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@DanteSolablood Well, this "tech spec" sheet report is starting to make me worried, too. In addition to refusing to divulge the details on the custom Tegra SoC, telling us things like "the NS can't handle SDXC without a day one update" and "the NS can only handle LCPM 5.1, just like the Wii U, even though a PS3 from 10 years ago can handle LCPM 7.1" is not doing wonders to instill the technically inclined with confidence.@SLIGEACH_EIRE Agreed ! This may become annoying in 10-15 years. Let's hope I'll still be able to play my retro Switch on the toilet in 2030

I do wonder if people here refuse to buy music unless the band used the latest 200 piece drum kit and state of the art guitars rather than just listening to how well produced the music is and being happy. Nintendo Switch console. Size. 102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm (with Joy-Con attached) Please note As for not releasing the specs, I think this is b/c Nintendo is concerned the competition will use them.. @WiltonRoots I absolutely 100% agree. Specs make little difference to the enjoyment of a game. But that's not the point here, the point is making a system powerful, and popular enough to have developers wish to make games for it. And right now Nintendo are a distant third in priorities for which machine to develop games for as far as a lot of developers are concerned. A game can't be good or bad if a developer chooses not to make a game in the first place for technical limitation reasons.@Marshi Hm... I see.I think Switch specs is stronger than Wii U but almost near as xbox1.I guess. Just my assumption.And does it really matter for you since you are questioning the specs so much ? And what if Switch specs is far away from your expectation ?This unwillingness to release proper specs further cements my theory that the Switch is just a handheld overclocked Wii U. Just like the Wii was an overclocked Gamecube

Even without the highest-end graphics, the Switch will still have a lot of Nintendo games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which Nintendo demonstrated running on the Switch for the first time during a segment on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. That game and others like it will surely help sell the system, as will the promise of portability, which is a feature that no other game console has ever had.@Captain_Gonru Nintendo is all about cutting costs on their end. Wifi these days is fine if you have a great Wifi Router. 8-12 bucks isn't much for us but even 3 bucks for Nintendo adds up. Things like this don't bother me. Its when they leave it out and charge me alot is when I am upset.@Marshi Oh... I see.I'm sorry. I am not looking the games with those titles that you mentioned. I'm bored to the hell with ultra realistic FF XV, I hate ultra hd adult games, I don't care with those games. I only care CUTE games like Animal Crossing / MySims / Tomodachi Life with not so huge Gigabyte size, more cartoonish but still HD enough and great gameplay concept. I don't care with ultra realistic style, especially Western games. I'm sorry if we have different reason for choosing Switch. I'm different, totally opposite with common male gamers.“If Nintendo gets traction with this, we forecast they will ship 5 million Switches by the end of 2017,” said Jon Peddie, analyst at market researcher Jon Peddie Research and a long-time graphics expert.@neufel But, I can fully charge my phone in about an hour, which feels fine. Three hours, when you can only play Zelda for three hours, seems a bit long to me. It wouldn't be so bad if you could play for say 10 hours or so, like the GBA SP had for example. But, I guess this is modern gaming for you, and it's what most modern gamers seem to think is reasonable—almost like they don't know it can be any better.

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@PlywoodStick well the thing is that a standard that encodes 7.1 in a 5.1 signal simply doesn't exist. And Nintendo can't just make their own standard because with the release of Switch no receiver would support it. As I said, my receiver supports upmixing from 5.1 to 7.1 but it separates the channels not nearly as cleanly as a true 7.1 signal or even something like DPLII. So the real problem is that Switch doesn't support 7.1. But honestly I can see them patching it in later. It should easily be addable with a patch. Btw: Xbox One just a couple of weeks ago patched in bitstream output for blu-rays..three years after release haha! (PS4 still doesn't support it! PS3 does though lol)@SLIGEACH_EIRE I seriously doubt they'll ever release a model with removable battery. I'd bet instead on maybe a Lite or New model or something along those lines with other features. For something this small, it'd just make it bulkier and less rigid. Removable batteries in small portable devices IMO is a thing of the past. In theory it's nice to have for when the battery dies or looses longevity, but in practice you are more likely to replace your device first.

there are news in Nintendo Switch™ - Accessories. You need to be logged in to use the Personal Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Aloha Edition Carrying Case & Screen Protector If you somehow have too much time on your hands and do, flippin deal with it. You have other crap to accomplish in a 3 hour time span, like errands, bills, time with your children if you have any, chores, schoolwork, socializing with other human beings for 5 minutes a day, taking a dump, taking a shower, house maintenance, working on the computer, working at your job, eating something, your daily 3.4 seconds and 229 picoseconds of pure peace and tranquility, I could do this all night. Découvrez des news, des tests sur les jeux de la Switch ainsi que sur ses accessoires, des concours et une communauté

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"We believe that it is important to continue to communicate the appeal of both Nintendo Switch systems and expand the installed base," he said. "Please note that we have no plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch model during 2020."Best PC games to buy 2020: Fantastic games to add to your collection@Joeynator3000 They should give you banning powers for a day. Just as a perfectly healthy experiment. I mean... promotion.

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Specs. Nintendo Switch. Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch comes in two color schemes (aside from special editions), both of which are primarily black @Grumblevolcano It depends if you think being less powerful than the XB1 or PS4 is necessarily shameful. I can see why they went the way they did, trying to gather up the handheld market & the rest of their flagging console following... just imagine it was still portable and as powerful as the PS4. A whopping 20 minutes battery life?@Bulbousaur the gamecube adapter actually only uses the black port for data, the grey one is for rumble. Just try plugging the grey one into your phone charger for proof

I dunno, these guys seem pretty enthusiastic. Unless of course Japanese devs don't count?https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/01/feature_nindies_and_nintendo_switch_-_developers_reflect_on_the_new_console#comment3803716I hate nintendo for hiding the clock speeds and ram. Why not tell us what we are buying into. Its gonna get torn down anyway. Nintendo stop treating us like kids. I've decided to wait before jumping in.NVIDIA customised Tegra processor still not telling. I guess that will take the pros to figure out when it's released what exactly it means for us. Прекрасно проведите время и сыграйте в отличные игры Electronic Arts где угодно на Nintendo Switch! Играйте на улицах и на стадионах — открывайте новые горизонты в FIFA 20

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My point with making the comparison to older, outmoded technical standards is that those older standards were capable of performing tricks (like Rare's) which allowed their limitations to be overcome, even with modern setups. (You'd just have to use some analog conversion connections instead of digital ones.)So you're going to take it out and about daily town life? Okay. Have fun getting it stolen. I'll be here on the sidelines LMAO saying I told you so.

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@Bulbousaur If you go to Nintendo.com and go the the Nintendo Switch Features area and scroll down, you can get a closer look at the Switch, the Dock, the Joy-con, the Grip and the Joy-con straps. You can see everything in them (minus the actual IR Motion Camera, but it's indicated, you just can't see it). So the Gamecube controller adapter will eventually be updated in threw a firmware update. They just won't patch it in until Smash get's released on the Switch. The Nintendo Switch game console coming in March won't be more powerful than Sony's three-year-old PlayStation 4, according to sources familiar with the system. Two sources (who asked to keep.. Expandable Storage Memory: The Switch can expand its memory via MicroSD cards, with up to 128GB cards being supported. The Switch tablet houses the Micro SD card on its back surface beneath the kickstand.

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The non-removable battery is a head scratcher and 32gigs thing is unfortunate. If only because those micro sd cards are expensive. Other than that, I'm looking forward to this and my Switch and Zelda are already paid in full. Body=readyUSB Type-C Power: As the FCC filings confirmed, the Switch tablet uses USB Type-C to deliver power, video signals, and data across a single protocol. HD Rumble Technology: The JoyCons feature Nintendo's new HD Rumble hardware, which uses special haptic feedback tech that allows users to feel vibrations that convey specific game-specific stimulus. For example, HD Rumble can be fine-tuned to simulate how many ice cubes are in a digital glass through vibrations, allowing gamers to feel the cubes shaking in the glass. Nvidia has a new Tegra in the market in the Nvidia Drive PX 2 platform, which it describes as a processor for self-driving cars. This system has two code-named Parker chips in it. One Parker chip has a combination of six CPU cores (2 from the Denver design, four ARM v8 A57 designs) and 256 graphics cores based on the Pascal architecture. A single Parker chip is a pretty powerful machine, capable of doing 4K video and high-end graphics. But our understanding is that Parker showed up too late for Nintendo’s purposes. Parker also would have to be redesigned for mobile, low-power constraints. But it gives you an idea of the challenges that both Nvidia and Nintendo had in hitting their targets for performance, size, and power consumption. This kind of chip could be available as a rev 2, much like Sony has done with the PlayStation Pro. But we don’t expect it to be there at the outset.

I must be missing a troll machine somewhere around here, because it seems like a new one is created every day... I'm serious. They're everywhere. We need internetial justice! Who's with me?!@sikthvash They did give us (edit: lossy and simulated when two-channel tricks are used, natively 5.1) 7.1 surround, on the GCN and Wii (edit: Wii U only had LPCM 5.1, so it actually went backwards in a way)... And even a few N64 games (edit: mostly all from Rare)! I think it's in there, somewhere. I mean, come on, there are late SNES games like Star Ocean that supported (edit: a simulation through stereo channels for) 5.1 surround...Nintendo has taken the extra step of courting the game engine designers and making sure that developers who create games on the Unity and Unreal will be able to easily port those releases on the Switch. Again, that makes the system more friendly to developers who avoided created special, one-off versions of their games for previous Nintendo consoles. It’s worth noting that this is the first Nintendo console that Unreal Engine maker Epic Games has chosen to support wholeheartedly, and at least one indie title using Unreal has already been announced for the Switch. The fact that Epic Games would support the Nintendo Switch says a lot about the potential wider developer base for the Nintendo platform. 2020 popular Nintendo Switch Console trends in Consumer Electronics, Computer & Office Discover over 20904 of our best selection of Nintendo Switch Console on AliExpress.com with..

Nothing specific, although I did raise an admiring eyebrow at the weight of the device. Considerably more powerful than the Wii U yet almost 40% less in weight, that's quite an achievement.linear PCM 5.1ch!??! What a load of rubbish =0( I was hoping Ninty would give us some decent audio for once@manu0 I hope you're right! We'll see... It's just a nice bonus to have for the home theater audience.

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  1. Will the hardware and specs of Nintendo Switch be strong enough? How powerful will the specs of the Nintendo Switch be? Together with SuperMetalDave we go deep into the specs, Unreal Engine.
  2. Nintendo's portables have always outperformed their home machines. How is it wrong to want to continue that trend exclusively?
  3. The sound is so incredible and I'm really particular with my headphones- I can't stand the ones that shove in your ear canal and not being comfortable- these have a design Bose engineered that rest in the bowl of your ear and simply curve and direct the sound inward. Each pair comes with three interchangeable size silicone so that you can get a perfect fit for any size ear.
  4. @DrRandle Arguably the PS Vita failed due to the extraordinary cost of the propriety memory sticks... something Sony put in place due to the terrible game pirating that happened on the PSP through it's memory cards (SD I think).
  5. The technology inside the Joy-Cons seem to be a good deal ahead of the technology of the Switch itself. I think you are going to see Switch upgrades similar to what Apple does with the iPad.
  6. Platziere die Nintendo Switch-Konsole in der Nintendo Switch-Station, verbinde das HDMI-Kabel mit dem Fernseher und schon steht dem Spielspaß einer TV-Konsole nichts mehr im Weg

Nintendo Switch Online is a necessary subscription if you want to play Switch games on the internet. It has classic NES and SNES games, as well as Tetris 99, but the way it implements its various.. Lithium ion battery / battery capacity 4310mAh Please note: the internal battery cannot be removed. If the battery needs to be replaced, we plan to offer paid replacement via Nintendo Customer Support.Audio is such a common application of Bluetooth that Nintendo would practically have to go out of their way to not support it. But if they did pull such a brain-dead stunt at launch (they are Nintendo, after all), it should be entirely possible to patch the feature in.@PlywoodStick I believe the DS and 3DS would argue otherwise. The PSP, a multimedia powerhouse, and the VITA, an immensely better system, both failed because of the software. The problem isn't that nobody's porting to the Switch, the problem is that nobody is taking Nintendo consoles seriously and making actually good, unique games that fit them and only them. I don't want Resident Evil 7 on Nintendo. My PC is ahead of every console, and Nintendo isn't going to launch that far forward.He's going around YouTube parading "Nintendo sucks." just to piss people off, on an Iwata video, no less.

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Nintendo みまもり Switch Nintendo Switch Emulator. yuzu is an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra Three hour charge time in sleep mode. They've really gone out of their way to design the least portable device conceived since the Macintosh Portable.Who the hell brings their gaming tablet with them around the house everywhere they go, all settings on max, for every 3 hours every single effin day?! Not you, I'm betting. Ryujinx - Nintendo Switch Emulator. Home Blog Download Contribute Compatibility. It is an open source Nintendo Switch Emulator written in C# created by gdkchan

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USB Type-C port: The Switch features a female USB Type-C (USB 3.1) port on the bottom of the tablet that will be used for recharging only. Nintendo has confirmed that users can recharge their Switch on-the-go using approved USB Type-C power banks. Owners will not be able to hook up the Switch directly to a display via USB Type-C as the dock is required to adapt the signal for HDTVs and displays. Nintendo Switch. Genieße das Spielerlebnis einer TV-Konsole auch ohne Fernseher. Nintendo Switch passt sich deiner Situation an, damit du trotz der täglichen Hektik die Spiele spielen kannst..

A Nintendo Switch version that is a game about human wolf who pretends to be human and attacks Here's our Nintendo Switch™ page. Play this feature length interactive story ( don't expect.. but yes, all of this has already been known since the japanese website launched a couple of weeks ago.

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There are still a lot of questions. We don’t know the exact price, despite rumors from a lot of sources. It’s not clear how good the Wi-Fi connectivity will be, and we don’t know if the Switch has a touchscreen, like the Nvidia Shield does. Based on the video, it certainly looks like there is no touchscreen, as you attach the secondary controllers to the sides of the tablet. We’re also not sure if Nintendo plans to make use of the Shield’s cloud gaming features. We don’t know the exact number of subprocessors on the Maxwell-based chip, nor do we know at what speed the chip will run at.And of course, entirely in Nintendo style, no exact details on the chipset and memory are revealed. We'll leave that up to the usual suspects like Digital Foundry, Anandtech and so forth...

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The Nintendo Switch—the hybrid portable games console/tablet due for release in March 2017—will be powered by Nvidia's older Tegra X1 SoC and not its upcoming Tegra X2 "Parker" SoC as initially rumoured.I don't understand how people can already envisionned the time where they won't use their Switch anymore. I never bought a device I thought I would be using only 4 or 5 years because its life was already settled (except a PC, because I needed one no matter what), it's simply... not right.


Nintendo Switch upcoming games list for 2020. Here is every confirmed Nintendo Switch game, first with known release date (for Europe, unless otherwise stated @Mart1ndo I highly recommend these Bose earbuds. The quality of Bose without the headache of carrying around earmuffs with your Switch@Mega_Yarn_Poochy I don't understand your surprise. The 3DS also charges faster if you charge it while closed vs. while playing ? Same goes for your phone.@Marshi the Switch is an over clocked Wii U? Man you really have no idea what you're talking about. They are nothing like each other.Detachable JoyCon Controllers Are Next-Generation Wiimotes: The JoyCon controllers were a smash hit at the show, and Nintendo dazzled a new generation of gamers by incorporating tech we've seen from the golden Wii age. The JoyCon controllers feature full accelerometer and gyroscopic motion tracking and can even be used for games that don't require a display, such as 1-2 Switch.

Nintendo has an uphill battle ahead of them, by trying to create their own little paradigm shift, and I think the price inflation for gaijins is going to make the incline a little too steep.I'm not surprised that the specs people really want to see are not shown here. After all, that info would just be used to shame Nintendo for Switch being less powerful than XB1, PS4, etc.

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Nintendo Switch (MOD. HAC-001). Ongeveer 2,5 - 6,5 uur De batterijduur hangt af van welke Zet je Nintendo Switch in de Nintendo Switch-houder en sluit het systeem aan op je tv met de HDMI-kabel TV Mode Delivers Up to 1080p Resolution on HDTVs: The attached fact sheet clearly states the following: "Switch Video Output: HDMI up to 1080p resolution when played in TV mode." This may indicate the Switch may not play nicely with 4K UHDTVs, however I still think that DisplayPort over USB Type-C will enable smooth video signals over 4K TVs. @ruinez Which tech is that? They didn't announce processing power or anything, so what do you know makes your tablet more powerful?"That ain't Falco. Happy feet! Oh, oh oh, OH, OH OH O OH OH O OH OHOH OH OH OHH OH!! OH!!! OHHHH!!! WHERE ARE YOU AT! WHERE ARE YOU AT! OHHHH!!! MAH BODEHS IZ REGGEY FOE {-{-{-JOHN CENA!!!-}-}-} DA DA DA DAA!! DA DA DA DAAA!! DA DA DA DAAAA!!! DA DA DA DAAA!!!!!!"

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  1. But while the Switch doesn’t have as much horsepower as the PS4, it could still handle many modern games. Nvidia will likely build the Tegra chip to run at a higher clock speed when receiving a constant source of power in its dock, and that could make a big difference. In portable mode, games will run at a lower resolution due to the Switch’s rumored 720p 6.2-inch screen. On a display of that size, developers could get their games to run even smoother if they dropped the resolution to 540p (the resolution of Sony’s PS Vita handheld) and upscaled them to 720p instead.
  2. Speaking to investors after the company's latest financial results, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated that there are "no plans" for a replacement or upgraded Switch.
  3. g out later this year, and early reports are saying that it is taking nothing for granted.
  4. No wonder nintendo says they dont want to compete with ps4 or xbone. Its because nintendo is greedy as fuark and dont want to invest money to buy better hardware and be in the rang of sony/micrsoft. They would rather invest as little as possible but try to sell as massive as it gets and convince dumbos to buy their console with hardware from the year 2009... Good bye nintendo.
  5. I really like the 3 hour charge time. I will likely be taking this to bed just like I did with the WiiU gamepad. Super excited for March!
  6. Nintendo Switch. Profitez de l'expérience de votre console de salon même sans téléviseur. La Nintendo Switch peut se transformer pour s'adapter à votre situation, de manière à ce que vous..
  7. @Captain_Gonru i feel ya. But on the bright side a ethernet Lan adapter can be bought on Amazon for under 9 dollars (US). Thats for USB 2.0 but a 3.0 one can cost at least 12 dollars. I got the USB 3.0 one . The Switch will do USB 3.0 after update.

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  1. 拉起背面的支架,可透過主機螢幕來玩遊戲。除了外出在沒有電視的地方遊玩外,還可各自使用左右「Joy-Con」進行2人遊戲。
  2. 將「Nintendo Switch」主機放到「Nintendo Switch底座」上,利用HDMI™連接線與電視連接,就可透過電視畫面來玩遊戲。 桌上模式
  3. Nintendo Switch - Hur överför jag spardata till en närliggande Nintendo Switch? Följ den här guiden om du vill föra över spardata för ett specifikt spel till en annan Nintendo Switch

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  1. i and other Rare titles) did use that aforementioned program
  2. @PlywoodStick I don't understand how what you said means that numbers should matter. Surely what matters is the job done by the band and producers (or developers) not what they used to make it. Who checks what mixing desk was used to make an album and what the instruments were? Very few obsessives. A few people want to know if it is 24-bit and 192KHz, but most people would actually know if it was in a blind test. Everyone else just listens to the creative aspect of how the music sounds and decides whether they like it. I get that specs like battery life, surround sound (although 7.1 is still nowhere near to being common in homes in the UK), USB ports and hard drive side have a real world effect on the operation of the unit but recently people are desperate to know how many GHz the cpu is etc when these things don't really matter. The games matter. Just the games. Can I have fun playing it? If so, then it's money well spent. If I just cared about numbers I'd buy a PS4 Pro or even a high end PC.
  3. There is some good news, it says there is a combination headphone/microphone jack, so you are still going to be able to have voice chat through the game while also hearing the in game audio, even if voice chat still doesn't work without the nonsensical paid smartphone app system.
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  1. One thing that was nice to read was the headphone jack. That's a must for getting the full audio experience while on the go. I never play my 3DS without plugging in my Bose earbuds
  2. Interestingly though, we still don't know exactly what it can do, theory is it's between the Wii U and XB1. Though almost all Nintendoomers will say it's "just a Wii U, getoveritright?"
  3. @Captain_Gonru I guess we'll find out when people hook up the adapters. Probably in their best interest not to pull the tablet out of the dock during a lap in MK8D or during a match in Spla2oon. But when my kids get a Switch, whenever that is, they will be using an adapter so I'll let you know.
  4. @AVahne I'm pretty sure it's 4 GB, because that would be a standard for Tegra. Maybe they don't want to list it because it has no direct bearing on the user any more than the processor has? "Custom Tegra" is all we got for that too.

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Of course, Nintendo gives out limited information, so it doesn't get into clock speeds of the GPU or anything along those lines. It does, however, cover details around the physical hardware itself, also outlining some features. One that's relatively pleasing is the Wireless LAN support, which is compliant right up to the ac standard that was only formally implemented in 2013; the downside, as we already knew, is that there's no Ethernet port, with Nintendo saying there'll be a wired LAN accessory for sale."The S-ONE Stereo Gaming Headset has been specifically designed to match the needs of the avid Switch gamer. As compact as it is powerful, the S-ONE makes gaming on the move easy without compromising on audio quality!@PlywoodStick Nintendo is a company that has always worked to use older or easily accessible tech to create new and unique experiences. This is a company that creates memories. I'm sure the people making games know the cold hard facts about the system.So the headphone jack and Bluetooth indicates to me that voice chat will be integrated into the system and that the smartphone app will be used for other things like scheduling. I could be wrong and hope Nintendo clarifies that. Other than that the Switch seems pretty solid.

@PlywoodStick You realise the n64, gcn and Wii only had Dolby Pro logic. No digital audio and certainly not 7.1Love the specs.. except I'd like a bigger screen. My phone is 5.96 in (admittedly some call it a phablet) so I hope this one feels quite larger.

Lots of co.s(also smartphones) are doing the sealed/internal-battery thing. (Sigh)... Not a big fan of that, but I'm sure down the road, there will be enough tutorials about how to (safely, & securely ) crack open your NS, install a battery(, & put it all back together). I'm a tech geek, so I wanna know the real meat, & potatoes of NS's internals. I can wait, though; eventually, like a lot of people here are saying, the NS will be subjected to tear-down, & it will be known what makes it tick.Dock Required for Home TV Console Play: The Switch Dock effectively serves as an adapter of sorts that converts the video signal from the tablet through HDMI cords to transmit to HDTVs.

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@Braok I think Bose is fantastic. The only earbuds in my life that are actually comfortable like clouds resting in your ears. Love the fit, love the quality, love the sound.There's no mention of how the Switch handheld's GPU clock might drop to 368MHz while on-the-go, but Nintendo did say that the Switch has varying levels of battery life depending on which game is being played, so that strongly hints at varying/scaled performance across the dual form factors. The AI event of the year for enterprise executives, brought to you by today’s leading AI publisher."The Switch being 1080p vs 4K when played on a TV isn't a big deal at all*; only a handful of people will be playing proper 4K games in the next few years, or even own a 4K TV at all, and most of them will be playing games at 1080p 30fps-60fps for the most part anyway. It's lack of overall graphical power, however, will end up being an issue in some respects, such as getting major AAA third party games. But, when you consider it's also basically one of the most powerful dedicated handheld gaming devices ever created, it's not such a big compromise to fret over. There's other things about the Switch that have me a little more concerned right now, like the paid online, the Virtual Console, the lack of new AAA first party games and similarly a lack of big AAA third party games, how the touch screen is going to be used, the slightly higher than expected price, the slightly lower than ideal battery life, etc. There's a load of potential for this system to be something special—if only Nintendo sees fit to actually realise it properly this time around."

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As for the CPU... "NVIDIA customised Tegra processor" pretty much goes with what a lot of people were starting to say. While the dev kits run on a standard Tegra dev kit (X1)... the actual CPU/GPU is actually more powerful than that. Though again, not in XboxOne or PS4 levels.Ohhh, okay. I see. So because I bring a dose of realism and what the rest of the world will actually be doing with their Switches into the argument, I'm automatically part of a Nintendo cult and because of that, I result in being adorable.With just over three months to go until the launch of the Switch and plenty of unknowns remaining, expect to hear a lot more about the console in the coming weeks. Nintendo is holding a press conference in Tokyo on January 13, with regional events taking place at the same time. Ars will be in attendance and will bring you a full hands-on.@Marshi the Switch is already surpassing WiiU unless better performance and more graphical fidelity means nothing to u and i am talking about Zelda."Audio jack: For connecting commercially available heaphones, microphones or headsets". So you CAN plug a microphone into it. Let's see how they handle voice chat through an app.

As this is the latest article by Nintendo life and a good one at that, is there any news on if Europe will get additional Switch docks? I've read they are coming to America. Just wondered. If you want download all Switch Games, please visit my website; download free Nintendo Switch NSP - XCI games Just a healthy reminder that if Console Tech Specs are your ultimate concern, you're in the wrong place. No console can beat a healthy PC, and those can last you a lot longer. What ultimately matters, as has always been the case, is the games. This is a subreddit for sharing links to Nintendo Switch NSPs and XCIs. The preferred format is a link to entire file(s) and not to files that have been split into multiple parts Mosaic switch is an Adventure game Developed by Krillbite and Published by Raw Fury, Released on January ScreenShots: How to Jailbreak/Hack Your Nintendo Switch -> Video Guide Some Switch

Switch ISO Working Games for your Jailbroken Nintendo Switch in XCI & NSP Format! Switch Game Name: Super Mario Maker 2 Region: RF / Region Free Language: English Game Format: XCI.. @SPMarioSousa95 Exactly what I came here to post. You could conceivably stick one of these in your pocket and increase effective battery capacity by 466% percent: http://a.co/dqGm3WE@WiltonRoots Again I agree but your missing the point. No developer other than Nintendo is going to make these amazing games for an uncovered system, unless it's popular. And if you were to ask the common consumer if they would rather have a Nintendo system with only Nintendo games, or a system that has exclusives, full third party and indy support and a Blu Ray drive to watch movies. Which do you think they will go for? Sure, me and you love Nintendo games, and plenty of hardcore gamers will even buy both a switch AND another console. But not everyone will wish to do that. And releasing yet another underpowered system will negate all the above functions. THAT matters.@Yorumi Most likely because after a single update that information becomes outdated and it'd be a pain to update everywhere the new specification.I don't like the way they won't mention the processing power. I think it's a bit underhand. They did nothing but talk about it during the N64 launch.

利用網路和遠方的朋友或全世界的玩家體驗網路遊戲(付費※)。透過TV模式來玩時,可使用市面有售的LAN轉換器進行有線LAN連接。The Shield set-top box that debuted in 2015 has an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor with eight 64-bit ARM cores and a 256-core Maxwell GPU. That machine debuted for $200 with a Shield controller. That machine was capable of 4K 60-frames-per-second graphics, but it used Nvidia’s cloud gaming service to run high-end games such as Dying Light (a first-person zombie game that features a great deal of climbing and jumping around an urban setting). The set-top box could tolerate a higher heat profile, and the Nvidia Shield tablet that debuted in 2014 had a Tegra K1 processor with four CPUs and 192 Kepler graphics cores. Nintendo’s box is relatively small, and so it has to fit into the heat profile of a portable device, rather than a set-top box. That’s another reason that explains the older Maxwell technology, as opposed to the Pascal’s state-of-the-art tech.@SPMarioSousa95 Probably because the more we learn, the more it seems like we need a small satchel of accessories to carry with our "portable" console. Hell, The WiiU was portable. I carried it in my book bag and played it at airports and anyplace with a power plug. I could even plug it into a large (heavy) battery and game anywhere. Obviously switch is much lighter, but it gets kinda humorous the more we have to carry. - but for 2.5 hrs, we are good. And that's not horrible for the first version. When I get the "Switch-Lite" that costs the same and has games bundled a year or two later, then I'll jump on board. - Is the Switch Pro coming in 2021? Facebook Twitter Pintrest LinkedIn Mail Nintendo announced a new Switch console last year - the cheaper, lighter Nintendo Switch Lite.

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Display specifications on the Nintendo Switch include a 6.2-inch LCD panel with 1280 x 720 According to Digital Foundry, the processor specs on the Nintendo Switch are as follow Before we jump in, I just want to get this out of the way: Nintendo hasn't said anything about the Switch's internal hardware, so don't expect them to answer the million dollar Tegra question any time soon. In the official Nintendo Switch fact sheet (see below), Nintendo delivers this vague statement: "The Switch uses a custom Tegra processor powered by NVIDIA." Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (also known as Minecraft: Switch Edition) was the edition of Minecraft developed by 4J Studios and Mojang AB for the Nintendo Switch. It was announced on January 13, 2017

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That weight is really impressive, definitely lower than I expected. Good engineering , Nintendo, you crammed a lot into a small space.Additionally, there are some other important bits left out here. There's still no confirmation here on the position of the SD card port, and whether it can handle UHS-II cards or just UHS-I, though I expect it can handle UHS-II. No confirmation on the USB-C connector and port compatibility with various chargers, or safety features to prevent people from frying their NS core by trying to charge it with USB-A. No confirmation on the capacitative touchscreen's specs, or it's capabilities as a standalone controller for the NS core. No confirmation on what media file types are compatible for use on the built-in media apps. Just lots of data left out. The Nintendo Switch was never meant to run Android. It's a portable game console with a 6.2-inch Netflix on the Nintendo Switch running Android. You can't watch Netflix videos in HD as the Switch.. Get the detailed specs for the Nintendo Switch console, the Joy-Con controllers, and more 除了microSD、microSDHC外,還對應大容量的microSDXC記憶卡(※),可儲存主機儲存記憶體無法存入的遊戲資料等。 ※使用記憶卡需連接網絡進行主機更新

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Looking for Nintendo Switch latest games XCI, NRO, or NSP Downloads? Download Latest Nintendo Switch Games, NSPs, XCIs, Homebrews, & CFWs @PlywoodStick I hope so!BTW: We still don't even know if Zelda supports surround sound AT ALL, do we? After all Monolith's Xenoblade X engine doesn't support surround sound on Wii U!

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But it’s fun to speculate about what will happen next — and the exact form that the console will take in the coming months.I'm not quite anal retentive, umm, I mean tech savvy to need to know most of this. I preordered the switch to play games, nothing here was unexpected.@PlywoodStick And the original Xbox could do voice chat without a phone app with about an eighth of the RAM and much less powerful CPU/GPU. I think it's easy to read things into a spec sheet that aren't necessarily a real issue. It could be a restriction due to the USB-C handling sound, picture & data, it could be a compromise for the hybrid nature or it could just be Nintendo being d... phallouses. As you said, consoles which are DEFINITELY less powerful can handle sound 7.1.

This official report tells us absolutely nothing about the internal processing capability of the NS. Nintendo has eschewed their previous candidness from 20 years ago, when they used to elaborate on their console tech in exquisite detail. It's going to be up to modders and hackers to pry and tinker to find out any real information, it seems...Hardcore gamers and tech fans will likely be upset that Nintendo won’t be using Pascal graphics. That gives Microsoft and Sony room to proceed with their tech arms race. Sony has already launched the PlayStation 4 Pro machine with 4K-like graphics and virtual reality with its PlayStation VR headset. And Microsoft promises true 4K graphics and VR with its upcoming Project Scorpio, debuting for the holidays in 2017. But others may find that the Nintendo Switch is more than adequate for what they need. To give you a sense, we expect the Nintendo Switch to be more than 1 teraflop in performance, but far less than the 6 teraflops that Microsoft is promising for Scorpio. The PS4 is around 1.8 teraflops, and it has much better memory bandwidth performance as well compared to the Switch.Sadly, we don't yet have an idea of an actual release date for a Switch 2 and the Switch Lite announcement has thrown a minor spanner in the works.Amiibo NFC Reader: The Joy-Con (R) also has a NFC reader for amiibo functionality. All existing amiibos are compatible with the Switch, but they are game-dependant. It’s not clear if someone could hack the device to get Android games to run on it, as we just don’t know enough about the software. But Nintendo has also turned to a traditional cartridge option as an added measure of security. The cartridge is a memory card with Nintendo’s own proprietary specifications, enabling players to play games quickly without long loading or downloading times.

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