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Editor note: Sudden Tinder outage ongoing November 14. Looks like it has hit a lot of users, let us know if you can’t .Hey, Yep, encountered some problems too. Used to get a few matches every few days, now nothing for three weeks. Leads me to believe there’s some bug on android. Emailed tinder but only received the usual generic copy paste. Wish they would try and address the issue

My tinder account went funny last nite then asked for my mobile number for a verification code I put This code in and it brought up a Facebook acco...

well, i had plenty of people around liking me and we turned out chatting already.. I even met some around 10 hrs ago. lol Hola grupo, me recomiendan una película para aprender más de Russia Gracias. 1. Нравится Показать список оценивших Since about a month ago I cannot load any matches on Tinder – it appears to crash and the screen (where profiles would normally be) is just white. A few times I have noticed the animation freeze, with the bottom left corner of the first profile appearing slightly at the top right of the screen. Sometimes the matches do load, but this is perhaps one in twenty attempts, including logging out and in again, closing and reopening the app. I’ve just updated the latest version and this still happens. What the hell, sort it out please.

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  1. Same problem here: Keep getting Please ensure you have a connection to the Internet (N: – 1011). I’ve messaged Tinder and no response. I hope I’m getting some freebies for paying for a service that I cannot use.
  2. Tinder keeps crashing at certain people when i’m swiping, and from what i can see before it crashes its people who super liked me. can i filter people who super liked me because i would love to continue actually using the app
  3. doesn’t work. Says “something went wrong and try again.” I’ve even uninstalled the app and re-installed it and same problem exists!
  4. stuck on loading matches, even though notification says someone liked me. basically this app is useless. what’s the point liking when you can’t even load matches
  5. Tried to log out, screen went to small black message box with the rotating clock circle which says, “Logging out, Please Wait” at 9pm SAT – SUN morning it’s still on same screen – HELP
  6. You should already have Microsoft Edge pre-installed on your computer. However, for a faster and safer browsing experience, we recommend installing UR Browser.

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Same thing happened to me. Everything else works fine but just ONE PERSON’S THREAD ISN’T WORKING. Fix it, Tinder. Getting impatient.Tinder is still closing after opening, September 6. You have to wonder what the developers are actually doing since this doesn’t appear to have been fixed fully. What platform guys?I got banned last night for NO reason. I was in the middle of responding to a message when the “your account has been banned” popped up. Of course I emailed support & they gave me the basic “you violated the terms” bs but couldn’t tell me exactly what I did. Obviously I didn’t violate anything when I was trying to meetup w/ someone for drinks…Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉

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  1. I turned off auto-renew for Tinder Plus but then I decided I want to try Tinder Gold but the app will not let me buy Tinder Gold. Anyone know what’s going on?
  2. I have tried to with 5 different emails besides the phone number and it does not work, by the way this is a global problem because I am in Brazil
  3. N:-1011 error saying I don’t have internet connection but here I am posting USING THE DAMN INTERNET

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Tämä valmennusryhmä on sinulle edullisin ja paras ratkaisu, jos haluat sekä kehittää kuntoasi että Yleinen virhe kehonmuokkauksessa on ottaa liian monijakoinen treeniohjelma käyttöön, jolloin sama.. Having same issue since Sept 21, but i don´t even get an error message, after hitting the button, it plays the loading animation and goes back to screen.OMG, bloody nightmare! Thought it was my phone, at first. Tried to re-log in so many times, just gave up in the end and it was the first ever time creating an account with Tinder-rubbish first impression!Can’t get to my matches on wifi or 4G. Getting notifications of messages but my profile is blank. Not worked since this morning. Hope I haven’t lost my matches.I’ve been trying to log in since yesterday and I’ve had no luck it just says “error code 1001”. I’ve tried uninstalling then reinstalling it, same with Facebook, I took off the authorization on Facebook and I couldn’t log on I’ve been trying for the longest time

still can swipe right but NOT receiving any messages and not getting any matches. Sent an inquiry to Tinder technical support and all I got was a kinda standardised reply; update bio, change photos etc.. that was not the problem though.I can log in at all, v frustrating as I only joined it last night. Then it was hard work but now doesn’t work at all. I’d like a refund but can’t log in to contact anyone.Opps! Something went wrong error 40310 for 2 days. Tried on 2 different devices. Uninstalling cleaning reinstalling. Nothing. Tried creating a new facebook account. This one logs in but stuck on looking for people around you. Asked their tech support. They just ignore you.Everytime I log in it shows my messages but none are new. Also the super likes that show don’t notify me when I get one. It’s like everything is on a freeze. I can still swipe just can’t see new notifications on anything.

im from SA and tinder hasn’t worked in ages. it keeps telling me there is no one around me. please let me now what to do.My internet is fine, this problem has happened before and fixed itself after a couple days, but is there any other way?What I am facing is , some of my matches got Black page and nothing happens, I have to restart the app and still the same. So I loose my good matches whom I met and talking to. This is so annoying. I lost people due to that. Wish they know how to fix their own shit. Also it is too buddy and loads nothing at times or doesnt even work. Person sitting next to you even it can’t find (tested as well). And as always slow loading messages. Orders are messed up. It doesn’t show what message someone sent you, it shows the old one even though someone sent you a new one. I am not sure what is happening to good old Tinder app.

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I might have the same problem, havent been able to receive any messages.. Are you guys using android phones?I’m trying to install for the first time and I’m logging in w/FB and it’s not letting meEvery time I try to to tinder it says “something went wrong you are not able to log in. (A:40303)” I’ve tried everything and nothing’s working!! Please help

The same issue is with mine! I have emailed them. I even asked them to call me to get it resolved. I’ve had this issue since January!!Tinder not logging in… I already tried to uninstall everything on my iPhone and it doesn’t work… Same boat here: and swipe work now, but no matches. But I imagine the match database will be restored/put back online soon, so I wouldn’t panic just yet. Toistojen määrä: 4 x 6-8 toistoa aloittelijalle, 4 x 12-15 toistoa tottuneelle. 4. Overhead squats. - Kyykyn tekeminen tanko suorin käsin on todella haastava liike, joka vaatii hyvää liikkuvuutta..

Same issue here! Literally was working five mins ago and now I can’t log back in I’ve tried everything 2-jakoinen treeniohjelma sopii aloittelijalle oivallisesti. Ohjelma on yksinkertainen, mutta motivoiva. Se on helppo suorittaa useamman kerran viikossa niin, että lihakset saavat riittävästi - mutta eivät..

Constantly crashes and never let’s me check my messages. Yet I get updates about new matches and messagesSame here. Did you find a solution to this problem? Was working fine last night and then started with that again this morning. Thanks.Hi. The App keeps trying unsuccessfully to load matches since last week. I logged out and logged in. I reinstalled the App. I used different internet connections. It doesn’t work. I checked my phone storage I still have 99.1 GB. So its not a storage or connection problem. I have IOS 10.3.2 one my iPhone 7 Aloittelijalle on erittäin tärkeää, että ruokavalio saadaan mahdollisimman nopeasti oikeille raiteille. Tällöin harjoittelusta saa heti suuremman hyödyn irti, eikä tuloksia tarvitse odottaa niin kauan The app doesn’t load for me. I have matches and when I get notifications I try to see them, and the app will not load. If I reset the app, usually it loads but I don’t get the messages. This is very frustrating.

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Lost all matches.. deleted account and started again. Now my location is just sitting as “Loading…”the app wont load my matches, the only matches i get is the ones i had back in early 2015. wtf. and my whole profile was also the 2015’s one. and ive used the app recently since then. and it doesent load new people to match with, its stuck on my screeen with my round picture, and i cant even answer the matches i have because it goes into “2015 mode” where none of they are.

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QvaShop, la primera tienda online de celulares, computadoras y electrónica en general para Cuba. Aceptamos pagos en línea con PayPal y Transferencias Just like everyone else, my Tinder app crashes every time I open it after the latest software update to my iPhone 6S. Boo!Here we go again! Tinder app wouldn’t open all day June 2 then finally June 3 was working again although my current match Collins who is super awesome we message everyday scince we met I finally found the right guy but when my matches came back his didn’t and he’s the only match I care about! How could this happen it’s so unfair I want him back! Why won’t the app open again it’s now June 4 and my tinder won’t open again what’s going on???

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  1. Somehow I managed to message a match after she unmatched me, and she has sent me messages since but tinder has deleted her from the account so any idea what I should do?
  2. Hey, yeah a couple hours ago tinder has not let me log in. Which sucks because I was talking to this great guy! When will it be back?
  3. How do I get an older version of the app? When I find the app online, it only offers me one version. It says my device is compatible with the app, but I have never gotten it to work. I have tried all of the fixes; resetting data, clearing caches, reinstalling the app, and updating google play services. I still get the same error message: “a system issue occurred”.
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  5. I can make a new account on facebook and sign in fine but my actual account keeps failing and returning to the with facebook screen.
  6. Poemas para niños en español. La mejor poesía clásica en formato de texto

Viininviljelyn tietopankki aloittelijalle. Lue tästä mitä aloittelijan tulee tietää viininviljelystä! Viininviljelyyn paras multa on ravinteikasta, humuspitoista ja läpäisevää hiekkamultaa With Tinder Plus, users can switch to a different location amongst other benefits. With that, you can chat with users from different regions. Using a VPN can raise a suspicion especially if you use it too often.Wednesday 7th September… Very time I open tinder it flashes for a second and closes just like everyone else. Been like this for 2 days now, was working fine last week even with the social update having been installed. Any news on when it will be fixed?

Im connected to the wifi but it just keeps popping me up with ” You have to ensure that you a have a connection” im connected to the wifi but its not showing me anything.It only works when i use my dataGetting message notifications and when i go to the app there are no messages showing, im doing this within seconds of receiving the notification

since I’ve installed Tinder, almost a week ago, I receive notifications on my phone about messages, but when I get into the application, there is nothing… what’s wrong?i keep getting sms phone error eveytime i put my phone number. Maybe it has to do with the number itself or the app. Someone help me please!

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When I read these comments above it’s fucking staged crash with one purpose that actually no one knows but elite and google criminal masterminds.I went to reply to a message and all the sudden I was kicked out and when I try to log back in using my Facebook account they kept sending me for the circleSNot showing any new matches. And i have tinder gold…everytime i used to log in id have over 50 matches..and now for 2 days… it never says i have any…i cant tell if people r getting my messages either

It won’t show possible matches/people I can swipe and my pictures and bio aren’t visible….please fix 🙂This isn’t a norm and shouldn’t be considered as such. It’s an error that is reported to be prominent with using the Android version of the app.I haven’t been able to all week using 3G 4G and wifi ?? Has the app crashed ?? Would it be easier if I just re install the app ??i will click to go to the next pic or to see a bio and it will take like 5 min to actually do it. also wont let me swipe, i have to click the buttons

Mine is doing the same it says something went wrong check internet but I have and can’t even log inAll the support team told me was “we’ll look into it”. Been like this since my 6 plus I believe.

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Tinder is garbage. I have all of the same problems on a new LG as have been listed here for other phones. Mainly, I will get a match notification and even a new message notification and when I log in there is nothing there! Every time!! Logging out/back in does nothing to help. Uninstalling and installing does not help. How many matches have I missed out on now because this piece of crap doesn’t work? Bumble doesn’t do this; why can’t Tinder figure it out? The last 7-8 matches that I have received, and received first messages from, have disappeared when I log in; I literally never get to start a conversation! The only way it has worked is if I am matched, but don’t have a message from them. If I message first-immediately, only then has the match stayed in my matches. Are you kidding?!?!?app keeps crashing from morning, no matter how many times you uninstall and install back, it doesnt work Mensajes, frases y tarjetas de Feliz Cumpleaños, encuentre aqui mensajes, frases y imágenes de feliz cumpleaños y felicitaciones para desear un Feliz.. I keep getting notifications of new matches and new messages, but none of them show up when I open the app.

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Hello, I tried to delete an reinstall tinder today as I was clearing space on my phone. Now when I try to install I keep being returned to the cloud symbol with a down arrow in it? Sucks!I am trying to log in using my Facebook account but it won’t do anything. I tried reinstalling the app 4 times, and shutting my phone down but no success in getting in. Does anyone have other suggestions ? It won’t even give me the option to log in with an email address . Bad timing tinder !! My tinder won’t find matches in my area at all. I’ve changed my location deleted the app and reinstalled it but nothing is working.

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Some one liked me no2 I can’t find out who it was. Where do you find a list of women that like you?Hello Randi omg I’m so glad I could find you here my tinder account got shutdown just like yours I’ve missed you so so much was worried honey do contact me on Collins3733@gmail.com okay I would be waiting My tinder is just constantly trying to find people but never does and I’m in London so there are definitely people here – help Encontrar uma casa à venda no Portugal. Procurar entre 40.947 casas no Portugal com Green-acres.pt Can’t log in as well, all I’m getting is the white screen and tinder logo constantly flashing.

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Los mejores y más originales mensajes y frases para FELICITAR un cumpleaños especial. ➨➨ Desea feliz cumpleaños a tus amigos y amigas.【Chiquipedia.com】.. I encountered this during my log in session via facebook and it says here “Something went wrong” “Please ensure you have a connection to the Internet” Philippines, Manila. Meiltä löydät oman elämäsi - ja yrityksesi - yhteydet, palvelut ja laitteet. Helposti, kaikki yhdestä paikasta. Tervetuloa meille A lot of people are complaining that they can’t log in because it keeps showing the “error code: 40303” which apparently means your’e banned…which absolutely makes no sense because we can’t ALL be banned plus some of us like myself haven’t even used Tinder in months and yet it keeps giving me the same error code….totally frustrating and annoying.Tinder is down in UK, or is it just me? Just tried right now while writing this comment, still nothing but problems.

Tinder won’t load my matches so we can message. I can match with new people but cant message ones ive already matched in the past. Ive restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, logged in and out but nothing has workedHere I have provided the fix for Tinder App error on issues of “ Server Error, There are issues connecting to the server”, “Facebook Login Failed”, Tinder Login Failed” or “You have already authorised Tinder” for your Android device. Relax and try any of the solutions to get the problem fixed.

Not getting any messages, no new matches. It’s been down since yesterday and I lost contact with my current matches. It’s horrible! Please fix it asap.Uninstalling the app and reinstalling it will possibly solve the problem by removing any package installation error.

Tinder wont let me log on. It says my facebook account is not confirmed, but it is. This is a new facebook account. How do i get tinder to recog...

I get this message… network request failed. Please try again. I see the same people again and again and I don’t get any matches. 🙁 Joined yesterday. Any solutions? Tässä helppo, mutta todella tehokas saliohjelma aloittelijalle! Lataa saliohjelma ilmaiseksi täältä Alotuksessa Joonas tossa ylätaljassa oli kyllä tän päivän paras haha! Mut oli kyllä hyviä vinkkejä iha.. Treeniohjelma has the lowest Google pagerank and bad results in terms of Yandex topical citation index. We found that Treeniohjelma.org is poorly 'socialized' in respect to any social network Ajatuksia, vinkkejä, yrittäjyyttä ja elokuvahommia. Etusivu Blogi Paras ILMAINEN Moni kuvassa näkyvistä ominaisuuksista ei välttämättä kerro aloittelijalle yhtään mitään, mutta paljon editoineelle..

Mine crashes every time I open it. Bummer! A cute girl just messaged me for the first time. Story of my life : )

My tinder app has stopt opening since last night I am still getting notifications but the app won’t open I have no idea how to sort it as its not happened beforeI’m stuck on looking for people around you. I messaged Tinder two times now, I deleted it multiple times, reinstalled the app, turnt my phone off and even tried it on my laptop.. it doesn’t work! It is so annoying.I keep getting told that I need to create a new account and it won’t let me log in. It verified my phone number, but then nothing happened. Still won’t let me log into my account.

I can`t log in tinder , it says "Oops! Something went wrong. There was a problem logging into Tinder. Please try again?

Caracas, 23 de mayo de 2019.- El sol radiante y la serenidad de las olas de las playas del litoral central de nuestro país, recibieron este día abuelos y abuelas jubilados y pensionados de La Clínica Popular.. Viskas apie sąskaitas, sutarties pratęsimą, kredito limitą, mokėjimus, savitarną bei kitus aktualius klausimus I can never log in .. it’ll work for 10 mins then completely shut me out for 10 days. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled numourous times and im actually going crazy as I’m in the middle of getting to know someone who is a right sort. We’ve not swapped numbers yet so I’m so frustrated that I keep receiving notifications but can’t open the mail. I honestly want to scream!! never known an app so slack!. Sort it out please or I’ll be going grey before ChristmasI thought I was the only one! Me neither my tinder dosent work, The application dosent want load my match and I cant even read my message! Please tinder do an update!!!This is happening to me as well! I can’t match anyone, I contacted support and they are not being helpful

Whenever I try to log in to Tinder using Facebook it brings up a message saying "Something went wrong Please log into this app again to reconnect y...

Paid “superlikes” are buggy: not working randomly. with no option to undo if not worked: so the contact is lost as result which is worse than normal “likes”. Paras luonnollinen improvisaatio syntyy hetkeen luotuna. Vuorovaikutus läsnä olevan seurakunnan kanssa on tärkeää. On otettava huomioon tapahtuman laatu, paikka, kuulijoiden mieliala, odotukset ja..

Everytime I go on tinder I have to log in with facebook and it loads to facebook which signs me in automaticly switches back to tinder and reads "...

If you can access your Gmail inbox but you cannot open your emails, most likely this indicates the problem is on your end. In this case, try disabling your browser extensions, delete your cache and try viewing the email in Incognito Mode. I’ve reinstalled app many times before and no problem, app randomly logs me out won’t let me log back in. Continues to say “Something went wrong” even though my Facebook has already authorized Mines isn’t opening either but I am still receiving notifications of new matches strange hopefully the problem is fixed sooni keep getting an N:-1011 error message saying i need to ensure i have a connection to the internet. Why? and how do I fix this? (I do, in fact, have a connection to the internet)

Tinder app wont even open now … when ure supposed to meet someone and didnt trade whatsapp yet …….. Sipadan, Malesian paras sukelluskohde, sijaitsee Borneon itärannikolla. Mabulin ja Kapalain kotiriutoilla sukeltaminen sopii myös aloittelijalle

I can`tt log in to Tinder on my iphone. Everytime I try, i get `Something went wrong. The facebook account has not been configured on the device.`...

A profile will flash on screen, I can see the persons pic, then before I can do anything with the profile the “Finding people near you…” screen replaces the profile. It sits there for seconds up to minutes before the same profile comes back up. I’ll swipe and the next profile comes up and it does the same thing. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s clearly already found someone, why does it keep going to the finding people screen?? I may get through 4-5 profiles at most before it goes back to the FPNY again. I know there’s people since I glance that next persons profile. Workaround – Android: hit Recent button and choose Tinder. It’ll force it back to the persons profile I’ve tried uninstall/reinstall and the Workaround now doesn’t work anymore.I can’t download tinder, it won’t let me. says my phone isn’t compatimle with this version, even tho I have the latest version. Herramienta para rimar palabras. Rimas Tónicas y Atónicas en Español. Rimador de palabras. Diccionario de rimas en línea.. I don’t get tinder matches anymore. This is ridiculous, I have deleted my app and downloaded again 2x. Deleted my account and signed up again under the same facebook but still nothing. WTF IS GOING ON HELP!!?!?!??!?!??!?! I was like a pimp before this shitty update =(

Em 09.05.2020 06:37. Terrenos planos para chácara a 34 km de Valadares , 300 metros do asfalto, 1 km da paca (Vila Nova Floresta), financiamento próprio.... Leia mais Tinder was not loading, I logged out can’t log back in, tried from another device and online, same happened, Log in error. It’s the same for the last two days.Why has my account disappeared- I didn’t delete my profile or uninstall the app …just opened the app & was asked to sign up?Tinder seems to be flashing open then closing suddenly before I can do anythng, going on since yesterday. Guessing everyone is having the same issue? Was worried my trusty phone 4 was failing me.I’m not seeing any new matches or messages. When I open the app it shows matches from a year or two ago.

The app is completely broken for me. Does not load the pictures on my profile. If I am in edit mode and add photos, whenever I re-enter the app the photos are gone. Deleted and reinstalled the app, does’t change a thing. The app continuously crashes. I have the latest iOS.When I signed up it went straight back to the beginning where you either sign up with your number or to Facebook?? HelpppUninstalled it because it did not work. When I tried to reinstall it, it says that the app can not be downloaded on your phone.

- Para un documentalista español rodar para una cadena como National Geographic significa, de alguna forma, haber llegado a la __1__ haber conseguido uno de los objetivos profesionales más.. Tinder wont logged in. Says that I dont have internet connect when in fact, I do. Both wifi and mobile data. It was workinf earlier today. 🙁 HELP.I try to log in with my phone number and it only asks me to log in with facebook or start a new account, help!

My pics keep disappearing after loading and reloading when I don’t see them. I haven’t had many matches lately, yet I had several matches weeks ago. I’m wasting my time, I guess. Is this happening to anyone else?Tinder won’t let me passed the screen. It says with Facebook and after I approve it, it does nothing and won’t let me go any further.

I haven’t been able to log in the whole day and I just feel so rude because I can’t reply to any of my conversations – I’ve tried all the deleting, uninstalling and resetting stuff but it’s not working. How long did it take for other people to be able to log in ? Can finally log in, but matches/messages won’t load. Finally found someone interesting, but we haven’t exchanged numbers yet. Are all my matches and messages going to be gone?Deleted the app and reinstalled twice , although all my matches have been lost on the app but are still there if I log in through safari ?

Pilatesta aloittelijalle book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Start by marking Pilatesta aloittelijalle : opas hengitys- ja liiketekniikkaan as Want to Rea However, in this case, if still running an outdated version of the tinder application on your Android phone, try updating it.It just logged me out for no reason and every time I try to log back in it just says “error oops have trouble logging into tinder please try again later” I’ve reinstalled it and still the same issue Harrastus on halpa, koska täysin aloittelijalle riittää juoksukengät sekä urheiluvarustus. Oma hommansa on toki saada ne lenkkivaatteet päälle ja itsensä ovesta ulos Also I am not receiving new messages and was in middle of a conversation. I get new matches say i ‘hello’ and never get a response back… Thinking it’s the same problem.

Problems I’ve encountered: 1) Matches me with women who are thousands of miles away when my settings are local. 2) Most matches are scams trying to get my number or email. I estimate 3 scam or fake profiles to every legit one. 3) Doesn’t scroll well on Google Pixal phone. At first when I tried swiping left it said that the key is not valid or something like that, then I tried swiping right and it said features not accessible. So I tried everything resetting my phone deleting the app but nothing, then I logged out and I could swipe left again but I couldn’t swipe right now it says failed to matched with so and so . I don’t know what to do please help.I can’t log onto my app today. Do you guys experience the same issue? It keeps logging me out 🙁Sometimes it’s just a caching issue that prevents it logging in on mobile data. Wifi is generally no issue but mobile data hardly ever works. If you’ve tried everything and nothings worked, try this: – turn off mobile data – if tinder is in ur recent apps close it off completely – turn on gprs and load tinder – wait until it says ‘no network connection’, obviously because youve turned it off. – now turn ur mobile data back on and give it a few seconds to assign ur phones IP, it should then start working again. – if this still fails, try swiping to ur matches and wait for that page to load before swiping back to the main app screen, sometimes only then will it start working.My matches keep on getting removed all the time. Constant issue and tibder give me some generic response which I have already tried due to common senseEvery time I swipe on someone that liked me it says “failed to match with….” I’ve already missed like four cute matches wtf

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