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https://api.instagram.com/v1/users/self/media/recent or https://api.instagram.com/v1/users/self depending on what you want to get.You are a rockstar, thank you for sharing this! I had been searching for way too long trying to find a way to link the images and it was the smallest bit of code missing. Thanks again!{“error_type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 400, “error_message”: “Redirect URI does not match registered redirect URI”}

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{{type}} - the image's type, can be image or video. {{width}} - the image's width, in pixels. {{height}} - the image's height, in pixels. {{orientation}} - the image's orientation, can be square, portrait, or landscape. {{link}} - URL to view the image on Instagram's website. {{image}} - URL of the image source. The size is inherited from the resolution option. {{caption}} - Image's caption text. Defaults to empty string if there isn't one. {{likes}} - Number of likes the image has. {{comments}} - Number of comments the image has. {{location}} - Name of the location associated with the image. Defaults to empty string. {{id}} - Unique ID of the image. Useful if you want to use iPhone hooks to open the images directly in the Instagram app. {{model}} - Full JSON object of the image. If you want to get a property of the image that isn't listed above you access it using dot-notation. (ex: {{model.filter}} would get the filter used) jQuery Instagram. by Giovanni Cappellotto. Select and show a list of Instagram photos I have a problem tho, I get the acces token with my personal account, but when I want to retrieve a feed by hashtag, I get an empty array.The code is working fine for me. But I want the live feed with the text,comment and post details. How to do that? Can you help me to sort out this issue?

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Instagram is popular online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.currenly it doesn’t, but I plan to add it in the next version. But not sure that the plugin will be for non-WordPress :) WordPress one love. If you'd like to get images in their original landscape and portrait forms, you can opt-in to the API change by editing your Instagram API client, and clicking on the "Migrations" tab: I am currently developing a tool that search hashtag, get the media under that hashtag, for each of the media, get who are liking. And currently, I’m still on search hashtag can’t continue to the second one. I already use one of your lines above from my previous project and that was successful but not implemented. I wish you can help me with this. Thank you Instagram Profile Widget is a simple lightweight plugin to create an Instagram user profile widget from any user using jQuery and Instagram API.

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Changes to inst api made all this stuff impossible to work. Do you plan to create new tutorials of of getting photos from instagram with all these changes happened? Thank you and waiting for responseI recommend you to use location information from the response — data.data[x].location. latitude and data.data[x].location.longitude.If you experience some obstacles, please appeal to our customer service team. Our people are longing to help you with all the issues you may have with the plugin. InstaLink is an Instagram widget, which allows you to display photos from an Instagram account or by tag on your website. It’s a responsive, flexible, user-friendly plugin with most needed features. Demo & Download 11. jQuery Instagram Browser JQuery plug-in that provides the full searching ability as you would experience on your IPhone or Android. You can use the Instagram API to create compelling campaigns using the ever-growing volume of photos shared on Instagram every second.I thought and would like to show any media (pictures) on Instagram I have liked to show up in my feed.

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  1. Awesome post, the better one I have found that explain and help to get the Access token and without the need of other libraries.
  2. Following plugins are easy to use and come with premium features to share your favourite pictures on websites you want.
  3. Note: If you have the resolution option set to thumbnail (default), all images will be square regardless of your API settings.
  4. Do you know if Is it necessary to submit the instagram app for review if you are only using it to grab the most recent photos from the instagram account to show them in the company website?
  5. If you want to show Instagram feeds on your websites and looking for some plugins to make your work easier then you are at right place, below you will find 12 Best jQuery Instagram Plugins that will help you to display your pictures and videos from your account on websites.
  6. Thanks for the code works a charm, added 2 elements data.data[x].likes.count data.data[x].comments.count

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My plugin can get images by hashtags, currently it can not filter user images by a specific tag (well, it can, but this functions doesn’t work as expected), but I’m working on it now :)Hi Misha! You are my WordPress master :D I have one question … Instagram changed its API and now we can have 200 requests per hour for a given token. How can you deal with it? Should I use cache? Or maybe WordPress Transient? I have no idea how to get around this limit, I do not know where to start … If the site is visited often, 200 per hour is very little. As of v1.4, Instafeed.js includes several helpers you can use in your template option to work with the new image sizes. These helpers are meant primarily to help control styling of the images through CSS. You can use "instagramjs-rails" gem by bodrovis (https://github.com/bodrovis/instagramjs-rails) to easily add Instagram.js to your projects.Instagram sandbox limits us with it, so you can just get the latest 20 photos by user and after that filter the result by tags response parameter (it is an array, even if contains only one tag).

Now let’s come back to this post — it consists of three parts and different examples. As you could understand from its heading it is only about getting photos. Another API methods will be described in the next posts.hi, I have been able to put your code into my website and it works really good. However, can you help me showing the photo caption and the location as well (even as a text only)? thank you. Instagram is a photo sharing social network with a minimal web-presence and a focus on mobile. Using the service's API, these jQuery plugins bring the sepia-toned network to.. The basic characteristics of our plugin, which convert it into the best jQuery instrument for inserting of Instagram:

This jQuery Plugin allows you to embed Instagram Feed of Instagram users into your sites. Moreover, this plugin is responsive and includes many options to customize the.. This plugin includes 60+ adjustable elements, 10 color schemes and 16 languages will help you to create an amazing look for social images. Manage the retina ready and user-friendly jQuery slider plugin to attract your web audience in a flash! Demo & Download I’m looking to make a button with command to refresh my list of instagram pictures using your basic sandbox example code above. But I can’t figure it out. I’ve come across listview refresh command but I’m assuming it had something to do with refreshing the URL provided in the ajax code.

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Am I able to get latest 20 photos for any instagram user or only just my account. Does the api allow getting any users photos or just your own. In this tutorial we are going to use jQuery $.ajax to connect to Instagram API and get photos by user or by tag. Works perfectly with the latest API changes {{type}} - the image's type, can be image or video. {{width}} - the image's width, in pixels. {{height}} - the image's height, in pixels. {{orientation}} - the image's orientation, can be square, portrait, or landscape.

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Thanks for the post. It is really useful and great. But there is something on my mind, can we get another user id from username? And then get their media from that username?data.data[x].caption.text — for caption text, data.data[x].location.name — for location text,Hi Misha, I want to fetch only Instagram profile picture by username for my website.Is there anyway to find it means user put Instagram username and and i fetch information about user like user profile picture and name.In your code access token work only for my profile any option for other

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  1. g photo working on Opera 9+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 3.2+, Chrome and IE7+. Photos are retrieved from a JSON/JSONP data structure and randomly moved inside the grid. All expensive animations are taken over by your GPU on recent browsers using CSS3transitions,
  2. For all the examples below a token is required. If you’re looking for a solution how to fetch Instagram feed without an access token, check this tutorial instead.
  3. Instafeed.js will automatically look for a <div id="instafeed"></div> and fill it with linked thumbnails. Of course, you can easily change this behavior using the standard options. Also check out the advanced options and the section on templating for additional customization.

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instagram-web-api. 2.1.0 • Public • Published 5 months ago. Simple, easy and very complete implementation of the Instagram private web API No jQuery required, just good 'ol plain javascript. Instafeed.js is a dead-simple way to add Instagram photos to your website

But do not you think that it would be better to get user ID in the code automatically? Especially for your own plugin or application. It is much simpler for every single user of your app to specify a username, not a user ID.Note: Instagram is filtering out private users' photos at read-time, so you won't always get the full number of photos in the count, see also https://github.com/potomak/jquery-instagram/issues/14 and https://groups.google.com/d/msg/instagram-api-developers/nKik4i8OYhw/ENu79JbcBAEJThe only thing you'll need to get going is a valid client id from Instagram's API. You can easily register for one on Instagram's website. jQuery Plugins Tagged 'Instagram API', Instagram API jQuery Plugins. Pongstagr.am is a jQuery plugin that lets you display your Instagram media to your website using..

vintageJS is a jQuery plugin that uses the html5 canvas element to add a great vintage look to your photos. It comes with three effect-presets and can be customized very easily.But you can consider using this plugin – it allows to get photos by tags and from any public account without an access token.Thank you for the great article! I`m trying to pull, lets say, a quantity of comments for the latest post done. But i get a console error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘count’ of undefined” in the line where i set var postdateahhh…. figured it out too! thats why i need count in data{} ) to set the amount of info i need)In fact, it is the only example in this post that works properly in Sandbox Mode. For Sandbox mode change userid to the access token owner ID or just to self.

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Can it work after 2020 ? because IG will be deprecating the older Instagram API Platform in three phases with complete deprecation occurring in early 2020. Spectragram is an easy jQuery plugin for Instagram API to fetch and display user, popular or tags photo feeds inside your web application or site. You can get get the most recent media published by a user, the most popular media at the moment, or recently tagged media from Instagram API.P.S – I was wondering if you would release this plugin for non WordPress use so I can use it in my case a phone gap app I’m developing.For those who are looking for the working out of the box solution, I have one. It is a WordPress plugin which allows you to insert Instagram widget with photos of a certain user or by a hashtag.

This is a jQuery plugin used to display your complete Instagram Portfolio – photos, videos, comments, hashtags etc. on your website! This plugin displays a header for your Instagram account with a follow button, all photos and videos from your account in a responsive grid, responsive popup to display photos and videos, photo search for user account, comments and likes with the popups and tabs based on #hash tag for user account. Demo & Download Hi I’d like to know about the method of using jquery or your Js version. Will they still work once the old IG API platform is put to rest?

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hi. tanks for your article.now just a little question.how can I link my photos to their instagram account??So I don’t want to page to refresh, just the content dynamically on the press of a button or even automatically after a set amount of time.

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(v1.4.1) Fixes an issue where some data used in templates would get incorrectly escaped. (v1.4.0) accessToken is no longer required to fetch images from user accounts! New template helpers for working with the new portrait and landscape images. target can now accept a DOM node directly. Thanks @juhamust! Squashed the last (hopefully!) of the IE8 bugs. Fixed image loading errors when using Instafeed.js on a local file protocol (file://). Thanks @spoonben! Added support from AMD and CommonJS. Improved error messaging when Instafeed.js can't find it's target element on the page. Instafeed.js no longer complains when trying to use strings for the userId, locationId, and limit options. (v1.3.2) Fixed the useHttp option when no template is set. Thanks Bartek Nowotarski! (v1.3.1) Fixed an issue where sortBy: "most-recent" did not always correctly sort the images. Thanks Neil Campbell! Changed the default sortBy option to be none. (v1.3.0) Image URLs are now protocol-relative by default. Use the new useHttp option to disable. Added the ability to filter out images using the filter option. Added pagination support using .next() and .hasNext() methods. Removed the default limit of 15 images. The limit option is still supported, but by default no limit is sent to the API. (v1.2.1) Fixed IE8 error "Object doesn't support this action". (v1.2.0) Added the ability to sort images! Use the sortBy option. More template tags! You can now use {{likes}}, {{comments}}, {{id}}, {{caption}}, {{location}}, and {{model}}. Check the section on templating for more info. (v1.1.0) Added option to use a custom html template with the template option. Added ability to fetch several feeds at the same time (create separate instances). Added before, success, after, and error callback options. Added mock option. Use with success option for custom DOM manipulation. (v1.0.0) Initial release does it possible nowadays for me to show timeline photos based on hashtags, example #helloworld ? because even snapwidget(instagram timeline viewer for website) remove their ability to showing all photos based on hashtagsYes, this is a site based on WordPress. Do you have any tutorial on how to combine WordPress transients with Ajax? I have no idea how to go about it.

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  1. With Instagram , Users can upload photographs, connect their Instagram account to other social networking sites (which will enable the option to share uploaded photos to those sites), and follow other users’ feeds.
  2. your code is awesome. but is there a way that when you click the image it will redirect back to the instagram page and original photo?
  3. If I understand correctly. You can but only if instagram approves your app. And that is what happened with your wordpress plugin. Am I right ?
  4. When I remove the do-while loop it doesn't gives me an error, but as soon as a I use the AJAX request within a loop, it never stops. Clearly the $next_url string is not changing to the newly fetched next_url - why? What is wrong?
  5. Spectragram is a jQuery plugin using the Instagram API to fetch and display user, popular or tags photo feeds inside a list or any container you define. Demo & Download

So if u open develop console, there is a mistake var postdate = data[‘data’][‘comments’][‘count’]; Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘count’ of undefinedAnd by the way I will ask the second question :) Will your Instagram plugin work after 2020 when the API will be completely obsolete? And what exactly does Developer License mean? I mean, can I make a theme for, say, Themeforest and use it there? Will other developers who buy my theme be able to resell it or not? jQInstaPics is a simple jQuery plugin that enables you to display the latest pics from your Instagram feed on your website or blog. Similar plugins only allow images to be pulled in based on keywords, from a public feed. This is where jQInstaPics comes into play. By passing a User ID and Access Token to the plugin, you can display your Instagram pics on your site with ease. Demo & Download

since June 2016 Instagram made some changes in their API, if your application is not approved, you can get ONLY 20 latest photos of your account (the owner of the access token).Thanks for the quick replay, try it and worked perfect, it would be nice to make that ajax call in a button, i’ll try to figure it out by the time and i’ll post it if I get it. I had to duplicate 3 times more the ajax to get 132 images. ‘:) 11. jQuery Instagram Browser. JQuery plug-in that provides the full searching ability as you would experience on your IPhone or Android. You can use the Instagram API to.. clientId - Required. Your API client id from Instagram. accessToken - A valid oAuth token. Can be used in place of a client ID. target - The ID of a DOM element you want to add the images to. template - Custom HTML template to use for images. See templating. get - Customize what Instafeed fetches. Available options are: popular (default) - Images from the popular page. tagged - Images with a specific tag. Use tagName to specify the tag. location - Images from a location. Use locationId to specify the location. user - Images with a user. Use userId to specify the user. More info here. tagName - Name of the tag to get. Use with get: 'tagged'. locationId - Unique id of a location to get. Use with get: 'location'. userId - Unique id of a user to get. Use with get: 'user'. sortBy - Sort the images in a set order. Available options are: none (default) - As they come from Instagram. most-recent - Newest to oldest. least-recent - Oldest to newest. most-liked - Highest # of likes to lowest. least-liked - Lowest # likes to highest. most-commented - Highest # of comments to lowest. least-commented - Lowest # of comments to highest. random - Random order. links - Wrap the images with a link to the photo on Instagram. limit - Maximum number of Images to add. resolution - Size of the images to get. Available options are: thumbnail (default) - 150x150 low_resolution - 306x306 standard_resolution - 612x612

Instagram jQuery Feed allows creating marvellous grids of Instagram photos and sharing them in gorgeous galleries. Source code for instagram_web_api.client. 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' }). if query sorry, when i get myself’s user detail, i get results, but when i want to get other’s user detail, it return error with 404.l Instagram Lite is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to display a user’s Instagram photos.

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Note: pagination doesn't work for requests to /media/search, see https://github.com/potomak/jquery-instagram/issues/35. Do it right now on jQuery Instagram Feed plugin page! Support, Questions and Offers. Important update to fit Instagram API Changes. Learn more. April 14, 2016 - Version.. If you want to show all media you liked you need to use this endpoint https://api.instagram.com/v1/users/self/media/liked?access_token=ACCESS-TOKEN but it also requires public_content scope to be approved. ClassySocial is a jQuery plugin that lets your site visitors easily see what networks you belong to and visit them in a click of a button. Currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Socl, Youtube, Vimeo, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and e-mail. Allow your users to see your presence on 11 of the most popular networks instantly with no need for a knowledge of coding! Have links to your social profiles shown in a slick way, sure to impress your users.I just tried it, it shows a broken image file, I guess it has something to do with the “img src=”. I honestly don’t know. If you will you can check on my web how it turns out: http://fazr.in and tell me what do you think.

If you have time to wait until next week (I publish posts on Tuesdays), so, when the post will be ready, I will let you know.1. Yes, you can do it, but in the latest version of the plugin it is not so simple as before ( you will need good knowledge of PHP and PHP/JS beautifier ). 2. No you won’t be restricted.Thank you! Just need to figure out, why it`s giving me info not for the last post, but seems for ALL time :33


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  1. before - A callback function called before fetching images from Instagram. after - A callback function called when images have been added to the page. success - A callback function called when Instagram returns valid data. Takes the JSON data as an object argument. error - A callback function called when there is an error fetching images.Takes an error message as a string argument. mock - Fetch data without inserting images into DOM. Use with success callback. filter - A function used to exclude images from your results. The function will be given the image data as an argument, and expects the function to return a boolean. See the example below for more information.
  2. 2) I would like to view pictures about other public account?i s it possible ? Or just own account ? 3) at the end, is it possible found results by hashtag from all profile. I would like to create an aggregator by instangram hashtag
  3. Instagram Element is a premium Instagram plugin for bloggers, photographers, models, and anyone looking to increase their presence on Instagram.
  4. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple web app that allows you to drag a photo from your computer into the browser window, and apply instagram-like filters on it.
  5. If you want to get info by username, add also this /users/search?q={user-name}&access_token=ACCESS-TOKEN
  6. . instafetch fetches media from Instagram based on (and only on) the user and/or tag, relying on the Instagram API. If you use the Instagram API to make a call, you will only get 33 results back, no matter what you specify in the countparamter. Instafetch will help you fetch more media than the limit imposes, in exchange for more API calls, which can count against your hourly limit. Demo & Download
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The API should return a User access token. Capture the token so your app can use it in the next few Capture the ID of the Facebook Page that's connected to the Instagram account that you want to.. Hey! Thank you so much for this explanations, but yet since I’m quite new to the programming world I’m not getting the result I want. I made a instagram token, and my objective is put that on a website I made, specially in a page that I created.

Do you use Instagram? Have you worked with the API? In this tutorial, we will show you how to add a simple jQuery toggle to the top of the page so that users can easily switch.. The Instagram app will receive this content and load it in the feed composer so the User In order for your app to use Instagram's custom URL scheme, you mush whitelist the.. Contribute to potomak/jquery-instagram development by creating an account on GitHub Until June 1, 2016, Instagram's API will return square images (with white borders), regardless of how they were originally uploaded.

37 USD. The jQuery version of the most flexible Instagram Feed is here! InstaShow is an easy-to-use, completely flexible, premium solution which will become an irreplaceable.. InstaShow is a strong Instagram plugin, which allows to design wonderful portfolios out of Instagram images and videos. A great amount of variants of personalization of your profile: all types of sources, filters of feed, more than 70 customizable features and 10 design schemes, and 100% adjective for all devices. I'm trying to use the Instagram API and I'm making AJAX requests in a do-while loop until the next_url is null. All I want this code to do is to fetch all the followers by making..

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A responsive, highly-customizable Instagram Photo Gallery plugin that adds Instagram photos from any user to your website without the need of the Instagram access token Not sure if everything is correct there, but relating to the count error, your code should look like this:In this tutorial we are going to use jQuery $.ajax to connect to Instagram API and get photos by user or by tag. Works perfectly with the latest API changes.When you create an application to get a token on instagram, it is created on sandbox mode. When on sandbox mode, you can only query your own content, and you’ll only get 20 results. Notice the {{link}} and {{image}}? The templating option provides several tags for you to use to control where variables are inserted into your HTML markup. Available keywords are:

You cannot submit the application for approval, I mean you can but it’s worthless, as any useful scenario won’t be approved. For instance, searching for hashtags and displaying content on your website. emm, im a backend developer, i need something like instafeed.js but i think it doesnt work nowadays after 1st june, i wonder if i can grab feed based on hashtags in json data… anyway, thanks for the help :)I need to collect Instagram’s data (photos, comments, tags) for a research project in psychology. Apparently the sandbox mode does not let me to collect the data from crowd and I only can collect my own data (which would be totally useless for this scenario). Do you know how can we collect instagram’s data for research purposes? Thank you!any idea how to fetch most liked pictures by date range, like show the most liked pictures in Oct 2017?

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use console.log( data ); function to see all the returned values in your browser console. If the received information is not enough for you, it means in most cases that your app should be submitted for approval. Proceed to the official Instagram API reference then. We urge you to migrate to the Instagram Graph API and the Instagram Basic Display API without delay Q: Can I continue using the Instagram Legacy API platform after June 29

“code”: 400, “error_type”: “OAuthException”, “error_message”: “Invalid Client IDGreat Tut Misha, how do i assign the url post to the image? So when the user clicks on the image the wil be redirected to the post on instagram? Hemeon.com by Marc Hemeon VinThomas.com by Vin Thomas Garand.me by Anthony Garand But if your Instagram app is in Sandbox Mode you can only get your own tagged media. And remember that your app has access only to 20 recent media. If you want to avoid these restrictions so much you could try to use my WordPress plugin.

As of v1.3, Instafeed.js has a .next() method you can call to load more images from Instagram. Under the hood, this uses the pagination data from the API. Additionall, there is a helper .hasNext() method that you can use to check if pagination data is available. Thanks for this post. May I know how to fetch images from instagram using the combination of user and tags. Your help is greatly appreciated. https://api.instagram.com/v1/users/self/media/recent/?access_token=ACCESS-TOKEN

Thanks for the Reply. One general Query. Authentication token value from same credentials never change. Right ?this endpoint https://api.instagram.com/v1/media/{media-id}/likes?access_token=ACCESS-TOKEN doesn’t work with sandbox account.In this article we have compiled a list of Best jQuery Instagram Plugins that will help you to pull in your own Instagram pictures, and let you display your pictures in a beautiful and eye catching way. We hope you will find the list handy and useful for your needs. Enjoy !! InstaSlider is a lightweight jQuery image slider / carousel plugin that populates content from an Instagram hashtag. This plugin can be fully customized using CSS.

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