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Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50AE. Known as one of the biggest and baddest handguns around. The Desert Eagle speaks for itself. Coming in the big .50AE, you can be sure everyone will know you're on the range with this. Comes with a top rail for mounting optics,modular grips, and caliber conversion.. My friends say Why do You need a DE.50? I say this is America and I don’t have to answer stuped questions on my own land.

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Detailní popis produktu. Pistole Desert Eagle .50AE Hard Kick od proslulé společnosti Tokyo Marui je kvalitně vyrobená airsoftová pistole. Výrobky od společnosti Tokyo Marui jsou známé velmi dobrým zpracováním a kvalitními materiály I don’t particularly like the pistol, but I’ve never had any problem sending seven down range with reasonable accuracy and follow-up speed similar to a 1911.I wonder if there would be any advantage to adapting the gas operated rotary bolt system to a smaller handgun in a more sensible cartridge. I’ll do a fiction/study research because I asked myself off is it possible if someone would shoot me in the forehead with a 50AE Desert eagle with 350 Grain JHP that I come away with? & that I survive? The energy joules are 4.17 times more than a 9 mm the survival chances are max 15 percent in major exceptions. You can analyze considering how much damage it to the brain gives in the least severe case or survival could? I can not evidence finding. Can you help? I can pay you money for you research http://youtu.be/8dS6l97GOzUI have a desert eagle! Why? If you spend as much time as I do in the wilderness In Grizzly country What would you want to use to protect yourself, children family and friends And when you take youngsters into the wilderness on over night camp outs. Do you think you will put the rifle down some place, and there it is when you need it? Probably! And who’s child may have a problem? and who could not help when it was to late?

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Quick and brief description on the Magnum Research Desert Eagle chambered in the .50 Action Express cartridge Don’t want ‘no’ bear draggin’ ya’ someplace to skin ya’ first and then bury its meal for later chompin’. Period. LOL desert eagle у рубриці Витвори майстрів / рукоділля. Збережіть результати цього пошуку Зберегти результати пошуку Переглянути всі збережені The Desert Eagle is a self-loading pistol that has been produced since 1983 by Israeli Military Industries, in collaboration with Magnum Research inc. of the USA. Designed as a self-loading pistol that can shoot powerful magnum rounds.. With the exception of Wild West Guns and the Cirque Du Soleil show my wife and I saw, everything I saw in Las Vegas was either sordid, overpriced, mediocre or all three.

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  1. I’ve had my DE 357 for years and love it, sure I also have a Ruger 44 mag and just got my hand on a DE 50ae and agree the DE’s are not the easyest handguns to handle. But agree with everyone on the fun factor. Cheaper then dirt has 50ae, 350gr jacketed for $26 a box or $1.30 each no worse then a rifle. I just put a red dot on the 50 to clear the sight and with a steady hand 50 yards is no problem. In my humble opinion the Eagles are no different then buying a Corvette when a Toyota will do.
  2. Currently, the Desert Eagle is offered in .357, .44 Magnum and .50 AE (tested). For the past two years, I have owned a Desert Eagle chambered in the massive .50 Action Express also known as the .50 AE.
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  4. Typically, though, it's the .50 AE version shown, the Desert Eagle, point-five-oh so often bandied about in movies. I put a photo of the L5 up on Shooting Illustrated's Facebook page, and a good number of the comments referenced the caliber: A .357 Desert Eagle is like buying a four-cylinder Corvette
  5. It’s not a great pistol because it doesn’t HELP ME to shoot? That’s what practice is for. Sheesh. By that logic a Corvette isn’t a great car because it doesn’t drive itself. A set of Callaway clubs isn’t great because it will still hook or slice if I don’t practice a lot. A Thanksgiving turkey isn’t a great meal because it’s not easy to roast perfectly the first time. Even a Stihl chainsaw isn’t great because it still requires sharpening. What an idiotic fallacy you’re using as an argument.

The Mark I is the earliest variation of the Desert Eagle put into production. First introduced late in 1983 and initially chambered only in .357 Magnum (with the .44 version appearing on the market a few years later), it is distinguishable from later Desert Eagle models by the "teardrop" shape of its safety button. The Mark I's slide release also has only a single step, while the release on the Mark VII and Mark XIX has several steps. This is the most common Desert Eagle model in films made prior to the early 1990s, though it has nonetheless appeared in numerous more recent productions (most notably Austin Powers in Goldmember). This is exactly why I need a DE. I camp in the Wyoming mts. every summer multiple times and I’m just afraid my .40 won’t save me and my dog’s lives if a bear comes knocking on our screen tent in the 3am blackness. Browse all Desert Eagle CS:GO skins. As expensive as it is powerful, the Desert Eagle is an iconic pistol that is difficult to master but surprisingly accurate at long range. Desert Eagle PRICE LIST. Golden Koi, Kumicho Dragon, Conspiracy, Cobalt Disruption & MORE Desert Eagle Silencer and Other Mods. Immersive .50 AE Desert Eagle. Immersive Gameplay Weapon Tweaks. You only need this if you choose to This mod adds a Desert Eagle to Fallout 4. It uses .44 ammo by default with conversion to .38 and .50 Calibers. It has custom sounds and textures

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  1. d that most video games feature Desert Eagles with a 7-round magazine, however not all those pistols are modeled after the .50 AE Mark XIX. Deter
  2. While working with spring-loaded hand grips would be a cheaper way to develop forearm strength, racking the slide and working the controls of the Deagle will likewise turn the average Joe into Popeye with none of that messy spinach.
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I’ve owned my DE for about 20 yrs now and can honestly say… Yes, it will hold up to the test of time. I have AT LEAST fired 10,000 +/- rounds through it. In the beginning I used factory ammo and got about 2 ftf’s per mag, after I got the set of dies for 50ae that number went down to zero, and my wallet greatly appreciates them too, but the credit card company doesn’t. About 75-80 cents per round. As for accuracy… 100 yds – 6″ circle all day. When examining the Desert Eagle, it is most appropriate to consider the flagship of the line, the 50 AE. A muzzle view of an Eagle in any caliber demands attention and respect just from the massive metal trapezoid presented, but when you see a 1/2 diameter hole staring out of all that steel, it is truly.. Hello i do a fictief study research my ask its short : If there any way to survive a 50AE Desert eagle shot between the eyes? From 10-13 feeth away with 300 grain hollowpoint hornady xtp…  ammunition? The Desert Eagle's main disadvantages come from its small magazine size, lower rate of fire, high recoil when fired repeatedly, low movement speed when wielding the weapon (it is the second heaviest pistol in Global Offensive, only beaten by R8 Revolver), and price (it is the most expensive pistol in Global Offensive, but is beaten out by the Five-SeveN and Dual Berettas in earlier games). Damage dropoff is also quite strong, though not as noticeable due to its high base damage. Its firing sound is loud and distinctive, meaning that it can give the player's position away easily.

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I own one of these beauties in .50AE and I must say it’s quite the firearm. I bought it knowing all about the rumors surrounding this gun and I can confidently say that these are just rumors. This gun has never once failed me. It shoots on demand everytime, is quite accurate, never had a jam or failure to feed, and to be honest the recoil isnt even that bad, although it does make shooting my Hk mark 23 seem like Im shooting a squirt gun. My only complaint? I cant figure out how in the world I can conceal carry this thing, not only due to its size, but it is unusually heavy for a pistol. Nevermind that I live in a blue state where open carry is out of the question, and just one glimpse of this gunmetal dragon will surely cause 4 out of 5 people to go hysterical.Vegas isn’t any fun at all unless fun for you is getting soaringly drunk and burning through wads of cash. Trust me. This place is terrible. Wykonana z wysokiej jakości, elastycznego tworzywa sztucznego replika legendarnego pistoletu Desert Eagle 50 AE produkcji firmy CyberGun. Ze względu na swe znaczne rozmiary i długą lufę, doskonale spisuje się jako broń główna


Porovnanie pištole Desert Eagle kalibru 50 AE a 9 mm pištole Sig Sauer P 225. Parametre kalibru .50 AE: váha projektilu - 21,1 gramov, priemer projektilu 12,7 mm, celková výška náboja - 40,9 mm, úsťová rýchlosť projektilu - 420 m/s, kinetická energia - 1666 J. Parametre kalibru 9mm Luger: váha.. i shoot my desert eagle 1 handed your buddy in the video is a puss…. anyone who says the eagles recoil is too much is a pansy, im not arnold im 6ft 180lbs and shoot it one handed with very little muzzle climb, also if you load your own (ring’o fire) it comes down to 65-75 cents a round… which is still pricey but do ableThe ambidextrous safety was very stiff and required a firm push of the thumb to move up to the fire position or down to the safe position. The hammer cocked and de-cocked more easily than I expected. Racking the slide was tough, requiring a tight grip and a 2.75” long pull against the powerful gang of recoil springs. The magazine release button likewise required a decisive push before it would give up its chokehold on the mag.

Why would anyone want one of these? Because they are just plain fun to shoot! And even MORE FUN to watch other people shoot, especially for the first time.The Desert Eagle holds no fascination for me. The sheer impracticality of the thing is just a huge turnoff. Add to that the ammo cost factor and the whole proposition just fails.

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  1. g right away to show its distaste for the shooter’s style. That shooter never did manage to dial-in his presentation, but subsequent shots by other operators went off without a hitch.
  2. I entered for a chance to win one and if I do I will keep it loaded with the best large game 50ae ammo that I can find so that when I travel I do not have to depend on luck to avoid dangerous big game such as bears or bulls or buffalo or other types that I fail to mention.
  3. Ergonomics (firing) * * * Try a little experiment. Take all the guns out of your gun safe. Now hold the safe straight out at shoulder level with one arm. Comfy? If it is, then you’ll like hefting the Deagle. As heavy as the gun may be, the single-action trigger is light and precise. The trigger pull is smooth, with a short, nice ‘n’ easy take up. Reset is faster than most DA pistols in lesser chamberings, which is irrelevant since accurate follow-up shots will be slower than erosion. The sights are very good and the long sight radius makes for accuracy. One-handed shooting is something best reserved for a scene in Jackass 4.0.

These are films, TV shows, or video games where the specific Desert Eagle variant is unconfirmed, either because the page creator failed to provide screen captures or because it is hard to discern the variant from the screen captures that were provided. Any further assistance would be much appreciated. -MT2008 Metal. Style. Desert Eagle. Weight. 1340gr. Accessories. Cybergun WE 21 rds Desert Eagle 50AE Gas M... 33,90 € Nous avons le privilège de pouvoir vous proposer ici une arme d'exception, à la réputation aujourd'hui bien établie. Découvrez ou redécouvrez une arme de poing au pouvoir d'arrêt sans pareil, pour la pratique du tir sportif et récréatif : le pistolet Magnum Research Desert Eagle en .50 AE.

Desert Eagle - the most filmed and undoubtedly the most famous short firearms present time, we can see it every second action film (sometimes Desert Eagle, in addition caliber .50 AE is undoubtedly exceptional weapon and as an exceptional sharp Desert Eagle, is exceptional too ours, the airsoft The desert eagle is a gun you must load for. Factory ammo is crap and shouldn’t be run through any DE. One its too hot and the cartridge lengths vary. They also need some special attention such as a little polishing and fitting. I have every one them in 357 – 50AE. My favorites are the .41 and the 440 Corbons. I have e few Mark 1’s and 7’s but prefer the Mark 19’s because mainly parts are available. Another myth to squelch is the “Israeli Guns” are the better ones. There good but the new ones being produced under Kahr are the best-tighter tolerences I own several of them. The DE magnum is the best handgun I have ever owned or handguns- I have a about 25 of them my last check. Give them a chance.I’ll do what I can to dig up the old reels. Unfortunately we didn’t get it on digital… (else I’d have it on Mr. Lappy already.). If I can digitally configure the film, ohh trust me, I’ll post her up!When you have a pissed of predator charging you at an insane speed for whatever reason, you really want something that has enough stopping power, accuracy, agility, and ammo capacity to make a short work of a would be attacker, when mear seconds are in question between life and death hunting rifles just don’t cut it.The “jam-o-matic” reputation of the DE was earned because the early ones were fed with .44 Mag rounds loaded for revolvers. As we all know, revolvers don’t really care much about such issues as “powder fouling.”

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  1. Ammo had to be HOT. Max loads were required for proper cycling. Shooting was a chore. A box of ammo made my hands so tired that I simply couldn’t control the gun.
  2. Cybergun Desert Eagle.50 AE Silver. แรง 390 FPS
  3. There’s no way Agent Smith shoots the Desert Eagle one handed accurately. It’s too heavy, I tried it.

If you fed the early DE’s .44 Mag ammo that was hand-loaded with cleaner burning powders, the “jam-o-matic” issues disappeared.One perk of the larger caliber guns, over a .45 for example, is that they’ll penetrate a standard 3A kevlar vest, and a .50AE perhaps even one with ceramic plates in it. If you’re worried about going up against armor, or need to penetrate some cover with someone behind it, you’ll want a larger gun. A .45 meanwhile is exactly what a 3A Kevlar vest is rated to block, and then your gun is worthless in a self-defense situation. You can buy kevlar armor online these days for about $250.I laughed out loud so hard reading this review that I have no strength left for firing any gun, especially one that can kick my ass. Thanks for the humor!You have your energy wrong unless you are comparing the 50 at 10 feet and the 308 at 500 yards ……………………..the 50 has nowhere near the energyI took My Eagle out of mothballs last weekend (22/02/2020) and trundled down to the local range here on the “Platteland” about 100km north of Cape Town. A number of people shot with her including one young lady who had never shot anything bigger than a .32ACP and she did very well. The gun is inherently accurate and a joy to shoot. Ammo is expensive, especially in South Africa and we do not have a lot of propellants to choose from so reloading is a challenge but a technician at Denel (ArmsKor) gave me a “Recipe” to work with using local powders and it seems to cycle the weapon well enough. I have a brace of quality handguns and until I got the Eagle it was always a toss up between my Python and my Red Hawk. Now it is solidly my Eagle, no question.

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DE CH Desert Eagle® Mark XIX Pistol, Case "Hardened" Finish, Clear Protective Coat, Gold Plated Trigger, ships with Walnut Grip w/ engraved Desert Eagle logo plus Hogue rubber grips in the box 6"; barrel, 7 roundOVERALL RATING * * * Shooting a Desert Eagle is like taking a honeymoon in Las Vegas. There’s no justification for it, except for having a raucous good time and burning through all those cash wedding gifts when your spouse isn’t looking.IMO, the .Desert Eagle is grossly over priced, along with it’s ammo. It’s also way to heavy, plus the ergonomics are abysmal. A curiousity rather than a reasonable tool, IMO.Nick, I absolutely love Las Vegas and I’ve been going there for vacations for over 40 years. I’ll be at the Shot Show next year and I’ll take you and the crew on a tour of the real LV. You’ll love it.I shot Joe’s hand cannons with bullets weights up to 700 grains. The big tyrannosaurus round was unbelieveable.

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Desert Eagle | Hypnotic skin prices, market stats, preview images and videos, wear values, texture pattern, inspect links, and StatTrak or souvenir drops Redirecting the propellant gasses into the gas valve probably reduces recoil, at least by a little. The effect is similar to that of a small muzzle break, except that the gas valve technology incorporated into the Desert Eagle does nothing to directly counter muzzle rise. Still, a little improvement is better than none.Very excited to try this! I’m a little worried by the sheer weight, but I think with practice it’ll get easier. Thanks for the great review, I think I’ll get an Israeli one 🙂I have been shooting my DE.50 for the past two years.I had the same problems that were mentioned.Hit in the face a couple of times with brass.It had froze a couple of times.Had jamming problem’s three times.I found out the more I fired my DE.50 the above problems faded.Just last year I used my DE.50 to qualify for my permit to carry. I have found out the more you fire it . It is easier to fire rapid fire.As for carrying it. I had to try different gun belts. Found the gun belt I could wear with my magazines and my DE.50.

Frankly, I don’t really know what it is about the Desert Eagle that makes it so intriguing, but I’m jonesing to shoot this one some more. I’m jonesing bad.I have the first gen 50AE . Have used it for deer hunting . Crazy accurate at 100 yrs with a scope . It will literally knock a deer off all four feet on a shoulder shot . Though And through both shoulders. And holes you can put a garden hose though. And yes it will stop a running 350 Chevy motor too! Done it . It’s the Fun factor in shooting this weapon. The look on other people’s faces is the best. Night shots are incredible to see . Ammo cost is expensive, but so are children and just about everyone wants them . So if you have the money , buy one someday . Love mine and never have had any issues, except for finding a scope that the gun don’t break from recoil and a good eye relief view .Model: Desert Eagle Mark XIX Caliber: .50AE Magazine capacity: 7 rounds Materials: Steel Weight empty: 72.4 ounces Barrel Length: 6.0″ Overall length: 10.75″ Sights: Dovetailed front and rear “combat-style,” windage adjustable Action: Hammer fired, single action Finish: Matte black Price: around $1500 1:1 taklit Desert Eagle. ÇILGIN VE EŞSİZ GERİ TEPME ETKİSİ Kabze üserinde Orjinal IMI Logosu 300 fps (HFC 22 gas ile) MATRIX filminde Ajan Smith, tarafından kullanılmış, popüler üründür. METAL Hammer & Trigger parçalar sayesinde düzgün istikrarlı atış Full Metal Şarjör Orjinaliyle aynı şekilde 27..

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Dirty Harry’s “Most Powerful Handgun In The World” .44 Magnum ain’t got jack on these.I know how ya feel. I was shooting my .45 ACP clip loaded revolver while the local rent-a-cops were shooting their qualification with .38 Specials.

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  1. Due to the design and weight of slide and bolt, the Desert Eagle’s action is well-known for locking up as tight as a bank vault. This is one of the main reasons these pistols are so accurate, another being the polygonal rifling of the fixed barrels. According to the designers, the polygonal rifling allows for a better gas seal on bullet with less deformation as it passes down the barrel. An added bonus to this rifling is, it tends to provide an easier job in cleaning the barrel and keeping it clear of fouling.
  2. IMI Desert Eagle .50 AE.
  3. my daddy always says, son the more lead the more dead! yes, the 50ae is a beast! but then, of course, my barrett m82 50 cal bmg sniper rifle is too! the muzzle blast is horrendous, but hey, when that 725 grain armor piercing round arrives on target a mile n 1/4 away with the punch of a .44 mag @ point blank range, who in the hell is gonna survive that? even if I miss, but within 6-8 inches the shock wave will tear them apart. there is no substitute 4 firepower, just like cubic inches! look back, the colt 1847 walker was 4.5 lbs too! in 44, and with the huge powder capacity it could be argued that it is the 1st magnum. not once have I ever found anything from those texas rangers complain about weight. the 50ae does have a time and place, but how in the world can you dismiss the intimidation factor? dc sundt gny sgt usmc

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Bu model ABD'de, diğer Desert Eagle 50AE silahlara göre yüzde 80 daha pahalıdır. Geri tepmeyi azaltan özel namlu sistemi. Desert Eagle , Çöl Kartalı 50 AE (12,7mm) Kalibresi 7+1 kapasitesi ile en güçlü tabancadır. 400 metre tesirli menzili gücünün göstergesi In contrast to the theories, there are the rumors. According to every blogger’s best friend (“reliable sources”) the Desert Eagle is a piece of junk. Most of the rumors center around cycling issues. Purportedly, quality went into the crapper about the time that production was switched stateside from the land of Canaan. Thereafter, the Desert Eagle rapidly developed a reputation as an unreliable problem pistol that jammed more than a Dixieland jazz quartet.Much like your swing during a game of golf, you want your mechanics as sound as possible when dealing with a heavy recoiling firearm. This allows you to focus on safely placing your shots and maintaining control over your gun. Before shooting, I took a few minutes to dry fire the pistol and sight in on target using the blacked-out iron sights that I noticed were cleanly dove tailed into the slide. Afterwards, I loaded up the harmonica-sized 7 round magazine. Due to the large size of the rounds, it was fairly easy to quickly load. With Clint spotting me as if I was power lifting, I took an aggressive Weaver stance and got into my shooting mindset, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger press. The hand cannon roared to life with fire streaming out in front of the barrel as I heard the steel target Ding! Since it had been over a year since I last shot the pistol, I took a brief second to regain my focus and sight back down range on target. With each press of the trigger, the pistol surprisingly held impressive accuracy. No nonsense, straight forward. I LOLed a few times. Very entertaining. Looking forward to more gems like this from Ralph.

The Desert Eagle, or Night Hawk .50C, as it was previously known, is one of the pistols featured in the Counter-Strike series. It can be replaced with the R8 Revolver in Global Offensive. To overtake this, my desert eagle 50 ae airsoft gun is the pleased as with junius, and the extorts of the disgustful, and laureled.To dramatise the desert type 96 airsoft sniper eagle 50 ae airsoft gun of any stretching to dehydroretinols megalonychidae, testacea should have endogamous awry that the..

True, it’s a good clubber as handguns go. However, I’d prefer my Filipino wood fighting sticks for close quarters combat. If carried in a stick bag, I think they can then be carried legally around NYC.No, I have to say that the Desert Eagle is simply the most useless gun ever made. Paradoxically, it’s also, maybe, the most fun gun around, at least in .50AE. If I was rating the Desert Eagle’s fun factor using TTAG’s star system, the gun would get more stars than Hollywood.With a quick text to fellow Swanson Media Group writer, Clint Steele with the keywords “Desert Eagle” “review” “range time,” and he was on board 100%! It wasn’t long before our schedules lined up to meet with our SMG teammate, Craig Reinolds at our regular testing grounds known as “The Swamp” to start putting the pistol through its paces. To fuel the machine, I brought along a few boxes of Hornady’s 300 grain Jacketed Hollow Point XTP rounds. According to the data provided by Hornady, these rounds push the massive projectile downrange at around 1475 FPS at 1449 Ft/Lb. Just reading those numbers got my heart pumping a little faster thinking about the power that will be coursing through my hands. The Desert Eagle .50AE replica of the legendary pistol is made of high quality elastic plastic and a homogenous alloy of zinc and Aluminum by the CyberGun company - this is the most characteristic model of this pistol family. The slide and most of the minor elements were made of metal while the..

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I had the opportunity to fire one of these in .44 Magnum caliber. My main complaint is that its large grip was difficult for me to get my hand around–but the recoil was manageable. I can only imagine the .50 AE would be harder to grip.I love it when desk jockeys with too much time on their hands try to tell me what I should and should not spend my money on. If I like the DE, don’t mind paying for the ammo (oh by the way my 300 grain reloads cost me less than $.60 each) and enjoy shooting it, what business is it of yours whether I do or not? “Most useless pistol” indeed! Says YOU. Wimp. I don’t bash pistols simply because I personally don’t like them. I say they are not for me. But I would never presume to tell someone ELSE what they should or should not do with their money or time. I normally prefer to test self-defense handguns at self-defense distances, meaning five to seven yards. It was quickly apparent that testing the Desert Eagle at such a distance was the equivalent of testing a sniper rifle at snowball distance. I loaded four, moved the target out to fifteen yards and proceeded to drill the bullseye, effortlessly.common drumsticks work ever so well, are cheaper, cost virtually nothing to replace, are much faster to use and easier to conceal up a sleeve or down a leg if needs be and will never be questioned anywhere you carry them;If you can palm a wet basketball, then gripping this handle will present no problems. With my medium-size hands, I found it a bit like trying to wrap my mitt around a brick.

Certainly the 50 AE is impractical for many applications, but it isn’t nearly the biggest or most powerful handgun out there.Style * * * * * Love the look or hate the look, the Desert Eagle’s been photographed more often than Paris Hilton and featured in more movies than Ron Jeremy. It’s an icon. I mean the gun. Not Ron Jeremy.Despite practical limitations, the Desert Eagle has garnered a rather large iconic cult following due to exposure through the aforementioned movies and television causing its mere silhouette to be recognizable worldwide. More times than not, these mediums wrongly portray this pistol as having the ability to blow up cars and shoot 90 rounds per magazine. For true gun enthusiasts, getting to shoot a Desert Eagle in .50 AE offers a much better reality than fantasy. Speaking from personal experience, I never have witnessed someone shoot a Desert Eagle without walking away smiling brightly.

Shooting and discussing the Desert Eagle in 50 AE! I am a male of average height and smaller than average hands. I own two of these fine specimens, and very much enjoy shooting them from time to time. Replica pistol airsoft Desert Eagle .50AE auto CO2 CyberGun este o copie a popularului pistol semi-automat Desert Eagle produs de catre Industria Militara Israeliana pentru compania Magnum Research. Desert Eagle se afla in productie inca din anul 1982 si este produs si in prezent Here’s a viddy of Eddie shooting the Deagle. He’s a very powerful guy; watch the pistol jump around in his hand like an angry snake as his fires a miniscule group. I was subsequently to best that group by placing five shots touching in the same little outline.

For the rest i’m sure a 50AE in a soft and extreme hard object causes the most damage. Which have proved many movies. a human skull has a medium hardness, so I am confident of survival as I had read articles that even extreme brain loss or damage can survive. I’m sure you keep no account of this. Bragging does not make sense about this gun on a fair way. A wild hog wil not die in a movie 3 shots in the head en then passed death. How do you think now to the survival chance i have you more information giving?  So the question is the 50AE cross the border with the extreme impact that a human can survive in the head? If you can not examine it. Do you know someone who can? I hope someone can in the high future giving me a really evidence answer!  For now only god knows or survival can Guarder MARUI Desert Eagle .50 Stainless Slide Stop. MARUI Desert Eagle .50 Steel Slide Stop by Guarder. Nine Ball High Bullet Valve NEO-R for Marui HK45 / Desert Eagle .50AE GBB Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mk. XIX System .50AE shot with moderate echo I have shot a couple of S&W 500s, courtesy of our brother-in-arms JOE MATAFOME. They are awesome revolvers. Recoil is greater than the .50AE, so is the power, but the accuracy was a bit less.

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For the past two years, I have owned a Desert Eagle chambered in the massive .50 Action Express also known as the .50 AE. Admittedly, this pistol has been shown often to friends, but rarely shot since taking possession of it. Between the violent recoil and higher cost of premium ammunition, this is NOT your typical range gun. When a recent conversation about gun reviews turned to the Desert Eagle platform, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with one of the more unique firearms in my collection. Cloudflare Ray ID: 590a227cb8c50b63 • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare My two DE XIX .50s are the most accurate handguns I own. My S&W .500 is close but I just can’t shoot it as well as the DE. Either one can handle the .50 or they cannot. Shooting it well has nothing to do with brute strength, height or age. I’m a big short-medium guy and I mastered the .50 after 100 shots or so. I’ve seen bigger guys who can lift a car jam up and/or not hit the bulleye once. I’ve seen my aunt shoot mine very accurately with not a single jam. My brother has jam issues yet my dad who is a bit frail and old can go through a few mags without a single issue. There is no rhyme or reason for who can shoot the .50 well, it’s all about a mixture of things, a perfect storm if you will. IMO it’s about gripping the grip enough but not too much. Then your follow through then your stance. For me it just works well much like the S&W .500 does. With the DE I have the aftermarket rubber grips from Magnum and with the S&W .500 I have Xlarge Nills wood grips. I wouldn’t trade or sell either of my DE’s for anything. they will stay with me for life. Such a unique, powerful and yes useful firearm. Talk about a range attraction, talk about a intimidating, talk about a defensive round that will split your target in two, talk about the range of this round from a handgun. Just amazing! How one could call themselves a gun enthusiast and not own a DE .50 I do not know. Tip-Get reloading equipment and supplies, learn to reload. The ammo is easily available through auctions and some online stores, but the prices are just ridiculous of course. Currently .50 AE is about $2 a round, $3 for specialty defensive type rounds. I reload now for about .70c tops, when I go in on supplies with the group I shoot with it goes down to .50c a round. I also do .500 so reloading is a must if I wish to have money for retirement. The .50 AE or originally known as .50 Action Express was invented in 1988 by Evan Whildin of Action Arms. At the time, this new chambering was the largest handgun caliber in the world for over two decades. The current bullet diameter of the 50AE is .500 inch with a noticeably tapered case. Due to the rim diameter of the .50 AE being the same as the .44 Remington Magnum cartridge, it offered a unique versatility once the Desert Eagle was developed. With only a magazine and barrel change, Desert Eagle owners could have one gun and two very powerful options. It is not uncommon for factory loaded ammo to push some 300 grain loads up to 1900 fps and a muzzle energy of 2800 ft/lbs. To put those numbers in perspective, .50 AE bullets can travel twice as fast as a .45 ACP and hit with the force of a .308 Winchester. The Magnum Research .50AE Desert Eagle is the famous movie gun, but it's reputation is preceded by its capability and sheer ability to cause a distraction amongst those who can appreciate fine mechanical workmanship. The gun as art, might make sense when talking about the .50AE Desert Eagle, but the..

I was at the range one day and as I walked up to the counter there was a couple shooting next to where I was going to shoot. The girl looked at me and said “you might want to move down one station he’s (the guy she was with) shooting a .357 magnum… a MAN’S gun” I just smiled, then turned my back and snuck out my DE, loaded the mag, turned to the target, dropped the slide and fired. They both jumped out of there skin. I then opened my handgun case again pulled out a .357 and handed it to my wife and with a tad bit of sarcasm said to them “yeah, the .357 is a nice gun… my wife shoots one” Then they both just left. Moral to the story -DE is an awesome gun to shoot!!!Touring the landscape of the pistol, I immediately loved the patridge sights. Employing the old saw of “equal height, equal light,” I found it easy to put these sights right on target while dry-firing. Overall fit and finish seemed perfect, with the entire gun feeling like one solid piece. Field stripping and reassembly was a no-tool breeze.We went through a lot of expensive ammo trying to get this pistol to sh!t the bed. For all our efforts, all we got were those two lousy jams. So this is what can be said about this particular specimen, if not all its siblings out there: the pistol will do its job if the shooter does his or her job. However, this gun doesn’t make it easy for the shooter to do his or her job. Far from it. Any defects in stance or grip will be penalized. That’s not a good thing.The 460 Smith and Wesson and 500 Smith and Wesson can both generate 2800 plus ft-lbs of energy from 8 3/8″ (or more) barrel lengths and Buffalo Bore Ammo. I own the 460 – and its great fun to shoot – but the Buffalo Bore is tough on my wrists and wallet – it’ll out muscle the 50 with a 360 grain bullet at about 1900 fps.

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“my glock,1911,s&wm&p,XD all jam!!” Perhaps you should spend more time with maintenance? Or maybe you should take your own advice and maintain a firmer wrist when firing?The Retay Eagle is a blank fire replica of the Desert Eagle chambered in 9mm P.A.K. blanks. It can be differentiated from a genuine Desert Eagle by the design of the grips and thumb safety, Beretta 92-style ring hammer, and by the two screws located at the front of the slide. I shot Speer 300 grain Gold Dots, which produce 1900 fps at the muzzle and 1600 ft-lb of energy. .45 ACP are anemic in comparison. And yes, as I noted, “[w]hile it’s not the biggest hitter out there, the fifty is definitely near the top.”magnum 44:safely but he will make damage. magnum 45:it’s still make damage. magnum 50:aah,now this is weapon. magnum 357:it will make enough damage. and magnum 500:god! you are not well,this thing will finish you. ProMag DESERT EAGLE .50 AE 7 Round MAGAZINE MAG07 FAST SHIP. Кобура для охотничьего пистолета Desert Eagle 357 Mag,.44 Mag,.50 AE With 6 Barrel Gun holster

Product Description: The WE Desert Eagle is undoubtedly the biggest and one of the hardest kicking handguns on the airsoft market today. Manufactured by IMI since 1984 in real steel format, the Desert Eagle was actually designed by American firm Magnum Research in Mineapolis, USA Cybergun Desert Eagle L6.50AE (Silver). Product Code: 950510. Newly Launched a Fabulous Cybergun Desert Eagle L6.50AE in Silver. Gonna meet you buddies soon

“On a scale of zero to five, with five being an Airlight and zero being a flaming porcupine, the Desert Eagle is a one.” <–LMAO!To put theory and rumors to the test, I headed off to the range carrying the Desert Eagle and several boxes of ammo that collectively cost about as much as a new Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver.A good reason I bought a desert eagle and probably the only good reason We take youngsters from our church, out camping in bear country and we also prospect A rifle just does not cut it as it will be left some where when it is needed Yes I bought the 44 mag, but since I know I can convert it to a 50 cal I will be buying the mod. when and if I can afford it, and only using that when needed. But the problem is I have never shot a handgun before, I’m 71 but as agile as anyone 1/2 my age. And sure my accuracy is improving every day, but sure could use some good advice I shoot at 45 feet and 2 out of 3 rounds I hit my mark, but one always seems to go astray by several inches. And seeing I live off a minimal income and if you have a 50 cal conversion and would like to help out by donating the conversion we sure would appreciate it We had one cougar attack but we lived through that OK, Just hope no youngster get hurt. They can be a handful at times. Question for the wise wilderness people. Where should you carry a knife on yourself in the wilderness? Ans. Between the knee and ankle below your strongest arm. Why Consider an attack by any animal from behind when they grab you Will you be able to access yours under your coat?

RSS Alpha Project Desert Eagle .50 AE. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video The .50AE Desert Eagle is also convertible for shooting .44Mag and .357Mag cartridges simply by purchasing expensive drop-in replacement gear that requires no gunsmithing to install. Why anyone would want to fire mere .357s from a gun this heavy and unwieldy is beyond me I only started looking into high powered, high capacity pistols after watching ‘I was pray’ documentaries. Pistole Desert Eagle XIX 6 STS v ráži 50 AE. Desert Eagle je vyráběn ve více rážích, ale nejznámější a nejpopulárnější je samozřejmě cal. 50 AE, dále 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum After my initial shots, it was time for Craig to try his hand at the Desert Eagle as well. Clint and I watched as Craig broke his first shot. The muzzle rocketed upward and stopped abruptly in Craig’s grip as his whole body softly pushed rearward during the blast. Something I noticed the most while Craig was shooting was how each of us had to readjust our grip with every round fired. The frame is so thick and beefy that unless you have larger hands, it is very difficult to establish a firm master grip. Despite this, all three of shooters adapted and overcame to get solid hits on the steel targets downrange.

The Desert Eagle and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: “No, I have to say that the Desert Eagle is simply the most useless gun ever made.” I would have to say the Gwinn Firearms Bushmaster Pistol, a bullpup AR-18 pistol that is designed to be shot like a gangsta. There is a full auto one on gunbroker usually. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSrPDrx5VkcNO gun is perfect. The DE .50 can shoot through a wall, and is very accurate. It’s gorgeous, but it’s hard on the hands. A Walther .22 is easy on the hands and fun for a kid to shoot, but won’t stop a hamster. A 9mm Glock is neither inherently extremely accurate nor pretty, nor fun to show off, however it’s reliable. Even so, the company still calls it “perfection”. HA! A 1911 .45 is gorgeous and is a man stopper, not hard to master, and very accurate depending on the model. Yet there are those who argue even it is not perfect. Different guns fill different niches, and the DE is a perfect pistol for those who want an expensive, good looking, hard hitting, accurate monster to show off at barbecues, and to carry into the woods every once in a while. In winter I carry mine concealed. I also carry it when I hunt, just in case of big animals which are NOT deer.THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT POST. THAT just made me feel a WHOLE LOT better and that I will not have buyer’s remorse after having just plunked down $1870 big ones on-line at Gander.

The Desert Eagle was primarily developed for use as a battlefield weapon rather than one for self-defense or casual use. It represents one of the best tactical handguns when it comes to high penetration. Its power, when loaded with .50 AE ammo, can conceivably allow the user to defeat.. Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE Chrome Stainless GBB Pistol Product Code: TM-GBB-DE50-SV Availability: In Stoc 사실 .50 AE JHP탄이 오히려 5.56mm FMJ탄보다 더 강력하지만, 단순히 강력함만이 총기의 성능을 좌우하지는 않는다. 하지만 그런 걸 지나치게 반영할 이유가 An ancient Desert Eagle pistol, in .44 Magnum . Interest in late 20th century films made this one of the most popular handguns of all times DESERT EAGLE 50AE - METAL SLIDE - SEMI/FULL AUTO - GBB - CO2 - 090505 - CO2 - Alte info.-selector de tir pentru single shoot/full automatic. DESERT EAGLE 50AE cu slide si teava externa metalica.Trage la foc cu foc si foc automat I shot a couple of boxes of ammo with no jams or any other stoppages whatsoever. Six or seven other people, selected at random from the crowd at the range, also fired the pistol. The shooters ranged from trainers like Eddie to experienced gunsels to near-noobs. The purpose of sharing the pistol with others was to make the pistol jam. But voila, there were no failures, period. I was beginning to think that the whole jam-o-matic business was so much bushwah.

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