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I recently got this perfume and i was sooo excited because when i smelt it in the sample it smelled amazing! When i bought the actual perfume and sprayed it on me i was sooooo dissappointed, it didnt smell like the sample at all, i cant believe i spent so much money on this perfume. Flora by Gucci to przyjemnie lekkie, świeże perfumy o kwiatowo - owocowych nutach, wzbogaconych u bazy kompozycji W 2012 roku powstał kwintet kwiatowych perfum Flora by Gucci The Garden I can see that many consider this fragrance boring and not inovating. In some way I agree with that, this was also my first impression. But actually I don't really need an inovating perfume right now, I just want one that is pleasant, not offending and long lasting. And I think this is the one. I don't love it, but i like it and somehow i've become addicted to it. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist. I can acctually identify all the notes, plus one that is not listed:)). Besides peony and roses I can also smell apricots, at least on my skin.So I think this one is more a floral fruity one.It is very creamy and romantic, best suited for sunny day of spring. The lasting power it's very good, it's been almost 24 hours since i've applied it, and I can still smell some sandallwood on my wrist (of course, I have to smell it very close). It is best suited to young women .I also think the botle is very nice and it's a perfect match for this romantic perfume. Gucci. Sản phẩm bán đã đạt 884 lượt mua. Bạn đang chọn dung tích Chọn một tùy chọn 50ml 5ml EDT 75ml. Xóa. Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau De Parfum số lượng

This perfume is really gorgeous. I bought it recently and I literally own over 70 bottles of perfume but this is quickly climbing to the top of my list. The problem with most rose fragrances is they end up smelling very old lady-ish when I wear them but that's not the case with this perfume. It is just the right amount of floral and sweet so that it doesn't become to sweet or to mature it's the perfect balance. They say that this is aimed at the younger market but I think anyone in there 20s or older can wear this perfume and it's so lovely that I think it could be worn as a day or evening scent. All in all if you are looking for a floral with just the right amount without smelling like a bouquet this ones for you.this opens with 2 of my fav scents,peony and oranges,which i love.but up from the rear slips in the patchouli and sadlewood.just doesnt do anything with my chemistry.i imagine it would b glorious on some.thank goodness there r a few i dont like.lol

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received a 50ml of EDP version of this for my last birthday..crazily in love with it..it's like a long lost friend.. a warm, rich and refined floral scent..very feminine,youthful and romantic..perfect for dating nights..elegant and girly..decent quality.. the bottle looks perfect, good quality and neat..and i always love fragrance in a glass bottle.. they smell almost identical, but EDP works better, longevity and strength wise.. personally there is a hint of orange cake icing..love it..recommend it..Bueno, yo definiria este perfume como el perfume de la alegria!!! yo soy de perfumes orientales tipo Addict de Dior o incluso Allure de Chanel, pero este perfume de Flora es muy llevadero, no es nada especial ni sorprendente pero te hace sentir bien cuando lo llevas puesto, no puedo oler el sandalo en el, pero si la mandarina y notas verdes,tampoco puedo distinguir la rosa y la peonia se distingue levemente.Para mi es un perfume fresco para el verano o para llevar durante el dia, no lo veo para la noche, ni cenas romanticas.Kvetinový raj alebo záhradu – to je prvé, čo vám napadne pri ucítení tejto toaletnej vody. Preferujú ju elegantné, jemné a pôvabné nositeľky, ktoré nechcú pútať priveľa pozornosti a zároveň chcú dokonale vyzdvihnúť svoju osobnosť. Výhodou tejto vône je to, že kvetinové akordy sa rozvíjajú na každej pokožke ináč.

This perfume is much too sweet for me -- on my skin it is sadly just a creamy scent.. no florals or fruit to be detected. Kaikki myymälät Sokos-myymälät Emotion-myymälät. Sokos Helsinki. Mannerheimintie 9. Avoinna tänään: 12 - 16

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  1. antly floral fragrance, with fruity undertones, and a base of base of patchouli and sandalwood. the most do
  2. Alcohol Denat, Parfum/Fragrance, Aqua/Water, Limonene, Coumarin, Linalool, Citronellol, Geraniol, Eugeol, Citral, Cinnamyl
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  4. ine and obviously floral. It is a very subtle fragrance that I don't

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Vôňa Gucci Flora je priezračná, kvetinová, spočiatku pripomína ovocie a citrusy, ale vďaka obsiahnutej ruži je aróma zamatovejšia a nekonvenčná. Ako toaletná voda je Gucci Flora perfektným riešením aj.. Gucci Flora by Gucci. (Tualetes ūdens sievietei). Absolūti sievišķīgs un dziļi juteklisks aromāts. Flora by Gucci ir radīts mūsdienu princesēm. No aromāta staro dabas aura, bezrūpība, nostaļģija un.. Flora by Gucci: ein Duft für moderne Prinzessinnen. Flora by Gucci ist ein bezaubernder Duft aus zitrischen und blumigen Noten; ein luxuriöses Parfum gemacht für romantische.. Gucci vào đầu năm nay vừa cho ra đời một ấn bản mới của Gucci Flora một sản phẩm đã rất được ưa chuộng trong thời gian qua. Sản phẩm này vẫn được lấy cảm hứng từ hương hoa

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  1. e is there), lightly sweet, with a warm bade including vanilla. The middle smells like warm apricot jam scented with vanilla, and is somewhar soapy at times. A your-skin-but-better kind of scent. The drydown is musky and milky, and a hazy fruity - floral aspect is still there. I agree this scent is suitable for all ages, all seasons and any occasion.
  2. Gucci Flora innehåller en härlig bukett av citrus, mandarin och pion som sedan möter hjärtats noter från japansk osmanthus och rosépeppar. Basens har en varm touch av sandelträ som ger en unik och..
  3. iscent of other scents around but I Do like it nonetheless. I like citrus notes and the pairing with roses is quite lovely. Towards the middle, it turns warmer and I get a whiff of vanilla? A bit sweet, nicely done. Makes you feel cosy. This is a classy, cosy, fe
  4. I somehow ended up with two big bottles of this. I guess one is going to have to be a gift. I have to say, this is not my favorite. Every Gucci perfume that I have ever tried has been too mild and my nose can barely smell any of them, this one included. It is just SO faint to me. I know a lot of people just love this, and I wish I could really smell it. This is not necessarily bad but not great either. Can take it or leave it. For reference my signature scent is Chloe EDT and EDP. I also love Kenzo World Intense. I guess I am used to VERY strong perfume. This does not cut it for me. I guess I can just wear it around the house...kind of disappointed. I keep buying Gucci hoping I will finally buy one that is strong enough to project but so far not so good.
  5. Love the video spot. A kind of weird but very captivating. The fragrance isn´t that sexy. An ordinary flowery smell to me, nothing special. I have a small bottle but I´ll give it away very soon. Not my cup of tea.

JR: I am not sure what add you are watching but I didn't think there was anything freaky or distasteful about it or any different from most perfume commercials. There have been worse. It is a little dramatic to take your bottle back to the store? What in the add needs an exorcism? and what does the economy have to do with the girl in a field of flowers? I think you have taken offence to something that just isn't there. Strange review. I love the perfume and I don't think there is anything wrong with it for younger girls it is a little more mature than the Ed Hardy and as for Marc Jacobs and the new Lola add need we say anymore! Gucci-flora-parfyum.tdsse has the lowest Google pagerank and bad results in terms of Yandex topical citation index. We found that Gucci-flora-parfyum.tdsse.com is poorly 'socialized' in respect to any..

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I tried this perfume and fell in love with it after some minutes when the scent turned into something similar to Un Jardin Apres la Mousson by Hermès. Maybe it was the pepper in it. Definitely not a floral perfume like the others. Simply brilliant!Hmm... I don't know why this one is called 'Flora'. Its not floral enough to have that name. The floral notes are there, but the citruses dominate the scent from beginning to end, leaving the floral (and sandalwood) notes in the background. Its a very nice and safe fragrance, nothing special.I was able to test this at a department store this past weekend. I was actually impressed. This is probably one of the few (VERY FEW) floral fragrances that I can wear. It's actually very pretty--from the citrus floral top notes, right down to the soft-earthy end notes. Right off the bat, I could smell the "citrus" notes and the peony--what I thought was a beautiful combination. Soft, simple, and fresh (but not soapy). I'm not sure what osmanthus smells like, but it, along with the rose note, blended into the top notes quite nicely. There was always a soft citrus aroma wafting through for at least an hour on me. The floral arrangement was hormonious and tidy. Nothing too crazy. Once I got to the dry down, I couldn't help but smile. It was perfect. The woodsy notes at the end did not interfere with, overwhelm, or even change the "pretty" floral-citrus vibe. In fact, I think it kept it from being too light...and even helped to maintain that feeling of comfort & cheer--the kind you get when you receive a bouquet of flowers from important people in your life. I'm not sure how long it lasts since I only spritz a tiny amount...but I could smell a hint of it 4 hours later. It might have lasted longer had I sprayed more. I would definitely wear this at the office or on the weekend while shopping. Pretty & enjoyable.Somehow expecting the scent will be soft in my own perception but when i apply it, i felt headache of it's smell. Its just not for me i guess. I still have a full bottle of it. A friend of mine said this perfume is more when we have a special occassion in the evening.

I love this scent!! On my skin it's became a powder-floral fragrance. Rajtam kifejezetten finom illat:)Wie alle Gucci Damendüfte wird auch das Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum ausschließlich aus hochwertigen Ingredienzen hergestellt. Es ist intensiver konzentriert als das gleichnamige, ebenfalls erhältliche Eau de Toilette. Dennoch büßt das Eau de Parfum nichts von der modernen Leichtigkeit und Spritzigkeit ein, die diesen Duft ausmacht. Ausschließlich die Haltbarkeit und Silage werden durch die höhere Konzentration an Duftessenzen noch verbessert. Der Duft eröffnet mit einer Kopfnote, die exzellente Spritzigkeit vermittelt. Sie besteht aus einem harmonischen Akkord verschiedener Zitrusfrüchte, wie zum Beispiel der Mandarinorange, der mit einem Hauch von Pfingstrose abgerundet wird. Intensiv blumig hingegen ist die Herznote beim Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum. Rose und Osmanthus entfalten hier ihr außerordentlich romantisches Bouquet. Die Basisnote schließlich steuert sowohl Würze, als auch Süße zum olfaktorischen Gesamterlebnis bei. Hierfür hat der Parfumeur einen mehrschichtigen Akkord aus Sandelholz, Rosa Pfeffer und Patschuli verwendet. Das Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum ist in verschiedenen Abfüllgrößen in unserem Shop erhältlich und eignet sich hervorragend Frühling und Herbst, am Besten bei Tag oder in lauen Abendstunden. Whilst this fragrance is marketed as a young woman's, it is definitely not typical of this category: Most of these are fresh, fruity, clean, or sweet and candy-girl; they portray innocence and are not really sexy. Flora is far more sophisticated: It is rich, deep and warm, giving it a mature, but subtle sensuality provided by the lovely rose, patchouli, osmanthus and sandalwood that I find are predominant. It is very long lasting on my skin, changing very little for 8 hours or more, and has a subtle sweetness and rich depth that last from opening to drydown. This fragrance portrays quality, richness, depth, sophistication, a woman with an air of already having what she wants, so is more desirable. Contentment and confidence along with warmth of personality and a calm, loving nature. A fragrance that stands alone in its category for quality, it sings 'expensive', in a beautiful symphony, whilst many of those classed as young women's fragrances do not. Longevity: 10/10 - it is still there the morning after! Sillage: Perfect, does not dominate but sends its tantalising tentacles out into the room to tempt the unsuspecting :)Der Name Gucci ist aus der internationalen Designerszene schon seit vielen Jahren nicht mehr wegzudenken. Das Label gehört nach wie vor zu den gefragtesten Marken weltweit. Doch nicht nur in Sachen Mode weiß man bei Gucci Qualität erster Güte zu produzieren. Auch Gucci Damendüfte, wie etwa das Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum, zeichnen sich durch ihre hochwertigen Zusammensetzungen, sowie ihre überdurchschnittliche Haltbarkeit und Silage aus. Weit über 60 verschiedene Düfte hat Gucci bereits lanciert, viele davon wurden von international führenden Parfumeuren kreiert. Produziert werden die Düfte von Gucci, also auch das Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum, vom weltweit erfolgreich agierenden Konzern Coty, der auf Düfte und Kosmetika spezialisiert ist. Stilvoll und hochwertig: Der Flakon des Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum Das Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum präsentiert sich in einem stilvoll und elegant gehaltenen Flakon aus hochwertigem Kristallglas. Seine sechseckige Grundform wirkt edel und luxuriös, unterstreicht durch seine klare geometrische Linie jedoch was wirklich wichtig ist: der Inhalt. Der schwarze Deckel, der mit einer gleichfarbigen Kordelschleife verziert ist, nimmt die Grundform auf und stellt dadurch ein harmonisches Gesamtbild des Flakons sicher. Dieser gewährt durch seine klare Glasausführung den Blick auf das luxuriös goldfarbene Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum im Inneren. I have just read on the magazines that there is a 'new' Flora EDT, namely Gucci Flora Anniversary Edition. The difference should be the introduction of pear and leather notes - really looking forward to testing it because I am addicted to Flora. Especially now, during the spring.

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  1. This one, for my preference, is far too sweet. I only get the slightest hint of floral before it is totally mitigated by sweet, sweet and more sweet. That's just my opinion, if you love sweet, this one is for you.
  2. inity" is by observing our mothers, so I think this involuntary association reflects very well on this scent. It's not something I would wear but I keep co
  3. interesting...at first it is floral, after the dry down there is very strong scent of antibiotic which is gone after 3 hours and after 4 hours you can't smell it anymore....my husband's comment was that " it smells like medicine"...i like the ad on Tv but won't buy the perfume...
  4. ded me of Quelques Fleurs if it were a light body mist.
  5. imho i think there is a rotten note in the back ground of this perfume ,you know the smell of rotten water that has been left in a plastic bottle for a year or the smell of rotten laundry that didn't dry properly in humid weather..now that we talked about the rotten part we can move on o the better part,i think its a young perfume made for younger girls,light floral i get the notion that it has flora bacteria that lives in the guts.. it smells like cheaper perfumes from the one dollar shop or imitations made in china..and i am really serious about the after rotten smell ,as soon as you smell it everything is nice fresh and sweet and floral but nothing crisp then immediately you get that rotten note that i cant stand even when it dries down it develops in to two distinct notes a rotten one and a weird rotten floral one .. perfume ratting 2 out of 5 bottle rating 3 out of 5
  6. Thete are very few perfumes that i truly cant tolerate but this is one of them . I dont know what it is that i am smelling, but it smells like pee on me. Straight up urinal. I actually thought i got a bad sample and went to sephora for a fresh one. Same result. Revolting. And i have not smelled that note in any other fragrance. Can anyone help me identify it......for future reference.
  7. This is litteraly pure osmanthus juice (at least on my skin). When I was young, my parents sent my brother and I to a club for a month or so in summer (we live in argentina). It was kind of like a summer camp, except we went there every year (you were admitted until.you turned 14) and we got there at 9 am and left forlunch I guess. In the club there was a huge shrub that was always surrounded by bees so we weren't allowed to go near it, it was really close to the pool area so the 'counselors/teachers' were careful with the bees. One day I took a bunch of those sticky white flowers and found out that if you took the bottom of it, pulled and removed the bulb and sucked on the 'straw' (how we used to call it) you would taste a honey-like sweet substance. The smell of the shrub itself was sweet, this translated wonderfully in Flora, it's not sweet in an overtly chemical way, it's more like herbal/natural sweetness. It's not bad if you like to smell like osmanthus, but it's aswell quiye strong and my.colleagues find it quite nauseating, it lasts forever, and if overapplied can give you the barfs/headaches. If you've bought it and feel like there's something missing (in my case I like it but the osmanthus is just so weird/off putting) I found out you can use the herbal sweetener for perfumes that are extremely dry/sour (chanel 19/ chance eau fraiche/ paco rabanne metal cabotine, etc) to add a little something, this is only my experience since Flora translated into osmanthus and pink pepper, no sandalwood, no rose, nothing

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Gucci Flora on peen lillelõhnaline tualettvesi naistele, mis on inspireeritud tõelistest printsessidest - noored, klassikalised ja vaoshoitud naised Guccilikult vapra ja sensuaalse iseloomuga Flora opens up to me with orange green yellow citruses then dries to an airy and sweet note of peonies i do detect a bit of peach that is soft and not evasive the middle dries to an delicate and Intoxicating note of Osmanthus that spreads it's gentile aroma over the summer sky and very faint and diluted note of sandalwood rose and patchouli are the shy evasive notes that hides behind dark crevasses in rocks or behind leafy roofs of foliage. Flora has a girlish innocence inside a chic high end veneer, the scent brings what it delivers airy and not overly sweet that shows modernity in a bottle.I'm a big fan of osmanthus and peony so this one was a no brainer for me. It's non complex, easy to wear, and lasts a good while. Just a pretty fragrance, simple as that. No more, no less. Great for spring just as others say. It is ironically strong for being made with such "soft smelling" flowers so spray with caution.I have seen multiple reviews in which Flora is described as "girly". I will go one beyond that - this smells exactly like a perfume that might be included in a "big girl's makeup box", maybe something Mattel made in the 80's for little girls who loved playing with Barbie. This smells like a 6 year old's idea of what grown up ladies might smell like when they go on dates or shopping or whatever imaginative fancy 6 year olds come up with. I cannot even really pick out specific notes - just a cloying, strangely apricot-ish scent with something fresh/vaguely ozonic floating underneath. I don't necessarily like to write reviews about scents that I do not like, and so I won't say I hate this. I think this would probably be nice for high school girls, but anyone older than that might feel silly wearing it.

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  1. I sense it as sweet, aqautic and fruity fragrance. I don't consider it so floral, actually. Also, I have noticed that many Gucci's fragrances have some kind of sweet sythetic-smelling note to them. (except Guilty) So this one also has this note. I don't like it because of it. I can't say much about notes, because I only can think of sythetic watery sweetness.
  2. g or sharp. Longevity is a little disappointing lasting only a few hours but silage is nice, if a little on the soft side. This will be a nice go-to during the warmer days of the spring and summer. I'm curious to try the eau de parfum of this scent and wonder how much of a difference there is in scent, silage, and longevity. I'm willing to bet it is just as pretty as this is.
  3. Flora by Gucci is a fresh and lovely floral. I find it is quite similar in scent to Clinique's Happy, which I also enjoy. A blending of fresh flowers is what I detect the most, quite strong florals of peony, rose, and osmanthus flower. There is also a sweet citrusy aroma and a dry feel with the sandlewood. In the dry down, it pretty much stayed the same, only became softer and less intense. I did not detect patchouli in this one at all. To me it is a easy going, bright, fun and cheerful fragrance and quite pretty. This is something I find perfect for spring and for everyday wear. Office or casual. Very crisp and clean smelling. If you enjoy floral fragrances that are fresh, (like Clinique's Happy and even 4711 Original Eau de Cologne), I think you would enjoy this one as well. The bottle is great! I LOVE it!
  4. i really liked this fragrance . unfortunately something ( and i really think it's the patchouli) gives me headaches. it's even so bad that i can't sleep if i wear it to bed. it's a lovely classy fragrance. it's definitely not something everyone will like , because it's not really common. it's a quite original and it smells like luxury and freedom. the bottle design is fabulous definitely my Favorite!! the osmanthus and sandelwood give it a mysterious and oriental smell while the peony and the citrus make it a bit lighter. i hate it that it gives me such head aches otherwise i would wear it everyday!

When I first saw the ad I thought that it might be great, I was disappointed to smell one more medicine...Táto EDT od Gucci patrí medzi jemné, ženské a letné vône pre romantické mladé ženy a dievčatá, ktoré chcú vyjadriť svoju eleganciu, nehu a zmyselnosť.  Je dostupná za skvelú cenu v pomere k objemu a výdrži a zároveň ponúka lákavú čistú a sviežu vôňu, ktorou sa možno pochváliť aj počas horúcich letných dní.  Vďaka svojmu zloženiu patrí medzi tie obľúbené, keďže jej výdrž je viac ako priemerná a zároveň ponúka sviežu, čistú kvetinovú vôňu s hlavnými notami ruží.

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  1. Gucci è una casa di moda italiana attiva nei settori dell'alta moda e degli articoli di lusso che fa parte della Gucci Group, divisione della società francese Kering con sede anche a Pechino.. È stata fondata da Guccio Gucci nel 1921 a Firenze
  2. iscent of Kate Moss' signature perfume, but without the air of wet dog that the latter has. yay! I rather like it. Agreeably coy. Addendum: I ended up getting its attendant body wash instead of the EDT, which is actually more awesome than the juice itself. Strange, non?
  3. ine perfume by Gucci. Shop for Gucci Flora : Gracious Tuberose products online. Some of the links we use are affiliate links, meaning if you click the links..
  4. theres sg annoying and unpleasant in it. i didnt like it at first, maybe i have to smell it some more times

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  1. Shop 602 gucci flora from top brands such as Gucci, PatBO and earn Cash Back from retailers such as Farfetch, mytheresa and Neiman Marcus all in one place. Also set Sale Alerts and shop Exclusive..
  2. Flora Perfume by Gucci, Flora, released in 2010, is a fresh, optimistic perfume for the classic young woman
  3. there's something about flora, I can't put my finger on it. it just, I don't know lacks something?? I can't decide on buying it, and I think it is because of that thing that is lacking...
  4. Just...I`m in love... Tried now(half an hour ago, actually), completly skeptical since it`s an EDT, but boy...this is good... I`ll let you know later how it developed. UPDATE: The exotic flowers smell, as someone else described it, enticed me. I was a little disappointed because after 2 hours it seemed to have disappeared ( i applied a little bit of EDP over the EDT), but after 1 more hour I noticed that it was still there, only it was changing a bit...and the most surprising part was when, after 4 hours approximately,when my heartbeat accelerated and my body heated up, a delicious green/fresh note re-surged full force, emanating strongly from my body. Very very sensuous smell!! I'll buy a full bottle when i have the chance!

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I made a review for this already but since I decided to purchase it, I'll make another one. Let me say, I don't love this. If love is 100% and hate is 0%, I'm at a 55%. Why did I buy it? Bcause I got it for a steal (which is what is wrong with me now lol, but I'll digress). It's just too much but not enough, if that makes sense. The first blast is something I can tolerate. I'm not a floral girl, but it comes off as an innocent, floral, with some citrus in it. Very wearable. Even kind if sweet. Then, the mid-notes come in. And there's that rose that comes across as swamp water on my skin. I have to bear through this for at least an hour. The dry down is a wet floral, that's a little vulgar and offensive IMHO. But it is once again tolerable. It's young, and modern, but I think it would be better suit during the summer while your wearing it all white dress and some espadrille wedge sandals. I don't know florals, so I'm not even going to explain which notes I sniff, just that I'm not loving this like I should. Lasting power is awesome. You can shower and still smell this on your skin. It hasn't proven to me to be a silage scent because I do not spray directly on my body, because it's that strong. But I'd imagine if I do, I'd get great sillage. If you love floral, go for it. If not, skip it. It's strong, long lasting, and youthful.guess i should try the EDP bc i logged in to complain about the EDT which is very strong for ( though i like the fragrance). i always makes me sneeze each time i use it. plz any person willing to sell her own version, the edp i mean?Overpowering floral scent which causes you a headache and nausea.....It's not of my favourite Gucci's perfumes....I would highly recommend to test to your skin before purchasingIt's not a perfume you'll remember and I do understand people saying it lacks that something extra. But when I walk outside on a sunny day, it's nice to pick up this dreamy, floral, light scent and that's all I need for this summertime.

New fragrance by the house of Gucci, named Flora by Gucci, aims at young customers and it was inspired by a floral motive. Flora is, after Gucci by Gucci, the second fragrance under creative leadership of the house of Giannini from Florence. The first one, Gucci by Gucci, is perfect for a powerful Gucci woman, while Flora is addressed at a sensual, young girl. i expected much more than this common floral fragrance, smells like a 1000 florals perfumes out there, likle a mix of them.. awful, cheap smell and nothing original at all... very disappointing about this... the only good thing is the bottle...

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This perfume reminded me of my childhood memories of being in a 5 star hotel. The scent is classy, prim and proper, uncomfortable yet respectable. For some, this scent may mean nothing special, but if worn by a sophisticated woman, this would surely create an impression. If too many girls would use this perfume, sure, it will smell ordinary. Besides, most can afford to buy this perfume making it ordinary. A neatly tied hair, casual-formal clothes and a strong personality would give justice to its scent. A laid-back personality wont do.I tested this yesterday, and was disappointed... It is true to the notes on each level and I must commend Gucci for the wonderful combination of ingredients. On my chemistry, upon first spray, I immediately smell the orange and peony, and I must add that it is not overbearingly citrusy, as some citrus notes can be...The peony balances the tangerine just right, but it lingers quite long to a subtle sweet orange sherbet type scent for the middle notes. Unfortunately the rose does not make an appearance at all and the osmanthus peeks in ever so slightly. In actuality, as I wore this I could not help but think that I smelled this somewhere before and it hit me! This fragrance smells exactly like the Tigi Bed Head Moisture (the orange one) conditioner and shampoo!!! Once I made that discovery, I was immediately let down, as I knew that I did not want to walk around smelling so mediocre. This fragrance lacks that "extra sexy" that a woman wants to feel when she sprays her signature scent on. Also, because of the mass appeal of being a "Gucci" fragrance, I am sadly pre-disposed to think that EVERY one will purchase it therefore taking away that "unique" attribute that one likes to feel when wearing a fragrance. Fortunately in the end as the last notes appear, there is a wonderful sophistication that emerges with the sandalwood and patchoulli, but I just wish that they appeared much earlier! Overall, it is a nice fragrance, but in my estimation not worth the expense attached to it as it lacks that "luxury" smell that I would assume Gucci would brand for anything with their name on it.A lovely girl at work gifted this half bottle to me today, I really love it, it was not exciting at first spray but the dry down mellows out beautifully on me. Just that gorgeous hint of a scent. My fav at the moment is the new YSL Mon Paris....Toaletné vody (Eau De Toilette) sú slabšie a majú menší podiel parfémovej kompozície – len okolo 4 až 8 %, kdežto parfumované vody (Eau de Parfum) obsahujú až do 15 %. Najväčší podiel v kompozícii má parfém (P) od 15 až do 25 %. Parfém dokážete pri jednej aplikácii nosiť aj niekoľko dní.This scent is really forgettable to me. There is really nothing horrible about it but nothing really great about it either. It's almost air-freshener like on my skin and that's probably what I'll use the rest of my sample for. My Victoria's Secret body sprays have more longevity, sillage and personality. It's a shame a better scent didn't come in that super cute bottle. I was hoping for something better from Gucci.

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I picked this one out to redeem for the voucher out of a Sephore gift sample pack, and it is a pleasant, "safe" scent, though somewhat boring. It will not be my daily go-to scent, as it does have this "plastic" predictability along the melon or cucumber lines (but clearly synthetically rendered). Makes me think of Barbie dolls for whatever reason. It lengthens the staying power of some Miller Harris natural fragrances (which I love) like Jarmin Vert, Fleurs de Sel, or Noix de Tubereuse, so can be agood layering scent.I first sprayed a bit of this on in Sephora and thought little of it while I was doing some shopping. Then I kept smelling myself and couldn't stop. This was love. I made the mistake of spraying both this and fraiche on seperate arms and couldn't remember which was which, so I had to hunt it down again, but I know I love it:) The main reason for my obsession? No headache. That is really hard for me to find. I can smell things on others and love them, but when I carry the scent all day I nearly cry. This scent didn't do that at all. Calming, even creamy blend of uniquely unoffensive notes. Love!I had a sample. The scent is like a trap in a negative meaning. Like a nervous walk in a deep forest full of bushes and wild plants with flies buzzing all the time, flying around you. Incomfortable and irritating. Interpretazione del profumo Flora. Fantastico profumo femminile. La scelta di questo profumo, come per quello originale, è orientato alle giovani donne che vogliono essere sensuali ma senza perdere..

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Flora is lighter, the floral scent of course evokes a younger consumer, and she has a hedonistic That's Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director, explaining how Gucci's new Flora fragrance fits into.. The bottom notes remind me of Chopard Wish. Obviosly the ingredients are partially the same, but this perfume pulls them off better than Wish.

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I was charmed by the television advertisement for this one but the fragrance lacked originality and character. Just because this is aimed at younger consumers, doesnt mean Gucci has to lower its standards.Flora (female name which is above the name of the plant kingdom), is a sweet and delicate fragrance, rather like Tresor by Lancome. Note that distinguishes it is the Osmanthus, a small white flower that blooms profusely in late summer expanding its enchanting fragrance, the fragrance is quite linear, beginning at the end of its persistence does not vary much, but maybe it is precisely this peculiarity that makes this jewel of modern perfumery as nice and appreciated, like advertising in the spell shake the flowers of a flowering meadow leading up to our senses in the aroma. Especially suitable in spring and summer, is a youthful fragrance but also suitable for those who like to dream ... FloraGuccifields forever Produkto aprašymas. Flora by Gucci. Gėlių kvapas moterims. Apie gamintoją. GUCCI - moderni prabanga Esti ženklų, kurie neišvengiamai siejami su kokybe ir prabanga

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After a while not wearing this (since february - summer in Argentina) I picked it up after I saw the silver bands of the box shimmering in my wardrobe, I remember that I wasn't very fond of it because while it was nice it was not love. Today I had this ephiphany, if this was more chemically sweet and fake this would smell like Armani Si. Why do I like this more? I like florals that are florals, and after all this is a floral, a particular one. Starting off by the blast of Pink pepper and citrus, peony and osmanthus it seems gaggy and awful. Then the osmanthus shines revealing a leathery quality, not the kind of cologne-bitter-leather you find everywhere. You can tell it's a flower that smells like the faintest of leathers. Patchouli rarely comes across, gives this fragrance a base, slightly woody and herbal. I already reviewed this, hated it and then liked it again. Flora you never cease to reveal new faces. It May seem bland and generic, but When you find the right amount to use, the right temperature and the right mood, this is joyous. Amazing longevity, with close sillage, a breath of fresh air among Girls wearing LVEB in 32°c. Ps: I don't know a single person Who owns or wears this.This is a lovely floral. It’s sweeter than the edp, but it is not cloying. It’s fresh and a bit powdery. It’s feminine and uplifting, but is not as special as the edp. It’s still good though. It’s soft and elegant and romantic. This is for a joyful and dreamy young lady. Good choice for spring and summer. Final note: 8/10

A lot of perfumes don't agree with my body chemistry and smell unpleasant after a while, like they have "rotted" on me. I find that light, floral and citrus perfumes don't do this. This is one that stays on fairly long and smells good from beginning to end. It is not overwhelming, but is long lasting if you use enough. (I use about 1-2 sprays)Testing a few samples I sampled lately, I also tested this one. Shame on Gucci! This fragrance smells like the cheap average teenage scents that are sold in drugstores. It even doesn't deserve to get a comment actually...Very dull, very common, very boring. No fantasy at all! I don't get any Gucci in this Gucci...I love this. Sex in a bottle. Definitely an evening scent but I wear it during the day just because...Nice design, nice pr, because of that i have been expecting something else than plain flowers and some fruits. smells a bit childish to me, too fruity. It doesn't smell bad, but it defintly lacks an edge, a character... Nước hoa Gucci. Bộ lọc Sắp xếp theo:Mặc định▼. Gucci Nước Hoa Nữ Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia EDT 100ml

Gucci Flora is the kind of a fragrance that I call "safe" . safe because its not too much and not 'not enough". Its perfectly balanced. It smells of lovely flowers with citruses , a bit sweet and a bit sour. Very light, perfect for work and any occasion. Maybe not very sophisticated but definately has got that something . I love wearing it during a day it makes me feel so ...ligh and fresh.This scent is strangely weak. Gucci used to make such high quality scents, with fabulous ingredients-what happened? The citrus top notes with peony are very present and fresh, almost enjoyable. They manage to last a full 20 minutes; however, this is the end of anything bright about this perfume. The heart and base are very weak-the sign of a perfume made on a budget. I adore osmanthus, and find it nice enough here, but I had to reapply 3 times to get enough of a feel for this perfume to actually speak intelligently about it. The base has no patchouli of note, instead I get light sandal in vanilla. Not unpleasant, but, again, weak. Drydown bears semblance to l'eau The One by D & G, but is far less impressive. The bottle is very attractive and feels good in the hand. I would suggest this perfume to someone who wants a discreet floral that makes no waves, but smells nice close up. Certainly not a "statement" scent.I'm sorry to have to say this, but even though I love its name, Flora is too sweet, it fades way too quickly into something unnoticeable and to me the floral composition is not interesting enough. Shame. Elektiskt, modernt, romantiskt, Gucci har omdefinierat lyx efter Alessandro Micheles (Creative Gucci är ett av världens mest eftertraktade och respekterade modehus. En viktig del av Guccis berättelse är..

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Online shops offers:FragranceX.com 3 items for 47.94 - 71.39 USDFragranceX.com EUR 3 items for 52.90 - 78.77 EURDouglas NL 2 items for 63.58 - 85.31 EURICI PARIS XL BE 2 items for 71.90 - 71.90 EURView products...I have the EDT which is a very light, nice girl floral. It's shy, a little spicy and very pleasant. Though, after a few hours I could barely smell it. I choose to wear this when I want to project innocence.

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Stronger than the sister scent gorgeous gardenia to me but nevertheless a nice, floral musky smell. I wear it on sunny, cooler days but it doesn’t last as long on me.Sollte der Artikel innerhalb von 3 Monaten nicht verfügbar sein, wird Ihre Anfrage automatisch gelöscht. This citrusy floral Gucci fragrance is as sparkling and lively as a bursting bloom. Flora Eau Fraîche Review. By Christiana Molina This is a nice scent, floral with a hint of woods on me; mostly floral and the woods show up way at the end after a number of hours. I didn't like it much at first, but it has grown on me and I quite like it now - I would say test it and see how it turns out on your skin, but it's a nice scent and I would recommend it.ok i tested it a while ago. It smells sophisticated and edgy? But its smells ordinary for me. Maybe because im not fond of floral perfumes. Minutes later I sniffed it on my wrist and it gives me headache, the headache you get when smelling a car freshener. It doesnt match with my body chemistry.

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I'm of two minds about this perfume, but neither of them is love. More like like/hate. Sometimes when I sniff the bottle I get warm/powdery/rich smells, kind of like Tresor. But I can't wear Tresor either, lol. Sometimes I smell it and it's just heavy syrupy stale-air-in-boudoir and kind of nauseating. I've tried it on my skin twice, and it was intriguing, but I wanted a break from it. This is sad, because it's such a beautiful bottle. (I only have an almost-empty bottle, and it didn't have a bow so I put one of my own on it. It looks so pretty... reminds me of the song "Lemon Tree" LOL) (I bet many are too young to remember the words, so here is the refrain: Lemon tree, very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat." )This fragrance is a joke - it smells like bubblegum! And I'm not saying that to mean it's sugery and fruity - it actually smells like "original" flavoured bubblegum. Or am I just losing my nose? Anyway, I'm not buying a fragrance that smells like that. Very fresh citrus in the opening, and sweet at the same time. However about an hour in when the citrus fades it turns into a rather generic floral. The opening is the most interesting part. It's inoffensive and light and good for the office. However it doesn't really stand out very well. Introduced in 2011, Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche by Gucci is a subtle women's perfume tailor-made for those casual occasions. The perfume contains notes of mandarin, bergamot, peony, kumquat..

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I *SO* wanted to love this, but it's so bare and light, that I'm ultimately disappointed. I loved the idea of a light, fresh floral with a slight hint of citrus (mandarin, specifically), but it's SO LIGHT that it's barely noticeable. It's a good work fragrance if you don't want to be detected at all... I've just had to lather myself twice with this to get a small hint of *something* on me. I love the tiny scent of peony (a favourite floral scent). So, essentially, I'm getting the top notes, and then it dies down (quickly; in about half an hour) into nothing. Love that packaging, though. Beautiful. *** Kitty rating: 3/10.This starts off as a pure floral, with a bitter note that I can't recognize. That note smells like black coffee to me, but others don't smell it on me. I can't detect the individual flowers, its more of a medley of floral notes. As it dries down, this becomes sweeter and powdery. I don't like that weird note though. Otherwise I would find this very pretty. Gyártó: Gucci Modell: Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia EDT 100ml. Tulajdonságok: Célcsoport: női Illatcsoport: virágos-gyümölcsös Kiadás éve: 2012 Illatösszetevők: körte, piros bogyós gyümölcsök.. Love at the first smell! I love the light scent it gave me! It makes me smell very beautiful! And the staying power is awesome! Though I only tried the tester a the store. It's too expensive for school girl like me T_T

To me this perfume just smells like spring. It's a floral but very light and not overpowering so great to wear every day. The bottle is quite heavy and definitely has a luxury feel about it. One of my favourites that I go back to again and again gucci flora gerai kaina internetu. Didelis prekių pasirinkimas, saugus pirkimas, prekių pristatymas į namus ar biurą. Įsigykite prekes internetu pigiau

I like, I use. it's my everyday floral for now. Notice I am not excited? That's because it's just nice. Like your favorite pair of jeans, not like your favorite sexy dress. The citrus combined with peony and rose work well, but there is no punch, no murkiness, no scandal. the drydown is simple, it just fades, just like those jeans. Still, I use it on a regular basis and am glad it's there, because if it weren't... what would I wear?This is a beautiful fragrance and stood out to me on top of all the other Gucci fragrances next to it. It made me want to keep smelling it. Very fresh and interesting.

A bit disappointing. It's pleasant enough but I don't find anything extraordinary or particularly lovely about it. It's a straightforward floral with a woody base. Boring and safe. I'd wear it if someone bought it for me as a present but I wouldn't buy it myself...www.sokos.fi/fi/sokos/gucci-flora-by-gucci-edt-tuoksu-30-ml 185535 GUCCI Flora by Gucci 400 70,50 EUR InStock /Kosmetiikka/Tuoksut/Hajuvedet/EdT-tuoksut gucci Ensituoksun sitrus ja pioni..

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Smells very feminine, but doesn't last long. I wish it lasted longer. I love the way the citrus and floral scents compliment each other. They blend perfectly in this fragrance.I tested Gucci FLORA edp some time ago and found it not very exciting and somewhat homogenized, but I've decided to give this fragrance another sniff since I was recently sent a fresh sample of the edt. Although it has become a common practice to change the formula of a perfume launched under the same name but in edt and edp concentrations, FLORA does not represent such a case, it seems. The notes are the same, so it should come as no surprise that the edt is simply a more dilute solution of the edp. I should say, however, that I have quite a bit more experience with osmanthus than I had the last time I tried FLORA. Osmanthus is sort of a ready-made fruity-floral flower. It is light with a very subtle peachy quality. This is why compositions featuring osmanthus are almost by definition office-ready inoffensive fruity-floral frags (ORIFFF). If that's what you're looking for, then FLORA may work for you.I like this perfume in its own way. It is soft and cozy. I got it in the summertime..but waited until colder weather to wear it. Personally, I don't feel anything summerish about this perfume. It has a professional smell to it, very tiny bit sweet, and more of an evening feel to it. Very elegant,..too elegant for me in fact, and probably not for my age (I'm younger than 25). But I use when I go to church or go to formal events/meetings. I got it when it just came out, and I was very excited about it when I smelled in off the counter, but now I'm so used to it..I don't notice the uniqueness of the smell like I did when just I got it. Whenever I put it on, it stays on almost through the day. I get used to it to the point I can't smell it anymore, while others can. It's not very strong, it's gentle, but stays on through the day. It worked well with my body chemistry..what you smell in the bottle is what you get on your skin.Ak preferujete letné, ľahké, svieže zelené a kvetinové vône s dlhou trvácnosťou, vyberte si toaletnú vodu Flora od Gucci, ktorá je zárukou sviežosti, čistoty, romantiky a nežnosti a zároveň budete očarená jej meniacimi sa akordami. Túto toaletnú vodu obľubujú tisícky žien na celom svete a napriek tomu, na každej vonia individuálne. Večer sa táto vôňa rozvinie do príťažlivého drevitého základu santalového dreva, ružového korenia a pačuli a pre okolie budete neprehliadnuteľná.The Gucci scent for those who like sweet floral fragrances such Marc Jacobs Daisy, Dolce and Gabbana The One and Miss Dior Cherie. Wholly inoffensive, just sweet and girly and very definitely for day time.

Compara precios para Gucci Flora, encuentra la mejor oferta en cientos de tiendas online! Resultados búsqueda por Gucci flora This Gucci is very good! Floral, sweet and fruity to my nose. Enchanting, delicate and feminine. Beautiful osmanthus and a very modest rose. Citruses well measured by the Peony. Dry-down with Patchouli and Pepe. Really well done. Fresh, beautiful.CHEERFUL PERFUME!

as a SA i have found that the intitial launch of gucci flora was a flop but maybe it was just aimed at the wrong market as now we as well as most other stores sell it at a regular low price it walks out the door. i guess for consumers its nice but not nice enough as they sayI know this is suppose to b for the younger generation but I love it and would wear it proudly!Its a lovely creamy floral were all flowers r in unison.it smells very elegant and dreamy.Its not light to me at all as the scent last and last.It would b great to cuddle up with ur lover by the fire and talk or just enjoy being together.It could b someones signature scent.This is a refreshing and clean scented perfume. However, I'll have to agree with Manevitt, Flora isn't anything special, just another floral perfume you've smelled before a million times. Really disappointed by Gucci's perfume line :(

What I like about Flora is how it gives me a different experience every time I wear it - especially the top notes. Most of the time it's an overpowering scent of peony on me but just now I'm smelling lime. The heart of this fragrance is just fabulous - very elegant. My body loves perfumes so the base notes can stay with me for 8 to 10 hours - sillage is rather moderate for me.I had preconceived ideas of Flora being an over the top sickening floral scent. However, when I was given a bottle as a gift I was quite pleasently suprized, I get more of a citrus-floral vibe from this. Initally, I get a burst of mandarin orange with the peony, with a small amount of the citrus aswell. The other floral notes in this perfume do not come into play until at least 30 minutes on the skin. Then, after that, I can smell rose and a slight hint of patchouli. The mandarin orange does a good job at balancing the floral notes, and stopping Flora from becoming an over the top floral scent. I applied this about 9 hours ago and can still smell it on my wrist, so no problems with the longevity. Overall, I like it. Will I re-purchase? Probably not, but I'll enjoy using this bottle up nevertheless. A worthy buy if you're looking for a well balanced floral scent with good longevity. 7/10.In love with the nice, sturdy, cool bottle and how it feels in my hand. The shape, the color of the juice, the label...All sweet. However, this is not a scent I would reach for. I do find myself picking up the bottle to fondle it and taking a whiff. Only to find Flora is just a typical musky-floral scent with a hint of candy. Nothing that special. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia è, dal suo esordio, un inno alla sensualità moderna. Lo continua ad essere anche oggi, ma, al suo racconto olfattivo, si aggiungo un nuovo capitolo

The very nice lookalike notes of Gucci Flora may make you think that it is a very well behaved, nice, interesting floral which smells somewhat like J'adore, by Christian Dior. However, do not be fooled; the notes may look very pleasing, but the fragrance itself is what you may sigh at and say "Oh dear". This fragrance smells like a very light, soft floral. It's too soft to notice. I think the killer for this fragrance is the osmanthus. Osmanthus generally smells very nice, and it requires a very nice background of other notes to maintain that sort of a stature. Gucci Flora is completely lacking that va-va-voom temperament. When you spray this on your skin, it smells very clean. Not sweetishly clean, but just clean. I enjoy catching small whiffs of it on others, but on my skin, it screeches like metal being rubbed on road. A very close friend of mine loves this stuff, and she thinks I'm making a niminy-piminy old fuss over something that smells very unique and complex. I'm sorry but that's the thing to which I heartily disagree. Well, Flora really didn't do the trick for me. Try it if you may, but be careful; this squeaky clean floral is not as innocent as it seems to be.Every time I smell this, it always make me want to gag. I don't know what note I'm smelling but its kind of hot and syrupy and smells like some sort of a bitter fruit (if that makes sense). Gives me a headache and I keep smelling it throughout the day. It's nauseating for me. It's supposed to be a fragrance for younger women but this just screams old lady to me. My mom likes it so it's better off with her.Flora is so floral perfume! Can not imagine another with so matched name of fragrance. It reminds me of nights in Italy. For the eau de toilette very good lasting power. I would recommend this fragrance for summer.Čím sa odlišuje toaletná voda Gucci Flora od ostatných vôní iných značiek? Čo je na nej také jedinečné?

it's boring and common scent, even though the seller told me that this was the perfume of the year and nearly sold out I didn't like it at all. More over, it became much more sugary smeel i/o floral. I won't by it. I also recommend you not to buy it before test it on your skin.Táto svieža, kvetinová a magicky podmanivá vôňa od Gucci má svoje obdivovateľky medzi modernými, elegantnými, pôvabnými a zároveň silnými ženami, ktoré milujú kvetinové vône tejto značky. Nositeľka je dámou s vycibreným vkusom, ktorá zároveň zbožňuje romantické chvíle. Podobne ako Gucci Bloom je cítiť výraznou ružou, avšak Flora sa skladá z viacerých kvetín. Kvetinový závoj v úvode prinášajú akordy jemnej pivonky vyzdvihnuté cistrusovými notami a sladkou mandarínkou. Komplexnosť vône vychádza z jej srdca, ktoré pozostáva z ruže a osmantusu, vzácneho delikátneho kvetu rastúceho v Číne. Spojenie týchto dvoch intenzívnych kvetín formuje dokonalý akord, v ktorom ľahký, ovocný charakter ruže vyvažuje zamatový, kožený charakter osmantusu.Základ udržuje santalové drevo, omamné pačuli a ružové korenie, vďaka ktorému je táto súhra ozvláštnená a veľmi ženská a zmyselná.رائع جدا ... حتى اشعر بجمال هذه الرائحة اقوم بتقليل نسبة العطر الى الكحول 100% likeAHHHHH I'm so sad about this perfume. T_T I absolutely love the osmanthus flower, their scent is sweet and up lifting, very bright and a little fruity. Real osmanthus is such a joy to smell and during their blooming season you can smell a tree full of osmanthus flowers from miles away! HOWEVER, the osmanthus in the Gucci Flora is NOTHING like the real flower. I can tell that the main note is suppose to be the osmanthus but it's just a mucky, dirty, and soapy osmanthus. The dry down is a powdery, sweet, but again, murky osmanthus. I thought of the color GREY when I smelled this on my wrist. I was so so sad. The citrus and other florals are pretty much non-existent on my skin. I don't think there should have had any spice notes in this perfume, it kind of ruin the osmanthus. Or maybe they just didn't get the osmanthus extract right. It's so hard to find perfumes with osmanthus notes, and I had high hope for this one, being from Gucci, but I was so disappointed.I adore this fragrance! Got it as a gift from my mother without ever having even tried it before, and it was love at first sniff. I don't find it boring at all, I think it's quite elegant yet very wearable. One of my favourites!

This is a very clean and light scent. It smells amazing but it is too weak for my tastes...if this had some more staying power and was a couple of notch's louder I would buy some in a heartbeat. I am actually surprised that this one is so weak being that it is Gucci...they usually have better lasting power with their fragrances. And for the money they charge for this I would have expected better. This could almost be like a body spray or splash.Balzac, What with the U.S. and Global Economy in crisis, who needs to spend their hard earned dollars on more problems? I realize this is a fragrance review board but along with the fragrance IS the ad campaign behind it all......I actually love Gucci "Flora" but don't know what to do with the situation I find myself in today and am frankly a little upset......I guess I will first try to return it and go from there......:( P.S. Quick history study today led directly to Lake Como, the "Padre" and Fragrance.......very interesting........sweet and flora, but not too heavy... light and feel young... the bottle look very lady,clean and look very gorgeous, very innothe cence young lady walking along with flower... XD somehow flora by gucci is catching my heart...

My all time favourite (well, top 5 actually). Simple, innocent & very pretty scent. I never get bored or tired to smell Flora. It's a must have in my collection if my bottle was about half way to go. I really love the adds & the commercial. Very captured the feeling of the scent itself. It's floral but been blended tons of citrus fruits. Unfortunately i didn't get too much roses in Flora because i really love rose. It's my favourite flower. I do get the smell of sharp peony & leathery osmanthus to it, along with fresh citrus creamy mandarin, until Flora fades away on me. But in the dried down Flora smells a bit musky (patchouli pink pepper combo) but still buttery creamy floral fruity feel to it. I still remember a year after it released, my best friend bought a gift set and she showed me that and i'm like "OMG are you serious???" And we opened up, tried the whole things in the set..... Oohhhhh my Gucci..... Very pretty Flora.... It's lasts 8 to 10 hours on me with a moderate sillage. Not overpowering. Easy to wear, casual. Quite versatile imo. The bottle are nice too but quite frustrated to get out the pretty juice inside when it's about to finish hahahaaa.... Shop Gucci Flora at GUCCI. Enjoy Free Shipping and Complimentary Gift Wrapping. Women's Fragrances Gucci Flora hm i tried the EDT sample and fell in love with it so much, lots of people complimented it, too so i guess the EDP could be even better - at least in sillage, i got the EDP version and it turns to be so powdery floral which i dislike. EDT is much softer and light, lovely feminine and heavenly floral. well at least i could save some bucks purchasing the EDT. what a shame. two versions are definitely different.

Love this scent! I get a soft floral with a slight crispy vibe. It must be the pink pepper which works great with my chemistry. On my skin I also get a soft peony note but not overpowering.A lovely fresh floral scent, with citrus sweetness. A very pretty fragrance. Who cares if it is not "unique" enough, why can't a perfume simply be beautiful? This is a beautiful feminine fragrance, and I am enjoying it because of it's simplicity.My first impression was dissapointment. Lovely bouquet ,oh yes, but so weak and not saying me anythimg. Then i took another sniff ,and there it came.. ! The true soul of Flora! In the deepest darkest forrest,under the biggest oldest oaks ,lives a little flower,so small you can hardly see her,so shy you can hardly detect the equisite aroma.. But bow down to the ground ,look at the little one ,smell her -shes perfect! Shes like a little shy John Bauer-princess. And its probarbly one of the most delicate scents i have ever smelled...well, i am not sure. Honestly, not a big fan of florals or Gucci. Though I like subtle, hugging florals like magnolia and freesia. This frag is like a Venus' fly trap (not because i know what that plant smells like), it is a killer, agressive floral. It is meant to lure and then to kill. like a syren or something I regret purchasing this scent from gucci. I've loved every other Gucci perfume but this one. REVIEWS. Start your review of Gucci Flora Eau de Parfum! Which variety would you like to review

Out of stock. GUCCI Flora by Gucci eau de parfum. £74.00 Search, discover and share your favorite Gucci Flora GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. gucci flora 1051 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest Too strong at first, but something soft cuts the edge and sends it into being a little piece of heaven on the skin...rests like a pillow--gentle, soft and flowery!

Jan. 2016. I've owned my bottle for years!! Never excites me. I smell more of the bottom notes. Want to smell more of the fresh floral notes. Want to like it, but..., not yet.I'm surprised to read all the negative reviews! I love this fragrance! Light and effortlessly chic. Young, but not too young. Perfect for a spring day and a light, airy dress.

I am not a big floral fan, but the perfume SA was very sure that this would be THE ONE (even though I said I was hunting for oriental woody vanillas!!!). It turned out that she was due to buy this as her next fragrance. Well, she is welcome to it! I try to be as honest as I can, so I will start with the plus points: * It is a floral that doesn't knock you between the eyes. * It has a creamy quality to it (go sandalwood!) * The bottle is pleasant. * Some may like the Gucci label. Now onto the negatives: * It is a bundle of florals from start to finish that do not bloom & flourish on my skin...they just seem to sicken & die :( * It turns into a sweet, weak scent very quickly * I find it hard to distinguish the notes, something sinister is masking them (see next point) * What is that weird scent?! The smell you get after sterilizing dentures, similar to that gassy rotten stems smell. Very odd, very sweet-chemical. * Gucci - I expect more. This is below average & dull :(ok now..i had to return with the feed back..i was told is ADDICTIVE, smells so sexy and feminine, sweet and gentle so i recommend it with open hartUvedené informácie o rastlinách a ich všeobecnom požití nie sú a nesmú byť považované za výživové a zdravotné tvrdenia podľa nariadenie Euróeho parlamentu a Rady (ES) č. 1924/2006 z 20. decembra 2006 o výživových a zdravotných tvrdeniach o potravinách. Všetky informácie majú len informatívny účel a všetky texty sú čerpané z voľne dostupných zdrojov ako je Wikipédia, internet alebo literatúra napr. Valíček, P. et al. Úžitkové rastliny trópov a subtrópov., Nowak B., Schulzová B. tropické plody a iné.I like the Eau Fraiche version of this and went to ask for a mini sample yesterday. They gave me this instead as they didn't have the one I wanted. I decided to try this one on today but it didn't take that long for me to decide that I don't want to wear it. I just washed it off my wrists as much as I could. It's really not an unpleasant scent in any way but I don't like it enough to wear it. I hope it suits someone else better. There's a hint of something that reminds me of Laura Biagiotti Laura.

Advertising face is Abbey Lee, Australian model, who is wearing a silk dress with floral print. In a shot by Chris Cunningham in a cornfield in Latvia, Lee is captured as standing in the middle of more than 40000 silky flowers dancing in rhythm of wind with musical background of original remix - “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer. Inez & Vinoodh photographed advertising materials with a floral pattern. Hahaha at the Flora margarine comments, I agree, however I was able to get past the name and I quite enjoy the fragrance, after a while it smells like jellybeans on me, which is quite less floral than expected.. ბრენდი: GUCCI. სტატუსი: გაყიდვაშია. განვადებით თვეში: 12 ლარი Gucci Flora EDT.. Gucci is well-known by it's high quality & sexy type of perfumes - and it's flexibility by supplying EDT & EDP from nearly every perfume to satisfy all the needs & tastes .. Gucci Flora is completing this process effectively. The Scent: Using (Osmanthus) is the whole story :) it's a popular shrubs you can smell it clearly through the breeze of parks & Gardens .. Osmanthus here is followed by dewy roses & fresh poeny blinded with fine (not heady) citrus with a pinch of patchouli/pink paper & sandalwood to create the Romantic & Georges smell of the warm & breezy Garden under the sunlight , I think the advertisement is telling the truth this time :) It's my Scent right now for work & early morning outdoors .. It makes me feel luxury in a very simple way without artificiality or mannerism .. Lasting power & Sillage are very good .. it gives me a headache if over sprayed Personally : I prefer the tenderness of the EDT more than the EDP ;)Flora is about the ONLY strong floral that I can enjoy. It's just sweet enough to tone down the often-harsh white florals whilst drying down to a creamy sandalwood base. It's fresh and beautiful and sophisticated while still being youthful. A much better scent than any recent Gucci creation, in my opinion. It is one of the few perfumes (Angel, Black Orchid, Le Male) that lasts all day on my dry skin. Sillage is amazing so it can be quite strong for those around you. When wearing Flora during the day I like to walk through the spritz or spray it on my skin before dressing. I have made myself sneeze with a couple of early liberal applications! I have yet to smell Flora on anyone but myself so it could be a unique signature for a lucky woman. And the glass bottle is not bad to look at on your vanity either.

I wore it twice last week. It's a nice, soft and sweet ( not too sweet) fragrance. I like it but to be my signature, never. I prefer something more sensual. Last about 5-6 hours on my skin. Perfect as gift to friends, sister. I give 3.5/5 Gucci design house launched Flora in 2009 as a floral fragrance for women. Benefits: - Flora notes consist of citrus, peony, mandarin orange, osmanthus, rose, sandalwood, patchouli and pink pepper Check your inbox for a special welcome gift to save $50on your very first purchase of $400+.

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