the summer solstice, the..

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Многие в Китае считают фестиваль в Юлине старинной традицией. На самом деле, он был придуман в 2010 году торговцами собачьим мясом, стремившимися увеличить свои прибыли. Yulin Dog Meat Festival (or Lychee and Dog Meat Eating Festival) is a controversial festival held in Yulin, Guangxi during the summer solstice in June. It is estimated that since 2009, almost 15,000.. Led by domestic and international activists, animal lovers have called on local government officials and the Chinese public to put an end to eating dog meat and to the often gruesome practices that accompany the nation’s largely unregulated dog meat trade. More than 10,000 dogs are said to be served at the summer solstice celebrations in Yulin each year. The festival in Yulin has become increasingly commercialised, says Dr Pan Wang, Senior Lecturer in Chinese studies at UNSW. While she believes the event has been sensationalised by the media..

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“The environment is much more hostile than ever before,” said Andrea Gung, the Taiwanese-American founder of the Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project, based in California, who visited the festival again this year. “Before, the dog meat sellers might cut off a piece of dog flesh and throw it near you. Now, they are much more aggressive. The undercover police had to step in to protect me.” Annual Yulin dog meat festival due to take place at the end of June in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Yulin's dog meat festival, where some 10,000 dogs are slaughtered and served up as meals, is often wrongly assumed to be an ancient Chinese tradition ↑ Food festival in China celebrates canine culinary culture - with 15,000 dogs on the menu (англ.). Дата обращения 24 июня 2015. ↑ Dog Meat Festival Faces Social Media Backlash, Sky News (22.. Last year, Yang bought 360 dogs. She says she intends to set up a home to look after the dogs. “Eating dog meat is their local custom. I don’t want to change that, I only wish I can influence them by what I am doing,” Yang was quoted as saying by Fa Zhi Wan Bao, a Beijing-based news website. Digital awareness spot. ACT Asia is a charity dealing with the Far East and this is an appeal against the Yulin Dog Festival, where Chinese people eat dog meat For many, summer marks the start of beach trips, drive-in movies, and homemade ice cream but for others, it means suffering, pain, and death. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is fast approaching and..

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