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Varna is the administrative centre for Varna county (област, oblast, area). On the other hand, Varna municipality (община, obshtina, borough) comprises the city and five suburbs: Kamenar, Kazashko, Konstantinovo, Topoli, and Zvezditsa, served by the city public transport system. Varna is one of the few cities in Bulgaria with a positive natural growth (6300 births vs. 3600 deaths in 2009[45]) and new children's day care centers opening (6 expected in 2009).[46] Varna Peninsula on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Varna.[9] Modern Bulgarian swimming dates to 18 May 1923 when the Bulgarian Public Marine Union was established in Varna. The organisation was the first to manage and administer swimming as a sport in Bulgaria. Famous Bulgarian swimmers from Varna are Aleksi Aleksiev (aka the Pope), Milko Rachev (aka Brother Milko), Maria Nikolova, Julian Rusev. Some of the leading swimming clubs are PSK Cherno More, KPS Asteri, KPS Torpedo, SKPS Albatros and KPS Cherno More. Контакти 0888/ 623 817 ; 0898/510 414 office@rinatour-varna.com irina.juteva@abv.bg. гр. Варна ул. Петко Каравелов №4 / срещу хотел Черно море /. Уеб дизайн Варна: VarnaWeb.bg

{{reservationData.last_reservations[0].number_reservations}} човек{{reservationData.last_reservations[0].number_reservations > 1 ? 'a' : ''}} си направи{{reservationData.last_reservations[0].number_reservations > 1 ? 'хa' : ''}} резервация в {{reservationData.last_reservations[0].zavedenie}} Celts started populating the region after their invasion of the Balkan peninsula in 280 BC. All over northeast Bulgaria and even near Odessos were found a significant number of bronze items with Celtic ornaments and typical weapons, all quickly adopted by Thracians. Arkovna, 80 km near Odessos, was probably the permanent capital of Celts' last king Kavar (270/260–216/210 BC). Probably after the downfall of his kingdom, Celts blended with the greatly numbered Thracians in the country. Between the 2nd–1st c. BC in present Dobrudja land between Dyonissopolis (Balchik) and Odessos were created many small Scythian states. Their “kings” minted their coins in mints located in cities on the west Black Sea coast, including Odessos.

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Улично осветление и пътища: 052/820 871 Чистота, екологичен контрол и озеленяване: 052/820 784. Пишете ни. rnmladost@varna.bg. Карта на района. Цели на СУК In 1962, the 15th Chess Olympiad, also known as the World Team Championship, was here. In 1969 and 1987, Varna was the host of the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. From 30 September to 4 October 1973, the 10th Olympic Congress took place in the Palace of Culture and Sports. In retail, the city not only has the assortment of international big-box retailers, now found in larger Bulgarian cities, but boasts made-in-Varna national chains with locations spreading over the country such as retailer Piccadilly, the famous restaurant chain Happy and pharmacy chain Sanita. Mall Varna ,Grand Mall and Delta Planet Mall are the three largest shopping centres in Varna, turning the city into an attractive shopping destination. The city has many of the finest eateries in the nation and abounds in ethnic food places. There is a plethora of Internet cafes and many places, including parks, are covered by free public wireless internet service. Varna is connected to other Black Sea cities by the submarine Black Sea Fibre Optic Cable System. During the rapid urbanisation of the 1960s to the early 1980s, large apartment complexes sprawled onto land formerly covered by small private vineyards or agricultural cooperatives as the city population tripled. Beach resorts were designed mostly in a sleek modern style, which was somewhat lost in their recent more lavish renovations. Modern landmarks of the 1960s include the Palace of Culture and Sports, built in 1968. Виж повече от Технически Университет - Варна / Technical University of Varna във Facebook. Обществен колеж в/във Varna, Bulgaria

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Origin of varna. From the Sanskrit word varna literally, cover, color, hence sort, class. In the meantime we can do nothing here; and as I think that Varna is not familiar to any of us, why not go.. fcc@fccvarna.bg, ndk_varna@b-trust.org The City council (общински съвет, obshtinski savet, the 51-member legislature) is the city's legislative body composed of 51 members. As of January 2015 it consists of: centre-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), 22 council members; centre-right/right-wing Reformist Bloc Patriotic Front (Bulgaria), 6; centre-left Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), 5; "Varna" Coalition including Attack, 4; other smaller parties, groups and independent members, 14.[34] The Council chairman is Todor Balabanov (GERB).[35] https://vizit-bulgaria.ru/varna/https://vizit-bulgaria.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Varna.jpg https://vizit-bulgaria.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Varna-150x150.jpg2017-12-05T12:06:53+03.. Today, very little of this legacy remains; the city centre was rebuilt by the nascent Bulgarian middle class in late 19th and early 20th centuries in Western style with local interpretations of Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque, Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco (many of those buildings, whose ownership was restored after 1989, underwent renovations).

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  1. Във Врати Варна акцентираме на високото качество и доброто обслужване! Тук ще откриете на-добрите цени за вашите нови врати
  2. Супер бърза доставка на храна в Варна Любимата ти храна, доставена до дома или офиса Лесно плащане Поръчай онлайн от мобилното ни приложение..
  3. In the late 19th century, Varna was considered the birthplace of Bulgarian football with a Swiss gym teacher, Georges de Regibus, coaching the first varsity team at the men's high school. Football is the biggest spectator sport with two rival clubs in the nation's top professional league, Cherno More (the Sailors), founded in 1913 and four times national champion, including the first championship in 1925, and Spartak (the Falcons), founded in 1918, one time champion and participant in the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1983, when it reached the second knockout round and played Manchester United F.C..
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  1. Varna (Bulgarian: Варна, pronounced [ˈvarnɐ]) is the third-largest city in Bulgaria and the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
  2. Ние сме лидер в предоставянето на телекомуникационни услуги на територията на гр. Варна и региона. Компанията ни разполага с покритие на над 95% от територията на града и..
  3. Varna - klassisk restaurant i byens gamle hæderskronede palævilla på kanten af Aarhus-bugten. Restaurant Varna. holder lukket til og med mandag d. 10. maj, grundet de restriktioner regeringen har..
  4. g marathon. It dates back to 1939 and it attracts nearly 300 national and foreign swimmers. Bulgaria greatest swimmer Petar Stoychev holds the all-time record of 46
  5. BREAKING NEWS: Varna Airport is open to travelers only! Winter Destinations. Explore all beautiful cities with direct flights from Varna Airport
  6. Varna became a popular resort for Eastern Europeans, who were barred from travelling to the west until 1989. One of them, the veteran German Communist Otto Braun died while on a vacation in Varna in 1974.

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Varna (, vuodet 1949-1956 Stalin) on kaupunki Bulgariassa ja samannimisen alueen pääkaupunki Mustanmeren rannalla. Sen asukasluku on 343 704 (2011). Varna on Bulgarian kolmanneksi suurin.. Защо Нова Клиника. Нашата цел е повишаване стандартите в сферата на медицината. В клиниката сме събрали специалисти от различни области, за да предложим най - доброто.. Like other cities in the region, Varna has its share of stray dogs, for the most part calm and friendly, flashing orange clips on the ears showing they have been castrated and vaccinated. However, urban wildlife is dominated by the ubiquitous seagulls, while brown squirrels inhabit the Sea Garden. In January and February, migrating swans winter on the sheltered beaches.[72] In 1878, the city, which had 26,000 inhabitants, was given to Bulgaria by Russian troops, who entered on 27 July. Varna became a front city in the First Balkan War and the First World War; its economy was badly affected by the temporary loss of its agrarian hinterland of Southern Dobruja to Romania (1913–16 and 1919–40). In the Second World War, the Red Army occupied the city in September 1944, helping cement communist rule in Bulgaria.

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Archaeological findings have indicated that the population of northeast Thrace was very diverse, including the region around Odessos. During 6th–4th c. BC the region was populated with Scythians who normally inhabited the central Eurasian Steppe (South Russia and Ukraine) and partly the area south of river Istros (the Thracian name of lower Danube). Characteristic for their culture weapons and bronze objects are found all over the region. Scythian horse ornaments are produced in “animal style”, which is very close to the Thracian style, a possible explanation for the frequent mixture of both folks in northeastern Thrace. Many bronze artefacts give testimony for such process, for example, applications and front plates for horse heads, as well as moulds for such products in nearby and more distanced settlements. Since the 4th c. BC the region had been populated by more Getae, which is a Thracian tribe populating both shores around the Danube Delta. гр. Варна, ул. Марин Дринов 55 тел: +35952/677 050 факс: +35952/650 019 e-mail: uni@mu-varna.bg VARNA PIZZA The main aqueduct of Odessos was recently discovered during rescue excavations[23] north of the defensive wall. The aqueduct was built in three construction periods between the 4th and the 6th centuries; in the 4th century the aqueduct was built together with the city wall, then at the end of the 4th to early 5th centuries when a pipeline was laid inside the initial masonry aqueduct. Thirdly in the 6th century an extra pipeline was added parallel to the original west of it and entered the city through a reconstruction of the fortress wall. The city minted coins, both as an autonomous polis and under the Roman Empire from Trajan to Salonina, the wife of Gallienus, some of which survive.[19] Варна Нет ООД предлага висококачествен интернет, телефон, телевизия, MAN, хостинг, решения за видео-наблюдение

E-mail: office.varna@ardes.bg The cheapest way to get from Xánthi to Varna costs only $11, and the quickest way takes just 6¼ hours. There are 5 ways to get from Xánthi to Varna by bus, train, car or plane Tourism is of foremost importance with the suburban beachfront resorts of Golden Sands, Riviera Holiday Club, Sunny Day, Saints Constantine and Helena attracting around 1 million foreign tourists in 2016. The resorts received considerable internal and foreign investment in the late 1990s and early in the first decade of the 21st century, and are environmentally sound, being located reassuringly far from chemical and other smokestack industries. Varna is also Bulgaria's only international cruise destination with 36 cruises for 2014 and a major international conference and SPA centre. Varna South Bay is also becoming a popular area for tourists

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Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Varna, Bulgaria on Tripadvisor: See 8,998 traveler reviews and photos of Varna tourist attractions. We have reviews of the best places to see in Varna Notable old Bulgarian Orthodox temples include the metropolitan Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral (of the diocese of Varna and Veliki Preslav); the early-17th-century Theotokos Panagia (built on the site of an earlier church where Ladislaus III was perhaps buried); the St. Athanasius (former Greek metropolitan cathedral) on the footprint of a razed 10th-century church; the 15th-century St. Petka Parashkeva chapel; the seamen's church of Saint Nicholas; the Archangel Michael chapel, site of the first Bulgarian secular school from the National Revival era; and the Sts. Constantine and Helena church of the 14th-century suburban monastery of the same name. Email: office@bialatehnika-varna.com / Телефон: Онлайн поръчки: 0897 894 129 Варна: 0897 763 395 Бургас: 0899 763 395 The city occupies 238 km2 (92 sq mi)[29] on verdant terraces (Varna monocline of the Moesian platform) descending from the calcareous Franga Plateau (height 356 m or 1,168 ft) on the north and Avren Plateau on the south, along the horseshoe-shaped Varna Bay of the Black Sea, the elongated Lake Varna, and two artificial waterways connecting the bay and the lake and bridged by the Asparuhov most. It is the centre of a growing conurbation stretching along the seaboard 20 km (12 mi) north and 10 km (6 mi) south (mostly residential and recreational sprawl) and along the lake 25 km (16 mi) west (mostly transportation and industrial facilities). Since antiquity, the city has been surrounded by vineyards, orchards, and forests. Commercial shipping facilities are being relocated inland into the lakes and canals, while the bay remains a recreation area; almost all the waterfront is parkland.

By 1878, Varna was an Ottoman city of mostly wooden houses in a style characteristic of the Black Sea coast, densely packed along narrow, winding lanes.[73][74] It was surrounded by a stone wall restored in the 1830s with a citadel, a moat, ornamented iron gates flanked by towers, and a vaulted stone bridge across the River Varna. The place abounded in pre-Ottoman relics, ancient ruins were widely used as stone quarries. гр. Варна, ул. Марин Дринов 55 тел: +35952/677 050 факс: +35952/650 019 e-mail: uni@mu-varna.bg Täsmäsää™. 10 päivän sää. Viimeksi katsomasi paikat. Maailman sää juuri nyt. Kuumimpia paikkoja The Thracians in northeast Thrace seem to be underdeveloped compared to their counterparts in South Thrace. The people lived in two types of settlements: non-fortified, located in fertile lands near water sources and stone built fortresses in hard to reach mountain environment, where were usually located the kings' residences. Thracians engaged in farming, wood processing, hunting and fishing. Among their art crafts is metal processing—especially weapons, excelling processing of bronze, making of bracelets, rings, Thracian type of fibulas, horse ornaments, arrowheads. Local goldsmiths used gold and silver to produce typical Thracian plate armour, ceremonial ornaments for the horses of the kings and the aristocracy, as well as valuable pateras and ritons.

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Since late Bronze Age (13th–12th c. BC) the area around Odessos had been populated with Thracians. During 8th–9th c. BC local Thracians had active commercial and cultural contacts with people from Anatolia, Thessaly, Caucasus and the Mediterranean Sea. These links were reflected in some local productions, for example, forms of bronze fibula of the age, either imported or locally made. There is no doubt that interactions occurred mostly by sea and the bay of Odessos is one of the places where the exchanges took place. Some scholars consider that during the 1st millennium BC, the region was also settled by the half-mythical Cimmerians. An example of their, probably accidental, presence, is the tumulus dated 8th–7th c. BC found near Belogradets, Varna Province. The public transport system is managed by "City Transport Varna" and has been recently modernised. Ticket prices are reasonable: from 1lv (0.50€) for city zones to 3lv (1.50€) for routes Varna - Golden Sands. Along with local buses, trolleybuses, fixed-route minibus lines, there is also a large fleet of taxis. The Roman city, Odessus, first included into the Praefectura orae maritimae and then in 15 AD annexed to the province of Moesia (later Moesia Inferior), covered 47 hectares in present-day central Varna and had prominent public baths, Thermae, erected in the late 2nd century AD (so called Large (North) Ancient Roman Thermae), now the largest Roman remains in Bulgaria (the building was 100 m (328.08 ft) wide, 70 m (229.66 ft) long, and 25 m (82.02 ft) high) and fourth-largest-known Roman baths in Europe which testify to the importance of the city. There is also the Small (South) Ancient Roman Thermae from the 5th-6th century AD.[21] In addition, archaeologists in 2019 discovered ruins of a building of Roman thermae from the 5th century AD.[22]

Разгледай над 210 оферти във Варна. Всички оферти с намаления за стоки, почивки с остъпки и други промоции във Варна. Разбери как да се възползваш тук Школи. Направление изкуство. Литература. Литературен клуб и младежки медиен център Касталия


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Разписание в реално време на градския транспорт във Варна.. The VARNA Port information gathered by MarineTraffic includes, wind forecasts and real-time updates for vessels in the Port of Information about Port of VARNA BGVAR departures and expected arrivals One of the early centres of industrial development and the Bulgarian labor movement, Varna established itself as the nation's principal port of export, a major grain producing and viticulture centre, seat of the nation's oldest institution of higher learning outside Sofia, a popular venue for international festivals and events, as well as the country's de facto summer capital with the erection of the Euxinograd royal summer palace (currently, the Bulgarian government convenes summer sessions there). Mass tourism emerged since the late 1950s. Heavy industry and trade with the Soviet Union boomed in the 1950s to the 1970s. VARNA Products has been solving challenges in fluid handling for over 25 years. We specialize in designing, manufacturing and supporting systems for engine fluid management

Web portals include: Varna Info[89] (general info, English), Moreto.net[90] (general info, news), Chernomore.bg[91] (news), Ida.bg[92] (general info, news), Varnaeye[93] (tourism, history, events and business), Varna-guide[94] (travel guide), Programata[95] (cultural guide), Varna-sport.com[96] (sports), Varna na mladite[97] (youth) TPP Varna EAD is the second largest thermoelectric power plant in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. TPP Varna EAD is owned by CEZ, a.s. Czech Republic. Scope of activity Contribute to WordPress-Varna/wcvar2017 development by creating an account on GitHub A major port, agricultural, trade and shipbuilding centre for the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries, preserving a significant and economically active Bulgarian population, Varna was later made one of the Quadrilateral Fortresses (along with Rousse, Shumen, and Silistra) severing Dobruja from the rest of Bulgaria and containing Russia in the Russo-Turkish wars. The Russians temporarily took over in 1773 and again in 1828, following the prolonged Siege of Varna, returning it to the Ottomans two years later after the medieval fortress was razed.

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The region around Odessos was densely populated with Thracians long before the coming of the Greeks on the west seashore of the Black Sea. Pseudo-Scymnus writes: "...Around the city [Odessos] lives the Thracian tribe named Crobises." This is also evidenced by various ceramic pottery, made by hand or by a Potter's wheel, bronze ornaments for horse-fittings and iron weapons, all found in Thracian necropolises dated 6th–4th c. BC near the villages of Dobrina, Kipra, Brestak and other, all in Varna Province. The Thracians in the region were ruled by kings, who entered into unions with the Odrysian kingdom, Getae or Sapaeans—large Thracian states existing between 5th–1st c. BC. Between 336–280 BC these Thracian states along with Odessos were conquered by Alexander the Great. Bulgaria's largest Black Sea resort, Varna is also one of the country's top cities for culture lovers. Explore the magnificent architectural legacy of an ancient city, take in an international arts festival or..

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Може да сте били вече заемополучател и ако кредитът ви е бил с няколко вноски непогасени навреме, това със сигурност е навредило на кредитната ви история. Когато имате необслужен.. Category:Varna. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search The beach resorts were rebuilt and expanded, fortunately without being as heavily overdeveloped as were other tourist destinations on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, and their greenery was mostly preserved. New modern office buildings started reshaping the old centre and the city's surroundings.[75][76]

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  1. ority languages. Local newspapers include: Cherno More, Chernomorie, Narodno Delo, Pozvanete, Varna (weekly), Vlastta (e-newspaper), Varna Utre. The national newspapers' local editions are 24 Chasa More, Morski Dnevnik, Morski Trud. Morski Sviat and Prostori are the two major magazines published in Varna
  2. Varna was rumoured to be the hub of Bulgarian organised crime. Some sectors of the economy, including gambling, corporate security, tourism, real estate, and professional sports, were believed to be controlled in part by business groups with links to Communist-era secret services or the military.
  3. Stone masonry from demolished city walls was used for the cathedral, the two elite high schools, and for paving new boulevards. The middle class built practical townhouses and coop buildings. Elegant mansions were erected on main boulevards and in the vineyards north of town. A few industrial working-class suburbs (of one-family cottages with small green yards) emerged. Refugees from the 1910s wars also settled in similar poorer yet vibrant neighbourhoods along the city edges.

The oldest gold treasure in the world, belonging to the Varna culture, was discovered in the Varna Necropolis and dates to 4200–4600 BC.[5] In the early 19th century, many local Greeks joined the patriotic organisation Filiki Eteria. Αt the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence (1821) revolutionary activity was recorded in Varna. As a result local notables that participated in the Greek national movement were executed by the Ottoman authorities, while others managed to escape to Greece and continue their struggle.[27] Varna regional court is one of the busiest courts in the country. The city also headquarters the district, administrative, and military court, and a court of appeal as well as regional, military, and appellate prosecutor's offices.[36]

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  1. It has been suggested that the 681 AD peace treaty with the Byzantine Empire that established the new Bulgarian state was concluded at Varna and the first Bulgarian capital south of the Danube may have been provisionally located in its vicinity—possibly in an ancient city near Lake Varna's north shore named Theodorias (Θεοδωριάς) by Justinian I—before it moved to Pliska 70 kilometres (43 miles) to the west.[25] Asparukh fortified the Varna river lowland by a rampart against a possible Byzantine landing; the Asparuhov val (Asparukh's Wall) is still standing. Numerous 7th-century Bulgar settlements have been excavated across the city and further west; the Varna lakes north shores, of all regions, were arguably most densely populated by Bulgars. It has been suggested that Asparukh was aware of the importance of the Roman military camp (campus tribunalis) established by Justinian I outside Odessos and considered it (or its remnants) as the legitimate seat of power for both Lower Moesia and Scythia.
  2. Наеми Варна - богато разнообразие на имоти под наем в гр. Варна: апартаменти, офиси, магазини, складове и заведения
  3. ation for over four centuries. Today, there is a cenotaph of Ladislaus III in Varna.
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  5. Изгодни оферти за продажба и наем на недвижими имоти във Варна от Явлена
  6. According to the 1881 census in Bulgaria, the Turkish language was a mother tongue for 8903 people (36,25%), for 6721 was the Bulgarian (27,36%), for 5,367 was Greek (21,85%) and Tatar for 837 (3,41%). By ethnic group, ethnic Bulgarians were then 6,714, of whom 4478 men and 2236 women.[59]

On a different note, spiritual master Peter Deunov started preaching his Esoteric Christianity doctrine in Varna in the late 1890s, and, in 1899–1908, the yearly meetings of his Synarchic Chain, later known as the Universal White Brotherhood, were convened there. Tourist shopping areas include the boutique rows along Prince Boris Blvd (with retail rents rivalling Vitosha Blvd in Sofia) and adjacent pedestrian streets, as well as the large mall and big-box cluster in the Mladost district, suitable for motorists. Two other shopping plazas, Piccadilly Park and Central Plaza, are conveniently located to serve tourists in the resorts north of the city centre, both driving and riding the public transit. ATMs and 24/7 gas stations with convenience stores abound. Economically, Varna is among the best-performing and fastest-growing Bulgarian cities. In 2016 the unemployment rate is 3.5% and the average salary is nearly 900lv (450€) per month.[63] The economy is service-based, with 61% of net revenue generated in trade and tourism, 16% in manufacturing, 14% in transportation and communications, and 6% in construction.[64] Financial services, particularly banking, insurance, investment management, and real-estate finance are booming. As of December 2008, the fallout of the global financial crisis has not yet been hard. The city is the easternmost destination of Pan-European transport corridor 8 and is connected to corridors 7 and 9 via Rousse. Major industries traditionally include transportation (Navibulgar, Port of Varna, Varna Airport), distribution (Logistics Park Varna[65]), shipbuilding (see also Oceanic-Creations), ship repair,[66] and other marine industries.

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There are four BAS research institutes: Oceanology, Fisheries, Aero and Hydrodynamics, Metallography. The Institute of Oceanology (IO-BAS) has been active in Black Sea deluge theory studies and deepwater archaeology in cooperation with Columbia University, MIT, UPenn, and National Geographic. Среща на Varna Toastmasters в Арт салона на Радио Варна

Since December 2006, various sources, including the Bulgarian National Television, national newspapers, research agencies, the mayor's office, and local police, claim that Varna has a population by present address of over 500,000, making it the nation's second-largest city.[47][48] Official statistics according to GRAO and NSI, however, have not supported their claims. In 2008, Deputy Mayor Venelin Zhechev estimated the actual population at 650,000.[49] In December 2008, Mayor Kiril Yordanov claimed the actual number of permanent residents was 970,000,[50] or that there were 60% unregistered people. In January 2009, the Financial Times said that "Varna now draws about 30,000 new residents a year."[51] The census, carried out in February 2011, enumerated 334,870 inhabitants. If unregistered population plus the commuters from the adjacent municipalities are taken into consideration, the real population of the city during a work day reaches 400,000. Varna attracts 2 to 3 million tourists a year, as the holidaymakers may reach as many as 200,000 daily during the high season. Thus, there are about 600,000 people in the city in July and August. Most Varnians (варненци, varnentsi) are ethnic Bulgarians (94%). Ethnic Turks rank second with 3%; however by 2009, Russians and other Russian-speaking recent immigrants with no Bulgarian citizenship, estimated at over 20,000, perhaps have outnumbered them, additionally there is a growing number of new Asian and African immigrants and corporate expatriates. These are mostly students of the medical university of Varna. There is a comparable number of Romani (1% of the population) mostly in three distinctive and largely impoverished neighbourhoods: Maksuda; Rozova Dolina in the Asparuhovo district; and Chengene Kula in the Vladislavovo district, while Varna is spearheading several programs on Romani integration. Armenians, Greeks, Jews, and other long-standing ethnic groups are also present although in much smaller numbers. With the departure of most Turks and Greeks and the arrival of Bulgarian refugees and settlers from inland, Northern Dobruja, Bessarabia, and Asia Minor, and later, of refugees from Macedonia, Eastern Thrace and Southern Dobruja following the Second Balkan War and the First World War, ethnic diversity gave way to Bulgarian predominance, although sizeable minorities of Gagauz, Armenians, and Sephardic Jews remained for decades.

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  1. Port of Varna, Bulgaria business opportunities, photos and videos, contact information. Port of Varna, Bulgaria. General info. Bookings ⇓
  2. In June 2007, Eni and Gazprom disclosed the South Stream project whereby a 900-kilometre-long (559-mile) offshore natural gas pipeline from Russia's Dzhubga with annual capacity of 63 billion metres (207 billion feet) was planned to come ashore at Varna, possibly near the Galata offshore gas field, en route to Italy and Austria. Nevertheless, the project was stopped due to the EU-Russia conflict.
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There is an Armenian Apostolic church; two Roman Catholic churches, a thriving Evangelical Methodist episcopal church offering organ concerts, active Evangelical Pentecostal, Seventh-day Adventist, and two Baptist churches. Избери услуги интернет и телевизия от VarnaLan и вземи повече! За да Ви направим още по-атрактивни предложения, събрахме две услуги в една цена Varna, Varna Sist oppdatert: kl 08:35 Avstand: 0,0 km Lagt inn av kur. Andre språk: Varna (engelsk, spansk, fransk), Warna (tysk), فارنا (arabisk), ヴァルナ (japansk), Варна (russisk), Odessos (latin).. Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie alles für Varna, Provinz Varna: 24.783 unabhängige Bewertungen von Hotels, Restaurants und Sehenswürdigkeiten sowie authentische Reisefotos Please enter information below to calculate your Varna. Date. Time

The urban area has in excess of 20 km of sand beaches and abounds in thermal mineral water sources (temperature 35–55 °C or 95–131 °F). It enjoys a mild climate influenced by the sea with long, mild, akin to Mediterranean, autumns, and sunny and hot, yet considerably cooler than Mediterranean summers moderated by breezes and regular rainfall. Although Varna receives about two thirds of the average rainfall for Bulgaria, abundant groundwater keeps its wooded hills lush throughout summer. The city is cut off from north and northeast winds by hills along the north arm of the bay, yet January and February still can be bitterly cold at times, with blizzards. Black Sea water has become cleaner after 1989 due to decreased chemical fertiliser in farming; it has low salinity, lacks large predators or poisonous species, and the tidal range is virtually imperceptible. lauantai, 9 Saattaa 2020 Varna sää malli tulee olemaan: yöllä ilman lämpötila laskee +9...+11°C, Kastepiste: +7,91°C; suhde lämpötila, tuulen nopeus ja kosteus: Hieman kuiva joillekin; saostus ei ole.. Varna Official Visitor Guide. Дирекция Култура и Духовно развитие. Варненски Младежки Фестивал

imoti varna From 20 December 1949 to 20 October 1956 the city was renamed Stalin by the communist government after Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.[28] The city beaches, also known as sea baths (морски бани, morski bani), are dotted with hot (up to 55°С/131 °F) sulphuric mineral water sources (used for spas, swimming pools and public showers) and punctured by small sheltered marinas. Additionally, the 2.05 km (1.27 mi) long, 52 m (171 ft) high Asparuhov most bridge is a popular spot for bungee jumping. Outside the city are the Euxinograd palace, park and winery, the University of Sofia Botanical Garden (Ecopark Varna), the Pobiti Kamani rock phenomenon, and the medieval cave monastery, Aladzha. In 2016 Varna won the vote of Darik Radio listeners and was awarded "Best city to live" and "Protector of History".[68] According to the latest 2011 census data, the individuals declared their ethnic identity were distributed as follows:[60][61]

Отели рядом - Varna Archaeological Museum. Отели рядом - Varna Free University. B&B/мини-отели в Варна Visit Varna. Overview Where to stay Hotels Things to do Reviews. Unique features of Varna City Centre include the historic sites and seaside views. Make a stop by Dormition of the Mother of God.. Katso päivän ja 10 pv:n sää, paikallissää (mm. Helsinki, Tampere, Turku ja Oulu), sääennuste, viikon sää, sääkartat sekä sääuutiset MSN Sää -sivustolta Food markets, among others, include supermarket chains Billa, Kaufland and Metro. In stores and restaurants, credit cards are normally accepted. There is a number of farmers markets offering fresh local produce; the Kolkhozen Pazar, the largest one, also has a fresh fish market but is located in a crowded area virtually inaccessible for cars.

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Varna Drive, in Toronto, Canada, is named after Varna. There is also a hamlet in southern Ontario (Huron County) named Varna. Подробнее. Varna Invest 2020 City landmarks include the Varna Archaeological Museum, exhibiting the Gold of Varna, the Roman Baths, the Battle of Varna Park Museum, the Naval Museum in the Italianate Villa Assareto displaying the museum ship Drazki torpedo boat, the Museum of Ethnography in an Ottoman-period compound featuring the life of local urban dwellers, fisherfolk, and peasants in the late 19th and early 20th century. There are consulates of the following countries: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Norway, Russia – Consulate General, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine.[39] Varna24.bg е един от големите портали на града. Секцията с новини на Varna24.bg се поддържа ежедневно, а другата полезна информация в него просто няма край

Watch online to Varna TV stations including TV Cherno More and many more. Watch TV stations from Varna, from a wide variety of genres like Entertainment and News Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria and the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Situated strategically in the Gulf of Varna, the city has been a major economic, social and cultural..

Технически Университет - Варна / Technical University of Varna

Käytämme sivustolla evästeitä parantaaksemme käyttökokemustasi. Jatkamalla sivustomme käyttöä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää... 2,950 holiday apartments Varna ✓ Privately-owned vacation rentals Varna starting at $67/night ✓ Book Online Now Varna के लिए IANA समय क्षेत्र पहचानकर्ता Europe/Sofia है। Varna को मूलभूत समय बनाओ

Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel Varna is located in the heart of Varna next to the Sea Garden, 500 metres from the Varna Beach and 1 km away Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel Varna (Hotel), Varna City (Bulgaria) deals Consulaat-generaal van Rusland in Varna With the new suburban construction far outpacing infrastructure growth, ancient landslides were activated, temporarily disrupting major highways. As the number of vehicles quadrupled since 1989, Varna became known for traffic jams; parking on the old town's leafy but narrow streets normally takes the sidewalks. At the same time, stretches of shanty towns, more befitting Rio de Janeiro, remain in Romani neighbourhoods on the western edge of town due to complexities of local politics.

Varna, an area just outside of Aarhus, Denmark. Named after the city, because a former owner of Marselisborg estate, Baron Christian C. N. Gersdorff, had participated in Russian war service on the Black Sea coast. Отговорен за този уебсайт и бисквитките е Porsche Varna (Служебна информация). Допълнителна информация за използваните бисквитки и тяхното деактивиране може да..

Ще използват изкуствен интелект за анализ на болестите и проследяване на вируси Varna (Bulgarian: Варна) is the third-largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv. Commonly referred to as the marine (or summer) capital of Bulgaria, Varna is a major tourist destination, business and university centre, seaport, and headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy and merchant marine Актуални обяви за недвижими имоти тип Продава в град Варна. Продава имоти в Варна: апартаменти, къщи, вили, земи и други в Imot.bg As a cosmopolitan area, Varna attracts expatriates in large numbers. Whether you are moving there alone or with your family, you will enjoy a splendid view of the Black Sea along with all necessary..

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Technical University of Varna · Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Ivaylo Penev. Technical University of Varna · Directorate International Cooperation and Foreign Students Real estate boomed in 2003–2008 with some of the highest prices in the country, by fall 2007 surpassing Sofia. In 2017 Varna is second in terms of construction projects.[67]

Порта Нова Варна предлага качествени интериорни врати, блиндирани входни врати, алуминиеви, стъклени на достъпни цени във Варна. Монтаж и експресна доставка.. The city is divided by law into five boroughs (райони, rayoni), each with its mayor and council: Asparuhovo, Mladost, Odessos (the historic centre), Primorski (the largest one with official population of 102,000 also comprising the seaside resorts north of the city centre), and Vladislav Varchenchik. The boroughs are composed of various districts with distinctive characters and histories.[37] The villages too have а mayor or a mayoral lieutenant (кметски наместник, kmetski namestnik). Снимките се публикуват с любезното съдействие на НУРТС, Deva Broadcast, Радио Експрес, Varna Info, УКВ Практика. Други предавателни станции. — Варна, Джанавара - ТВ ретранслатор.. ВАРНА 115 се намира в близост до община Варна. В близост до най-добрата част от плажната ивица във Варна. Сградата се намира на 500 м от Морската градина. В близост се намират..

гр. Варна, ул. Брегалница, № 3 тел: (052) 634019; факс: (052) 634648 e-mail: office@rzi-varna.com web-site: www.rzi-varna.com "Julian Rusev" pool is the second oldest 50 m Olympic-size pool in the country, built in 1964 and located on the South beach in Varna. After a major redevelopment in 2008 council owned entity was established named Swimming Complex "Primorski". The 50m pool, now in line with FINA pool criteria, was adjacent to the waterpolo and diving pool "Aleksi Aleksiev". Subsequently, a third 25 m covered pool was built next to the diving pool along with a SPA & gym centre. There are three other swimming pools in the city. Unternehmen. APP. Varna Stadt. Warna , Bulgarien. Full weather

In August 2007 a new public leisure centre was opened in Mladost district. The track-field stadium consists of football, basketball and volleyball fields and is part of a larger complex of sport facilities for mini-golf, tennis, biking, mini-lakes and ice-skating. Other public leisure centres opened in the Sea Garden, Asparuhov Park and elsewhere. The number and range of gym and recreation clubs in Varna have increased in recent years, which reflects the healthy lifestyle of the average Varna citizens. With the nearby towns of Beloslav and Devnya, Varna forms the Varna-Devnya Industrial Complex, home to some of the largest chemical, thermal power, and manufacturing facilities in Bulgaria, including Varna Thermal Power Plant and Sodi Devnya, the two largest cash privatisation deals in the country's recent history. There are also notable facilities for radio navigation devices, household appliances, security systems, textiles, apparel, food and beverages, printing, and other industries. Some manufacturing veterans are giving way to post-industrial developments: an ECE shopping mall is taking the place of the former VAMO diesel engine works and the Varna Brewery is being replaced by a convention centre. През този месец Онлайн резервации: {{reservationData.Reservations}} Брой обаждания: {{reservationData.MobileCount}} Varna, Illinois, a small town of 400 people, was named in this city's honour. The War of Varna was going on at the time. Промени в организацията на работа и режима на достъп в РС – Варна за периода 16.03.2020 г. 13.05.2020 г. вкл.

Current weather in Varna and forecast for today, tomorrow, and next 14 days. Feels Like: 14 °C Forecast: 19 / 12 °C Wind: 4 km/h ↑ from Northwest. Location: Varna varna-rs@justice.bg Д. Стаматов - Варна ЕООД успешно се развиват нови здравни услуги. гр. Варна, бул. Цар Освободител №150. ag_varna@abv.bg. 052/613 797 Varna also hosts international competitions, including world championships, and national events in several sports on a regular basis, including auto racing and motocross, karting, openwater swimming marathons. Bulgarian national basketball and volleyball teams host their games, including FIVB Volleyball World League games, at the Palace of Culture and Sports.

Get the monthly weather forecast for Varna, Varna, Bulgaria, including daily high/low, historical Visualisoi mennyt, nykyinen ja tuleva sää monesta kulmasta sekä staattisten että interaktiivisten.. Current. Повиши ли се броят на онлайн продажбите от началото на пандемията ТОП ЦЕНИ! Геймърските Компютри имат своя магазин Evarna.com Когато търсите компютър за Игри и искате да вземете Мега мощен компютър на супер изгодна цена ВИЖТЕ ТУК геймърски..

The first population data date back to the mid-17th century when the town was thought to have about 4,000 inhabitants,[41] while the first population census in 1881 counted 24,555.[42] According to the 1883 census, it was the second-largest in Bulgaria after Ruse. Thereafter Varna became Bulgaria's third-largest city and kept this position steadily for the next 120 years, while different cities took turns in the first, second, and fourth places. Варна (Varna) е третият по големина град в България - с право наричан Морска столица на страната. Разположен в Североизточна България, Варна е туристически център.. Local radio stations are Radio Varna opened in 1934, DarikNews (Varna), FM+ Varna, Radio Bravo, Alpha Radio (online radio). Local TV stations: BNT More, TV Cherno more, TV Varna

The Varna South Bay resort. Top quality resort schemes are underway along the Black Sea Coast where you find a unique combination of glorious climate, low expense and, pure and simple, an.. Подробна карта на Варна с информация за улици, адреси, забележителности и обществени учреждения, както и намиране на маршрут от адрес до адрес In January 2012, the city of Varna has a population of 334,781, which makes it the third-largest city in Bulgaria, while the Varna Municipality along with the legally affiliated adjacent villages had 343,643 inhabitants.[43] The unofficial metro area (including Varna municipality and adjacent parts of Aksakovo, Avren, Beloslav, and Devnya municipalities, and excluding adjacent parts of Dobrich Province) has an estimated population of 475,000.[44] Here, the "Varna-Devnya-Provadiya agglomeration" is not considered identical to the "Varna metro area". Давление, мм рт. ст., дюйм рт. ст., гПа. Чт, 7 мая →.. Varna Tourism: Tripadvisor has 24,781 reviews of Varna Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Varna resource

Major roads include European roads Varna - Bucharest E70, Varna - Istanbul E87 and Varna - Constanta, Romania; national motorways Varna - Sofia A2 (Hemus motorway) and Varna - Burgas A5 (Cherno More motorway). There are bus routes to many Bulgarian and international cities from two bus terminals. There are also train, ferry and roll-on/roll-off services to Odessa, Ukraine, Port Kavkaz, Russia, Poti and Batumi, Georgia. Електронна поща: pgt_varna@abv.bg pgtvarna@pgtvarna.com. Учители попълнят приложените бланки и да ги изпратят на ел. поща на училището pgt_varna@abv.bg в срок до 8 април

Партньори. Apartamenti.com. Show site map | Varna Home Недвижими имоти 2018, all rights reserved. According to the 1876 census of the Danube Vilayet in the Ottoman Empire, the population of Varna consisted of a plarality of Bulgarians (50%) and a minority of Muslims (over 40%).[58] A significant part were Turkish-speaking Christians (Gagauzes) who identified as Bulgarians. Новини. Информационен бюлетин. Профил на купувача The city lies 470 km (292 mi) north-east of Sofia; the nearest major cities are Dobrich (45 km or 28 mi to the north), Shumen (80 km or 50 mi to the west), and Burgas (125 km or 78 mi to the south-west).

Sää muuttuu syksyn saapuessa pikkuhiljaa koleaksi. Talvella päivälämpötilat putoavat muutamaan plusasteeseen ja öisin saattaa olla pakkasta. Sateet voivat tulla lumena Despite ethnic diversity, numerous internal and external conflicts, and cultural differences, the populations of northeastern Bulgaria and the cities along the seashore have demonstrated stable tolerance to each other. Conservatism is easily noticed in ceramic items and in religion. The highest deity of all was the Thracian horseman, who had different names and functions in different places. Water-related deities were honoured as well, such as The Three Graces or the water Nymphs and Zalmoxis by the Getae. During the centuries, especially by the end of the Hellenistic period (2nd–1st c. BC), Thracians adopted the more elaborated Hellenistic culture, thus acting as an intermediate for the continental Thracians.[11] With the country's return to capitalism since 1989, upscale apartment buildings mushroomed both downtown and on uptown terraces overlooking the sea and the lake. Varna's vineyards (лозя, lozya), dating back perhaps to antiquity and stretching for miles around, started turning from mostly rural grounds dotted with summer houses or villa into affluent suburbs[dead link] sporting opulent villas and family hotels, epitomised by the researched postmodernist kitsch of the Villa Aqua.

Добруджански технологичен колеж. Колеж в структурата на ТУ-Варна By 2018 Varna should have a redeveloped 1950's "Yuri Gagarin" stadium in accordance with UEFA/FIFA specifications.[98] Varna is accessible by air (Varna International Airport), sea (Port of Varna Cruise Terminal), railway (Central railway station), bus, and road. Varṇa (वर्ण) refers to colour or caste.—The four castes, with the Śūdra as the fourth, are Varna means something in Buddhism, Pali, Hinduism, Sanskrit, Jainism, Prakrit, the history of ancient India..

Гледайте на живо конференцията посветена на 100 годишнината от основаването на Икономически университет – Варна Varna Mall временно затваря врати, работят Аптека Subra, Lily Drogerie, магазин Берьозка и Пекарната 14. март 2020. Varna Mall се грижи за Вашата безопасност 12. март 2020 Chabad-Lubavitch of Varna - Ticha 5 Varna, 9000 Bulgaria Rabbi Yossi Halprin Prehistoric settlements best known for the Chalcolithic necropolis (mid-5th millennium BC radiocarbon dating), a key archaeological site in world prehistory, eponymous Varna culture and internationally considered the world's oldest large find of gold artifacts, existed within modern city limits. In the wider region of the Varna lakes (before the 1900s, freshwater) and the adjacent karst springs and caves, over 30 prehistoric settlements have been unearthed with the earliest artefacts dating back to the Middle Paleolithic or 100,000 years ago. Официален интернет сайт на Водоснабдяване и канализация ООД - Варна..

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