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Having recently watched a preview video of the Finnish deck, and being Finnish myself, I feel obliged to correct a few errors I noticed, so here goes:Another bad spot of the Finnish inventory lies with its choppers. Although it owns some late HH-10 (TOW Defender), most of the (few) FDF gunship are Mi-8 hastily rigged with planes’ rocket launchers or cannon pods. RASIATUBE ETUSIVU Rasiatube -osio kerää eri palveluiden (YouTube, Dailymotion, Liveleak, Vimeo) parhaimmat videot yhteen osioon. <343> Erikoisrajajääkäri sai juuri uuden merkityksen Kukin komppania on vahvuudeltaan noin 100 miestä. Kajaanin rajajääkärikomppania lakkautettiin kokonaan 5. heinäkuuta 2007 ja Ivalon rajajääkärikomppanian vahvuutta lasketaan säästösyiden vuoksi. Palvelusaika miehistöllä on 6 kuukautta ja aliupseereilla sekä reserviupseereilla 12 kuukautta. Naisia rajajääkäreiksi otetaan vuosittain 10 ja heidät koulutetaan Onttolassa. Create Click-Worthy YouTube Thumbnails In Under 60 Seconds. Snappa's free thumbnail maker is loaded with stunning templates, high-res images, and everything else you need to make YouTube..

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There's definitely no shortage of interesting YouTube stats out there. When YouTube first made its way onto the internet, few people realized how many hours of video we'd be watching years later 제품 사용에 대한 도움말과 자습서 및 기타 자주 묻는 질문(FAQ)에 대한 답변이 있는 공식 YouTube 도움말 센터입니다

Get YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream for iOS - Videos, Music and Live Streams latest version. Subscribe to your favorite channels on Youtube and stay informed with the latest news.. Our service will allow you to download YouTube videos (bajar videos de youtube) to your computer, tablet or cell phone. Although there are many ways to get a video uploaded to YouTube, get it.. Posts About Erikoisrajajääkäri. There are no stories available Well, I must say..great job….Aviation is a great mix..having Il 28, Hawk, Mig 21, Mig 29, J 35 and F 18C together….great, even if air-to-ground armamanet is not so developed, but..this is the reality…also great, all family Patria is there…with guns, missiles and machineguns….nice!…Konkurs&Spike…Crotale&BUK&IGLA&Marksman&ZU 23 interesting mix..strong MLRS artillery….. and, important to mention, the development of finnish T 72, BTR 50 with gun and new units like the iconic STUG.Appreciate also that you didn’t let the Finnland without choppers….that MI 8 with unguided missiles and guns..great job as well as reccon helos and that tiny sting HH10.One after all, from a country without spectaculous military equipment…you obtain a pretty new collection and combination of force. Waiting for Yogoslavia twitch and hopeing in a soon release of this double deck.

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YouTube adalah salah satu media sosial platform video milik perusahaan Alphabet yaitu Google yang sangat populer belakangan ini Therefore, it is due time (ALB-due, according to some 😉 ) to bring the Puolustusvoimat, the Finnish Defence Force (FDF) into the light.-As I’ve mentioned before, the Jatimatic was not a suitable service weapon and would likely never have been used by the FDF. In its place should be the Rk-62 or the Suomi-KP/31 if you really want an SMG.Sounds awesome! As a native Finn, I can help you with the proper Finnish names for the troops, as you have made quite a few translation errors.

erikoisrajajääkäri. Sukeltajakoulu (Uusi). Päätin nyt pistää käyntiin (pikemminkin yrittää, jos täällä kellään samanlaista kiinnostusta) SUKK:iin liittyvää keskustelua As we’ve done with every other nation ingame, we will soon create an “engagement list” for Finnish & Yugoslav nationals to “enlist” and give their names for squad leaders ingame.We are well aware that Cuba has some cool toys to offer, yet it isn’t the most obvious choice, for some missing European countries would be make more sense, especially to form coalition. YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others. Originally created in 2005, YouTube is now.. The Leopard 2 didn’t enter service in our timeframe, hence there’s no reason itself of any Marksman variant be included in the game.

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  1. Unlike Yugoslavia, Finland’s motorized deck might prove very powerful, with a more lackluster mechanized one (ATGM-less BMP-1 & BMP-2).
  2. FDF has some very powerful assets (infantry, recon, …) but suffer from some handicaps: being bound by the 1947 Treaty of Paris, it is forbidden to own AGM missiles or cluster ordnances for its planes. Nor does the FAF have SEAD missiles at its disposal. Yet, the FAF doesn’t lack in bombers and air superiority fighters.
  3. Eipä ole meno muuttunut neljässä vuodessa kun itse jäin aiemman rajajääkärikomppanian tomuista pyörimään ensimmäisen Erikoisrajajääkäri-saapumiserän kanssa 3 kuukaudeksi

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  2. There was 2 regiments during the cold war called “Blackwatch”, one from the UK and one from Canada… -_-
  3. Creator Blog. Three steps to keep your YouTube account secure. Thursday, May 7, 2020. Our comment on COPPA. Monday, December 9, 2019. 'Tis the Season of Giving on YouTube
  4. Geçen senelerde Youtube'dan farklı mecralara kayma olmuş olsa da y... En Çok Abonesi Olan Youtube Kanalları. Türkiye'de en fazla aboneye sahip olan hem kurumsal hem kişisel hem de..
  5. Jatimatic for erikoisrajajääkäri? Really? I am Erikoisrajajääkäri myself and would love to just play around guys that have my name I know probably every kid online asks you these things but I had..
  6. Youtube kim kurdu, kurucusu kim. YouTube ve 2005 yılında üç eski PayPal çalışanı tarafından kurulmuş ve çok kısa bir sürede popülaritesini artırmıştır. YouTube kurucuları Steve Chen, Chad..

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Reserve infantry (Novostäki)? You have a typo here (consistently), it’s “nostoväki”, meaning reservists. Kinda like Yegibun for S-Korea. Also I find it a bit amusing I’m apparently trained in shock troop tactics but hey, I’ll take it. Can’t wait for this deck to roll out!What countries could Finland coalition with? As a Finnish Chinese, any chance we could have a Finland – China coalition (with completely no historical basis at all apart from both countries hating soviet union)… pretty please with cherry on top?

Let's take a look at the top 10 independent YouTubers in America who continue to innovate and build their audience worldwide in this ever-evolving world of YouTube Haluatko osaksi rajojemme iskukykyisimpiä joukkoja? Erikoisrajajääkärit koulutetaan rajavartiolaitoksen vaativimpiin rajavartiointi- ja taistelutehtäviin YouTube sendiri didirikan oleh tiga orang mantan karyawan PayPal. Selain Karim, ada Chad Hurley dan Pada masa-masa awalnya, YouTube beroperasi sebagai perusahan startup yang didanai oleh.. Ebook Youtube Mafia Nước Ngoài. Đọc giới thiệu. Cuốn Ebook nói về phương pháp kiếm tiền Youtube nước ngoài RẤT ĐẶC BIỆT và THỰC TẾ mà mình gọi là YOUTUBE MAFIA

Previews on Twitch next week!

According to those experts, Finland’s prima donna will be its “excellent reconnaissance tab“, providing “a wide array of choices, ranging from the very stealthy to the very powerful“. This ‘recon in force’ will be backed up by a strong infantry line-up, “with an emphasis on close quarter” with their trustworthy WW2 Suomi-KP SMG still equipping several units (and not necessarily second-lines ones, like in other nations) and a “large choice of shock troopers & commandos with CQC MG, giving the FDF an uncanny ability at clearing urban areas & woods“. Some kind of Cold War’s wood elves defending their patch of woods, then … 🙂 Kids Are 3 Clicks Away From Improper Content On YouTube Safe YouTube Solved This! Surrounding Youtube Videos Decrease Attention To Your Video Safe YouTube Solved This! Teachers Can Now Show YouTube In Classroom Just With Safe YouTube Profesyonel youtube paketleri ile youtube abone satın alabilir,kanalınızdaki videolarınıza youtube beğeni satın alabilir,videonuzun etkileşimini arttırarak,youtube üzerinde daha fazla kazanç elde.. Agree, very badly. It’s completely ridiculous from Finns perspective. All our army ever existed, trained or prepared for in last 100 years, was to counter Russian invasion. In 1980’s people had deep hatred and fear of Russia, youth listened to American music, watched American movies and wanted to be Americans, in essence. Attitudes towards Russia only started to get better after Soviet Union collapsed. Developer has poor understanding of Finland’s history, they can’t even pronounce the unit names (which were still full of typos in Twitch stream) and put some joke-of-a-gun as Jatimatic into the game so doesn’t surprise me. Sad part is that WG cant cover 2003 when Finland made deal to buy Leopard 2A4 tanks. Would have been great as special small batch for some games but better this way.

Many changes to YouTube are focused on getting you to watch and engage with more content. YouTube for Android and iOS now has a new video page that elevates, but shrinks comments and.. Another FDF strong suit will be its support tab: even before the Wall fell, Finland had secured import of high-end AA weapon systems from both East & West, granting it a “well furbished & efficient air defense net“. Besides, Finland has always been a major producer (and consummate user itself) of mortars of all shapes & calibers.Heinäkuusta 2007 lähtien Immolassa koulutetaan vuosittain yksi saapumiserä erikoisrajajääkäreitä, joiden toimintaan kuuluvat vaativat tiedustelu- ja iskuosastotehtävät. Koulutukseen haetaan erillisillä pääsykokeilla, ja kaikki hyväksytyt palvelevat 12 kuukautta, joka neljäs koulutetaan reservinupseereiksi, muut kotiutuvat vähintään aliupseerin arvossa. I ask solely as while the community is a little smaller from when the game first came out, it hasn’t decreased by a substantial margin over the years. At least not to through my eyes. Everything is designed and distributed for a Sissi combat to prolonged war all around the country against anyone, not just Soviets.

My biggest gripe is that if the PstOhj 2000 is in the game, then we should also get things like the PKM MG (aquired in the late 90s), MP5 SMG (aquired in the late 90s or 2000) and perhaps more meaty stuff like the Leopard 2A4 tank (aquired in 2003) and CV9030 IFV (aquired in 2004).Be assured they are already right ingame. We may have overestimate our ability to write from memory the very few names which sound understandable to us … 🙂 They have been fixed in the article too. Thanks.Well, we are not considering Finland as part of the USSR, but as part of REDFOR. Remember this is a game about the Cold War, not WW2. Nor present days. For the duration of the Cold War, Finland was bound by the 1947 Treaty of Paris, which gave USSR great influence and leverage over Finland’s every foreign policy’s decisions.Why would the FDF upgrade to a weapon not suitable as a service weapon? That’s not an upgrade, that’s a downgrade.

Jonathan Harchick currently holds the record for the longest video on YouTube - a 596.5 hour film of a two-tone color pattern switching places. That's 24 days long And each squad as well got since 1985 a sniper per squad carrying a “Tkiv85” (“TarkkuusKivääri 1985” / sniper rifle 1985).

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  1. To conclude, from our tests the FDF has been several times compared to a “REDFOR France“, with an emphasis on highly mobile wheeled vehicles, good infantry & glass cannons (by REDFOR standard: we’re talking T-72 glass cannons here, not AMX-30!).
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  3. Ito86M and Erikoisrajajääkäri. The date on both should be 1994-1995. The version was a base igla (= ussr pzrk igla)
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  6. -The EuroSpike in Finland is known as PstOhj 2000, not the 94. They were aquired by Finland in 2000-2002. I mentioned this first because I myself am by training an AT NCO trained with this weapons system in the FDF. There is actually no such thing as the PstOhj 94, the predecessors to the PstOhj 2000 were the PstOhj 82 and PstOhj 83.
  7. Finnish Border Guards will also bring their contribution to the recon tab, in the form of patrol helicopters: the antiquated Alouette II and the much more modern JetRanger, the latter being loaded with night & thermal vision, radar equipment,… hence being granted Exceptional optics ingame.

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Rarely mounted only at the peace time, there are a lot of weapons and vehicles stashed on all kind warehouses and underground bunkers and so on all over Finland. In case of an attack, weapons are taken out and mounted and quick training is given to operators.-A couple of minor misc ones that are irrelevant like CV jeeps having giant roundels (never seen this in IRL or in 80s/90s FDF photos and I doubt they would’ve had giant roundels in combat) and the Sturmi year being wrong (probably a few other units too) – should be 1943. Again, these are pretty irrelevant errors.

Finland’s recon tab is a small army by itself, with powerful infantry units, powerful combat vehicles, stealthy and/or very efficient intelligence operator. Related Searches. Youtube Button Youtube Black Youtube Channel Art YouTube Red. Cleanpng provides you with HQ Youtube transparent png images, icons and vectors

r/YouTube is for meta-discussion about YouTube as a platform - its features, bugs,business decisions, etc. This is a fan sub, not run or owned by.. Lacking an ATGM squad in early games, Finland was thus (notwithstanding the Nostoväki mentioned above) entitled to a FIST squad: it will come in the form of the Raskassinkoryhmä squad’s Musti 95mm RCL. Later, the PstOhj 82M (Konkurs) and the prototype PstOhj 94 (Spike-MR) teams will give the FDF some better anti-tank options. YouTube | Exploring video trends, DIY projects, fitness, beauty, hair, music, travel, inspiration, humor, fashion, and more on YouTube's channels, just for you Seperti yang kita ketahui, nama channel youtube hanya bisa di ubah 3 kali dalam 90 hari. tetapi kalau kita sudah mengganti 3 kali dalam kurun di bawah 90 hari ,tapi masih kurang puas dengan nama.. That would be awesome. They add a rather neutral Yugoslavia and not Cuba that sided with USSR, right? 😛


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  4. I think rk-62 and a sniper rifle along with a rocket launcher would be the most realistic loadout for the Erikoisrajajääkäri
  5. Considering Erikoisrajajääkärit will use Jatimatic, realism doesn’t seem to be huge deal for Eugen. FDF had 5 Jatimatics for test use in 1996, and it was difficult to aim with because no sights and tilted barrel structure, bad overall quality, too complicated and slow to reload in combat, shell casing came out twisted into curved shape, if snow went into the gun it fired twice as fast (1500rpm). So military didn’t even consider the gun despite it being Finnish make, because it was crap. It only was ever good enough for movie prop, not FDF. Erikoisrajajääkärit would use Rk-62 which is basically a Finnish made improved version of Kalashnikov.

PS. Out of interest, since you put the Sturmi in the game, why no Panzer IV or other pre-T-55 tanks? 🙂Then we have the air defense … Although lackluster in the early 80’s (Neva, ZSU-57-2 & truck-mounted ZSU-23-2 Sergei), it enjoys a major upgrade in the late 80’s/early 90’s, thanks to import contracts secured with both the West & the USSR: ITO 96 (Buk-M) & ITO 90 (improved Crotale NG launcher mounted on a XA-185 chassis) for SAMs ; ITPSV Marksman (improved Marksman turret on T-55 chassis) & the evilly sly Sergei Mod for SPAAGs. The latter, although still looking like a mere truck-mounted ZSU-23-2, should not be taken lightly: being the most expensive upgrade ever for such a weapon system, it transforms this little gun truck into a formidable killer! Still very fragile, this little spider leaves no chance to a chopper entering its web, and even planes have learned to fear it.Because we needed another, more recent, SMG to represent a weapon upgrade over the WW2 Suomi-KP. And what more Finnish than the Jatimatic? 🙂Really Finland was just as BLUFOR as Sweden. Both were neutral countries that did everything they could to stay free of the red menace and war as well.

Good idea regarding mixing the technologies!A lot of thanks for this new basic improvement of the game.Just waiting the release. Mantén Youtube actualizado con la App de Uptodown. Sobre esta versión. La app oficial de Youtube para descargar sus vídeos Lisäksi erikoisrajajääkäri saa syventävän koulutuksen jollakin seuraavista aselajikursseista: pioneerikurssi. lääkintäkurssi Game is fantastic by the way, you guys are doing a great job. It’s pretty much impossible to make things PERFECTLY balanced, but when was any real fight fair. I can’t wait for the release of your new content. All the best.

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One comment, though: you say “ATGM-less BMP-1 & BMP-2” but in fact the Finnish BMP-1s (I should know) at least came equipped with PstOhj 82M (Konkurs). They were just very rarely used because those things were pretty expensive, but the fact remains they could be equipped.Being part of the Coastal Jaegers myself, specifically a medic assigned to the Coastal Robot Missile Platoon, i’m curious about the naval aspect.True to the FDF tradition or long range recon/raid, its recon infantry will be represented by the all-era Sissi, wielding the famous Suomi-KP SMG, and a late Special Force unit whose name shall strike terror (or at least, confusion) into their enemy’s heart: the Erikoisrajajääkäri. The latter are a 10-man elite recon squad, armed in the SAS/LSTR way, with heavy LAW (APILAS) & MANPAD (Igla), plus a Stallone-approved SMG: the Jatimatic. Both squads are very useful to lay ambush behind enemy lines or hunt & destroy enemy rangers…I’m fairly understand why you have put Finland in REDFOR and as a mainly REDFOR player i’m happy about it. But can u explain me how FIN got spikes and TOWS because it’s not like F18C (which is also strange cuz it was new air craft for that time …) , ok they bought it and they have it and adjust it to russian missiles and bombs. Because i hardly belive that they could make these stuff on license or copy it … If they are considered as enemy to BLUEFORS they wouldnt get new supplies from them…

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  1. The Finnish army could be defined by its mortars: it seems like you can’t flip a coin out there without it falling back in the tube of one of those weapons! The Israeli Makmat‘s 160mm heavy mortar actually mounts the Finnish M-66 Soltam. Thus it is only fair for them to field it too (TelaKrH 66), supported by other 82mm & 120mm calibers. The other tube artillery, howitzers, include 122mm PSH 74 (Gvozdika) & 152mm TELAK 91 (2S5 Giatsint-S, a missing Soviet artillery gun so far).
  2. Recon Alouette II • Jet Ranger • BMP-1 TJJ (KT) • Erikoisrajajääkäri • GAZ-69A • Mönkijä • PT-76B Tiedpsv • T-55M Pionpsv • Sissi. Vehicles BMP-1 • BMP-2 • BTR-50 • BTR-50 Vigilant..
  3. youtube.com. Author's Description. Top features: - Play your videos in a pop-out window - Turn off 60fps - Navigate through videos frame by frame without having to pause - Allow ads only in videos..
  4. Reserve infantry is “nostoväki”, not “novostäki”. Also the raskassinkoryhmä has Musti anti tank weapon not Müsti.
  5. Control how you want YouTube videos to buffer Uninterrupted video play Other small things which you miss on YouTube

“Because the Western countries pretty much considered Finland to be a part of the Soviet camp”. Everyone considers French to be famous for waving the white flag? What outsiders think, and what you really are is two different things. What you say you would do on a treaty paper, and what you really would do, is another two things.Sadly the developers seem to be focusing only on appeasing their European customers. I’m not against them adding more European nations, but it is important to understand the majority of them played an insignificant role during the Cold War. They didn’t even fire a shot. On the other hand, nations like Cuba [Latin America] and Vietnam [Asia] did play a very significant role during this time period. Thousands of Cuban forces fought in Africa [Angola & Ethiopia]. How many countries currently in Wargame: Red Dragon actually deployed forces in significant numbers overseas during this time period? Not many [basically, only the USA and USSR]. EUGEN…PLEASE consider adding Cuba. Thank you.How about Laskuvarjojääkärikoulu (Parajäger school) and Sukeltajakoulu (Diver school)? Laskuvarjojääkärit (parajägers) and Taistelusukeltajat (combat divers) are best special forces Finland has to offer along with Erikoisrajajääkärit. Tbh, both of the special forces I mentioned are far more famous than Erikoisrajajääkärit. Laskuvarjojääkärit belongs to the ground forces, Taistelusukeltajat to the navy and Erikoisrajajääkärit to the border control (which isn’t tecnically a part of FDF). Also, I would recommend that Erikoisrajajääkärit could have rk62 along with a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle. It’s far more realistic than Jatimatic. Laskuvarjojääkärit would use similar equipment, but they would be transported by helicopters instead of cars. Taistelusukeltajat would enter the battle on a boat or by car. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTBkkDvrI-I. It's one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox

As we have been giving you an insight into the upcoming Yugoslav army a few days ago, here is another one into the second nation being brought to you with the upcoming Double Nation Pack: REDS, Finland.Now, it wouldn’t be very realistic to include the hornet, since the west wouldn’t have sold it during wartime to Finland, obviously. Now, there was a competition between the F-18 and the Mig-29 back in the day, so the Mig-29 would have been chosen instead. However, i don’t mind too much having the F-18. Gives quite an interesting scenario having an Redfor high-end ASF.The FDF artillery also field a powerful MLRS choice, with RAKH 76 (BM-21), RAKH 89 (RM-70) & RAKH 91 (BM-27) providing heavy fire support with either HE, napalm or cluster ordnances. sodom1993 commented 35min ago. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o-fFVU25wk Erikoisrajajääkäri työpaikat. 0 erikoisrajajääkäri työpaikkaa

Ada perusahaan yang sedang membuka kesempatan lowongan kerja Youtube Indonesia, Videographer, Tooling Manager, Supply Chain Manager dan banyak lagi melalui Indeed.com I appreciate y’all continuing to support Wargame over the years. Easily one of my favorite games and the Dutch and Israeli additions really brought me and my friends back into it. Can’t wait for the Finns and Yugos!Rajajääkäri (lyhenne rjlähde?) on Suomen rajavartiolaitoksen kouluttamille varusmiehille sotamiestä vastaava miehistön sotilasarvo. Rajajääkäristä seuraava ylempi sotilasarvo on korpraalin sijasta ylirajajääkäri. I’m totally unfamiliar with both Finnish and Yugoslavian equipment so this is super rad to have. Glad to have two whole new REDFOR nations. Excited for the quad-bike recon and the anti-materiel rifle. за просмотры фотографий! 02:59. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSfDLieIcoQ

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Problem is, Cuba and Vietnam had basically copy-paste militaries that lacked modern equipment. There would be no purpose to buy or use them. Meanwhile, Yugoslavia, Israel, Finland, and the Netherlands all had/have unique and modern equipment. These YouTube channels will have something for everyone, whether you're interested in cooking, fitness There's a YouTube channel for nearly any interest—even the ones you didn't know you had

YouTube playback technology for Video.js. Contribute to videojs/videojs-youtube development by creating an account on GitHub Setelah itu, kamu tinggal membuat channel YouTube dengan mengklik 'my channel'. Buatlah nama channel yang menarik dan mencerminkan video-video yang akan kamu upload So while normal Jägers work everywhere, special jägers work either in assaults, recon or in defense. Just like Kaartinjääkärit has specialized to urban combat in assault as defences, the SP is for defensive as hostage situations and such inside country. En Güncel Youtube Haberleri ve Son Dakika Gelişmeleri Türkiye'nin en büyük sosyal içerik platformu Onedio'da. Youtube haberleri ve gündemi kaçırmamak için sayfamızı hemen ziyaret edebilirsiniz

Youtube. 'Hackea' su vieja calculadora y la convierte en una minicomputadora con una pantalla secreta, aplicación de chat y wifi (VIDEO) Finnish models are all done, and although we are still working on balancing it, we have already started play-testing Finland as a Wargame nation. By that, we mean that lead game designer Stephan ‘Panzer‘ Hernandez & game designer Félix ‘FLX‘ Habert have been beating the c… out of their unfortunate colleagues (including your humble servant) those previous days, to “test the water” as they say.

Youtube visualization shows network of related videos.. Ada berbagai Channel YouTube untuk anak yang dapat menghibur dan mengedukasi. Banyak orangtua yang menggunakan YouTube sebagai sarana belajar dan hiburan untuk si kecil

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  1. A YouTube Poop (YTP) is a type of video mashup created by editing pre-existing media sources for humorous, profane, annoying, confusing, shocking or dramatic purposes
  2. Why REDS?! Finland was never a part of the USSR and its only Cold-War time enemy was soviet Russia, which it fought in WW II, alongside Germany.
  3. I approve of this message! As with the planes, this was why making an impromptu Finnish deck was downright impossible before because you couldn’t get Pasis and BMP-1s in the same deck.
  4. Finally, the Finland fields several combat vehicles for ‘recon in force’: aside from the ubiquitous PT-76B and a more unusual recon BMP-1 TJJ, the FDF can rely on a late uparmored engineer T-55M Pionpsv & a prototype BMP-1KT armed with… a deadly Bushmaster II 30mm autocannon.
  5. In fact, we expect that the next nation is Italy for 3 reasons: 1) was passed immediately after Yugoslavia and Finland 2) it has many original units and vehicles 3) complete the European framework
  6. I hope that the names are going to be corrected because many of them are wrong. The “Novostäki” for example. It probably should be Nostoväki.
  7. Why is the Jatimatic in the game? This SMG was not even considered to be adopted by the FDF because it was crap. They basically did some tests with it on a firing range to see if it was any good, that’s all.

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after eugen sell yugo and finland pack after that will eugen make the other nation come to sell more ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15Hc2O... Which is weirder, which is funnier? Cara kaitkan youtube channel dengan akun adsense anda, Selamat malam teman-teman publisher adsense sejagat,Saat di forum-forum adsense saya banyak mendengar pertanyaan-pertanyaan dari.. For more information and stills gallery, please turn to: www.erikwernquist.com/wanderers For youtube version, please turn here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH3c1QZzRK Regarding tanks, Finland doesn’t have as many than other country, but they are reliable T-55 & T-72, locally upgraded. FLX refers to them as “glass cannons“, with pretty good accuracy and AP but less “heavy” ones than other nations. Yet, the FDF can count on the prototype major upgrade T-72M1MOD, which could be regarded as the illegitimate son of a T-80U & Leclerc.

Erikoisrajajääkäri (Rajavartiolaitoksen erikoisjoukko). näitsä noin oli niitä erkkareita ootsä erkkari O YouTube Downloader 2Conv é um conversor para PC único de YouTube para mp3. Converter os teus vídeos preferidos do YouTube para qualquer formato que queiras nunca foi tão fácil 51 YouTube Channel Ideas. Yup, not another 20-something list which repeats the same crap as shared by thousands of sites on the internet. To stand out, I spent 40+ hours watching different YouTube.. Want to discover art related to erikoisrajajääkäri? Check out inspiring examples of erikoisrajajääkäri artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists

Yes, since 1995 if I know well….and , in the game , the military equipment is till 1996, if I remember properly…so, good chance to be there and a welcome real mix Est-West tech on airforce….Mig 21 and maybe some older MIG s near CM 170, J 35 DRAKEN and F 18….sounds very-very nice This video has all the answers and all you need to know about the YouTube vs TikTok controversy. Produced By: The Lallantop Edited By: Maneesh Negi. Видео Carryminati के Youtube Vs Tik Tok.. Now, we have answered the question “why RED?” many times, but to sum up again: 1.) Because the Western countries pretty much considered Finland to be a part of the Soviet camp: 2.) Because historically Finland was within hair’s breath away from becoming an active member of the WP together with the Soviets. 3.) And because Finland had extensive contacts with the Soviet military and a treaty of mutual military assistance with them (or with Poland, for ex.) YouTube only deleted the content after the session had ended, despite being aware of the broadcast while it was ongoing. It changed its rules after the BBC questioned why the video was permitted

madmat : Wargame: Red Dragon Nation Pack in the circle Votes, will eugen make all of those nation in the circle vote after sell 2nations redfore?Rajavartiolaitos kouluttaa vuosittain pienen määrän varusmiehiä omiin kriisinajan tehtäviinsä. Rajajääkärin koulutus on verrattavissa Suomen puolustusvoimien antamaan sissi- ja tiedustelukoulutukseen. Lisäksi varusmiehille koulutetaan poikkeusolojen rajanvartioinnin perusteet. Rajajääkärikomppaniaan varusmiespalvelukseen hakeutuessa ei ole erillisiä pääsykokeita, mutta halukkuus täytyy ilmoittaa suoraan kutsunnoissa. Vaativaan koulutukseen hakeutuvilta edellytetään hyvää fyysistä kuntoa ja asennetta. Rajajääkärin tunnus on barettimerkkinä Rajavartiolaitoksen kultainen karhunpää, sekä RVL:n rintamerkki, joiden käyttöoikeus varusmiehen tulee ansaita palveluksensa aikana. Search and play YouTube videos on a single page. Preview videos, create instant playlist and more... YouTube search player position. Drag and drop the video you want to play into this area

Erikoisrajajääkäri Sissin hiamerkit. Tiedot. Kysymykset Youtube Комсомольская правда. Flipboard. Viber КП Beyond that I think the overall research is pretty good if not excellent. Well done Eugen developers.The recon variants will have it, not the regular transports, to represent the fact that they were indeed rarely mounted. YouTube was started in the year 2005 by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chan as the video-sharing website. Google Inc took over the company in 2006

YouTube memiliki standar kualifikasi yang harus diikuti agar kanal kalian dapat bergabung dalam Program Mitra Youtube dan menghasilkan uang. Adapun fitur - fitur yang disediakan YouTube untuk.. IRL the KP-31 was replaced by the Rk-62 (and in some cases eventually Rk-95) assault rifle. The SMG upgrade was the MP5 (KP-2000 in FIN), but it’s not really used outside special forces and both civil and military police. I don’t know the exact adoption date, but I assume it’s around 2000 (hence the name), so it might be too late for the FDF deck. Erikoisrajajääkärikurssille on käynnissä: #erikoisrajajääkäri ERIKRJK #RMVK #Erikoisrajajääkäri'koulutus tarjoaa haasteita. Hieno #14.Div. perinneviikonloppu alkanut.. Korean Youtube Channels List Ranked by Popularity Based on Total Channels Subscribers, Video Views, Video Uploads, Quality & Consistency of Videos Uploaded And one special forces would be nice to see, “SotilasPoliisi” aka “SP” what is “Military Police” that is specialised to operations inside country lines, behind the defence lines to defend and protect important urban areas against enemy special forces infiltration and sabotage. SP ain’t frontline units but as capable for that as well, but mainly responsible for special defensive actions (would be great to have and give a best CQC capabilities to defend against any other threat). No, they don’t just go pickup drunk soldiers from bars etc.

On YouTube, Rob has many millions of views and almost a million subscribers. As Guitar World wrote, Rob is an Internet guitar dude—and possibly the closest thing to an up-and-coming guitar hero in.. Rajajääkäri (lyhenne rj) on Suomen rajavartiolaitoksen kouluttamille varusmiehille sotamiestä vastaava miehistön sotilasarvo. Rajajääkäristä seuraava ylempi sotilasarvo on korpraalin sijasta ylirajajääkäri. Rajavartiolaitos kouluttaa vuosittain pienen määrän varusmiehiä omiin kriisinajan tehtäviinsä

Herşeye rağmen işi hakkıyla yapıp, milyonlarca aboneye ulaşan YouTube kanalları da yok değil. Bu yazımızda 2020 yılında en çok aboneye sahip Türk YouTube kanalları listesi ile karşınızdayız Although it’s unlikely that you’ll actually implement the idea of infantry-carried missiles being able to disable ships by targeting critical points, i’m wondering about the amphibious & naval transport vehicles for Finland. Although the idea of the CRM was probably not very known during the Cold Wars Era, the missiles currently in use are a variant of the Spike missiles, only they’re a lot bigger than the Pst / Anti-tank missiles that you’re saying will be put in the pack.You misunderstand history badly. Its true there was a degree of agreement on paper, but that does not change the fact that Finland never had any other geopolitical enemy but Russia, not for a thousand years! Any war preparation during the cold war in Finland was in preparation of a Russian invasion. In that sense Finland always belonged tightly in the BLUFOR/west. There was a secret agreement that Sweden would provide more Drakens in case of war, for example. There is no realistic scenario in which Finland would have been pitted against western units, as is now the case in this DLC. As for gameplay, it would have been much more interesting to see how the REDFOR units would work against each other. Perhaps introduce the NEUTRAL faction that can be on either side? The Kedoo analytical dashboard offers public statistics for concise monitoring and reporting of most YouTube channels. The tool is ideal for general users, brands, Youtubers or global content creators

Eugen has done some excellent work. Just out of curiosity, will you guys be fixing some of the other model bugs/inconsistencies with the other nations as well? I believe that Narcissistic Black has posted a page on this. Erikoisrajajääkäri Track daily analytics of YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter users as we provide simplified statistics which are globally available Tentang Situs YouTube YouTube.Com adalah situs berbagi video secara online yang paling populer. Situs YouTube demikian populer sehingga menjadi salah satu situs online paling banyak dikunjungi..

in word “circle vote ” i mean picture of circle in blog (The votes are in! And the next Wargame Red Dragon Nation Pack is… ) it have 1 israel 2 yugoslavia 3 finland and other nation pack Free. Android. Get the official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what's trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more Just a small request: Can you add name Miika in the finnish soldier names. I am Erikoisrajajääkäri myself and would love to just play around guys that have my name 😛 I know probably every kid online asks you these things but I had to ask to get a better chance for it to happen.

172 отметок «Нравится», 1 комментариев — Ruotuväki (@ruotuvaki) в Instagram: «Intissä Erikoisrajajääkäri Ville Tikkanen / TJ202 Erikoisrajajääkärikomppania, Imatra It has. Mixing Western & Eastern planes in a single air force was one of the major reason to make Finland. That, and of course introducing the Fouga Magister of glorious French design! 😉

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