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But it took some time to correctly position the Tannoys in my listening room. I had some trouble at first, because the rear port was making the sound bass-heavy. The DC8s definitely needed some room to breathe. I found that placing them about 5 apart and 7 from my listening chair was ideal. They needed 3 of clearance from the front wall to tame the bass port. When all was dialed in, I was presented with a smooth, coherent sound that was tonally consistent from top to bottom of the audioband. The coincident alignment of woofer and tweeter paid dividends in regard to imaging, and in an impressively large soundstage that was high and wide with a great sense of depth. Musicians never sounded small through the DC8s. Instead, they felt life-size, which helped draw me in to each recording. Musicians were clearly presented, each in his or her own space and surrounded by a natural sense of air. It seemed as if the musicians were playing out in front of the loudspeakers. Like most quality stand-mounted speakers, the DC8s performed a good disappearing act.  Tannoy Ltd is a British manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address (PA) systems. The company was founded by Guy Fountain in London, England as Tulsemere Manufacturing Company in 1926 and moved to Coatbridge, Scotland in the 1970s Fans of smaller scale acoustic work, may prefer to trade a touch of that vigour for the increased tonal neutrality of the Definition DC8Ts. In dynamic terms, the DC8Ts would still be a class act, the contrast only being made because the DC10Ts were at hand. Indeed, if your average listening levels are lower, the bottom end doesn't give a lot away to the larger speaker and they certainly make a far less imposing presence in your room. I had a great time wandering through the vocals of my music collection with the DC8Ts, but if push came to shove, the headbanger in me just can't resist the extra grunt and excitement of the DC10Ts. Others may disagree and I'd be fine with that - they're slightly different horses, for slightly different courses. Tannoy. The Funk Firm Dragging the DC10Ts out of surround duties and up front provided a different experience. If the DC8Ts impressed with their dynamics, the DC10Ts moved the game onto a different pitch. The efficiency of the 10" drivers lends almost any effect a tactile experience that heightens the sense of reality. The snap of the DC8Ts is joined by an extra weight that energizes the room in a quite special way, with an absolutely brutal kick in the upper bass.

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TC Group Americas 335 Gage Ave., Suite 1 Kitchener, Ontario N2M 5E1 Canada Phone: (519) 745-1158 Fax: (519) 745-2364 A feature unique to the Definition models is their cryogenically treated crossover. Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) is often used to alter the crystal structure of different materials. The most common audio application of DCT is to cables. It is believed that subjecting metals to DCT alters their crystal structure by decreasing internal stresses, which can lead to more efficient signal transfer. It has been argued by many advocates of DCT that the process leads to higher resolution of detail and increases the sounds overall realism. Tannoy subjects its entire crossover assembly to DCT: Using a proprietary process, the Definition crossover is supercooled to -190 degrees centigrade and thawed over a set time period. This permanently reduces internal stresses in the microstructure of the crossovers component materials, leading to better signal transfer and superior resolution of fine detail. Silver-plated OFC copper is found throughout the DC8. All internal components are connected to biwirable WBT speaker terminals of electroplated brass. A unique fifth speaker terminal can be used to ground the driver chassis, which is supposed to help eliminate RF interference. I didnt use this feature for this review because I lack an adequate way of simultaneously grounding the two speakers.  

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  1. Tannoy meaning: 1. a brand name for a system of equipment that is used for making speech loud enough for a large. Learn more. Dictionary. Definitions. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English
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Speakers like these make reviewing a total non duty. You find yourself banging a quick five minutes before the family get home, because they're such addictive fun. Fun is the key word with the Definition DC10Ts, because of their coherent timing mated to startling dynamics - they rock out like few speakers can, but are refined and easy going into the bargain. If you're a stereo focused listener, then they dig deep enough that you will never find yourself missing a subwoofer.Back in October 2010, I had the pleasure of sharing my front room with the Tannoy Definition DC8 stand mount stereo speaker. This was the smallest in a trio of speakers, the others being the DC8T, a two and half way floorstander with 8" drivers and the DC10T, a two and a half way floorstander with 10" drivers. The somewhat obvious omission from the range was a matching centre speaker and subwoofer (or two!). Well, Tannoy noted that people were apparently buying DC8s and turning them on their side to work as a centre and so have done the decent thing and fashioned a dedicated unit, the DC6LCR to perform centre duties.

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Tannoy Definition DC8 Loudspeakers. Because the hi-fi world is in a constant state of flux, with new trends and new audio companies emerging all the The Definition series, Tannoy's most recently developed range of loudspeakers, is a contemporary-looking line offering, according to Tannoy, a.. The Tannoy Definition system was first introduced in the mid-90s as a two-channel range for the hi-fi market, and then reintroduced in 2009 with a new look The DC8s sport just one of these DC drivers, but in the DC8T it's joined by an 8in bass-only driver designed to lend extra depth when used without..

AVForums.com is owned and operated by M2N Limited, company number 03997482, registered in England and Wales. Tannoy Definition DC8T - buy your Hi-Fi and accessories in Latvia - Audiotehnika.lv Buy online or visit our shop in Riga, Elizabetes 31 A huge fan of classic rock, I would have been disappointed had a speaker of this size been unable to handle it. But the DC8s presented rock with adequate power while remaining composed, and they had no trouble keeping pace; song after song, I was impressed by how they pulled me in. When I spun a little of Journeys Dont Stop Believin, from The Essential Journey (CD, Columbia/Legacy 732083), the Tannoys captured the songs energy, and demonstrated that they were capable of a tight bass, a tuneful midrange, and a treble that was smooth but not fatiguing. However, while the treble was clear and extended, after dozens of songs I noticed that the treble sounded slightly rolled off at the top of the audioband. This didnt detract from the sound, however, instead making for a smooth top end, in contrast to some speakers tendency to sound bright and edgy. It was just a little less crisp when the treble hit its limit. This could make the sound a tad less exciting, but this is a matter of taste. Overall, the DC8 was a little laid-back, and not in any way in your face. It grabbed my attention with numerous positive attributes, but overt detail wasnt one of them. 

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Whatever combination you chose, you get a set of superbly crafted speakers, that are comfortable with any musical, or movie genre and that's going to make for a happy and long lived marriage. They proved to be easy to setup and are very tolerant of different rooms which makes them highly consistent - if you like the demo, then the chances are you'll like them when you get home. They're not cheap, but then again, good things seldom are. You could, in the world of speakers, dump a lot more cash on the issue and still not end up with something this self effacing and enjoyable on so may different levels. I have to knock a star off for the slight tonal matching issue of the package as reviewed has, but caveat that with the fact that it's minor and non existent if you go for the DC8 variants all round. No matter, the obvious strengths over all, still make this a Best Buy.For those just arriving on planet Earth, Tannoy are one of the longest established names in the world of audio and indeed, their name is in the Oxford English Dictionary as a noun. The name itself comes from a contraction of 'Tantanum Lead Alloy', which was used in the manufacture of accumulator chargers, long before Tannoy got involved in loudspeakers of any kind. The association the name now has, was as a result of winning a war time contract to provide a wide area public address system for army bases and Tannoy developed a horn loading system to maximize acoustic efficiency. Horn loading, of one degree or another, has remained at the core of Tannoy's products ever since, in all but their cheapest products. The three speakers under scrutiny here, are far from the budget end of Tannoys catalogue, although that said, they're just as distant from the top. I had started down this Tannoy review with high hopes of literary superstardom. I'd loaded up Kipling's 'If..' and expected to begin my Definition DC10T review with something highbrow. Half a day later, all I'd got is If you can bang your head when all about you are turning it down and blaming it on 'foo'..

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Because the hi-fi world is in a constant state of flux, with new trends and new audio companies emerging all the time, the true test of a companys relevance is its longevity. Few companies have stood the test of time. When you think of classic audio companies, names like Quad and McIntosh instantly jump to mind. Both were founded before 1950, and both still make popular products today. But theres one firm thats older than both.  DC8C is one of the most flexible compressors around. While making a lot of different compression styles possible, it's general nature may be described as: clear, smooth, open, distinct. The main goal while designing DC8C was to get a very clean compressor action without unwanted and often almost..

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The Tannoy DC8T is the middle model in the three-strong Definition range, which have very little in common with the models of the same name that were marketed in the mid-1990s. It is essentially a cross between the other two, using the driver size of the standmount DC8 within a floorstanding.. Tannoy Definition DC8 Ti Standlautsprecher. Prinzip: 3-Wege-Bassreflex mit koaxialem Mittelhochtöner Nennimpedanz: 8 Ω Tannoy DC - 8T Stereo Lautsprecher.Tannoy Lautsprecher Definition DC8T wallnuss. Zu verkaufen ist ein Paar Tannoy High End Lautsprecher Handmade in..

However, using this ability does start to show up the limits of what the DC6 LCR is capable of. However good it is and it is good, the DC10Ts can pull it up to and beyond it's limits, at which point it can start to sound a touch hard as the sound starts to close in. It would also be true to note that just as the DC8T and DC10Ts have a subtly different tonal balance, the DC6 LCR which matches the DC8Ts so well, also differs from the bigger speaker. The difference is more apparent here, as the centre is playing directly in between and at the same time. So whilst the DC8Ts do a fine job as a matching rear to the DC10Ts, the DC6 LCR match to the bigger speakers is a bit more obvious. Voices sound slightly mismatched in character depending on where they are in the front soundstage and panning effects do change subtly in character as they pass through the centre. It's more noticeable when compounded by the volumes the DC10Ts goad you into running. At more moderate day-to-day levels, it's a difference that's very subtle, but given the sticker price attached to the speakers here, it's worthy of note. To be fair, it's amazing that speakers so disparate in size sound as close as they do, but in the end physics rule. Tannoy Definition DC8 review from the experts at What Hi-Fi? - compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see Definition The DC8s do a great job of breaking all the elements up and arranging them all in a regimented, precise manner. Authoritative yet precise sound The crossover's circuit.. Tannoy definition: 1. a brand name for a system of equipment that is used for making speech loud enough for a large. Learn more. Dictionary. Definitions. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English I was also impressed with the space around sounds placed between the speakers. The reduction in room reflected hash, stops complex mixes sounding overly crowded, with individual effects allowed to stand in their own space, more akin to a stereo image with real depth and less like the two dimensional sphere (if you follow) of surround sound. Sounds didn't just slide around the sphere, they had more than an average level of projection into and outside of that sphere, which aided the illusion of immersion no end. Seriously impressive and as per usual, it was the less obvious effects that benefited most. Street scenes seemed to run through the room rather than just around it and the forests of Avatar sounded incredibly alive and close. Say what you like about that films failings, the care taken over it's soundtrack should gain the same recognition as it's visuals and the Definitions show you why in explicit detail.

Nowe kolumny Tannoy Definition DC10 Ti i DC8 Ti, nawiązują swoją konstrukcją do prestiżowego modelu Tannoy Definition DC10A. Już na pierwszy rzut oka można zauważyć, że w nowych konstrukcjach zastosowano solidne cokoły stabilizujące całość i dodające przetwornikom wagi Tannoy Definition DC8 có thiết kế loa đồng trục hai loa, hai đường tiếng với loa tweeter được chế tạo theo công nghệ WideBandTM (dải rộng) cùng tuyến cao rộng mở. Loa tweeter chất liệu titanium bố trí giữa tâm của driver bass, đường kính 20cm với nón loa làm bằng bột giấy ép cùng gân loa cao su..

If you read a lot of audio equipment reviews (who, me?), you're aware that it's de rigueur to note that: (a) the Scottish manufacturer Tannoy Ltd has been in business for a long time (since 1926); and (b) the word tannoy has been used in common parlance throughout the UK and elsewhere as a term.. Access Denied. Sorry, you are not authorized to view this website. If you believe this is an error please contact customer service Tannoy DEFINITION DC8 T. Connect. I want this product. Please log in to discuss Tannoy DEFINITION DC8 T with other users of Hifishark. Maybe you are also interested in these item TANNOY Definition DC8 Ti. Šifra: 10434. Na stanju. The smaller floorstanding loudspeaker in the Definition series, the DC8Ti is capable generating the power and dynamics of a full scale orchestral score yet capable of resolving the smallest details

Tannoy DEFINITION DC8T w kategorii Kolumny i głośniki (Sprzęt RTV). Na taniomania.pl znajdziesz wszystko to, co potrzebujesz w najlepszych cenach. Setki ofert przygotowanych jest specjalnie dla Ciebie All of these advanced technologies are housed in an elegantly curved cabinet made of high-quality birch plywood, sourced only from trees grown in cool climates. Tannoy uses such wood for its natural hardness and supposed good acoustical properties. The DC8s curved backside has the benefit of reducing internal reflections and resonances that can muddy the sound. And on the rear of the cabinet is a bass port tuned to 42Hz.  Tannoy definition dc8-dire straits 2 - Продолжительность: 2:01 Martin Joo 832 просмотра. TANNOY Definition DC10Ti & KEF Blade Two Floorstanding Loudspeakers - Top High End Speakers - Продолжительность: 1:37 Angelicaaudio 9 823 просмотра There are three Definitions: two full-range and one stand-mount model. My review samples were a pair of DC8 stand-mounts finished in high-gloss cherry ($3600 USD per pair). I was struck by how big the two-way DC8 is (it wont be mistaken for a minimonitor): 18.5H x 10.7W x 10.2D, and weighing 22 pounds. The speaker needs a rigid foundation, and luckily I had a pair of hefty Partington Super Dreadnaught stands to put them on. 

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Well, Tannoy noted that people were apparently buying DC8s and turning them on their side to work as a centre and so have done the decent thing and fashioned a In order of size, we are scrutinizing the Definition DC6 LCR centre speaker (£1499 each), the Definition DC8T 2.5 way floorstander (£4199.. My reference system for this review consisted of an Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray universal player hooked up to a Peachtree Audio Nova integrated amp via unbalanced interconnects from Artisan Silver Cables. Alternatively, I used my HP Pavilion notebook to stream digital files via a Kimber Kable USB cord from a 500GB Western Digital external hard drive. The amplifier was connected to the Tannoys via Monster Cable MCX-2s speaker cables. Power was run through a Lindy power conditioner. 

I then played Moondance, from The Best of Van Morrison (CD, Polydor/UMGD B000009DDJ). Theres a lot going on in this track, which challenges a loudspeaker to sort it out correctly. All of the instruments demand equal attention; an inferior speaker will make Moondance sound congested. The DC8s re-created the soundstage terrifically, sorting out the individual sounds nicely. A good sense of air surrounded the instruments, each of which was presented in its own acoustic space with realistic distances between it and the others. This is one of my favorite songs, and the DC8s flexed their muscles by making the piano sound crisp and clear. The double bass was so well defined that I heard subtle nuances in the bass that have escaped lesser speakers. What pulled the entire performance together was Morrisons voice, which had great presence. However, this is also where I pick my only nit: While the DC8s rendered voices clearly, they had a slight tendency to smear when a voice came on strong. Think of the hall effect, in which you hear a voice echoing off the walls -- this was what happened in the louder vocal sections. This was only marginally noticeable with only some recordings, but nonetheless it was there, and suggested a touch of coloration in the sound. With a steady state DC current flowing through the inductor and therefore zero induced voltage across it, the inductor acts as a short circuit equal to a piece of wire, or at the very least a very low value resistance. In other words, the opposition to the flow of current offered by an inductor is very different.. Tannoy Tannoy Ltd is a British manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address systems. The company was founded by Guy Fountain in London, England as Tulsemere Manufacturing Company in 1926 and moved to Coatbridge, Scotland in the 1970s Discover the purity of sound of your Tannoy Definition Dc8ti speakers with Devialet's SAM Audio technology, which allows perfect synchronization between amplifiers and speakers. - 日本 - Devialet. What is Sam for TANNOY DEFINITION DC8TI

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7 Register Definition. 8 Pins Description. Table 4-1 DC Electrical Specification (Recommended Operation Conditions): SYMBOL VDD T amb V IL V IH V TH. UNIT V ℃ V V V. Table 4-2 DC Electrical Specification (Absolute Maximum Ratings): SYMBOL This proved to be a lot simpler than the norm for two reasons. One is that measurably, or audibly, the in-room response from the midrange up is remarkably room independent. The constrained dispersion meant that gross changes in tonal balance, caused by toeing in or not, didn't really happen. So it was simply a matter of adjusting to 'focus' the stereo image without diminishing the soundstage and that didn't take very long at all. I ended up with about five degrees of toe in with both the DC8 and DC10s. Likewise, they both worked best, in the bass, with about three feet of clearance to the front wall. This just opened up the upper bass, removing a touch of thickness. Both speakers are capable of bass measurable into the upper 20s of Hertz and perhaps because my rooms only real bass mode is down in that region too, I found plugging ports made little difference to the subjective power in that region. If anything, the slight reduction in bottom end, was offset by slightly less freedom to the sound overall and as I personally didn't consider the bass to be excessive, I left the plugs out. As ever in these matters, your mileage will vary, as your room is not the same as mine. Parašyti savo apžvalgą. Jūsų apžvalgos: Tannoy Definition DC8T 1 pcs garso kolonėlė 400W, nemokamas pristatymas, kaina už 1 vnt. Kaip įvertintumėte šią prekę? * 1 balas

43 results for tannoy dc. Save tannoy dc to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Tannoy Definition DC-10A floorstanding spks Pokud se rozhodnete postavit Definition DC10 Ti do své poslechové místnosti, ujistěte se, že na to máte dostatek prostoru, protože tyhle Tannoy ho opravdu potřebují. Už kvůli své velikosti 112,5 x 33,9 x 32 cm (v x š x h) při hmotnosti 40,5 kg, ale hlavně kvůli velkým zadním bassreflexovým výdechům..

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Check out the Tannoy Definition DC10 Speakers here .html Видео Tannoy Definition DC10T Loudspeaker Review канала Kronos AV l Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6 50000 руб. l PSB Synchrony One B 50000 руб Tannoy Definition DC 8T. 0 recensioni | Scrivi una recensione. Tannoy è uno dei più antichi e prestigiosi marchi operanti nel mercato audio, essendo stato fondato nel lontano 1926 I enjoyed my time with the Tannoy Definition DC8. Its highly engineered, beautifully built, and has a well-rounded sound. While I have a few criticisms -- the treble could be a little more extended, the microlevel detail could be more fleshed out, and powerful vocal passages could be a touch clearer -- I was impressed enough that I would recommend it in the future.  

Tannoy Definition DC 8 T 3 Tests. (Standlautsprecher). Vergleichen Hinzugefügt. ohne Endnote... Die DC8 T ist ein sehr zugänglicher Weg in die Lautsprecherwelt von Tannoy. Äußerst wohnraumfreundlich und attraktiv, sehr bezahlbar und mit allen Finessen der cleveren DC-Technik.. Find out all of the information about the TANNOY product: tower speaker DEFINITION DC8T. Capable of resolving the finest musical detail or generating the power and dynamics of a full scale orchestra, the Definition DC8T is a commanding floor standing loudspeaker for the discerning listener In each speaker the Dual Concentric driver is partnered by an additional, bass only driver (two in the case of the DC6 LCR), that rolls in beneath the baffle step to augment bottom end bass output. The bass driver is identical to it's Dual Concentric neighbour, but lacks the tweeter and Tulip Waveguide and sports an inverted dome dust cap instead. Loa Tannoy DEFINITION DC8Ti là lao front dạng chân đứng nghe nhạc cao cấp ra đời nhằm đáp ứng những yêu cầu cao về chất lượng âm thanh trong Liên hệ HDRADIO nhận tư vấn miễn phí ngay hôm nay để nhận báo giá Loa Front nghe nhạc cao cấp Tannoy DEFINITION DC8Ti chuyên nghe nhạc..

The midrange is tonally neutral and well able to distinguish subtle tonal differences between, for instance a pair of acoustic guitars, but I found it's level possibly slightly low relative to the bass, if not the treble. This not only kept the stereo soundstage firmly in the plain of the speakers, but also made the DC8Ts sound a little laid back. The placement of instruments and vocalists is exceptionally precise, but it does sound a little distant. That said, I'd rather that than the in your lap projection of, shall we say, more commercially voiced loudspeakers and it does make for an easy listen at high volumes over long periods. In fact, I'd say the balance works better at high volumes where your ears don't really want so much high frequency energy anyway. Tannoy Definition Dc8 cena interneta veikalos, atrastas preces ar nosaukumu 'Tannoy Definition Dc8'. Cena no ▼. Tannoy Definition Dc8. : 10 rezultāti

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Guitar Center is the world's largest musical instruments retailer. Shop Guitars, Bass, Drums, Amps, DJ, Keyboards, Pro-Audio and more. Most orders ship free Tannoy DEFINITION DC8T - od 10999,00 zł, porównanie cen w 2 sklepach. Zobacz inne Kolumny podłogowe, najtańsze i najlepsze oferty, opinie. W skład najnowszej, ekskluzywnej serii Definition wchodzą trzy modele: podłogowe Definition DC8T i Definition DC10T oraz podstawkowy Definition.. Explore iPhone, the world's most powerful personal device. Check out iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR

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  1. De Tannoy Definition DC8Ti is een statige vloerstaande luidspreker voor de kritische luisteraar. Met de 8 inch dual concentric unit en 8 inch woofer wordt een hoogstaand realistisch geluidsbeeld geproduceerd. De exceptionele rigiditeit van het berkenmultiplex en gebruik van Tannoy's DMT..
  2. The Definition DC10A crossover sets the benchmark for signal integrity, reproducing music with all the articulation and intelligibility of the original performance. To get best results from your new Tannoy Definition DC10A loudspeakers, it is worthwhile spending a little time finding the optimum set-up..
  3. Note: Measurements taken in the anechoic chamber at Canada's National Research Council can be found through this link. Tannoy's history in audio is so long, illustrious, and well known that I'll keep this introduction short: The company was founded in 1926, in London..
  4. The DC8 uses the latest evolution of Tannoys Dual Concentric driver. An 8 cone of treated paper pulp handles the midrange and bass duties and is rigidly fastened to the cabinet using Tannoys Differential Material Technology (DMT). According to them, DMT aids timbral accuracy by firmly coupling driver to cabinet. At the center of the driver is a 25mm WideBand titanium-dome tweeter, driven by a pure neodymium magnet assembly, that kicks in at 1500Hz and extends the response all the way to a claimed 35kHz. The Tannoy designers believe that the human ear can perceive sounds above 20kHz, and that their tweeter makes possible supremely accurate fine detail resolution of high frequencies but such wide bandwidth capability also effectively enhances the listening experience throughout the entire frequency range. WideBand technology reduces phase error and significantly improves transient performance below 20kHz. Tannoy believes that putting the tweeter at the very center of the drive-unit time-aligns the two drivers, and that this, in turn, allows a pair of such speakers to create a cohesive soundfield that greatly increases accuracy of imaging. This sort of design is difficult to implement, but Tannoy has been doing it a long while now. 

TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages. Ideas free to stream and download DS-2CE19H8T-AIT3ZF Starting the DC8Ts, the new DC6 LCR felt immediately at home, providing a very smooth match between the front pair. Vocal dialogue under any circumstance and at any volume level was clear, crisp and intelligible. In the company of the DC8Ts, the DC6 LCR appeared to give away nothing to the slightly larger driver area of the floorstanders, matching them with excellent dynamic attack and headroom. As a combination, the DC8Ts and DC6 LCR will sit playing at Dolby reference levels all day long with ease and this translates into a sound that's unfatiguing on the ear. Don't confuse this capability with lacking excitement - with the right material, the snap that gunshot is delivered with is phenomenal and the innate, natural detail on offer, ensures that tinkly sounds have just the right amount of shine, without sounding brittle. No, it means that you don't feel worn out after a a couple of hours of high volume, effects fest. Tannoy Definition DC8 porównanie cen w 1 sklepie, cena już od 9 000,00 zł poznaj wiarygodne opinie przeczytaj recenzje sprawdź dane techniczne wybierz najlepszą ofertę. Zobacz, gdzie kupisz Tannoy Definition DC8 w najniższej cenie z opcją darmowej dostawy nawet w 24h When it came time to compare the Definition DC8 with a similar speaker, I relied on my experience of B&Ws 805S, a well-rounded, two-way stand-mount design ($2800/pair, recently discontinued). Like the DC8, the 805S has a clear, smooth midrange thats highly competent with a wide range of music. Where the 805S outshone the DC8 was in its transient speed: The 805S can go from quiet to all-out assault in a flash. The DC8 wasnt sluggish -- it was capable of powerful dynamic swings -- but because the 805S is a touch faster, it had the upper hand in the dynamic-contrast category. Similarly, both speakers have a rich midrange that can captivate me with their realistic renderings of singers and instruments. Each had an out-of-the-box sound that put the musicians in the room with me. Both could retrieve lots of detail, even from loud, complex passages. The 805S, however, had the upper hand in microlevel detail. The B&Ws tweeter was capable of resolving more information; the Tannoys tweeter had a high degree of resolution, but I heard high notes more clearly through the B&W. To my ears, the 805S is the more transparent speaker; little nuances in songs came through more clearly. 

DC8i - read user manual online or download in PDF format. Page of 8. Go. Definition Install DC8i. Tannoy United Kingdom Tannoy North America Tannoy Deutschland Tannoy France Europe's busiest forums, with independent news and expert reviews, for TVs, Home Cinema, Hi-Fi, Movies, Gaming, Tech and more.All of this engineering is housed in what, to this reviewers eyes, are some of the finest examples of distinctive, yet understated cabinets, with exactly the right amount of speaker bling. The sonic benefits, in terms of standing wave dissipation and increased rigidity, of the curved cabinets are well known, but this also has the visual benefit of slimming the Definitions presence. In concert with the sub veneer grill fixing magnets, the brushed aluminium driver and nameplate trims and liquid depths of the plywood cabinet lacquer, it all goes a long way to reducing the significant visual impact of what are, by modern standards, large loudspeakers. To be fair, introducing the DC10Ts into the room went a long way to making the DC8Ts look smaller, but the acid test of wife approval was passed with ease. We agreed on our preference for the Cherry finish of the DC6 LCR and DC8Ts, over Dark Walnut. Neither were remotely close to matching the resolutely oak tones of our room, but it turns out that if I really "must" have large loudspeakers, they may as well look obviously gorgeous, rather than trying to unsuccessfully blend in. There's a gloss black option for the terminally conventional too.Rolling them altogether with the new Definition DC6 LCR centre, delivers a similar set of choices. The tonal match to the DC8Ts is that bit closer and I'd suggest likewise to the stand mount DC8, which would also be an obvious candidate for surround duties. The DC10Ts, trade a little of the seamless match, for increased bombast and anyway, it's not such a large difference that it would annoy you. For the many users that would be stereo-with-surround attached, it's still a blinding combination and again, the part of me that likes to be assaulted by my movies, would tend to win out over the part of me that likes to be moved by them. The lower volumes of movies for your head, make it even less of a tonal match issue anyway, so I'd like to think you can have your cake and eat it. For those without the room, or neighbours, you aren't giving up much. I couldnt help but notice the first-rate craftsmanship that has gone into the DC8. The high-gloss finish (black and dark walnut are also available) and metal accents are perfectly crafted, and add a touch of class. Looking modern, with a touch of quiet confidence, the DC8 should blend beautifully into a posh living room or entertaining area. Its a great example of British class and style. 

Tannoy Definition DC8T. 1 Angebot: 3.790,00 €. 0 Produktmeinungen: Produktmeinung auf idealo verfassen Tannoy Definition. Solve device problem. Videos (tutorials) Documents (manuals). Tannoy Definition DC10 Ti video by Hi-Fi.ru (HD 720p) Mentioning that the DC6 LCR is sealed, hints at the ported nature of the two floorstanders. The DC8T has a single rear firing 65mm port, whilst the DC10T has two 75mm jobs. Both are well flaired and come with port bungs to assist in tuning the bass response to suit your room. All the Definition speakers have the same connections, comprising five WBT binding posts in a neatly recessed tray. Four allow for bi-wiring/amping, the tweeter being the driver that is split from the rest. The fifth is a connection that allows you to earth the driver baskets back to your amplifier's ground, if it provides such a connection. It's an idea popular in far eastern markets and seeks to reduce background noise. As it can be accomplished by nowt more than a piece of dirt cheap bellwire, it's inexpensive to try if you do so wish. At a recent hi-fi show, I did notice screened speaker cables that provide for this connection, via the screen, to both amp and speakers, so others see merit in the idea too. The crossovers also go the extra mile beyond use of audiophile grade components, in undergoing deep cryogenic treatment. The deep freeze and slow thaw process, is claimed to reduce stresses in the micro structure of the crossover components, to improve performance. Silver platted, high purity oxygen free copper cable is used throughout.At the opposite end of the spectrum, the dynamics of treble are equally well focused and clean, although if you're used to a more normal tweeter, the lack of extra treble energy sprayed around the room, can make it sound initially a bit dull. It's not, it's just the reflected hash that delivers artificial 'air' that you're missing. Cymbals and the rasp of brass instruments is very polished and clean, with delicate, jazz brushwork and breath sounds lacking over emphasis. This also helps with some overly edgy recordings, preventing them from sounding too strident - those with a penchant for early eighties digital recordings will find this a welcome trait.

Tannoy Definition DC8T 1 pcs garso kolonėlė 400

  1. Read online or download PDF • Page 8 / 12 • Tannoy DEFINITION DC10A User Manual • Tannoy Microphones. DC10A. PerformAnCe Recommended amplifier power. 30 - 300
  2. In an ironic twist, just as the Dual Concentric driver allowed the DC8 standmount to be turned on it's side for centre duties, I can see people standing the DC6 LCR on it's end, for front and surround duties. As it is a sealed design, tonally balanced to be comfortable sitting on the top shelf of an equipment rack, it would be equally at home on a stand relatively close to a wall. I don't suppose there'll be much mileage in asking Tannoy for another four to test the theory, but I suspect with some confidence it would work very well indeed!
  3. The DC8Ts can play loud and off less Watts than you would expect. The volume control on my pre-amp was several notches down from it's normal position running a 75dB(SPL) test tone, although the heat generated by my amp after extended high level running suggests that the Tannoys are pulling a fair bit of current. The sensitivity would seem in part due to the driver area, but also in part to a load that I'm guessing is closer to four Ohms, rather than eight. No matter, a good fifty watter will still raise antisocial levels, making it easy to go for quality, over quantity of Watts.
  4. Tag Mclaren Audio. Tandberg. Tannoy. Telefunken. Thiel
  5. g, gains extra weight and texture which makes it sound more tight and resonant. This grip, also conveys a fine pace and rhythm to driving bass lines with pop and rock, kicking out bass guitar and deep synth with conviction and without apparent strain.
  6. The definition DC10A uses a unique 250 mm (10) driver that can trace its heritage back to the 1967 Tannoy Monitor Gold Dual Concentric. Featuring Alnico power, a pepper pot waveguide and a raft of technical innovations, the DC10A stands as a worthy flagship of the range
  7. But these days, competition among speakers makers is fierce. Can a company that has been around for over 80 years develop loudspeaker technologies that can compete in the 21st century? 

Tannoy Definition DC8T - speaker Specs - CNE

  1. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Tannoy Definition DC8i Speakers. Database contains 2 Tannoy Definition DC8i Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Operation & user's manual
  2. View online or download Tannoy Definition DC8 T Owner's Manual. Manuals and User Guides for Tannoy Definition DC8 T. We have 1 Tannoy Definition DC8 T manual available for free PDF download: Owner's Manual
  3. Tannoy Definition DC10A manual is a part of official documentation provided by manufacturing company for devices consumers. Owner's Manual, presented here, contains 12 pages and can be viewed online or downloaded to your device in PDF format without registration or providing of any..
  4. Although my review samples arrived fully broken in, I nonetheless had the Tannoys in my system for about a weeks worth of normal use before doing any critical listening. The DC8 is claimed to have a sensitivity of 88dB, and the pair of them were easily driven to high volumes by my 80Wpc amplifier. A few days after receiving them I was sitting at my computer looking for news of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, and had music playing in the background. Michael Bubls version of Georgia On My Mind, from Crazy Love (CD, Reprise 9362497077), came on, and I couldnt help but stop and listen. The DC8s seemed to make possible that emotional connection with the music that I look for in a speaker. This got me excited about doing some critical listening. 
  5. Loudspeaker II -Upgrade Kits For Vintage Speakers --B&W 802 S3 Matrix --Dali 800 Renovation Kit --JBL L100 (4310 & 4311) --JBL L112 --JBL L26 2-Way --Tannoy MG15 --Yamaha NS1000 -Optional Accessories --View Catalogue -Screws For Driver Mounting -Shipping information
  6. Discover the build quality of definition dc8t 0c tannoy ? See the internal circuits of this tannoy speakers - Hifi, audio, stereo. The definition dc8t 0c tannoy has an high quality or cheap circuit board? - Hifi Audio. Click the image to see it in full size
  7. Taken as a whole, the DC8 proved itself a high-quality speaker through which I could easily connect with the music. From first note to last, I could sit back and enjoy the performance. The midrange was warm, the treble sweet, the bass tight and articulate. Every speaker has its strengths and its weaknesses, and in the Definition DC8 the former far outweigh the latter. Tannoy has done a great job; theyve built a loudspeaker that practically guarantees the companys continued success and longevity. 

Tannoy Definition DC 8 T im Test Testberichte

  1. This extra, effortless dynamic expression is maintained up through the mid band, although I noted that it was as apparent with small scale impacts - a gently plucked string, a softer piano note, a lightly hit tom tom - and this lent the overall presentation a more electrifying reality. I'd also suggest that the mid band level of the DC10Ts is slightly higher in level than the DC8Ts, as voices in particular seemed a little in further forward in the soundstage. This gave an increased sense of front to back separation, although as before, the soundstage was very much between the speakers, although mercifully free of the boxes and precise in image focus. I'd rather this than a wider, less focused, alternative. The slight increase in mid range, is matched by the treble, which gives the DC10Ts a slightly lighter, leaner overall balance, despite the increased bass on offer. This coupled with the incisive, coherent dynamic attack, makes the DC10Ts a more attention focusing, lively listen that with the right material, can leave you positively breathless. Be it the intensity of the opening bars of Michael Bubble's 'Cry Me A River', the intro of Dire Straits 'Money For Nothing', or just about anything by Metallica, the scale, impact and pace injected, or should I say preserved, in the music is absolutely riveting. Not relaxing, but definitely bloody good fun.
  2. ator - Salvation where a 'Transformeresque' robot knocks the seven bells out of a house was transfixing, not only for the big explosions, but the way the noises made by the robot had an electrifying presence in the room. It prompted me to dig out the Martian emergence scene from War of the Worlds to sample the ray guns, only to be given cause to sojourn via the lightening effects. Both were delivered with a palpable sense of static that no amount of mental subwoofery can deliver, without real grunt in the upper bass and midrange of the speakers. The rewind button was abused, as indeed was the volume control. Volume is, unsurprisingly, another area the DC10Ts are comfortable and I mean reference level and above, without strain.
  3. Tannoy Definition DC8 Loudspeakers Price: $3600 USD per pair. Warranty: Five years parts and labor.

Einzeltest: Tannoy Definition DC8 T - Seite 3 / 3. Im Mittelpunkt. Ebenso positiv fällt die Darstellung vermeintlich unwichtiger Nebengeräusche auf, was die DC8 T sehr durchhörbar macht und auch bei geringer Gesamtlautstärke ein sehr stressarmes Hören ermöglicht Tannoy speakers are manufactured in China*. The vast majority of reviewers and especially retailers avoid the subject like the plague. The Definition series (including the Tannoy Definition DC10A) is made at Tannoy's headquarters and main factory in Coatbridge in Scotland Tannoy Definition DC8i on kotiteteatterin kulmakivi. Laadukas ja edullinen kaiutin. Definition Install - sarja on rakennettu ja suunniteltu Tannoyn palkitusta Dual Concentric™ kaiutinelementeistä ja tekniikasta tannoy Definition DC8T. Bringing Definition technology to a stand-mount design, the DC8 offers the latest 8 inch Dual ConcentricTM drive unit in a compact, curve wall cabinet constructed from the finest plywood

Listening to the Black Crowes She Talks to Angels, from Shake Your Money Maker (CD, Columbia 714635), was revealing. This songs great opening, with acoustic guitar, gives me a good first impression of a loudspeakers tonality, and the Tannoy had no trouble with it: The guitar sounded quite lifelike, its notes decaying naturally, and the DC8 accurately portrayed the instruments warmth. The guitars timbre also sounded accurate, indicating the speakers neutral tonal balance. When Chris Robinsons bluesy vocal chimed in, I was intrigued by its natural warmth and clarity -- the DC8 presented what was on the recording. The speaker sounded neither cold nor overly warm and lush, but had a natural fullness that was inviting. When She Talks to Angels got up to speed I was drawn in by the tracks rhythm and pace, which were well presented by the Tannoys. The bass was tight and articulate, adding to the blend the right amount of low frequencies to complement the mids and highs.  Tannoy. Technics On paper, there is but 3Hz of difference in extension between DC10T and it's 8" brethren, but in practice it feels like considerably more. The difference is really about the 10" driver's ability to maintain that advantage at higher volumes, where the 8" jobs will start to tail off. You need to shift a lot more driver area to shift a few extra Hertz of depth and the 10" driver has a near 60% advantage and it makes it count. I've seldom heard kick drum delivered with such alacrity - perhaps felt would be a better expression - without a subwoofer in tow.Now, I must confess that my enthusiasm, upon hearing about the 'late to the party' DC6 LCR centre, was slightly tempered by the news that it was to be based on 150mm drivers. My concern was the tonal match the much smaller drivers could offer, but in practical reality it was a sensible move. Due to the relative scale of the other Definition speakers in the pictures, it's not clear that the DC6 LCR is still quite a large speaker. By going for the three drivers, Tannoy have created a speaker that is manageably sized in terms of height. Lest we forget, this is a range with a predominantly stereo focus and the centre has been created to fill the gap for those who are stereo first, with surround sound attached. For those craving coffin sized centre speakers, then you have to look a little further up the Tannoy catalogue than the Dimension Series.* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

Tannoy, one of the most respected and best-known names in loudspeaker design, has been making audio products since 1926. In World War II, Tannoy was commissioned by the British War Department to manufacture public-address systems for various military installations. In 1948, the Oxford English Dictionary listed Tannoy as a colloquialism meaning a public address system. The phrases Tannoy announcement and over the Tannoy are still used today in the UK to indicate announcements made over PA systems.  Tannoy Ltd. UK Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire Scotland ML5 4TF UK Phone: +44 (0)1236-420199 Tannoy Definition DC8 Ti Standlautsprecher. Prinzip: 3-Wege-Bassreflex mit koaxialem Mittelhochtöner Nennimpedanz: 8 Ω Wirkungsgrad: 89 dB Bestückung: 8-Zoll-Tieftöner und 8-Zoll-Mitteltöner aus Papier-Verbund-Material mit integriertem 1-Zoll-Titanium-Tweeter Besonderheiten.. In order of size, we are scrutinizing the Definition DC6 LCR centre speaker (£1499 each), the Definition DC8T 2.5 way floorstander (£4199 per pair) and finally, the Definition DC10T 2.5 way floorstander (£5250 per pair). The standmount Definition DC8 (previously reviewed) rounds out the range at £2499 per pair.

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