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Inside the box you’ll find precisely three things: The watch, the charging cable, and some little papers:I’ve partnered with Clever Training to offer all DC Rainmaker readers an exclusive 10% discount across the board on all products (except clearance items).  You can pick up the Polar M430 (or any other Polar accessories) from Clever Training. Then receive 10% off of everything in your cart by adding code DCR10BTF at checkout.  By doing so, you not only support the site (and all the work I do here) – but you also get a sweet discount. And, since this item is more than $49, you get free US shipping as well.

Fwiw – this score is a bit higher than my previous tested scores of about 61 a few years ago.  Obviously I must have become more awesome as I age.Smart Trainers Buyers Guide: Looking at a smart trainer this winter? I cover all the units to buy (and avoid) for the 2019-2020 indoor training season. The good, the bad, and the ugly.A big disappointment … m430 can not broadcast the signal to other devices. In addition to devices Polar. It’s so not obvious that until you come across and do not know. This means that my bike computers and smartphones can not be connected at the same time! Polar M430 je športna ura z GPS tehnologijeo, ki je še posebej prilagojena tekačem. Vključuje merilec srčnega utripa, napredne funkcije za trening in celodnevno spremljanje aktivnosti, tudi med spanjem. Odlična športna ura za tekače, ki si želijo več in b

Hi Tim..think the m430 can only pair with one device at a time….Tried to synch it with my iPad this am..had same problem you did (did not pair)…and then noticed it had paired and synched with my iPhone in the next roomI kept a mostly constant pace (3:38 – 3:47 min/km was the range for each of the kms) throughout, but my instant pace floated between 3:15 and 4:25 even in a 1km straight!I want to first dig into some of the steady-state riding once I leave the city, starting around the 40-minute marker: Fri frakt Those work globally, sending your position via satellites (Galileo SAR is already operational) and you get a distress message.

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  1. but stride sensor appeared automatically on list of ‘paired’ devices …i presume my m400 settings were just copied across.
  2. ds of the Scooby Do movie scene where the aliens phone him and ask him to go into the deepest darkest part of the forest to get some Scooby snacks. 🐕 He says “OK” . 😂
  3. I have recently bought the M430 and using it for about 2 months. I have set the Auto Lap to 1km for my runs. But the vibration is so weak that most of the time the Auto Lap notification went unnoticed. I can feel the vibration for other alerts like the fitness test. How do you feel about the strength of your M430’s vibration alert? Is there a setting to turn on vibration for Auto lap?
  4. Hello again Frederik, I have 10 consecutive days of correct sleep analysis already. I had some issues with LOOP2 sleep analysis in the past – missed some nights with no logical reasons. Just a few times for a year of usage. Do you see Sleep time and Actual sleep data on the M430 screen for these days that are missing in the WEB service?
  5. ute the next time stamp would *not* increase by a

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Yes, and another POWER EATING MONSTER – the backlight is ON on EVERY BUTTON PRESS!!! All day long!!! And can’t find how to turn this off. Really disappointing, POLAR. And the bug I reported over a month ago – can’t turn off vibration notifications in sport profiles and this eating a lot of power too – is not fixed yet!!! I get barely 5 to 6 hours of workouts with one battery charge. M430 in Flight mode all day long, no notifications and just one max two synks per day . I don’t think this device’s battery will last till the end of the warranty…..1 hour and 41 minutes, 898 calories, max HR of 183. The GPS also did well tracking a nice 1.5 mile walk with the kids at a park during the holiday weekend.Open up the stopwatch and then hold the light button. After a couple of seconds it should clear your times.Last night I couldn’t get Polar Sync to work. Tried everything….re-installed software…as a last resort I did a factory reset on the watch. Still nothing worked so I contacted Polar about the issue online. This morning it worked also got an email from Polar that they had a temporary usage break ongoing and to not worry your training data is safe. My watch is still syncing and has been doing this for a VERY long time. Is this normal??I’ve been using the M430 since April, both in beta and now final production form.  This includes a wide variety of activities, but predominantly I’ve been focused on running and cycling, since it is targeted at the running crowd.  So at this point I’ve got a pretty good idea of what works well, and what needs some tweaks.

If the GPS is off the only other significant power draw will be the optical HR. I presume you want the HR data? I haven’t tried it but I suspect it would be OK for 14 hrs. If you just want to record the duration of the hike switch off HR in the hiking sport mode. I presume it would then last for several days. I don’t think it is the best watch for a hiker though.At the moment I’m about to purchase a new smartwatch, I’ve narrowed it down to the this Polar M430 and the Garmin Vivoactive HR and this is where I’m stuck.anyone have gps crash on them yet? i’ve updated a-gps, factory reset…. still can’t connect to gps – just sits at 0%. any other suggestions?

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Battery life so far isn’t great. I’ve turned off Smart Notifications, and will see if that helps. I really don’t care too much about them anyhow, and I cannot find where to scroll through notifications after they have already come in.Do others experience the same, or is it just me? For reference, I raced in the same place in June with my M400 and in the straight the pace range was 20 sec at most!It works. It seems to be a reasonable reflection of what I would expect my heart rate to be though It may not be as accurate. Water creates a lot of drag and erratic watch movement will add noise to the reflected light signal making accurate heart rate estimation difficult. It will probably be affected by wrist strap tightness, type and speed of stroke, technique etc… Buy Polar M430 Running Watch (Black) featuring Advanced Running Data and Metrics, 6-LED Optical Wrist-Based Heart Rate, Integrated GPS with SiRFInstantFix Improve your running performance and efficiency with the black Polar M430 Watch. This wrist-worn running assistant provides you with a full.. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Polar M430, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Polar M430 schwarz GPS Smartwatch Fitnesstracker. Ich verkaufe hier meine Polar Smartwatch

love polar very accurate and m430 has support H10 strap automatic when you off strap m430 will swap to OHR auto. but Polar please support your firmware for cycling FE-C indoor trainer same garmin.i think your can also your want to sell WattsBike. but all the world they support.With ContHR enabled – 4 and a half days of usage, only 3 running workouts (GPS high accuracy mode) with a total time of 02:45:23Next, you’ve got the paper junk, which essentially tells you where to wear the watch and how to treat it.  Most notable is this page, which tells you not to place the watch on your wrist bone.  If you take away nothing from this review, take away this singular picture.  It’s the difference between getting crappy optical HR readings versus good ones:It’s essentially a runners watch. So Polar would like you to spend more money to get a tri/swimmers/etc watch. Polar M430 schwarz 90066337 GPS-Laufuhr Herzfrequenzmessung am Handgelenk M-L. Unsere Redaktion - 07.06.17 Die Polar M430 ist eine wasserdichte GPS-Uhr, die Deinen Puls am Handgelenk misst. Sie bietet Dir zahlreiche Funktionen und weist sogar einen Energiesparmodus auf

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May well wait until M430 has 24×7 HRM, by which time the V830 may be here! I still prefer Flow to Connect, although syncing via wifi for Flow would be good as it can be hideously slow via phone.after 5 months of use, the belt itself has become convex. Sport Consulting from Poland quickly sent a new strap for free 🙂

Polar’s M430 GPS and oHR accuracy + Suunto’s Sport WHR screen + Fenix 5 looks and features = the sports watch I want.I generally use an iPhone as my day to day phone. I used two iPhones during this. An older iPhone 6 that had some BT issues, but it has BT issues with every device I use (hardware issue), and then a newer iPhone 7. Since switching to that it’s been flawless.

I contacted Polar support with the same issue and they were able to confirm that the wrist-based HRM on both – the M430 and the A370 will not work on “darker skin types”.Finally, as noted earlier, you can also setup connections from Polar Flow to sites like Strava here as well.  This will ensure your workouts end up on those sites immediately after sync:

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  1. - Datele alergării în interior: Când semnalul GPS nu este disponibil, ceasul conectat Polar M430 calculează ritmul și distanța în funcție de mișcările de Ceasul conectat Polar M430 calculează pașii, distanța parcursă, cloriile arse și monitorizează somnul, recomandând un obiectiv de activitate zilnică..
  2. , Suunto and Polar devices). It is the only watch where I have found the optical HR to be acceptable (on a par with Scosche Rythm+). I gave a white one to my daughter and she loves it. It looks less bulky in a lighter colour to contrast the black watch face. It is certainly not “huge”.
  3. The exact same workout, on the M430 and my Mio Alpha2 before it, track my heart rate consistently no matter the exercise I am doing and report my total calories around 900-1000 (what I expect). Sometimes if I really bend my wrist on a recumbent bike or certain dumbbell exercises it will lose it, but those times aren’t often.
  4. Hi Neil. I mostly use my 430 for running and have no personal experience of using it in recording mode for more than five hours. What I do know is that it is possible, in the different sport profile, to disable GPS all together. I don’t know what that will give you extra in battery life, but I guess it will be a significant difference!
  5. This seems to increase battery life by a lot, I’d guess up to 12 hours of recording, an 8 hour hike dropped about 1/3 off the battery bar.
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  1. What GPS watches don’t turn on the backlight when you press a button? Or have an option to disable it.
  2. Tangential question – are we entering a time when it will no longer be possible to buy a running watch *without* the optical heart rate sensor? (Excluding old stock of past models, of course.)
  3. forerunner 35 and polar m430, after reading your article, i decided for the polar m430.
  4. Is that the internationally renowned gold standard Jargielo GPS windowsill test as adopted by ISO? (-;
  5. The basic version of Endomondo is for free. The trial version is for the premium version and not necessary, but much cheaper than Strava.
  6. s recording on a hike before a “1 hours recording time of your activity left, charge your watch” warning comes up (not the exact words). I carry a small Anker power bank and charge up the watch when I stop to eat, pausing the recording when I do. Two 20/30
  7. Was a long time m400 user. Switched to Ambit3 Peak for 30+ hrs battery life and route navigation. Surprised I unable to read the small data fields on top/bottom of the display and the contrast was very low on the LCD-screen in cold weather. And it was bulky/heavy.

Wow thank you for the well thought out reply , I decided to go with the Garmin she is used to the brand and i think it will be an easy switch for her. I have unboxed it while she was out of the house and charged it up, I must say I am impressed. I wanted to set it up so she could use it instead up waiting the half day to get it up and “running”. I might make the switch myself down the road to Garmin,out of the box it was easy with the web support for a quick set up and put it back in the box for her to use.Ok, let’s dig into another run, this one in much colder weather.  Colder weather is always tough for optical HR sensors.  This run includes the Fenix 5 paired to the Wahoo TICKR X for the heart rate strap, and then a Suunto Wrist HR worn on the other wrist.  Here’s the overview.1) Sleep from sunday -> monday: – M430 device: My Day shows sleep time and actual sleep time – Polar Flow: Diary -> Activity: fell asleep and woke up symbols are visible/logged however – Polar Flow: Diary -> Sleep: weekly overview: all metrics are visible

You’ll find I’ve added the Polar M430 within the product comparison tool for GPS watches.  You can mix and match it against various GPS watches in the database.  For the purposes of comparison below, I’ve compared it against the Fitbit Surge, Garmin Vivoactive HR and Polar M400.  It’s an imperfect comparison – since each unit offers slightly different price/feature points.  And if I could fit 5 columns here, I’d also add in the TomTom Spark, since that has music too! But again, you can create your own comparison charts here.Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? No problem, here's the platform I use - you can too!

Polar M430 is a GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate, advanced training features and 24/7 activity tracking - a top-level watch for runners who want more. Polar M430 measures your heart rate from the wrist easily, accurately and reliably Above you see things pretty good – all three units happily agree with each other, save brief differences of a couple of beats in most cases.  Just after that though is when I hit a section of fairly nasty cobbles for quite a long ways.  It’s interesting to see the reaction from each unit:

This being (one of) the best wrist HR watch, how are you feeling about the scosche rhythm? Still using the scosche or did it become redundant with the HR of the Polar M430 being solid ?I have been following DC Rainmaker since the days of Timex Runtrainer. And because of Ray’s reviews I made great buys of Runtrainer and Polar M430. Thank you for great reviews.For me, the vibration of m430 is too weak, you may not notice it during the training, it is rather a problem of the watch, another problem is that, the light is always off when pressing any button, and even no light during alert, it is very inconvenient when running at night time, hope Polar can fix these, it will be better if sound alert is added as a choice, data such as stride if added will be much better.

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Thanks Ray(also got your reply in the Hands On page). I ended up returning the watch over this issue. Over the last weekend I had it, I did a factory reset. Both Monday and Tuesday I was on the phone with Polar tech support where I did at least one other factory reset. The next day when the problems continued, I had had it. It should not have been that difficult and I do wonder if there is an android issue with this. I also noticed that Google Fit would only sync some but not all data. For example, I played tennis for close to 2 hours and Google Fit showed me taking around 73 steps. I liked the watch, but I am not sure if I am willing to try it again, even at the discounted price.Without ContHR enabled – last time before firmware update – 7 days of usage, total 05:08:23 of workouts, 1:07:39 of these workouts were indoors (no GPS) and 04:00:44 outdoors (GPS high accuracy mode)

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The Heart-rate chest strap that leave marks on your chest with erratic spikes is NOT an option for me plus the Scosche strap is so tight as well. No thanks I will stick with the Polar M430. You don’t even need to tighten it up much to get good readings.As for this one, which would you recommend to buy Polar M430 or Garmin Vivoactive HR? In sports gadget recommendations 2016-2017 you said the best is Vivoactive HR, but it was the end of 2016 and M430 wasn’t released yet.polar customer service is unbelievably horrible. at first they said they would fix it, as its within 2 year warranty. they did, but now they want me to pay £80 for the repair as i have not proven purchase. i cautioned them beforehand i might not be able to find a receipt, and was able to pull up the invoice from paypal, after spending 1.5 hours on the phone mostly on hold (good service aside from the holding time!). but now polar is telling me they do not recognize the invoice. unbelievably bad service –

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You state that it does track HR during swimming. How is the accuracy of the HR in the water, compared to for example with the HR of the Garmin Swim-HRM? ''Polar M430 måler puls mer nøyaktig enn tidligere modeller og er mest presis i denne testen''. Pulsklokke for løping. Optisk pulsmåling på håndleddet, GPS, registrering av søvn og aktivitet. Avanserte løpefunksjoner. Fantastisk verktøy for fremgang

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  1. My heart is still with Polar, even if my dollars aren’t, but good to see them doing solid products. Especially if the price drops a bit (paid under £100 for my M400) so need to see this at £150 or so
  2. Let’s move out into the countryside a bit.  As one might expect, all three units are quite happy here and match perfectly:
  3. g..
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  1. Hi Nicola, I don’t think POLAR will add power support to M430 – this is a POLAR V800 territory. You want power – you should go to high price category…. The today market works this way…
  2. Pulsklocka för löpning. Optisk pulsmätning vid handleden, GPS, registrering av sömn och aktivitet. Avancerade löpfunktioner. I kombination med nättjänsten och appen Polar Flow fungerar M430 som en personlig tränare som ger personlig feedback, en anpassad träningsplan och vägledning under..
  3. Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide (Winter 2019-2020 edition) and trainers here (Winter 2019-2020 edition) – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there.  Looking for the equipment I use day to day?  I also just put together my complete ‘Gear I Use’ equipment list, from swim to bike to run and everything in between (plus a few extra things).  And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!
  4. I am not familiar with LTHR thing but from what i have read MAF formula does not tries to predict lactate threshold. MAF creator has an article on lactate testing: “Why I No Longer Like Lactate Testing: Prime Appraisal or Wasted Effort?” link to philmaffetone.com

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  1. utes and requires you do nothing other than just lying there.  Afterwards it’ll return your VO2Max score and offer to update your VO2Max stored within the device:
  2. Hi. I enjoy your tests for a couple of years, but now I’m missing an answer of a very important question about the Polar M430: Is this watch works under water without the H10 strap? Would be nice to knoe about it ….
  3. I’m disappointed by the sleep tracking. I usually nap an hour or two during the afternoon. At night I may sleep a few hours, wake up, spend an hour or two awake, and go to sleep again. The watch does not log all this. Moreover, it allows me to edit the sleep time, but only to shorten it.
  4. Training Load is an estimation of the cumulative physiological effect an exercise session has upon someone. With Training Load is a recovery estimation which helps prevent overtraining. – Mike@PolarUSA
  5. No I have not. Seems to give pretty consistent values at expected rates. It is a bit odd to intermittently but consistently give a value of 20 below your normal resting heart rate rather than just failing to record heart rate. Resting heart rate is usually pretty accurate using optical measurement as there is no conflicting cadence signal. Is the sensor consistently in contact with skin. Although the strap can be a little looser when not exercising it should not be too loose. Have you tried resetting the device? What is your skin tone? How old are you and how is your cardiovascular health (a possibility would be that you are experiencing episodes of complete heart block where typically the ventricular rate is 40 or less). You could rule this out (or in) by using a chest strap for the day. Or maybe you just have a duff unit.

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Hello Frederik Claes I am using the M430 since 22.06.2017. The second night of use ended like you show here – no sleep data. I remember when I open My Day first in the morning watch asked “Press OK to see the sleep data” (as it asks every morning), So I pressed OK – nothing happened, pressed a few more times – nothing. Pressed BACK and try to open My Day again – the message was not there any more. And no sleep date recorded for that night. I remember that night – went on bed on time but in the middle of the night went to kitchen for a glass of water, watched a TV for 20-30 minutes and went to bed again. May be such a behaviour interrupts the M430 sleep tracking algorithm somehow. 9 days later no such problem any more.The M430 does not have the Race Pace feature, rather it has a ‘Finish Time Estimator’. As it’s name would suggest, you input the distance you’re going to run and will estimate your finishing time based on your pace. -Mike@PolarUSA

Hi all. My miscommunication/synch problems have finally finished with the new update (after so many restarts, Bluetooth on/off, re-pairing, hard resets). Looks like some of my data & all my fitness tests disappeared off the app & polarflow.web. The app is really going forward as is the watch. So much detailed analysis. Love the cont. HR & HR during sleep (almost as good as my old Peak). Watch now gives improved calorie count from low cardio activities throughout the day (consistent HR about every 2-10min but not constant) without starting the sport profile. Of course if I/u start the profile then HR is constant during the activity (before update I created a profile that ran all day – had HR on and low GPS to give more accurate calorie count). Just wish my watch band didn’t lose 40% of its black colour in the first 2 weeks. Have to colour it with Bic permanent black every 3 weeks Polar M430 ist der Trainingscomputer unter den Fitness-Smartwatches, mit GPS und ausgeklügelter Pulsmessung am Handgelenk sowie erweiterten Multi-Sportfunktionen. Wir haben den beliebten Dauer(b)renner auf Herz und Nieren getestet I did notice you mentioning the A370 and making refeence to your review of that device to see some info about its sleep metrics. I did look at the review (just double checked again right now) and I don’t see anything I did not yet see with my M430? Maybe I’m not looking well enough?I found this funny because while I was running this very section I was looking at instant pace and thought to myself that it seemed I was going quite a bit slower than it was saying.  This explains why.I don’t know if this matters, but they will be coming out with a VAHR replacement sometime in the next few months. The current VAHR does what you want, although I’m not sure about outdoor rowing.

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Polar M430 on GPS-juoksukello, joka mittaa sykkeen ranteesta. Siinä on Polarin tehokkaat harjoittelutoiminnot ja ympärivuorokautinen aktiivisuusseuranta ? se on siis huipputason kello Polar Pulsklocka M430 OHR M/L Svart Näytä vaihtoehdot ▾ Näytä vähemmän ▴. 2-7 päivää Polar M430 jest zegarkiem GPS oferującym dostęp do najważniejszych informacji treningowych, który może stać się prawdziwym szkoleniowcem wpływającym na wzrost sportowej formy. Głównie dlatego, iż jest wyposażony w pomiar tętna na nadgarstku, zaawansowane funkcje Smart Coaching.. is it possible to use the heart rate from the watch for apps on a phone like runtastic or sports tracker?but using the m430 for a week am really impressed ….did a 32min run yesterday and Optical on M430 and H10 paired with M400 on other wrist exactly same average HR and never more that a few BPM out with each other.

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You don’t have to use the default sport profile for a training target, just scroll down and select one you have created yourself with your own zones or free if you wish.As for continuous HR, the benefit there is measuring resting HR – which if tracked properly can usually allow you to spot excessive fatigue or pending illness.You mentioned that 24/7 heart rate tracking was coming this fall. Will that be in an updated version of the M430 or an entirely new watch?

Great review, really informative. At the moment I’m about to purchase a new smartwatch, I’ve narrowed it down to the this Polar M430 and the Garmin Vivoactive HR and this is where I’m stuck.Here the same, I have a M430 and a V650. Going for a bike I can’t see my HR on the V650 from the M430. I have to wear an extra HR strap wich I refuse. It can’t be that hard for Polar to fix that?My girlfriend thinks about buying a M430, she likes the features but the watch itself looks a quite large because she has small wrists.Jamil is absolutely right, this product does not work for people with dark skin. If your completion is similar to Denzel Washington or darker, stay away from this product until Polar can prove that they have fixed the issue.

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On the other hand, some things I miss: Battery life, the feature to find your phone and the connection of my whaoo rpm. So I am strongly waiting for a V800 successor …@TimS I have used the M430 for both saltwater and freshwater OWS. The distance accuracy was not great in those scenarios. Although I support the many other comments here that general accuracy of the M430 elsewhere IS generally Garmin-beating.The F5 did seem to have some odd struggles on a few of those (both HR & GPS), in one case though I tried to re-iterate that it was on a Spibelt, so that doesn’t much count there. But the others were interesting and hence why I called them out too.Looking for a recommendation for a fitness tracker, features to include: HRM Chest strap HR zone indicator Hiit timer Multi daily alarm (nutrition intake) Thank you in advance

Nutikell Polar M430, M, Valge internetist hea hinnaga: kiire tarne, lai valik, kvaliteetsed tooted ja soodne hind. Mugavad ning turvalised ostud. Polar M430 mõõdab teie südame löögisagedust väga täpselt ja teisi teie füüsilise aktiivsusega seotud statistika aitab teil saavutada parimaid tulemusi It’s announced to come via software update. Doesn’t make to update a hardware that’s just been released and everything needed (hardware wise) is already part of the watch.I think a section called “indoor run accuracy” would be good on future “in dephs” I rather like the M430, but I fear it's not enough of an improvement over the M400 to justify the extra cost, nor is it good enough for me to recommend it over the equivalent Garmin watches. The main a change from the M400 is the addition of an Optical Heart Rate Monitor.. Hello Jeff. I had an issues with H7 a few times. The sensor has a bug and every few months starts to show erratic readings. A quick reset helps. Remove the battery for 2-3 minutes. While battery is out – touch and short the metal strap connectors with a metal object for a few seconds. See the picture attached.

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Hi Peter, yes in pre training mode or during a training session you can press light button for 2 seconds and scroll down – there should be Stride sensor menu. If you can’t see it – delete paired sensor from watch and pair it again with M430.Hello Dirk, Yes M430 has countdown timer – a two phase Interval timer actually. You could use it as single phase timer too. Just set the time and start a workout. The watch countdowns to zero then vibrates and restarts timer again and again until you stop the workout. You could set this interval timer on specific distance, not just time.

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“This is where you can manage your sport profiles To use this feature you need a compatible training device, such as Polar V800.”Been using it successfully for a couple weeks now, and have a good feel for how well it tracks in the gym. Too cold for tennis, but that is coming soon. USB Charging Cable Data For Polar M430 M600 Fast Charging Cable Charger Accessories Smart Watch Replacement The promised operating time 1mp GPS 8 hour instead of 5:30 hour! Intervall training = vibration alert easy not perceptible!The 430 is newer and has the wist based hr. The v800 looks nicer, not unimportant for al Day wearing.

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Heart rate accuracy and consistent tracking is the most important thing to me. I’ve tried the Garmin Vivosport and it just doesn’t seem to track even indoor elliptical interval training as well as the Mio did. At peak sometimes I can spot check it and it can be way off to the tune of 50bps. Total calories for a workout are also way off from what my Mio and my old Polar FT7 with a strap reported.If I reset my watch (any reset, factory reset, regular reset) it fixes the issue for about a day, then it returns. Polar Electro Oy (globally known as Polar) is a manufacturer of sports training computers, particularly known for developing the world's first wireless heart rate monitor. The company is based in Kempele, Finland and was founded in 1977 On mine, it is impossible to use Medium Accuracy GPS – High accuracy and Powersaver work, but, if you set the settings in Profiles as Medium Accuray, it gives a “Powersave GPS in use” message when you start the recording. Polar say this is a “generalised software problem” – why they are still selling them with this known fault is beyond meOnce ready, you’ll press the start button again and the unit will start tracking/recording your workout.  You’ll press the up/down buttons to change data pages.  Here’s a small gallery of some default ones while standing still to see the data page sizing differences:

The Polar M430 GPS smartwatch has a wrist-based heart-rate monitor, built-in GPS and 100 sport profiles, ranging from yoga to martial arts. Aimed at those wanting to track their fitness activities, it comes in a variety of bright colours and has a large rectangular screen I signed up for Endomondo only to find out it’s only a 30 day free trial. I am looking for a free site to keep my basic running data for now.

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I swim, bike and run. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. It’s as simple as that. Most of the time. If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. Colors. Polar M430 Full Specifications. Image. It's been a few months since Polar first announced the M430, which builds upon their previously popular M400 GPS watch aimed primarily at the running crowd It’s important to note that the M430 simply doesn’t have an openwater swim mode. So there’s no OWS algorithms within it to handle loss of GPS signal each time your wrist goes below the water.The M430 received a bit of a GPS chipset swap from the M400.  Some might call it an upgrade, others just a change.  Previously on the M400 they had a U-Blox GPS chipset in there.  For most folks it worked pretty well, though a handful had issues (which honestly, is true of any GPS chipset you select).  With the M430 they went with the SiRFStar IV GPS chip, which is actually a much older chipset and matches what they used on the (also older) V800.

I’m on holiday and because of heat and humidity I could not follow Polar’s marathon program. After sunset it’s still 30°C and humidity is around 80%. I opted for swimming and I found that M430 supports open area swimming. Results are so so as GPS is all over the place. Is there a way to smoothen the track or am I expecting too much from M430? III➤ Polar M430 ⇒ Leggi la nostra recensione dettagliata con foto, video e prova pratica ⇒ Confronta le migliori offerte online ⇒ Acquistalo al miglior prezzo! Recensione: Polar M430. Orologio utilizzabile con fascia cardiaca, impermeabile fino a 30 m, utilizzabile con app, GPS, Bluetooth In reviewing different options, I looked at the M600 which initially launched without swim metrics, but they were added later during an update so I’m ever so hopeful this will be the case for the 430. Can anyone who has applied the updates confirm if this is the case?The tennis sport profile would not be able to capture the number steps taken during a match. The accelerometer within the watch that is running in the background however is and those steps taken (while not broken out for the activity itself) will be added to the total that it records during the day.Great device bought after reading your review. One criticism strap is too flimsy. Snapped after 8 weeks use when tightening on upper wrist for better heart rate information (picture attached) Polar quickly responded and supplied a replacement strap which was pretty easy to fix. In their response they advised that they weren’t aware of any strap issues . Intend looking for a more robust replacement strap.

I really love my M430 but I do find it really odd that although it tracks HR in the pool (I think it is the only wrist based HR that does this properly) it does not give swim metrics. I have just ordered a Suunto Trainer which will do my navigation (much better than a Garmin) and swimming, M430 for running (particularly because of the comprehensive yet highly customizable heart rate based training programs on Polar Flow). I think the Suunto trainer might suit your needs and save you $200 bucks. If you wait out there are some metal bezel ones coming out which look kinda nice.my second question is im looking to buy my mom a fitbit ionic for its rumored potential to detect heart arrhythmia with its other sensors in a future update. have you heard if this is a definite update in the near future for the ionic? thanks and have a good day. cheers!Aside slight difference in price, I see no good reason to buy the polar over 1-year old Garmin Vivoactive HR. VA HR has several features the Polar lacks — indoor swimming for one, battery lifeSigna upp dig på vårt nyhetsbrev!Ta del av smarta shoppingtips och populära produkterPrenumereraHur din mejladress användsInformationOm PrisjaktHur vi jämför priserHur vi visar omdömenKontaktRegistrera och profilera din butikPrisjakts annonslösningarRegler & riktlinjerRegler och riktlinjer för användareFriskrivning och ansvarsbegränsningPersonuppgiftspolicyCookiepolicyPå PrisjaktJobba hos ossTeman & kampanjerMediaArtiklarHämta mobilappen Thanks for the review, excellent as always, but was just wondering what kind of battery life were you getting when just using the watch casually without GPS activities?

1. Cannot be patented by Garmin, as it is an intrinsic feature of the GPS navigation messages. Mine is always spot on with the clock, so precise that I doubt it is not synchronising somehow, either via the GPS navigation messages, or when synching data with Polar Flow. In either case the clock is precise, and it also performs the daylight time adjustment automatically.Attached screenshot shows the Polar Flow iOS app where I remark Tuesday 4th of July does not have the little bed icon depicted in the daily activity ring. It seems like Flow doesn’t recognize that time window as actual sleep like it did the night before. It’s odd because in the Polar Flow web version you can see the sleep/woke up timeframes marked, see: link to imgur.comI wear it the whole day and have gotten used to sleeping with it as well. The sleep data is very low priority in my opinion. I normally charge it up every other day while I’m getting dressed for work in the morning. I also like the all day tracking, but the daily activity tracker isn’t really accurate. So I pretty much ignore where the line is as I don’t think it is a good indicator currently if I had a solid day of activity or not. Välj storlek för att se lagerstatus i varuhus Lagerstatus i våra varuhus

The 2019 Swim/Bike/Run Gear I Use List

I do a lot of indoor cycling. I am 100% sure that it counts steps while I am cycling indoors… Why didn’t Polar disable steps counting when doing indoor cycling? Can it be turned off?Ray, How would you value the Polar M430 against the Garmin Forerunner 935 (when the 430 has 24×7 HR tracking). I’m still in doubt what platform for an allround watch (scales, etc.) I would choose.Maybe their Flow back end service is buggy. Well I hope someone from Polar can give some conclusive advice on the matter. Maybe an official acknowledgement of sorts.

Unfortunately, I tried replacing the battery when I first saw the notification, but it still shows up for me. Maybe one more try.Hi, the vibration intensity is not adjustable. The vibration is impossible stop from sport profile settings – it is a bug, polar will fix soon I hope. The vibrations during phased exercises are huge battery eating issue. My watch gives me no more than 5 hours of workouts time. With fligh mode On most of the time, only one sync per day. No good, but can’t stop vibration…. at this moment.

it makes sense, I see something similar. Charging the unit every three days or so is acceptable when continuous HR tracking is required. There are many smart watches that barely get to the evening…I have been wearing the Polar M430 for about a month and overall really like this watch. I formerly had a Fitbit Charge 2 which was fine and I chose the Polar after going back with the Garmin FR235.

M430 från Polar är en löparklocka med GPS och pulsmätning på handleden, avancerade träningsfunktioner och aktivitetsmätning dygnet runt - en högpresterande klocka för löpare som vill ha mer. Pulsen via handleden. Mät pulsen enkelt och exakt med Polars egenutvecklade optiska.. So maybe there’s an issue pairing another device (any device, foot pod, headphones…etc.) with the watch other than your phone obviously. Polar's new M430 running watch comes with a heart-rate monitor and pairs with an app for smart coaching. The Polar M430 replaces the company's M400 running watch, which places it smack in-between the M200 running watch and the M600 smart watch “Mikko (Polar Care) Sep 1, 12:55 EEST Hi Zhivko, This is a new feature and can’t be turned off. We’ll forward your feedback to the development!”

Hi Nicola, So you ran 5 hours in 5 days and recharge. You get 5 hours of workouts with one battery. Same here, sometimes I get 6 hours but part of my workouts are indoor without GPS.Any feedback is really appreciated in getting the sleep analysis consistently tracked daily so my weekly overview is populated 100% with data. Last week now looks incomplete like in this attached screenshot.

Polar M430 on randmepõhise südame löögisagedusega, täiustatud treeningufunktsioonidega ja ööpäevaringselt töötava aktiivsusmonitoriga GPS-spordikell - tipptasemel kell jooksjatele, kes soovivad ennast ületada. Randmepõhine südame löögisagedus Polari optilise ja täpse südame löögisageduse.. My first “proper” GPS watch was the Polar M400 with the H7 chest band. Earlier this year I got an FR235, attracted by the idea of having a wrist HR watch. The FR235 is a very nice watch, and comfortable to wear – better than the Polar. Having the ConnectIQ platform is also a plus, as I really liked some of the data fields/apps that I tried.

greetings Ray, you have the best reviews around. im looking to buy an m430 for its running metrics and accuracy, but also looking at the suunto trainer for its swim metrics. my regular week is 40% running 40% calisthenics and 20% swim. which one of these two do you recommend?The only problem I find with Strava is that it gets your moving time wrong after importing the activity. Usually shows it was shorter than it actually is, and by doing that it shows a faster average pace. People have been complaining for a long time about that but Strava are not interested in correcting it.When I try to purchase the watch on Amazon there is a size option. Either “one size” or “medium/large” and there is a $30 difference between the two. Which is the standard size? ThanksThanks Nicola. I’m fairly sure that point 2 will be correct in the latest Polar watches but whilst the timestamps given by the RC3 GPS were in the correct format, if you paused it it gave correctly formated, but incorrect timestamps in that they weren’t actual time. This is what the gpx file had from the RC3: Alibaba.com offers 70 polar m430 products. About 55% of these are Watch Bands. A wide variety of polar m430 options are available to you, such as material

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