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It's nicknamed the Golden Record, and if any aliens are out there, it may serve as their first physical encounter with humankind. The Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977, both carrying a copy of the Golden Record. Voyager 1 passed out of our solar system and into interstellar space in 2012 The audio samples, known as the golden record, feature greetings spoken in several different languages and other sounds, which are meant to introduce Earthling culture to extraterrestrials that might pick the satellites up in space. The idea behind the golden record came to be after scientists.. Launched into outer space in 1977 onboard the Voyager space probes, the Golden Record was a sort of cosmic mixtape, designed by a team led by Carl Sagan In 1977, NASA launched two spacecraft - Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, into outer space. On board each was a Golden Record, containing a..

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  1. In the late 1970s NASA sent a pair of probes on a one-way mission into the depths of space. Each probe was equipped with a single copy of NASA's Golden Record, which includes highly scientific directions to our planet along with a collection of sounds and music that tell a brief tale of life of Earth
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  3. Back when Voyager I was first launched into space, a committee lead by Carl Sagan put together a series of messages for any intelligent life outside our If you've got a pretty decent internet connection and you also want to stream the record in the coolest way possible, there's this interactive Golden..

Voyager Golden Record. Voyager Program (NASA). Outer Space. It's not expected that the record is played or used in Space. It is assumed that an Alien would take it to their home World and figure out how to decode or play it there, maybe on instrumentation Pyro Fighters is a scrolling space shooter with platforming physics. Use your flame gun to propel yourself in the air and fight through an alien army [ The snippets of the Golden Record recording include an assortment of sounds and audio: greetings from Earth in 50 ancient and modern languages, a crying baby Both Voyager probes are currently on their way out to the star known as AC +79 3888 in their mission to explore interstellar space

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Carl Sagan's Voyager Golden Record may be the most limited release album of all time. It's certainly the most well-traveled. The iconic record, which NASA developed to represent humankind to alien civilizations, was printed onto gold-plated copper and launched into space aboard Voyager 1 back in.. Some of the sounds that were encoded on the Voyager Golden Record which recently left our solar system. Comments. Timothy M Год назад Imagine if we found a record like this in space with entirely alien sounds. AkashicRecord 10 месяцев назад Imagine the fart sounds..

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  2. Voyager Golden Record - Sounds of Earth, Gold Disc - Voyager Space Probe Jewelry - Science Necklace, NASA Planetary Society, Space Jewellery. When Nasa sent Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 out into interstellar space, they sent along with it a golden record with multiple images and sounds of..
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  1. The Voyager Interstellar Record is now available from Ozma Records, both on vinyl and CD format. Even after they run out of power, the Voyager spacecraft could still last for billions of years, silently drifting through space. One day, the Golden Records may be the only traces left of human civilization
  2. Beats In Space is a radio show mixed live by Tim Sweeney and guests in New York City on WNYU 89.1 FM every Tuesday night from 10:30pm to 1:00am
  3. The album was recorded at Mountain Studios in Switzerland, which was then owned by Queen, and By the time 'Fun in Space' was released in 1981, Queen had released nine albums and Roger had This was the beginning of Taylor's golden period where he and John Deacon almost took over as the..
  4. An excerpt from a book would give extraterrestrials a glimpse of our written language, but deciding on a book and then a single page within that book was a massive task. For inspiration, Lomberg perused rare books, including a first-folio Shakespeare, an elaborate edition of Chaucer from the Renaissance and a centuries-old copy of Euclid’s Elements (on geometry), at the Cornell University Library. Ultimately, he took MIT astrophysicist Philip Morrison’s suggestion: a page from Sir Isaac Newton’s System of the World, where the means of launching an object into orbit is described for the very first time.
  5. The iconic record sent into space with the Voyager probe to enlighten aliens about life on Earth is being exploited for profit, project contributor Sternberg, who is a professor of media ecology, provided the Portuguese language greeting on the Golden Record, a 12-inch gold-plated disk included aboard..
  6. ium jacket, together with a cartridge and a needle. Instructions, in symbolic language, explain the origin Really it's the best portrayal of human diversity of any messages that have been sent out in space. Still, the diversity it displays is limited - there are..

I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space Mercenary v1.. This is a single lesson linked to the Golden Record project which focuses largely on persuasive writing. This lesson will allow children to trannsfer persuasive writing techniquees to another genre. The lesson pack contains differentiated worksheets, a lesson plan and a lesson presentation Space Exploration Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for spacecraft operators, scientists, engineers, and enthusiasts. Knowing that these crafts will take thousands of years just to get out of solar system these golden records concept seems like a publicity stunt by someone at NASA The team felt it was important to convey information about human anatomy and culled diagrams from the 1978 edition of The World Book Encyclopedia. To explain reproduction, NASA approved a drawing of the human sex organs and images chronicling conception to birth. Photographer Wayne F. Miller’s famous photograph of his son’s birth, featured in Edward Steichen’s 1955 “Family of Man” exhibition, was used to depict childbirth. But as Lomberg notes in Murmurs of Earth, NASA vetoed a nude photograph of “a man and a pregnant woman quite unerotically holding hands.” The Golden Record experts and NASA struck a compromise that was less compromising—silhouettes of the two figures and the fetus positioned within the woman’s womb.

The Golden Record is the ultimate prize in the data world. A fundamental concept within Master Data Management (MDM) defined as the single source of truth; one data point that captures all the necessary information we need to know about a member, a resource, or an item in our catalogue - assumed to.. Images were selected for the record based not on aesthetics but on the amount of information they conveyed and the clarity with which they did so. It might seem strange, given the constraints on space, that a photograph of Olympic sprinters racing on a track made the cut. But the photograph shows various races of humans, the musculature of the human leg and a form of both competition and entertainment. The Golden Record consists of 115 analog-encoded photographs, greetings in 55 languages, a 12-minute montage of sounds on Earth and 90 minutes of music. By the 1970s, astronomers Carl Sagan and Frank Drake already had some experience with sending messages out into space

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To keep with the spirit of the project, says Ferris, the wordings of the 55 greetings were left up to the speakers of the languages. In Burmese, the message was a simple, “Are you well?” In Indonesian, it was, “Good night ladies and gentlemen. Goodbye and see you next time.” A woman speaking the Chinese dialect of Amoy uttered a welcoming, “Friends of space, how are you all? Have you eaten yet? Come visit us if you have time.” It is interesting to note that the final greeting, in English, came from then-6-year-old Nick Sagan, son of Carl and Linda Salzman Sagan. He said, “Hello from the children of planet Earth.” By Gabriela Helfet. August 9, 2017 In News. An audio visual capsule of humanity, curated by Carl Sagan. In 1977 N.A.S.A. launched two robots - Voyager 1 and 2 - into space, with a golden record attached to each spacecraft. Read more: Steering the Voyager Golden Record back to earth

Voyager Golden Record

A historical record sent into outer space as a universal greeting card from humanity to alien life may in fact baffle any visitors and unintentionally create a hilarious image of humans. If the aliens have what passes for humor, or course © 2020 Smithsonian Magazine. Privacy Statement Cookie Policy Terms of Use Advertising Notice California Do Not Sell My Info Smithsonian Institution The sounds of Earth, launched into space in the 1970s, now available on Soundcloud. Voyagers 1 and 2 both carry a Golden Record, intended to play the sounds of our planet for any advanced extraterrestrials who might one day find a lonely spacecraft and wonder what the people who built it.. RECORD. Читать. Че за ноунейм? SENSATION. Видеозаписи 10000. Record Party | Live

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  1. [The Golden Record in Pictures: Voyager Probes' Message to Space Explained]. Lomberg wants to change things, by giving New Horizons a Golden Record 2.0 — a new, crowdsourced digital version called the One Earth Message, which would be beamed out to the spacecraft in 2020
  2. Biologist Roger Payne provided a whale song (“the most beautiful whale greeting,” he said, and “the one that should last forever”) captured with hydrophones off the coast of Bermuda in 1970. Thinking that perhaps the whale song might make more sense to aliens than to humans, Ferris wanted to include more than a slice and so mixed some of the song behind the greetings in different languages. “That strikes some people as hilarious, but from a bandwidth standpoint, it worked quite well,” says Ferris. “It doesn’t interfere with the greetings, and if you are interested in the whale song, you can extract it.”
  3. ded the golden record, described the project as more important to us..
  4. Listen to the best Golden record shows. Ep 21: Voyagers turn 40 and Golden record discussed with Lisa Kaltenegger, Cassini's final goodbye
  5. ent faces of space exploration

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The Golden Record. Greetings and Sounds of the Earth. Verified Purchase. Very disappointed I was expecting this to include the songs we sent into space with this recording (Chuch Berry) And thus the Golden Record was born. He considers the less obvious but no less important reason for this choice, one that honors the notion that emotion is at What is more, the Outer Space committee would have to vote on whether to say Hello, and its next meeting was to be in Europe in late June Each record is encased in a protective aluminum jacket, together with a cartridge and a needle. Instructions, in symbolic language, explain the Once the Voyager spacecraft leave the solar system, they will find themselves in empty space. It will be forty thousand years before they make a close..

Records. Head-to-Head. Player Comparison This record represents our hope and our determination, and our good will in a vast and awesome universe. Here are a few more things in the Golden Record: 1. Spoken greetings in more than 50 different languages. 2. A compilation of natural sounds from Earth

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Golden Record on Voyager Spacecraft: What It Shows About Us Tim

Voyager Golden Record. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Released September 5, 1977. Arguably one of human kind's most significant audio/music compilations, often referred to as earth's mixtape, is the Voyager Golden Record Find the golden hour where you live and see how sunrise and sunset change with latitude and time of year. The Golden Hour (sometimes referred to as the Magic Hour) is often defined as the first and last hour of sunlight in the day when the special quality of light yields particularly beautiful photographs The Golden Record, as it's called, was launched 40 years ago with the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft with the hopes that one day, aliens will be able to plunk the needle on the album and The Sounds of Earth record is mounted on the Voyager 2 spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla. on Aug Being inspired by the story behind the Voyager Golden Record, I decided to create a poster that praises the creation of such message sent into Развернуть

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  1. The Voyager Golden Records are phonograph records which were included aboard both Or, we could pick up a message from space in a few years saying, Send more Chuck Berry! (h/t, old SNL skit). The golden record, as Dave noted, includes ingenious symbolic logic any advanced alien..
  2. Ozma Records is raising funds for Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition on Kickstarter! Experience the historic interstellar message for extraterrestrials the way it was meant to The Voyager Golden Record is now available from Ozma Records as a 3xLP Box Set and 2xCD-Book edition
  3. Affixing the Golden Record to the side of the Voyager - two separate Voyager crafts were sent out in 1977, heading for different regions of space, each with a Golden Record on-board
  4. See some of the images carried into outer space by the Voyager spacecraft. Here's What Humanity Wanted Aliens to Know About Us in 1977. Flying aboard Voyagers 1 and 2 are identical golden records, carrying the story of Earth far into deep space
  5. More than four decades later, Ferris has no regrets about what the team did or did not include on the record. “It means a lot to have had your hand in something that is going to last a billion years,” he says. “I recommend it to everybody. It is a healthy way of looking at the world.”
  6. Another group planned and published the school Yearbook, which was a pictorial record of the student body, the year's activities, sports, and achievements. The Yearbook staff sponsored a beauty contest, pictured outstanding students selected by the faculty, and a Who's Who of popular and talented..
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The Golden Record tells the story of our planet expressed in sounds, images, and science: Earth's greatest music from myriad peoples and eras, from Bach and Soon, it too will venture into interstellar space. We may never know whether an extraterrestrial civilization ever listens to the golden record The Voyager Golden Record shot into space in 1977 with a message from humanity to the cosmos - and decades later, it stands as a reminder that we are all connected. The United Nations displays a replica of the Golden Record at its Headquarters, and shares a deep connection to the process of.. With a gold record on-board, the 12th marks the date that music went viral in a whole new way. Aboard the Voyager spacecraft, technically on the side of each of the two crafts, is a gold-plated copper record housed inside an aluminum case, with music, photos, and spoken greetings from Earth-people in 55.. This golden record gives you access to the most pure, validated and complete picture of your individual records in your domain. Golden record (according to whatis) is a single, well-defined version of all the data entities in an organizational ecosystem Voyager's Golden Record. February 21, 2014 Matt Blitz 7 comments. Imagine for a moment that it's 40,000 years in the future in a solar system far An approaching speck in space catches the beings' eyes (assuming they have them). Upon sending a craft to retrieve it, they find a probe containing a disk

What future observers of the Voyager Golden Records will think of them and their contents is anyone's guess but let's hope they like their mix-tape from the Time capsules in space. The Voyager Golden Records are not unique to the voyager craft. Pioneers 10 and 11 both carried small metal plaques.. What are the contents of the Golden Record? The spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced spacefaring civilizations in interstellar space Golden record required.. Gustavo, without even looking it up What do I win? Golden record required. kottadragon. Adjust content blockingContent Blocking. Large space blitzkrieg Directed by Don Richardson. With Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen. Penny befriends a toad-looking alien, who's race is fighting against the much more pleasant looking golden aliens

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Contents of the Voyager Golden Record. Language. Watch. Edit. The Voyager Golden Record contains 116 images plus a calibration image and a variety of natural sounds, such as those made by surf, wind, and thunder, and animal sounds, including the songs of birds, whales and dolphins The Voyager Golden Records are two phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecrafts launched in 1977. The records contain sounds and images selected to portray the.. Search millions of royalty free stock images, photos, videos, and music. Get inspired by 1000s of new, high-resolution stock images added daily

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The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Watch the show on NBC.com and the NBC App. Ricky Gervais hosts the live awards show. Global comedy superstar Ricky Gervais, in his unique and legendary fashion, will resume hosting duties for a record fifth time at the 77th Annual Golden Globe.. Sistema Solar, Placa Pioneer, Pioneer Plaque, Voyager Golden Record, Pioneer 11, Star System, Space Tattoos, Space Probe, How To Create Infographics. Sent in the Voyager Golden Record was intended to introduce Humanity to possible beings in outer space These gold-plated copper records each contain an identical compilation of sounds and music from all The eclectic contents of the golden records were curated by a committee chaired by Dr. Carl Given the vast, huge, mind-boggling bigness of outer space, it is unlikely that any alien civilization will.. The Golden Record. Pioneers 10 and 11, which preceded Voyager, both carried small metal plaques identifying their time and place of origin for the benefit of any other spacefarers that might find them in the distant future. With this example before them, NASA placed a more ambitious message aboard..

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In Space This cover on The Golden Record included a diagram explaining how to play and a stylus for that purpose. The record was placed aboard the Voyager I It's hard to fathom, but more than 38 years after their launch, NASA's two Voyager spacecraft are still hurtling through space and may well keep.. Golden Records (2). Редактировать лейбл. 3 on 1 Golden Record, A Little Golden 45 RPM Record, Golden Three On 1, My First Golden Record Library, Nursery Beat Series, Three On One, Walt Disney Favorites Golden Voice Concerts The Golden Record. We placed an ambitious message aboard Voyager 1 and 2, a kind of time capsule, intended to communicate a story of our world to extraterrestrials. At 1:27 a.m. ET on April 24, Peggy Whitson set the new record for cumulative time spent in space by an American astronaut

The team discovered a beautiful recording of “Tchakrulo” by Radio Moscow and wanted to include it, particularly since Georgians are often credited with introducing polyphony, or music with two or more independent melodies, to the Western world. But before the team members signed off on the tune, they had the lyrics translated. “It was an old song, and for all we knew could have celebrated bear-baiting,” wrote Ferris in Murmurs of Earth. Sandro Baratheli, a Georgian speaker from Queens, came to the rescue. The word “tchakrulo” can mean either “bound up” or “hard” and “tough,” and the song’s narrative is about a peasant protest against a landowner.The “Golden Record” would be an upgrade to Pioneer’s plaques. Mounted on Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, twin probes launched in 1977, the two copies of the record would serve as time capsules and transmit much more information about life on Earth should extraterrestrials find it. - Quote engraved on Voyager Golden Record. Billions of miles from the Sun, a Golden Record - a selection of sounds and images portraying the diversity of life and culture on Earth - travels the vast reaches of outer space along side the Voyager Spacecraft a cosmic message in a bottle

When NASA launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 deep into space 40 years ago, each spacecraft brought along a golden record with sights and sounds from Earth, just in case any aliens were to stumble across it. In this week's Sunday Closer, NBC's Joe Fryer reports that the record is being.. Marking the 40th anniversary of the Voyager Golden Record, a sonic gift sent into space by NASA to transmit earthly music, sounds and languages to extraterrestrials. To help discuss and dissect the Golden Record, Nick welcomes Black Quantum Futurism to Late Junction

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  1. But the Golden Record, blasted into space by Nasa in 1977, may deliver an entirely different message to any extraterrestrials who happen to encounter the cosmic missive, researchers point out. The Golden Record is a beautiful artefact and representation of how humans want to see themselves, but..
  2. Science Friday made an immersive 360 Video to explore the Golden Records on the Voyager probes. While I've been hearing and reading about these records for decades, I found this immersive viewing experience a truly useful way to understand the data encoded on the disc
  3. Voyager Golden Record by Various Artists, released 20 August 2017 1. Greeting from Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General of the United Nations 2. Greetings in 55 Languages 3. United Nations Greetings/Whale Songs 4. Sounds of Earth 5. Munich Bach Orchestra/Karl Richter..

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When we say record, think vinyl, grooves in a disk and the need for a stylus to reproduce analog sound. NASA engaged Carl Sagan to select the disk's content. Voyager's web site has offered a few of the recordings for ages now, but NASA has now dumped all of the Golden Record's contents to.. Like the Golden Record, the plaque features the pulsar map, uses hydrogen to define the binary units, and depicts humankind. It may not reach interstellar space for another 30 years. New Horizons was sent into space without any message like the Golden Record, but it's not too late to add one

Record bags, boxes & trolleys. Vinyl DJ equipment bags & cases. Josey In Space. To our ears, there are few greater golden era dancefloor hip-hop workouts than Main Source's Looking At The Front Door, a stone-cold classic that remains a much-played anthem decades after it was originally.. This double-sided antique bronze necklace is a celebration of our humanity and species as a whole, with the design of the Golden Record from the Voyager Probe launched by Carl Sagan and his team in 1977 into the vast ocean of space. The gold disc includes music, scientific thought, language.. When the twin Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977, they carried with them two Golden Records encoded with the sounds of Earth. As the spacecraft flew past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and out to the edge of interstellar space, the Golden Records were intended to serve as a greeting to any.. When producers had trouble locating a specific image in picture libraries maintained by the National Geographic Society, the United Nations, NASA and Sports Illustrated, they composed their own. To show a mouth’s functions, for instance, they staged an odd but informative photograph of a woman licking an ice-cream cone, a man taking a bite out of a sandwich and a man drinking water cascading from a jug.

In the midst of a moment of retrospection brought on by a new book and a new album, the veteran musician shares recollections of the box of unwanted records that set the course for his career, letting the anger go, and how he finally learned to take a compliment Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a mashup of multiple sources Golden Record NYC, Brooklyn, New York. 1.9K likes. To the makers of music - all worlds, all times. See more of Golden Record NYC on Facebook

Druyan had the idea to record a person’s brain waves, so that should extraterrestrials millions of years into the future have the technology, they could decode the individual’s thoughts. She was the guinea pig. In an hour-long session hooked to an EEG at New York University Medical Center, Druyan meditated on a series of prepared thoughts. In Murmurs of Earth, she admits that “a couple of irrepressible facts of my own life” slipped in. She and Carl Sagan had gotten engaged just days before, so a love story may very well be documented in her neurological signs. Compressed into a minute-long segment, the brain waves sound, writes Druyan, like a “string of exploding firecrackers.” Golden record - download this royalty free Vector in seconds. Vector illustration of the voyager golden record with explanation on white background. Space and solar system topic Searches web pages, images, PDF, MS Office and other file types in all the major languages, and includes advanced search features, news, maps and other services

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The Golden Records were intended to represent life and culture on Earth, in the hopes a distant alien race might eventually find it (and be into vintage vinyl). The spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced space-faring civilizations in interstellar space My Health Record. National Disability Insurance Scheme Слушайте онлайн радио Record Dancecore. SAMURAJ/GOLDEN MIND My Heart Is Beating. PLAYTHING Into Space (Crw rmx)

Like the Golden Record, the plaque features the pulsar map, uses hydrogen to define the binary units, and depicts humankind. It may not reach interstellar space for another 30 years. New Horizons was sent into space without any message like the Golden Record, but it's not too late to add one The Golden Record, shown here with its cover that has instructions on how to play it (upper right), was carried on Voyager in the section indicated with the Carl Sagan headed up a committee to do just that in the mid-1970s, when NASA placed copies of the so-called Golden Record on Voyagers 1 and 2.. The Golden Record is still hurtling outward in space on the Voyager spacecraft. The Golden Record was an achievement to put out this postcard of greetings to unknown products of evolutionary biology on other planets as a way to signal the kind of a birth of evolutionary biology strongly.. The time capsules, really a pair of phonograph records, were launched aboard the twin Voyager space probes in August and September of 1977. I became friends with Carl Sagan, the astronomer who oversaw the creation of the Golden Record, in 1972. He'd sometimes stop by my place in New York.. When the mission of NASA's Voyager was sent into space, a gold record with the sounds of the earth planet was added to the probe. It is quite fascinating to know that somewhere in space, the sounds of our planet, sounds representing what we are, are gradually advancing towards the unknown

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The gold-plated aluminum cover (L) of the Voyager golden record (R) both protects it from micrometeorite The explanation of the golden record cover includes, at lower left, a pulsar map of 14 pulsars, allowing the As objects rotate and orbit in space, their relative orientations change, so the.. Encounters In Space.is a datavisualization project which was part of the seminar [Input/Output For me it's very interesting that the nasa developed [The Voyager Golden Record] (https All the data from the record are available online and you can find a lot of information about the team, who created.. Golden Record: Kiss, Mother And Child. Golden Record: Tractor, Bus, Auto VOYAGER GOLDEN RECORD In 1977, NASA launched two spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2, on a grand tour of the solar system and into the mysteries of interstellar space. Attached to each of these probes is a beautiful golden record containing a message for any extraterrestrial intelligence that might..

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